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Nam Sang-mi turns Scream queen
by | March 4, 2009 | 9 Comments

Nam Sang-mi is taking on her first horror flick in the upcoming Scream [비명], in which she’ll co-star opposite Ryu Seung-ryong (Painter of the Wind).

The plot actually sounds potentially interesting (and more of a thriller, although they’re calling it horror); the film deals with pseudo-cults and shamanism, and places Nam Sang-mi in the role of a woman who searches for her disappeared younger sister. Ryu plays a veteran cop who suspects a disappeared girl has met with a suspicious death and searches to uncover the truth.

Nam said of the role, “The moment I read the script, I wanted this part badly. After such a long time away from films, it excited me, and I can show a completely different side than I’ve shown in dramas.” It does sound like a big departure from the usually bright, cute, and lively characters Nam has played in the past (Sweet Spy, Bad Family, Gourmet); I’ve found her to be an uneven actress although I really like her personality, which always comes across as positive and charming.

More than just the plot, though, it’ll be interesting seeing this debut film from director Lee Yong-ju, who worked on 2003’s Memories of Murder and wrote the screenplay himself.

The film begins filming this month, and is planning for a summer release.

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9 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. saryKIM

    Is this her first horror movie? She was in 령 (Dead Friend) with Kim Haneul. But it’s probably her first time having a leading role in a horror/thriller film.. I wonder how it’ll turn out.

  2. stargazer377

    good luck to Nam Sang-mi! and good luck to the director/screenwriter! if made right, this film sounds like it could be interesting. but even if it’s a debacle, i’ll still watch it for NSM’s horror/thriller film debut.

  3. najmuthakib

    Sounds interesting!

    I didn’t like sweet spy…..

  4. Bisquit

    I always respect actors/actresses who do roles different and are not afraid of trying new things.

    Hope all goes well~

    In a way I look forward to it, but since I dont watch horror/thrillers I mostly likely wouldnt watch it.

  5. Kobe

    I love Nam Sang Mi and I love Korean Horror so this is a win-win situation for me.

    “Is this her first horror movie? She was in 령 (Dead Friend) with Kim Haneul. But it’s probably her first time having a leading role in a horror/thriller film..”

    Yeah she had a supporting role in Dead Friend (aka The Ghost aka Ryeong), which is my 3rd favorite K-horror of all time, but in recent years K-Horror has been very disappointing so I’m hoping this one will put it back where it belongs, and that’s at the very top 🙂

  6. avalanche

    meron n rin syang bago
    pero wla ba syang new series??

  7. eunice

    i like her in time between wolf and dog!!!

  8. geriemae

    Hope it will be shown here in the Philippines.

    I’m so excited. it’s been a while since I heard news about her.

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