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Lee Min-ho to release a digital single
by | March 12, 2009 | 91 Comments

Huh. Boys Before Flowers star Lee Min-ho is pairing with well-known songwriter Park Geun-tae to release a digital single. A “famous female rapper” is also reportedly featured on the track.

Guess he’s not about to let his co-star Gu Hye-sun have all the fun packing her resumé with other activities. Not only will a single be sold, an accompanying music video will be shot (it’s still being cast, but the director has been selected).

Although Lee will be singing the track, don’t consider it a foray into a kpop career; it’s more like a fancy CF. This comes as part of an ad campaign for Cass beer, for which Lee is brand model.

As we know, Korea’s got a pretty good track record in the branded entertainment field. The people behind this project express hope of creating another sensation like the uber-popular series of Anymotion/Anyclub cell phone adverts a few years ago that starred Lee Hyori and Eric. Those were more like mini-movies than commercials in scope, and also released digital singles.

Counter to Lee’s arrogant onscreen image from BBF — or even his shy offscreen one — the song is being described as “exuberant club dance music.” The gist of the song lyrics paints Lee as an innocent guy who gets seduced by a woman (they’re currently casting for his female partner). The director, Cha Eun-taek, was also the man behind Hyori’s “Anymotion” and “U Go Girl” videos.

Um. Lee Min-ho, love ya dude, and I think you’re a great budding actor, but I may just have to draw the line at exuberant club dance music. Don’t let them Jang Geun-seok you into a career of funny-but-meaningless glorified commercials!

(Okay, if it’s catchy I will probably dance around to it. In shame. But dance nonetheless.)

Via Star News, Yonhap News


91 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Genie

    Weird, so weird.

  2. Amy


  3. javabeans


  4. Missemergency

    I think is is a bad idea

  5. labooboo93

    I’m not looking forward to it.
    Love you bro, but eh.

  6. GreenFreak

    As weird as it is, it would probably sell like nothing..
    The Lee MinHo craze.. he can sell anything right now.. even bottle air with his face on it. lol
    Hopefully he doesn’t become another JGS…

  7. fizzle

    I have to admit – those AnyClub mini-movies were pretty good. Nothing’s come close since then.

  8. Sarah

    No thanks.

  9. BOFfan

    I don’t know about this, but it will probably do well seeing he has the Midas touch. I just don’t want him becoming so overexposed that it does more harm than good.

  10. 10 Angie


    He’s already overexposed but with his impending surgery coming up, I’m sure his agency is trying to suck every dime out of him before he goes on hiatus for his recovery (if they let him recover that is!)

  11. 11 lovenyc52

    love him – thinks he has portrayed domyouji incredibly well and hope his talent transfers over to other mediums as well…

    looking forward to it just to see what else he has to offer. at this point it can’t HURT him… and why not try different things while you’re the super hot commodity and have the opportunity to?

    hehe i enjoy those mini-movie commercials…after all, anyband brought me to tablo and all the wonderous and joyous things that come along with him :o)

  12. 12 Biscuit


    At least its a cf… >.>

  13. 13 almostparadise~~~

    haha i can’t wait~ i love jang geun suk’s singles and i hope min ho’s are good too!!~~ ^^ <3 hehe

  14. 14 Sogba

    why is this being done??

  15. 15 rainey

    I loled.

    Wish him luck. My expectations are really low.

  16. 16 Debbie

    I remember seeing a clip of him singing in a karoke bar on youtube, and I don’t remember thinking that he’s a good singer! All I know for sure is that he’s going to look GORGEOUS. 😀

  17. 17 abc

    at least its just for a commercial lol,
    not like launching an album O_O
    please min ho – just stay in acting!

  18. 18 songee

    wow thanks for the update. unexpected for sure. but i’ll take what i can get!!

  19. 19 iluvkidnappers

    Cha Eun-taek

    didnt he do BoA’s video too?

  20. 20 cosmopolite

    Ah disaster! Though I will shamefully dance too if it’s catchy…..god, I hate myself.

  21. 21 Jackie

    Big LOL. i have to hear this!! why do actors always think they can sing as well. ugh!

  22. 22 lisa

    He might not suck…

  23. 23 Kimche

    uh oh.

  24. 24 n

    i will love him no matter what…

  25. 25 Nanae123

    But i want him to be a serious actor… i think he has lots of potential.. and the popularity and love he gets right now will get him to a great length….

  26. 26 missmanderley

    well they do say that you gotta strike whilst the iron’s hot…

    and LMH’s a pretty hot commodity right, might as well make use of his current popularity right?

