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Production press conference for Insadong Scandal
by | March 30, 2009 | 27 Comments

Actor Kim Rae-won described his latest project, art-themed Insadong Scandal, as a “bold choice” to cap off his twenties at the March 30 production press conference.

With his army enlistment approaching, this will be the last project of his twenties for the 28-year-old Kim, which he’d chosen carefully for that reason. He describes the role of a cool-headed genius art restorer as “a new challenge, as it’s very different from the characters I’d played before.” (This, he explains, contrasts with the rather boisterous characters he’s played previously.)

I have to say that I’ve always found Kim Rae-won immensely appealing, but in the preview (watch below) he comes off smexy as all get-out. After his prior roles, it’s nice to see him playing a mature, confident guy (dare I say sexy bastard?).

Based on the trailer, the film feels lighter and flashier than the description made it seem, and possibly funnier as well:

Kim stars opposite pop queen/actress Uhm Jung-hwa in her first villainous role. (I had assumed she’d played villains before — she has the perfect femme fatale image — but apparently this is her first.)

In the film, Kim Rae-won deals with an art con involving a famous lost painting by a Joseon-era painter. As the top art restorer in the country, he gets drawn into a con game, while Uhm Jung-hwa plays a sexy, manipulative art gallerist who needs Kim’s skills for her latest scheme. What follows is a “game of reversals” between the two.

Meanwhile, Uhm countered claims that her role was reminiscent of Kim Hye-soo‘s in the movie Tazza by saying that while both are femme fatales, the stories are completely different.

Insadong Scandal opens on April 30.

The film is directed by Park Hee-gon (next to Kim Rae-won, below) and features a supporting cast including, from left to right:

Oh Jung-sae (Breathless, Tazza), announcer-turned-actress Choi Song-hyun (in the metallic dress), Im Ha-ryong (Venus and Mars, Strongest Chil Woo, wearing the shades), Hong Soo-hyun (Fate, wearing blue), and Kim Jung-tae (Open City).



27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Samsooki

    Wow, KRW has come a long way from his boyish charms and his old stuff.

    He looks great, the movie looks great.


  2. Carrie

    This movie looks great! I can’t wait to see it. (It will probably be a while as my Korean is not so good and I’ll need the subs…) But I am excited to see both Kim Rae-won and Uhm Jung-hwa in this and they both look AMAZING!!!!!

  3. Rachel

    I’m looking forward to this movie I absolutely adore Uhm Jung Hwa, I know my mom will too! She’s obsessed with KRW! haha
    I hope it’s as good as the hype!

  4. BOFfan

    Oh my! What happened to Uhm Jung Hwa’s face? Is she getting addicted to plastic? Stop while you’re ahead. You looked better before…

  5. Maria

    I’m looking foward for this movie! I love Kim Rae Won and I always liked his acting, he’s always been very convincing in every role I saw him playing.

    I also like Uhm Jung Hwa. I think she’s better actress than singer. 🙂

  6. twreckx

    Question: Smexy?
    Statement: Uhm Juhg Hwa + Lil’ Kim = peas in a plastic pod

  7. Anonymous

    yay!!! both of them are amazing actors. the part about this being her first villainous role is slightly inaccurate but a harmless enough marketing ploy (or does princess aurora not count because she was a sympathetic vigilante murdering abusive mothers and people who supported her child’s murderer?).

    also, her role does sound like kim hye soo’s tazza role but if anyone can pull off the femme fatale role as well as or better than kim, it’s uhm jung hwa. it’ll be interesting to see how she distinguishes herself from this role, in any case.

    you’re absolutely right about kim rae won being a “smexy bastard” here. i look foward to his portrayal since i only remember him in lovable down-to-earth roles.

  8. Me

    Who is the girl in green dress. Does she just grabbed unfinished clothes. LOL. Sorry.

    I think UJH looks chubby a bit this time. But still better than previous PC that they held. She need to wear push-up bra or something. The dress look not nice on her breast.

    KRW looks much younger lately.

  9. Kender

    OoooOOOOoooo, this looks good. :3 I’m not usually a fan of KRW (he never really appealed to me, but I can see why other people like him), but I heart UJH. Plus, ART! Anything about art is intriguing. Wheee~

    Plus, that trailer looks like fun. I can’t wait! 😀

  10. 10 jinkzz

    thanks for the article javabeans…darn… Kim Rae Won looks HOT…looking forward to this and Ji Hwan’s movie which are both coming out in April.

  11. 11 lovenyc52

    ” I have to say that I’ve always found Kim Rae-won immensely appealing, but in the preview (watch below) he comes off smexy as all get-out. After his prior roles, it’s nice to see him playing a mature, confident guy (dare I say sexy bastard?).”

    LOL javabeans!! i agree 100%!! Smexy is right! hehe. Sad that he’ll be gone for 2 years though…

  12. 12 Seri

    I’m so excited!! UHM JUNG HWA *Chants* after Princess Aurora phew! Man I needed some more

  13. 13 ed

    whenever i see KRW, he always radiates the glow of an “eligible son-in-law”. this must be his 1st “cool” & collected role since “Ing…” UJH needs to reteam with older costars to maximize her heat potential – or maybe lil bro, like that Jane & Peter Fonda horse story 😀
    say, what’s going on with that green dress o_0

  14. 14 Alvina

    wow… are you serious that’s KRW? He looks awesome in the trailer!

  15. 15 ic3cream

    KRW sexy ! looking forward to this !

  16. 16 stargazer377

    javabeans, KRW is a sexy bastard indeed! i know i won’t be the only one to miss him for the next 2 years. =(

    btw, in response to your twitter, i say post half the songs today and half tomorrow! i mean, these are the last two episodes!!! ;D

    and another thing, thanks for all your song postings. you rock!!

  17. 17 wingstodust

    Wow, I`ll admit I wasn’t even the slightest bit interested until I saw this trailer… Then I was like, WHERE IS THIS MOVIE MUST HAZ NAO. XD;;;

  18. 18 Sere

    GUUUUH! *fans self*

    Did he do something to his voice? Like lower the tone or something? It sounds a bit different, but wayyy sexier.

  19. 19 travp16

    Kim Rae Won is completely gorgeous!!

  20. 20 blkrose

    I simply ADORE Kim Rae Won. He’s on my ten list. (Laminated in my wallet)

  21. 21 amy

    All I can say is… Kim Rae Won is gorgeous.

  22. 22 more

    Uhm Jung Hwa’ i think she got a nose job or her cheeks done. Why she looked cute know creepy

  23. 23 cosmopolite

    Kim. Rae. Won.


  24. 24 popcorn

    Yes he is very sexy in this preview…. -…-

  25. 25 summer.sun.happy

    I will miss KRW.

    I’m sorry to ask this, but is there any teeny-weeny way we could contact KRW while in military, or at least send him loving messages without hope of his replying to us fans who adore him so much?

    (just enough to know he would be able to read our messages)


  26. 26 Julieputy (UJHssecaJW)

    The show is nice, and Uhm Jung Hwa really is good at acting regardless adoable, innocent or villian, she can do it, Love her =)

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