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Boys Before Flowers: F4 Talk Show Special
by | March 2, 2009 | 136 Comments

As you probably know by now, Gu Hye-sun‘s recent accident caused some filming delays, so a special broadcast aired today instead of a regular episode. Episode 17 will air on Tuesday, so next week’s episodes will be 18 and 19.

Also, a few other bits of news:

  • There will be NO extension.
  • Therefore the series will end on Monday, March 30, followed by another special broadcast.
  • A second OST will be coming out, which will include Kim Hyun-joong‘s acoustic-y version of “Because I’m Dumb.”


Kim Bum-soo – “보고싶다” (I Miss You). This is the song Kim Hyun-joong plays on the piano at the very end of the special. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


The photos below include shots of Gu Hye-sun’s smashed van. The F4 guys all visited her in the hospital and expressed their concern, and wished her a speedy recovery.

In General

It was a little awkward. Okay, really awkward. But since this was a last-minute hour of programming thrown together to have something to air today, it’s understandable. There was nothing that revealing, mostly chatting about how they got their parts, their favorite segments, NGs, and so on.

For those interested in timeline, the drama began shooting on November 5. They traveled overseas on their Macau shoot on December 1, and the series premiered on January 5.

Hosts were announcer Han Seok-joon and singer-entertainer-MC Hyun Young.

I know a lot of people find Hyun Young annoying, and I have thought so too, but you have to give her credit — she’s really good as host. She was particularly helpful in glossing over some of the awkward “talk show” portions, because she breezes on to keep things moving and doesn’t let the mood die. Han Seok-joon was good, too, and it was cute to see that these two are obviously fans of the show. (I hate when the MCs of specials have obviously barely seen the show and ask stupid questions.)

Some tidbits

  • [Lee Min-ho says:] They get about 2 to 3 hours of sleep in a good night. When shooting is tight, they have to get by on one or two, finishing one night’s shoot and jumping straight into the next day’s.
  • [Kim Hyun-joong] The entire crew, not just the actors, have lost about 5 to 6 kg each.
  • [Lee Min-ho] The reality of their popularity struck after episodes 3 and 4, when they would go to outdoor shoots and be inundated with fans, sometimes 2,000 to 3,000 spectators watching the filming.
  • [Lee Min-ho] To get some of their footage, the crew had to pretend to pack up for the day to get fans to go home. Then they would come back after everyone left, to shoot in the dead of night/early morning. This also contributed to filming delays.
  • [Lee Min-ho] His favorite scene is the first (real) kiss with Jan-di on the swing, on the playground.

Both hosts mentioned some of their favorite lines and asked Lee Min-ho to re-enact them. He messed up a couple times, but you know what, it’s a little startling (and cool) to see him go from laughing and modest right into character.

They requested several lines (like Jun-pyo’s exchange with Jun-hee about the types of men she hates). It’s cute because it showed both hosts actually follow the show closely — and, I think, also telling that all the lines they asked for were from Min-ho.


  • [Lee Min-ho] Went to his second audition with a perm.
  • Current Jun-pyo hair is the sixth perm they tried.
  • [Kim Hyun-joong] He first heard news of his casting when in Japan with SS501, preparing for a concert. Was on his laptop and saw the internet reports.
  • Surprised, he called his reps to ask what this was about, and thought it was a joke.
  • He didn’t actually seem that excited to have gotten the part (or at least, he seemed like he was put out that he was cast without being told). He thought he should work on the group album first, but his management company’s president told him to take the role since it would be a good opportunity.
  • [Kim Bum] Was cast later, after his stint on East of Eden.
  • [Kim Joon] Auditioned several times, and saw Lee Min-ho at one audition. Wondered what was up with his weird perm. First impression of him was that Min-ho was tall and glared a lot.
  • [Kim Hyun-joong] Regarding his impressions of his co-stars: He first saw Lee Min-ho in Public Enemy Returns and knew him as “that kid who dies.” Saw Bum in Eden and knew him as “that guy who cries well.”
  • [Kim Hyun-joong] Although he and Kim Joon were both singers, their activities didn’t overlap, so they met for the first time on this drama.


Thoughts on the other F4 guys

  • [Kim Joon] Min-ho has an unexpectedly cute side, a kinda dumb charm. For instance, Jun-pyo’s laugh is Min-ho’s real laugh.
  • [Kim Joon] Hyun-joong is the “mood-maker,” which means he lightens the set, says funny and oddball things.
  • [Kim Joon] Bum is the youngest but very mature. He helped him (Joon) a lot with acting.