  27. 27 Sumaiya

    I hate it when they do this. He’s an actor…FULL STOP! Don’t make him cheap!

  28. 28 Key

    I think it’s a good idea. Looking forward to it.

  29. 29 GG

    Randomness galore!
    I am still curious to see/hear how it turn out.

  30. 30 maria

    *resigned* you know i’m gonna listen (and like you, shamefully dance) to it anyway.

    he hasn’t crossed a line with me yet.. if this had beena real single, and he’s putting out an album…? …..yeah, no. 😛

  31. 31 hbhjjb


    ……. DONT DO IT!

    LMH, you are better than that…you have the potential to be a serious and respected actor….

    why are they making him do that?
    …oh that’s right…$$$$$


  32. 32 Lanie

    … Seriously???. .. Really, Seriously…

  33. 33 huh.

    well this is totally unnecessary..but itll sell and thats all they want so.

    on the bright side those are nice photos of him.

  34. 34 Mai

    Uh… I have a bad feeling about this… BUT maybe he might just make it bigGER… I don’t know, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. =) Although, I’m totally rooting for Goo Hye Sun’s album. =D She’s a really talented person. =) As for Lee Minho, I’ve never really heard him sing, so I guess we’ll just have to see for ourselves what he’s got to prove.. =/

  35. 35 tsukasa, come back!

    man, they’re really banking on this guy.

    it sounds pretty bad. but i loved the X-Note Summer Days series with Shin Min Ah and Hyun Bin so maybe i won’t totally hate this one

  36. 36 ic3cream

    ^ lol the guys got to make money go into the bank when he can right =] , increase his popularity too if he turns good , and if not then people will forget about it but will know that he can’t sing >.<

  37. 37 Annie101


  38. 38 deeta

    Aw, there goes my wishful thinking that LMH will be a serious actor.. I know he fancies noraebang, but a single?

  39. 39 Maryam


    Oh, well, I’m going to end up dancing around to it, as well. I was originally skeptical about Joo Ji Hoon’s singing, too. Of course, that wasn’t anything close to “exuberant club dance” music.

  40. 40 lidge_fan

    not sure what I’ve just read cuz that jeans ad is too awesome *drools*…goes back to reread but my eyes just led me straight to the jeans ad once again…..lol…suggestion: he should dress like that in the mv

  41. 41 kdramafanatics

    the MV or single has not even been release and there are people who are giving the thumb down without watching/hearing the song.. it’s so funny…hahaha..

    releasing single of a CF song may not be common in Korea, but it is not a first… And it’s common in Taiwan when the artiste is a singer….

    if a singer like Kim Hyun Joong can be an actor, why can’t Lee Min Ho, an actor becomes a singer…(when he is not even releasing a full album, just a song from his CF) and people are so worked up and giving negative remarks…

  42. 42 janie

    LOL @ “Don’t let them Jang Geun-seok you into a career of funny-but-meaningless glorified commercials!”

    i hope it’s better than that…but there’s no saying.

    i’m pretty fed up with the whole actor turned singer and vice versa it’s getting old.
    keep at what you do good and keep doing better at it. i think that’s what gets the most respect.

  43. 43 amerie

    this is just so wrong. cash cow.

  44. 44 Anonymous

    lee min ho is soooooo cute. in whatever he does. as long as he keeps smiling 🙂

  45. 45 In

    keep th money rollin, while you still can 😉

  46. 46 belleza

    “As for Lee Minho, I’ve never really heard him sing, ”

    And here ya go — Lee Min Ho SINGING. This goes some years back . . .


    His pitch control could be better, but his tone is actually pretty good (a bit like Song Seung Heon actually), and his vibrato is . . . ooooohwwwweeeeee!!!! 😀 😀

  47. 47 Mulan

    Well, if he has some hidden talent as a singer then its good that we can see that right! I heared that Hyun Joong didn’t audition for Jihoo’s role and he got it because of his popularity then why not see Minho as a singer. But i still hope that he can sing that’s why he’s management is doing it…coz if not…I think I’m going to get disappointed just like Hyun Joong acting..sometimes i just want to cry coz’ i can’t feel what i am supposed to feel with his acting.

  48. 48 stasha

    good for him i guess?.. lol hey at least he’s getting paid to do it haha

    hope the featured “famous female rapper” is YOOBIN of wondergirls ;D

  49. 49 jdb

    finally he has something on his own!

  50. 50 lipsie glozz

    Wow,singing next for him..Can’t wait!So exciting..Wonder how he will sound like.. He will be more famous after this,i guess..Min ho.u rock! :p

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