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“Best Jewelry Lady” Yoon Eun-hye
by | April 30, 2009 | 59 Comments

What is the meaning of this “Best Jewelry Lady” distinction awarded to television actress Yoon Eun-hye? I have no idea. I just know that that’s what the Coffee Prince actress was named at the Korea International Jewelry & Watch Fair 2009, which she attended on April 30.

(It’s supposedly given every year to one entertainer “from among the most active female celebrities in the previous year” who is best suited to jewels. Or something. Although, that reasoning is a crock of BS because as we know, Yoon was barely active at all in the past year, to the disappointment of fans who are eagerly waiting for her return project, which, by the way, is the drama Lady Castle.)

Yoon was also given a necklace as a prize. “Jewelry Ladies” of the past include Kim Hye-soo, Kim Hyun-joo, Han Chae-young, Sohn Ye-jin, and Han Hye-jin.

Speaking of Lady Castle, a rep from Lee Kim Productions described Yoon’s character as “in a word, Korea’s Paris Hilton.” I wonder if he knows that description doesn’t exactly make her sound attractive. She’ll portray different ages throughout the drama, from her late teens through early thirties, which probably means we’ll get some flashbacks. Standard stuff.

The drama is still not done casting — the Requisite Male Hottie role is yet unfilled — and is in talks with broadcast stations in hopes of making their goal of broadcasting sometime this year.

Also, Yoon Eun-hye has been kinda iffy lately, fashion-wise (for instance, this bit of nonsense at last week’s Prada Transformer fashion show), but she’s looking very, very pretty here.

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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. LaFr4ise

    She’s stunningly beautiful.
    Although she’s not doing any movies / dramas.. I think all her CFs and her modeling can still retain her eligibility as a female celebrities ^^

  2. Jin-Ah

    Hmm, I wouldn’t think Paris Hilton would be very well received in South Korea….
    I hope her character is not supposed to be a likable one.
    As I really can’t see anyone acting like PH in SK and not being shunned by the majority of society….

  3. Sere

    Worst analogy ever! Seriously, Paris Hilton? o.0

  4. Samsooki

    At least this isn’t a fake award. I think the DEA did that once or twice in Florida. They created an award (not unlike the dubious sounding “Best Jewelry Lady” award) and an award ceremony and then mailed award notifications to all these drug dealers and felons who had skipped bail, and then the DEA agents arrested these idiots as they showed up to collect their prize. I think one guy who was arrested kept asking for the prize as he was led away in cuffs.

    It is likely that having YEH win this highly competitive award has something to do with her upcoming drama and having interest stirred, but I don’t mind cross-promotions and linking and so on.

    I’d rather see beautiful actresses getting superfluous awards and flowers and more jewelry than they need than tragedy or disappointing arrests for news. I’ll take this over anything else that has been in the news recently.


  5. Sere

    Re: the DEA’s story
    I hope you’re kidding! 0.0

  6. cosmopolite

    They just create awards for every damn thing don’t they……

  7. CyNurse

    They never really run out of awards.

    Oh well, I am excited about Yoon Eun Hye’s next drama. I really liked her in Coffee Prince.

  8. Biscuit

    I know theres best jeans awards, nail awards, etc XD

    But I guess she was awarded because she wears jewelry best ^^

    At least she looks better here than she did a few days ago >.<

  9. selva

    she’s absolutely gorgeous ^^ I’m soooo jealous lol =P
    I saw the Prada picture, and I think I’m the only one who liked that look! Yes it’s strange but totally cool and funky.

  10. 10 nanaee

    I am sorry.. but i really don’t find her that attractive or pretty… She has a round, full face which doesn’t make her exceptionally pretty, a little chubby body (look at the last picture) and a baby smile which is not exceptionally beautiful smile. DOn’t get me wrong. I do like her performance and acting.. i think she is cute… but NO she is not a pretty and super attractive woman… I think all the characters she acted display the same… Therefore, i don’t think she is a good fit for Parris Hilton character cos Parris Hilton is supposed to be very pretty with no brain…

  11. 11 Jasmin


    It sounds like you are not really into Yoon Eun Hye or am I mistaken?^-^ I mean Yoon Eun Hye wasn’t actually active in drama things but in photoshoots instead very much. So… I think of her as the most intelligent actress because she doesn’t do too much dramas. Because it would getting more boring, boring. It’s good that she takes a little “holiday” to think about what she is doing next and getting more mature in this past year. I’m really happy that she got this award…there is no other one at the moment who would suit it.