(KIM JOON IS SUCH A GOOD SPEAKER. I keep forgetting he’s the least experienced — not just in acting but in the entertainment business overall. He has a very easygoing energy, he interviews well, he speaks smoothly and answers questions well. Bum tends to not say much, Min-ho seems bashful, and Hyun-joong comes across a little reserved and disconnected, but also says some funny things without meaning to be funny. Joon is awesome. I can totally see how he was cast despite a nonexistent profile or credits to his name; he definitely has “It,” that star appeal.)

About Kim Joon

  • [Kim Hyun-joong] Kim Joon, like his character of Woo-bin, is the one who solves problems.
  • [Kim Hyun-joong] Joon will say he can’t do something, but then it’ll turn out he’s really good and he’ll win at everything. Calls him “a bit like a con artist” in that respect (everyone cracks up).
  • [Lee Min-ho] Joon is too modest, because he’ll say he’s not good at something but there’s nothing he can’t do.



Most of these have already aired (some were at the end credits of previous episodes), but there’s one part that was funny. In the scene at the Macau resort hotel, in which Jan-di spies Jun-pyo getting friendly with a woman at the bar, the unedited raw footage shows that the two actors are just trading greetings like “Hello.”

The Chinese actress says some Korean phrases she knows (“thank you,” “oppa,” “I love you”), then a few things in Chinese. (All the while they’re in character, looking chummy.) Min-ho says at one point, “I don’t know what she’s saying,” and then, “I’m out of things to say.”

Min-ho is named (by Hyun Young) the NG King. He admits that he’s the first to own up when he’s messed up.

The sets

The special ends with a tour of Jun-pyo’s and Ji-hoo’s rooms. Kim Joon has actually never visited Ji-hoo’s set, because his character has never been there.

Earlier, when Hyun Young asked about their musical skills, she requested a guitar performance from Hyun-joong (he complied), then from the others. The other guys deflected, saying they could play the piano but not the guitar. Here, there’s a piano, so she asks Kim Bum and Lee Min-ho to play. They both say they’re not very good, but play a tune each. (Min-ho’s not lying; he stumbles through “Moon River” but it’s adorable.)

And then, Kim Hyun-joong closes off with the song posted at the top, “보고싶다” (I Miss You).

And that’s it! See y’all tomorrow when the fun resumes!


136 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. chrono

    OMG!! first!! F4 RLZ!!

  2. mikki

    thanks for posting this!
    i’ve almost gone manic looking for ep. 17..
    i’ll be looking forward to your recaps tomorrow!

  3. najmuthakib

    wow! 3!!! I made history!

  4. j

    ooo~ can’t wait to see!

  5. najmuthakib

    OMG! Where can i watch this? i need to watch this now!!!!

    Thanks sarah/java!

  6. SZA

    omg..i lov jun pyo/min ho’s laugh..

  7. nara

    that’s cool….I like Kim Joon..but the ” .yo..yo..” things in his part ..it’s weird….

  8. Yukuri

    Javabeans.. please let not made me (or the rest for that matter.. ahem) wait for the recap of episode 17 tomorrow.. as of now.. i am dying of giddiness.. hahhaha..

  9. fizzle

    Ooh. Stairway to Heaven theme song. Of course.

    I kinda like Hyun Young…it’s just her voice that’s grating.

  10. 10 fizzle

    I love Hyun Young: Her voice, her face, her unrelenting personality. I can’t imagine too many others pulling words out of these guys. Hyun Young is a party all by herself! I guess the statesque beauty thing kind of makes some folks look for the “moles.” She does tend to get the attention of the whole room, doesn’t she?!!

  11. 11 soyboy

    Thanks for the recap!…as always….

    I wish Hyun Joong’s odd character was incorporated into the drama….it would be hilarious! His humor is one of a kind and very spontaneous. And I wish he smiled more in the drama….it would lighten up the mood where appropriate.

    Kim Joon…he’s a natural.

  12. 12 BOFfan

    It’s so sad to see that Kim Joon doesn’t get as much attention as the other cast members… i mean he even sat on his own chair at the end :(. But I really like his character WooBin.. i wish the PDs would give him more character development on the show. I wish I could give him a direct word of encouragement and support. Yo, yo, WooBin! You have your fans, too.

  13. 13 (x,X)''

    the wait is KILLING me!
    we only get to see one episode this weekkk [[>.<]]
    im glad there’s a special though.. it doesn’t leave me hanging
    since the whole F4 is there.! yay! thanks for the recaps~

    btw, has anyone here seen the previews for eps. 17 & 18?!!
    aaaaaaahhhhh! GU JOON PYO, what do you think you’re doing?!!

    i’m so excited… ^^

  14. 14 BellaMafia

    Javabeans, sorry, I’m a bit confused. I haven’t watched the special yet. The ending song (the one that you posted), is it really Kim Hyun Joong’s voice? If yes, just wanna say “WOW”!!…

  15. 15 all4movies

    thanks for the watching the special and picking out the good bits as I’m not planning on viewing it.

