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The Blue is back!
by | March 15, 2009 | 33 Comments

The Blue: Kim Min-jong, Sohn Ji-chang

Omona, ajumma!

Okay, this one’s for us old fogeys out there, with some news about old (oooold)-school kpop.

The popular-in-the-’90s vocal duo The Blue — aka actors Kim Min-jong and Sohn Ji-chang — are reuniting.

*sound of crickets*

Yeah, I know most of you don’t know who they are or care, but back in the Internet-less Ages, aka the ’90s, these two were The Shiz. They were perhaps the original pretty boys, alongside newbie actors like Jang Dong-gun and Lee Jung-jae, with whom they starred in some very popular dramas. Their projects kicked off a couple trendy-drama trends, back before Hallyu was Hallyu.


The Blue – “나의 곁엔 언제나” (Always By My Side). I can’t say that I was ever in love with their music, but they do bring back some very fond memories. [ Download ]

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Kim Min-jong explained in a recent interview that the idea was first proposed by Sohn, who’d toyed with the idea of releasing a “best of” album for a while. When the two appeared together for an event in 2007, the positive response convinced them to get back together, so they’ve re-recorded some of their old hits.

They’ll be releasing a four-song single album and will begin official “The Blue” activities starting in April.

To get a sense of their popularity at the time, when Sohn Ji-chang starred in the (original?) sports drama in 1994, the basketball-themed The Last Match [마지막 승부], he was the huge star and a little-known Jang Dong-gun was just getting his start (who went on to uber-fame, as well you know) — alongside a little-known Shim Eun-ha (who went on to be regarded as perhaps the best Korean actress, like, evah).

Sohn followed that by taking a role with buddy Kim Min-jong in the fun, frothy romantic-comedy campus drama Feeling [느낌] — alongside a little-known Lee Jung-jae (who also went on to superstardom, as we know).

In fact, Kim and Sohn sang the theme song for Feeling, which also enjoyed some success on the mainstream pop charts:

Feeling OST – “그대와 함께” (With You) [ Download ]

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Kim Min-jong is currently acting (very well, I might add) in MBC’s The Return of Iljimae, and has remained active in the entertainment industry since his debut nearly twenty years ago. (Kim is just a week shy of 38; his birthday falls on March 23.) Aside from his old-school drama hits, he has acted in last year’s popular series Woman of Matchless Beauty Park Jung-geum and the risqué cable drama Hyena.

Sohn Ji-chang, on the other hand, was the bigger name back in his heyday, the early-to-mid-1990s. However, he hasn’t been very active in the past decade, although he did resurface a few times for drama roles and CFs, such as MBC’s 2004 series Age of Heroes with Cha In-pyo and Kim Ji-soo. He’s 39, happily married with children.

A couple more:

The Blue – “친구를 위해” (For a friend), one of The Blue’s hits. [ Download ]

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The Blue – “너를 사랑해” (I love you). Sohn Ji-chang has the deeper voice, while Kim Min-jong has the higher one, although I’ve always thought Kim was the stronger singer. (Sohn always struck me more as an actor who was able to leverage his fame into indulging his enjoyment of singing — he has a decent voice, but not really a great one.) [ Download ]

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Via Yonhap News


33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. AudHepFan

    Man, I still have the Feelings OST on tape cassette.

  2. javabeans

    ^ That was a good OST. Holds up pretty well over the years, actually.

  3. lime9

    i loved kim min jong’s character in ghost.

    • 3.1 imcun

      same here .. he was so handsome in GHOST / RAE ..

  4. ay_link

    No way…. O_O
    Wooohoooo~~~ ^_^

    Still lol-ing at this –> *sound of crickets*
    mwahahaha… =)

  5. Sorrowmask

    Oh, it definitely brings back the old memory of old dramas. Seriously I felt in love with Jang Dong Gun in “The last match” and Kim Min Jong in “Feelings”… Anyway, Sohn Ji Chang hasn’t been active in acting in last few years, while his wife, I could darely to say, has gained quite successful in last few dramas …

  6. Linh

    I’m a big fan of Kim Min Jong, both as actor and singer. I think he is strong in both areas. I have most of his albums, although some of his older music is harder to find. He’s one of those actors that can actually bellow good tunes instead of the typical singers turned actors and vice versa. Glad they are reuniting.

  7. sf

    @3 – ommggg i fell in love with KMJ from Ghost. Him and Park Ji Yoon – gosh I feel old now….

    Then i found out that he sang too and bought one of his solo albums (one of his song was about falling snow or something). He was a surprisingly good singer and i still listen to him on occasion~~~

    He was definitely one of my first k-pop loves ^^

  8. soysauce

    I don’t really know who they are
    But they sure look familiar
    Esp. the guy on the right
    But back in the days, when I was little, my mom was craaaazzzyyy about that drama- the last match, and some brother doctor show, both starring Jang Dong Gun
    Man, she thought he was the handsomest man EVER!

  9. hjkomo

    OMONA!!!! You said it!

    Oh, the memories….the songs bring me back to the nineties.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! 😀

  10. 10 Anonymous

    OMG! Whoa! Wow! Talk about ol’ skool! Sure does bring back some good memories =D

  11. 11 Soonie

    omg…..THANK YOU for the downloads!!! I don’t know where you got such old kpop but this is awesome! Esp, “For a Friend”, I adore that song! I can still remember watching them perform on In Ki Gayo. And, Kim min jong, I’ve been a fan of his for years….