  12. 12 javabeans

    I think Yoon Eun-hye is gorgeous and adorable, who makes some questionable styling choices but picks good projects. I don’t really count magazine photos as remaining active — everyone wants to see her act again. I was mostly saying this award is a crock of BS, but I think everyone already knows that.

  13. 13 whoa

    korea’s turning into japan, they have the exact similar wth award
    she looks pretty waist above, but i wouldnt wanna wear dress that makes my bum an or hips twice larger

    sorry fot OT, but lady castle is the only drama i beg for title make over. anything but lady and castle!
    i think korean have the tendency to spoil the story or main point in their title original title. like shin eun kyung’s old movie “romantic comedy”. kim jung eun’s “Funny Movie”. a monster movie titled monster/guemuru is very standart. so thank you for whoever come with the title “the host”
    or very recent example “six months”
    and of course the heavy emphasis sad words on “story sadder than sadness”

  14. 14 gia

    i think, she need absoluly a good stylist….

  15. 15 angela

    i think i gwt thw reason why she chose this drama to do because it just not portray one time setting but three…so yun eun hye gets to act differently 3 times…the teenager, mid twenties and then the late twenties…or something like that….can’t wait for this drama to be out…

  16. 16 mary


    Awardees for “Best Jewelery Lady” are by direct recommendations from representatives from top brands, as well as famous designers and professionals in the jewel industry.
    Past awardees include Kim Hye soo, Kim Hyun Joo, Han Chae Young, Son Yeh Jin, Han Hye Jin and Kim Min Jung to name a few.

    According to Exhibition and Convention Manager, Choi Kyung-Woon from the Korean International Trade Organisation, “this year’s nominations included 10 high profile stars, and as usual, this sparked a lot of interest and the best jewelry lady was chosen”. Choi further revealed that, “This year’s winner, Yoon Eun Hye was the favoured choice from the beginning as she is one who possesses both a combination of feminine and boyish charms, making her look great with a wide variety of jewelry.”

  17. 17 mary

    About the whole Paris Hilton thing, it’s just in the sense that she will be living in a mansion like the one used in Boys Over Flowers, if not better.
    She’ll be driving expensive cars and definitely wearing all the expensive clothes that women would love to wear. They are just making a Paris comparison because of the wealthy role that she’s gonna play in the drama. A girl who gets pretty much what she wants.

    Rumour alert!!
    (nothing but rumours!! so dont take it seriously ^^)

    DC-KBSDRAMA is going crazy right now, after what seems like their “reliable” source left some hints about whats been finalized for LC.
    Now this “reliable” source apparently got the casting and time-slot right for previous dramas well before the official announcement.. so hopefully he/she will be right on this one too.
    Here’s the link (http://gall.dcinside.com/kbs_drama/96848) L.C > The Man Who Couldn’t Marry
    That Mans Story > The Man WHo Couldn’t Marry > L.C

    Either way it looks like its gonna be up against MBC’s Sageuk, “Queen Seonduk”.
    Now apparently the actor cast for the male lead (ie. Butler) has been mentioned before on DC-KBSDRAMA.
    it seems the netizens have gone through the previous posts that have yet to be deleted and it seems that the ones constantly mentioned were:

    Wonbin, Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Rae Won, Go Soo and Park Hae Jin.

    End of Rumour Alert!

    credit: soompi

  18. 18 yooneunhyeaddict

    I’m a yeh fan! All the way! However some of her fashion choices are as I would call them WTF outfits. You never know what’s going through that persons mind when they choose to wear those outfits.
    I love yeh though and I am *patiently* waiting (which means more like damn it why is it taking so long) for Lady Castle to begin.

  19. 19 abovo99

    She is just so prettyyyyyy.

  20. 20 [email protected]

    @Samsooki LOL…I saw that on TV.

    She’s just getting some PR before her drama starts. I think she’s adorable. I wish Kim Bum could be the leading actor with her. I can see some good chemistry there.

  21. 21 Liss

    the dress its fine except for the bags at the sides ¬¬

  22. 22 xoxo13

    O. M. G!! I can’t wait for this drama….

  23. 23 belleza


    I thought Last Castle was going to cast YEH opposite Kang Dong Wan. No?