  16. 16 Jo

    awwww hyunjoong learned bogoshipda for hwang boooooo…..I miss him in We Got Married.
    I wish that they both stayed in touch…but prob. not.

  17. 17 KA

    Did anyone else notice Kim Bum wearing those arm warmers Kim So Eun’s character, Ga Eul, gave to him in the way way way beginning of the episode. Like when they were going into the hospital?

  18. 18 songee

    you’re the best. love your site. thanks so much for everything! loved the special despite the awkward moments…

  19. 19 whatever0024

    I agree, I wish they would give Kim Joon more lines. He’s so natural.

  20. 20 paula

    @BellaMafia — nah, that’s Kim Bum Soo’s voice; I’d bet my life on it. ^^ I think Javabeans meant that Kim Hyun Joong sings it on the special, but the one posted isn’t the recording of it.

  21. 21 annnnna

    i love that song on the piano that hyun-joong played. it reminds me of we got married days when he was with hwang bo…. he’s so weird but funny, i’d never be bored haha and i agree, he should smile moreeeeee <3

  22. 22 (o.O)"

    @ #16
    was that the song that he promised to learn/play for her?
    awwwww. how sweet. so he did stick to that promise!
    oh goodness, i miss him in We Got Married…

    @ #17
    REALLY??? i have to watched this subbed.
    i gotta see that..

  23. 23 lovenyc52

    oooh!! thanks javabeans :o) do you know if anyone is subbing/uploading this special? kim joon sounds like a really cool guy – i really hope he gets more of his own story before this series ends…or at least more scenes.

  24. 24 haruharu

    does anyone know when the 2nd OST will be released?
    someone please, please tell me, i really love the acoustic version of Because I’m Stupid.

  25. 25 sneee

    thank you for the recap! i’ll only be able to watch it if some kind soul subs the whole thing, but if not, your recap is more than enough, so thank you again!
    i love kim joon more and more, every time i see him. i was a little bugged he was sitting alone at the end of F4 but he has great screen presence. definitely want to see more of him ♥

  26. 26 mulan

    I think Minho is natural and so is Joon…they truly deserved to be cast in BBF!

  27. 27 Auntie Mame

    Gee, I just had a thought. Jun Pyo’s perm may start a wave of guys getting perms!!! I guess it’s true that everything old becomes new again. hee, hee.

    From the photos of the mangled Chevrolet van, it’s a miracle that Gu Hye-sun’s injuries were not more serious. If she had been riding shotgun, she definitely would have received major injuries.

    Thanks for the report on the show. I think they’re incredibly good sport about meeting these extra demands.

  28. 28 rainey

    Thanks for the recap. I really do like the F4 boys and I always find it funny how Lee Min Ho is so unlike Gu Jun Pyo’s character.

    Joon is another cutie, I felt bad that he had his own chair. Just a poor oversight but they (the hosts) did a good job of trying to include him.

  29. 29 Linda

    Javabeans, thanks for taking the time to summarize it a little for us. The interview did seem pretty awkward, I thought it would be much more lively.. but I suppose they just didn’t have enough time to prepare. :]

  30. 30 marz

    AHHHHH no extension???? is this for real? whyyyyyyy
    honestly though,when i was watching this. the airtime had more lee min ho than the rest of the cast. ugh. it’s like his special. fine it was last minute but still. i wish hyunjoong, bum and joon had more talk time. dont get me wrong, me like minho.but still.. hyunyoung is a great host,but really why did she try to sing along when they were playing piano hurts my eardrums.
    ruins the moment. does anyone know the song bum played? where its from? the romance?

  31. 31 anon

    i love kim hyun joong (:

  32. 32 whatever0024

    @ #30 It’s called “The Heart Asks Pleasure First” and is the theme from the movie “The Piano.” I recognized it instantly when Kim Bum played it.

  33. 33 Irene

    I just finished the show..
    yes, I agreed even though I dont like Hyun Young that much…. but she really did a good job to put all the ‘shy’ boys together.. without her, I think there will be a lot dead air…

    it is a funny and relax show..

  34. 34 síle

    I was kinda bugged too that Kim Joon was sitting alone in another chair but then when I saw the entire clip, it was kinda off for him to sit together with the guys since the couch is quite small for 4 guys to sit in. But it was nice of Kim Bum to signal Kim Joon to sit together with them. The guys are definitely close friends in real life.

  35. 35 JennieJoyz

    I’m glad we took a break from all the BOF eppies. ^_^

    It was very refreshing to watch the guys acting as themselves and not the characters that they play. Hehehehehe!