  12. 12 Biscuit

    ahhhh I remember them :O
    I saw a clip of them on tv and stuff before. But I know them more as actors because I’ve seen them more in dramas more. While I may not know as much about them as some of you, I look forward to their comeback ^^

  13. 13 u

    that hair….

  14. 14 yay!

    wow! i loved the blue back in the 90s.. i’m so amazed at how you can find these old songs.. they bring back really good memories of sappy korean song that still make your heart flutter. i remember the blue was HUGE after feelings. speaking of feelings, was anyone else very disturbed that lee jung jae ended up being that yoo-ree’s brother? thanks as always for your updates!!!!

  15. 15 glitzyglam

    aw, KMJ used to be my favorite actor (I think when I used to be obsessed with Mr. Q?) hehe 🙂
    good to see he’s coming back with music! I missed those days of his singing.. with his hand raised by his ear, or course! haha
    I never knew KJC sang though.. hehe 🙂 I learn new things everyday!
    oh, thanks for the music!

  16. 16 ktv

    omg. I couldn’t believe it. I still vividly remember the drama and its OST. The drama was good. It’s so different from those that we are watching right now. It was simple and fun and no lame dramatic scenes. I actually have the Feeling OST in my phone and still sing along with it. What a happy time…. It’s been a long time ago, almost 15 years. Thanks for the songs. They are in such a good quality. I have been trying to find them. I will treasure it. You made my day Javabeans.

  17. 17 gbox

    i still sing the song from neukkim at norebang! remember there was a slower, sadder version, without you (as opposed to with you). aw, these guys were my first kdrama obsessions. the ost also had park jin young’s slow song, which is awesome, still one of my faves. haha, this post brought back so many memories!!

  18. 18 lm

    If I’m not mistaken Sohn Ji-chang married Oh Yun Soo (she’s Yuhwa in Jumong)

  19. 19 May

    I first became a fan of KMJ rather late, with the drama Secret. So for me he has always seemed to be an actor first, singer second. And only recently have I been able to finally track down a copy of Feelings (highly addictive).

  20. 20 Pink

    Oh, I has recongized them. it takes me back the late of 90s with nice memories about the fist k-drama i saw ” Feeling “. and from that I has been interesting in k-drama and so much good impression about them.

  21. 21 movall

    Love both of them, definitely bring back the good memories, my favourite, first crushes 🙂

    Thanks for these old songs. Not long ago you also posted Last Match OST, I grinned the whole day listening to those sweet memories.

    Btw, I guess you’ve watched the drama 예감 (MBC 1997) with Lee Hye-young, Gam Wu-seong and Son Ji-chang, something with cosmetic industry. I love that series, fresh and stylish in the age of slow, tragic dramas. Sadly, could not find much info. about it. Lee Hye-young has become one of my most favorite actresses through the series, not forget to mention Dal-Ja’s Spring later.

  22. 22 cosmopolite

    Side question:

    Where the hell is Shim Eun-ha?! Will she ever make a comeback?

    She disappeared after marriage. I miss her acting so much….

  23. 23 hmmmm

    oh wow… 느낌 was one of my favorite dramas. I was really young then and it left an impression that i can’t forget. haha maybe if i watched it again now i wouldn’t think so but i thought it was the best drama then.
    wow these guys are so ahjushi now. Sohn jichan is a big CEO guy isn’t he. i thought he decided to quit media and focus on business…guess this album release would be another $$ for him.
    They have nice drama songs, although honestly speaking they’re not the best singers – -;;

  24. 24 koalabear

    whoa! thanks for covering this news, this brings back old K-drama memories, and even if Kim Min-jong and Son Ji-chang are now Ahjussi’s I still like them both ^ ^ though Kim Min-jong is more visible nowadays, and I might add, Son Ji-chang’s wife, Oh Yeon-soo is more active on TV but nevertheless I’m excited for their comeback album, I like Kim Min-jong’s husky voice ^ ^ and also thanks for posting some of their hit songs

  25. 25 Anonymous

    Nneukkim was my first drama that I have ever watched and i was so in love with Son Ji Chang back in the day. Gahh I feel so old!!!

  26. 26 Jae Young

    I’m fuzzier about the doramas I watched when I was younger, cos you know, this pre-dated the internet, but I totally need to get into stuff from the 90s, cos I looove the 90s. The music alone sends me adrift in bliss, cos I love the cheese, oh the cheese! I am totally going to have to get my paws on this stuff. And I need to watch 느낌

  27. 27 MissKaNia

    Aigoo.. that crickets sounds is hillarious
    I’m actually quite familiar with Kim Min Jong, though, since he had several series (esp. the one with Song Hye Gyo — I love Hye Gyo so much)
    and I think he’s kinda hot 😉

  28. 28 kimheami

    wow!!! i knew that kim min jong sang but not song ji chang. hahaah they are old school. I haven’t seen son ji chang since the drama with him ryujin and lee jung jin… i think it was called three friends

  29. 29 quicksilver18

    omg…seriously??? lol…what a reunion!

  30. 30 rachel

    Kim Min-jong was in the first K-Drama I ever watched: “Secret”, opposite Kim Haneul. He was so dreamy. *sigh* 🙂

  31. 31 imcun

    first know about KMJ .. and dont even have idea that he can sing too ! but now i always love his song especially beautiful pain ..

    and also SJC .. the blue is the best duo ever !

  32. 32 MyKimchiPlot

    Wow. #AnswerMe1994 brought me here. 🙂

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