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Boys Before Flowers: F4 Special Edition (Parts 1 & 2)
by | April 28, 2009 | 152 Comments

As Stephen Colbert would say, what a croc-tease. The much-touted “F4 Special Edition” music drama, which follows up with the F4 boys five years after the end of the drama, was finally released online on April 28 — but only the first half (or two “episodes”). The second half comes out next week.

Each F4 member gets his own “episode,” and first two feature Kim Bum‘s Yi-jung character and Kim Joon‘s Woo-bin.

Watch Yi-jung’s and Woo-bin’s segments below:

The music drama features a total of nine songs, some of which were sung by the actors themselves, like Kim Hyun-joong‘s “Thing Called Happiness” (행복이란), Kim Bum‘s “I’m Going to Meet You Now” (지금 만나러 갑니다), and Kim Joon‘s “To Make Empty” (비워내기).

Yi-jung‘s segment opens with narration by Woo-bin, and the song featured throughout is Kim Bum’s song — I’m actually quite impressed with the vocals. I’m less impressed with how so much of the footage is old clips from the series.

Intro & Episode 1 (Yi-jung):

The intro:

Woo-bin: “Are there things that don’t change even after time has passed? How many springs have come to our school full of memories? And our special classroom — it’s here that we began our friendships and loves. Gu Jun-pyo, Yoon Ji-hoo, So Yi-jung, Song Woo-bin, F4.”

The voice at the end asks: “Sunbae. I’m a little late, aren’t I?”
Yi-jung asks, “Will you be my flower forever?”

Episode 2 (Woo-bin):

In this segment, Woo-bin starts by asking, “What’s your reason?” The girl tells him, “I’m tired of your consideration.” (It insinuates that she feels suffocated by his constant attention, like he’s hovering.)

The song here features lyrics written by Kim Joon and rapper Rhymer. The title “To Make Empty” refers to emptying oneself of the pain following a failed love.

I suppose the point is to reiterate how Woo-bin’s function in F4 was always to remind us of the value of their friendship, but who else is bummed out that he finally gets a girl — only to be dumped so unceremoniously?



152 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. grace

    yi-jung…I swear if he wasn’t such a pretty boy I would throw up at the overwhelming corny-ness of everything he ever said or did.

  2. snojmikl

    Kim Bum sounds like a professional singer. I really enjoy his song. There was a fancam of KB singing the song live in the Japan BOF fanmeeting. He sounds fantastic there as well. Quite surprised!
    Kim Joon song is good too. Too bad Woo Bin got dumped by that girl. But I guess that totally explained why he was so emo in one of the episode.
    Have to wait another week for the next one gahneeee

  3. seobak

    I love the picture.. the series was mostly like a recap.. slightly disappointing 🙁

  4. funniebones

    I knew better than to anticipate to be amazed by the vids but I did await them with enthusiasm, anyway. Synthesizer use or not, the songs are definitely ipod downloadable, however.

  5. Snikki

    I’m only looking forward to watch YiJung’s. l’m on my way home…

  6. K4Ice4Thu

    Javabeans, just a question to clarify: “F4 boys five years after the end of the drama,”

    in the beginning it said “5년후…봄” aka “Spring, 5 years after/later”. Then before Woobin has his first flashback to the ‘glowing F4 entrance’ from ep 1, it says “5년 전” aka “5 years before”. So wouldn’t that make the ‘present’ time about a year or so after the ending of BOF on the beach? Or am I calculating things wrong/reading too much into this?

    LOLs also, is it just me, or did Ga Eul’s voice sound eerily similar Eun Chae’s voice?

  7. leafy

    lol, the things they say are slightly corny but they sing really well 🙂
    Yeah, on that last part, it doesn’t sound like ga-eul, it sounds like that older girl that Yi-jung used to like…

  8. javabeans

    @6, I suppose it should be 5 years after the end of the series if we’re not counting the epilogue.

    The end voice doesn’t sound like Ga-eul but I think it’s supposed to be her anyway. (Eun-jae never called Yi-jung “sunbae.”)

    • 8.1 Esmeralda

      I hear that too. I wondering what dose iit say on the photo. Yi-jung is writing on it. Does it say “will you marry me??”