  36. 36 LAUREN


    i love boys before flowers!!!
    they guys are alll sooo cute!!!
    I <3 JUNPYO wen he says his favorite scene was the kiss scnee!!!
    can’t wait till tomorow!!
    and did u watch episode 17 preview…junpyo and jaekyung…kiss scne…

  37. 37 Chocolatetree

    OH GOSH.

    I just realized something. THIS NOW TOTALLY THROWS OFF THE “BAD” MONDAY filming and the “BETTER” TUESDAY filming!!

    Now we’ll have “BETTER” Mondays and “BAD” Tuesdays.



    AIOHf siod gmd!!

  38. 38 missmartypants08

    Thanks javabeans for the recap! After seeing the car, I’m so glad she’s alive! No one else got hurt, right? Gosh… who the heck was the driver? Anyways… I loved the part where JunPyo & that random girl are talking.. LOL I can imagine how awkward that convo was lol, he’s like “Hello….” and she’s trying to speak korean XD

  39. 39 lakornlover

    The song that Kim Bum played is Romance (a Spanish ballad) – just as he told everybody before playing. It is definitely not The Heart Asks Pleasure First.

    Kim Bum looked very shy and definitely a very well-mannered guy. One could tell by the way he talked, smiled, and behaved with other people.

  40. 40 asianromance

    “He first saw Lee Min-ho in Public Enemy Returns and knew him as “that kid who dies.” Saw Bum in Eden and knew him as “that guy who cries well.”

    so celebrities DO watch movies/dramas! it’s funny to imagine Kim Hyun-joong tuning into East of Eden and tearing up. i wonder if he got frustrated with the EoE storyline like the other EoE watchers?

    and i’m angry at those fans who are making filming the show so hard on these guys. I hope the the fans will take the hint, back off, and let the cast get some sleep.

    hyun young may sound obnoxious- but she’s always got this older-sister quality that I like!

  41. 41 Fel

    I really like Hyun Young, and I love the part when Lee Min-Ho was giving her a “back hug” cuz she’s like: “don’t hate me, I’m just substituting for everyone, okay?” with a smile that tells us she’s soooooo into it. If it was anybody else I might get a tiny bit jealous, but she’s so cool so it was just fun to watch.
    It’s like Dawn French(a genius English comedian<3), who’s stolen kisses from a bunch of Hollywood guys(George Clooney, Johnny Depp etc..). A girl’s gotta take her fun where she can get it, even if it’s just a meaningless peck with a hawt celebrity!

  42. 42 ktbrods

    I think all of the F4 boys are cute and very marketable, but there’s something about Kim Joon (Jun?) that makes me think he’s going places. He has the smallest part (of the 4) and admittedly the wierd ghetto-talk is wince-inducing, but he seems like a natural despite it all. It’ll be interesting to see what he chooses as his next project.

  43. 43 marz

    @39, thanks. do u know if that was shown in a drama?

  44. 44 ank

    Thanks for the summary of the special!!! I’m surprised Kim Bum and Minho can play the piano. *loves*

    Poor Hye Sun.. I wished her a speedy recovery. Looking forward to ep 17 tonight and your review tomorrow!

  45. 45 Eman

    Thank you so much for this recap ^_^

  46. 46 Orchid

    Thanks for the recap javabeans. Now i know why you have a liking for Kim Joon…you explained it here. 😀

  47. 47 christinaaar

    yea i love kim joon too, but it kinda irritated me how they keep lining them up in that order. In comes Min-ho, Hyun joon, Kim bum, AND THEN kim joon. I also got the feeling that they didnt talk to joon as much.

    Have you noticed that his chair was isolated while the rest sat comfortable on a couch together.

    arrrghhh idk..

  48. 48 Empress

    Although the show hasn’t ended I have a feeling that I will want to have a copy of it once it’s available.

    Does anyone know usually how long it is before dramas are available on DVD?

  49. 49 Alvina

    I dunno… while the rest of you noticed Kim Joon sitting away from them, I constantly noticed Minho seperated from the rest of the group XD

    But I really do think these guys are friends (at least, that’s the air they give off) and I’m happy that they’re happy.

    Good luck to all of them in the future.

    PS- Did anyone else notice their colour combos? I love how Hyun Joong is always in white these days XD

  50. 50 Enteree

    Kim Hyun Joong (Ji Hoo) has such an unit, interesting character. Quite a talented guy also. I am rooting for him now.
    Min-Ho is sooooo shy
    Kim Bum is so cute
    Kim Joon seems to be the mature one. I guess because he’s the oldest among F4.
    The hosts did a good job though.
    I really enjoy the show.

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