    “Wonbin, Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Rae Won, Go Soo and Park Hae Jin.”

    I think Kim Rae Won and Lee Dong Gun aren’t possible due to upcoming military obligations. If they pair up Kang Ji Hwan with YEH, why I think this blog might shut down. If they pair her up with Won Bin, Kobe and I might shut down. 😉

  24. 24 B.B.

    Very pretty from the waist up, but what is this strange fashion on cardboard sculpture skirts of late. Bad enough when pics are shot front on, but from below the steps or stage – so unflattering.

    end rant…… nice necklace.

  25. 25 mary

    @belleza, a close officer to Kang Dong Won have emphasized that the ‘Lady Castle’ drama was not even offerred to him and there is no current plan of him appearing on any TV series.
    If Wonbin and Kang Ji Hwan is her leadingman, I might just faint.

    YEH’s ensemble for this Jewelry Award event is by Yves Saint Laurent:)

  26. 26 snuffythemonkey

    Am loving her shoes and belt! Can’t wait to watch her in a new drama. Thanks for the update Javabeans.

  27. 27 rainey

    Love her shoes. Anyone know the designer and ‘name’.

  28. 28 yubikiri

    i really admire her…

  29. 29 A.

    The possibility of KJH is killing me. [I will effing die. ROFL.]

    The dress, eh. She used to be so much more fashionable?! I mean, it might be YSL, but the thing with fashion is that usually things only look good on the skinny models. And nothing is meant for real practical wearing, in reality.

    I am looking forward to Lady Castle, however.

  30. 30 simi

    I think it’s great the YEH tries different styles…..even if she does have WTF moments….playing it safe can get pretty boring (see the Oscars these last couple years)…….would totally kill for those shoes and that belt!!!

  31. 31 Yoo Jin

    I’d be so insulted if I were compared to Paris Hilton…

  32. 32 mary

    #27 rainey – Apr 30, 2009 at 3:11 pm
    Love her shoes. Anyone know the designer and ‘name’.

    ^Her belt, shoes and her whole outfit is by Yves Saint Laurent



    credit: Rebby soompi and Google images

  33. 33 Kobe

    I normally dont find YEH that pretty but I have to admit she looks great here.


    Haven’t we already established that Won Bin is mine…..all mine? 😛

  34. 34 fizzle

    Her make-up is fantastic!

  35. 35 robbo4

    Eun Hye has made no dramas lately but hasn’t stopped working in the least. Any excuse to parade her around and take a few pictures is a good one in my book. As always, I’ll be looking forward to her new series like a dog salavating over it’s master’s hamburger…

  36. 36 nike

    I love her shoes…

  37. 37 belleza


    “Haven’t we already established that Won Bin is mine…..all mine?”

    But is your wife Vanessa fine with . . . . oh never mind! 😀

  38. 38 yumi-chan

    I’m excited for her comeback, but what’s up with the paris Hilton thing: does that mean she’ll have a sex tape in the drama? xD

  39. 39 Pippa

    her shoes!! O_O

  40. 40 JustAFan

    I don’t even care if the award is real or not. Seeing her again with a better choice of clothing ang accessories is enough for me. Even if she was not active in the acting category after Coffee Prince, she still make headlines for the her endorsements and with attending major events locally and internationally so maybe that is why she was chosen. Hmmnnn., the power of YEH!

    Just imagine if she was quite active in drama series or movies. I am kinda curious who were the other nominees. I think they should feel disappointed if they are the kind of artists that were seen everywhere, don’t you think so?

    Anyway, she look quite beautiful in this event, enough to erase the Prada fashion disaster.

    I hope LC will start filming soon and they better get her someone really hot for a screen partner. We waited so long for a drama from her and I think they should make the whole series and the cast huge and interesting!

    Thanks for the article!

  41. 41 santaiah

    Her outfit is so much much better than hers at Prada event (I also like her shoes & belt the most). Although I admire her, I must admit that sometime she has a “weird” taste of fashion, but I approve this one. Make her more beautifull. I hope she wear this kind of wardrobe in her drama Lady Castle.
    BTW I think she has a thing with the product of YSL, because she offen wears it lately.