  9. justDandy

    omg, i was kind of idssapointed when the voice that says ” sunbae, im a little late, arent I? ” wasnt Ga Eul’s. or maybe it is. hmm… but yeah. I feel bad for woo bin. : )
    caaanot wait for jun pyo’s episode.

  10. 10 Alison

    awww the f4 chocolates are so cute!

  11. 11 annieeee

    omg, stephen colbert is my hero lol. croc-tease indeed. but im still glad to see them reprise their roles, cause i was starting to feel nostalgic about bbf. why is kim bum so lovable?

  12. 12 Pippa

    I thought they were sooo cute!! A little too much flashback but cute!!
    Is it possible for you to ppost the songs they’re singing??

  13. 13 JoKing

    Awww…Ga-eul should have been in this! Oh well…

    I thought it was going to be a bit more like the bodyguard phone advert they did together. (Has anyone else seen that? So cute!)

    Thanks, Java anyway!

  14. 14 Z

    This is wack… why must Woo Bin constantly be short changed? At least he got a cake for his heartbreak. I just want to say that he can consider me any time he wants.

  15. 15 jlee

    polaroid photo flower bouquet!? awesome idea. way to go, yijung

  16. 16 crazyrome

    is there a video where theirs english subs?

  17. 17 Snikki

    Yeah, what happened to Ga Eul’s voice? Owel, nvm, as long as it’s supposed to be her.

    The old SoEulmate scenes still made me squee. 😀

  18. 18 hmm

    Yi Jung definitely ends up with Ga eul. They just used a different actor for her “scene.” I’m glad….that makes me so happy 🙂
    I thought when the girl dumped Woo Bin she meant something different than consideration. I thought that she was sick and tired of his “consideration” towards other girls. Woo Bin is a nice guy and he did have play boy tendencies so the girl might have been fed up with that though Woo Bin might not have done anything consciously. Or maybe not….;><

  19. 19 Sarah

    I was waiting all week for this and I’m so disappointed. I wish there was more of a closure to the storylines. Hopefully next week will be better.

  20. 20 Angela

    I had really low expectations going in, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Cool songs though.

  21. 21 sophia

    honestly, i was really disappointed. i wanted to see kim so eun in there and have a definitive ending for so-eul. but they didn’t even use her voice T.T it’s definitely her that they’re trying to imitate, because the memories are all of her and in the end, “she” calls him sunbae and he responds that he wants her to be his “flower”.

    and wth was that with woobin? O.O getting dumped…*sigh* nothing to say

  22. 22 JiHwan

    Boys before flower is like a nightmare that just keeps coming back! Stop the madness already! haha

  23. 23 dawn

    im sure it’s ga eul but the voice big NO. her voice is more cuter and nice than that one. but even though she’s not there as long as we know yo jeong does really love her and kim bum does a very good job in singing. wish there could be more of both of them.

  24. 24 snoopy

    maybe i’m just too much of a soeul fanatic, but i was really hoping that they would take advantage of the second chance to add more to the yi jung and ga eul ending. I mean, not so impressed with the recycling of old scenes, but the ending with the different voice really disappointed me…

  25. 25 joonni

    thanks for updating on this. I forgot about this. I’m glad I got a chance to listen to the songs. I really like them!

  26. 26 tombrady

    totally agree about the vocals. Kim Bum can actually sing. Very well done!!! Maybe he doesnt have the range like an actual singer (e.g. Son Ho Young) but definitely decent rendition. Im gonna download his song to my ipod!!!

  27. 27 hsinya

    This F4 Special Edition reminds me of the “Meteor Rain” segment after the first installment of Meteor Garden ended, and 3 out of the 4 guys got their own side story. (The only one that didn’t get a side story was Rui, aka Hwa Ze Lei.)

    Contrary to the Korean version though, the one I liked best out of the bunch was Akira (Mei Zuo)’s side story, which was a love story with a Japanese girl. It was really cute. Too bad Woo-bin wasn’t able to get the same treatment.

  28. 28 lidge_fan

    disappointed AGAIN!!! and AGAIN!!! and AGAIN!!!

