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Kim Haneul joins the Cosmetic Jam
by | March 25, 2009 | 9 Comments

This is kind of a random event, but it must be kind of cool being the basis for artwork, as On Air actress Kim Haneul was at March 25th’s exhibition opening party for a “Cosmetic Jam” at the “Clio Cosmetic Art 2009 Opening Party.”

The exhibition runs from March 25 through the 31st at Insa Art Center in Seoul’s Insadong district, and features ten artists who have mixed different genres (photography, paintings, sculpture) to create “fusion art,” which also reflects the cosmetic brand’s emphasis on bright, bold colors.

It seems more like a brand tie-in to me, but Clio describes the purpose behind the show as using makeup in a broader sense as a tool for reinterpreting “cosmetic art.” Kim Haneul was on hand to examine some of the pop art hanging on the walls that were modeled after her own face.

As for her acting, Kim’s next project will be the April 23 release of her action comedy film Civil Servant Level 7 [7급공무원], co-starring Kang Ji-hwan.

Via Arts News / Paran


9 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Biscuit

    Interesting o.o

    I wished I could’ve gone >__<

  2. gemmi

    She’s beautiful <3

  3. momo

    Haven’t heard about her for a while……interesting fact, she was in the first Korean Film I watched, ever and what got me so addicted. I saw her in Too Beautiful to Lie….hilarious.

  4. Jin-Ah

    To me the picture she is holding looks less like her and more like Jang Mi In Ae .

  5. ohgeeze.

    I absolutely love her.

  6. AJ

    She’s beautiful! And I like that concept of the makeup-as-cosmetic-art thing…it’s kind of a stretch but still very interesting.

  7. Tea

    So, like, they were or weren’t using make-up as media? She looks like she’s about to add some blush to the drawing of her–or is that just contrived photo-op?

    By the by, love the creeper in the background of the first picture.

  8. angelsnow2u

    Sky as a angel ! she look mandy more. Love you(**)

  9. its trish

    totally off-topic but I saw “Insadong”..
    so I just have to mention (in case you did not already hear) but that crazy designer/alien Andre Kim was in Insadong last Sunday (working on the premise that it is Thurs night right now)
    We would have had pics but some guy’s head was in the way – sorry

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