  42. 42 cranky

    off topic but I just saw someone say Paris Hilton is pretty?!
    I must be living in a separate dimension…

  43. 43 yelda

    thank you Dramabeans for writing something about my favorite actress and star Yoon Eun Hye!!!!!!!
    im only waiting for her news for Lady Castle, i dont care if shes being called the next Paris Hilton, I know she’s gonna nail her role and Lady Castle is gonna do great!
    Fighting Yoon Eun Hye, fighting Drama beans thank you again*!*

  44. 44 Elena

    I like her work – she makes me laugh, I’ve noticed the better the directing, the better the work. In these pictures she seems… tired – exhausted.

    just a thought. Maybe she had the same kind of thoughts about the Jewelry queen thing – but wasn’t able to opt out.

    The dress – the problem is mostly it’s too big! doesn’t fit for … so why did she have to go to this thing in the first place wearing a dress two sized to big?

  45. 45 Elena

    The dress is way to big. doesn’t fit at all – why did she have to attend this thing in a dress two sizes too big ?

    I saw that picture of the shorts outfit… well, it was fun – young people should have fun ! not have to wear designer clothing so big you have to pin it up to cover the cleavage. I bet she felt embarrassed by that stupid dress with its cargo hip pockets.

  46. 46 bd

    “I am sorry.. but i really don’t find her that attractive or pretty… She has a round, full face which doesn’t make her exceptionally pretty, a little chubby body (look at the last picture) and a baby smile which is not exceptionally beautiful smile. DOn’t get me wrong. I do like her performance and acting.. i think she is cute… but NO she is not a pretty and super attractive woman… I think all the characters she acted display the same… Therefore, i don’t think she is a good fit for Parris Hilton character cos Parris Hilton is supposed to be very pretty with no brain…”

    nanaee –

    While YEH doesn’t have all the classical features, she, in her own right, is cute/pretty in her own way (much like Jeon Ji Hyun).

    As for YEH having a “fuller” face, the optimum facial shape for a female is heart-shaped and not the overly narrow face that some women have (take for instance, Song Hye Kyo who has a heart-shaped face).

    And sorry if YEH is not the complete stick that you want her to be (not everyone finds stick figures like Jung Ryu Won appealing).

    But then again, you lost all credibility by referring to Paris Hilton as “very pretty.”

  47. 47 J

    Eun Hye unnie is totally gorgeous here! I love her heels, they are so cool:) I can’t wait for her new drama…Besides being labeled as Paris Hilton (ugh!), I heard that her character was supposed to be like the female Goo Jun Pyo. I really want to know who will be the main lead. YEH fighting!

  48. 48 joicy

    I like most of YEH’s projects in the past, and I have trust in her choice of project. I am sure that she will throw herself in any project that she chooses and I definitely look forwards to her project. Who will be the male lead does not matter, even if it’s Won Bin or Kang Ji Hwan, I am sure that if they are offered the role and if they accept it, the plot should be convinced and interesting enough. What else do you expect? Do you try to put your preference in here when every one surely will try their best in the project? It’s non sense to me.
    Lastly I am not a fan. I just love her acting before.

  49. 49 loner

    What an irony, while she’s got exposure in a positive way (got an award), her ex costar (JJH) also got much exposure but in a different way (negative). God must be joking…
    BTW, why didn’t you post the latest news of Joo Ji Hoon JB. About some pictures when he was partying with his friends in some club…

  50. 50 marcel

    oh yes this is much better than the prada outfit…she definitely looked like big bird on acid at that event 😛 i don’t fully understand the construction of her dress here..but at least it’s an elegant wrap-style…i like the sweater fabric and understated color..the belt and shoes are definitey divine…all in all a sophisticated look that flatters her well…& the YSL jewelry! what a miserable life she leads..

    yoon eun hye’s beauty may not be defined by classic standards…but i find her to have a unique charm and look that makes her attractive…if you’ve seen her off camera or candid you can tell how she is in real life which is healthy and full figured…not skin and bones which i appreciate since i hate the emaciated, pale, standing at death’s door look of some hallyu actresses…

    & although “lady castle” sounds a bit on the flowery, cheesecakey side in a manner similar to BOF..i’ll probably watch anyway since i always enjoy her dramas…i was guffawing all the way through ‘the man in the vineyard’ & truly was addicted to coffee prince…she has a natural comic knack & a sweet innocence that makes her characters endearing..

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