    WB’s story didn’t even make sense….just a mismash of old footage…..it’s his story but there’s JH playing the the guitar, JP playing rugby, JY doing pottery!!! WHY???!!!!!! prince Song still not getting any love even in his own story ><

    Still have no idea how everybody’s doing after 5 years, except that YJ can be a florist if he doesn’t want to do pottery anymore

    should’ve learned by now not to expect much…..*sigh*

  29. 29 cartman

    WOAH. Kim Bum’s voice is surprisingly amazing! didn’t expect that. 🙂

    Oh, and, WHERE THE HELL IS JI HOO? 😐 He wasn’t at the classroom part with them. 🙁

    and one more thing..I saw more of the other members of F4 in Woo Bin’s episode..WTF?:|

  30. 30 Sampsun

    So, Kim Joon’s voice is sexy. Just saying.

  31. 31 shu

    if they screw jan di and junpyo’ video like yijung and gaeul… I willl…..

    i willl…

    …. scream… =/

  32. 32 bspanda

    Was very impressed with Kim Bum’s vocals on the OST! He actually sounded better than a lot of ‘singers’ out there – it’s a wonder his mgt team not add singing to his schedule (as if it was not packed enough as it is). Add another reason to like the boy. 🙂

    Suppose Mnet had a huge spike in their traffic yesterday 😛 Ahh the wonders of BOF power!

  33. 33 Bel

    Kim Bum sings so beautifully. I really love his song & voice.

  34. 34 khiem

    Is there any chance of KBS releasing kind of a synopsis of their actual life during the 5 years following the 25th episode… I mean, not necessarily in a video format (which would be amazing) but in a prose form, something at least to answer our unanswered question… Was that Ga Eul? How did Woo Bin meet the girl? What do they mean exactly by “consideration”? What happened to both of them in their professionnal lives… A bunch of unanswered question that just leaves me frustrated 🙂

  35. 35 Adelene

    OMG I’m totally disappointed with Ga Eul-yang’s ‘voice’. it’s sooooooooooo not her! It wasn’t even the right intonation. I mean how hard can it be just to get her to record it? Do you think it was deliberate?

    Ga Eul’s version of “sunbae” always has an element of surprise. It’s like she’s verbally blushing. Oh man, even I can imitate it better.

  36. 36 KOK

    OMG that was so bad and i had zero expectations, atleast Kim Bum has a nice voice and what with having some random girl voice gae eul?

  37. 37 Orchid

    Thanks javabeans!!!

  38. 38 jen

    dang i really wanted kim joon’s character to have a girl.
    i hope he sticks to being an actor. i think he can go really far.

  39. 39 LaFr4ise

    Javabeans.. you’re the best.. YiJung’s story is pretty much conclude everything.. but too bad WooBin’s story didn’t really satisfying.. *sigh*..

    But.. thanks once more..

  40. 40 kimchii

    The SoEulmate moments still get to me.. Cuute.

    Woo Bin should have gotten more love.
    Only four minutes? Come on.

  41. 41 mauhlaslover

    I was honestly disappointed. =/

  42. 42 all4movies

    That was really boring. I don’t even know why they bothered.

    Honestly. the netizens can do a way better job.

    Thanks for posting anyways.

  43. 43 Gloria

    While I enjoyed the drama (even if it was mediocre to say the least).. I’m kind of tired of it? Lol, I love the cast (though I still can’t get over what Makino’s character became -__-; ), but this.. it kind of reminds me of like let’s say High School Musical. It started off all right but kept getting more annoying with each movie. Milking it for all it has. It stopped being fresh a long time ago!! >:O
    Anyway, this is pretty much a rehash of old scenes and a few scenes sprinkled in there. o w o;;; There’s an OST, a second OST, and a F4 Special Edition OST 2.5. And now this… > w >;; I liked you BBF, but this is so much!! D:

    I enjoyed the songs though :O Kind of sad that Woo Bin didn’t get to keep a girl. ; w ; They didn’t even explain his character much!! Still sad about that );

    Hehehe.. Lee Minho looked so cute at the end of Woo Bin’s episode. I love that smile (:

    One last thing–
    If the SoEul romance is so important, couldn’t they at least get Ga Eul to actually say the voice at the end? ): Sounds like a different actress to me.

  44. 44 Gloria

    And this is F3.. Lol.

  45. 45 kazubaby


  46. 46 deulhee

    they are seriously dragging this business out too long. If you’re going to make a “5 years later”, dont’ include what we’ve already seen… and seriously… they could have included ga eul at least a little bit.. i hope they don’t do that with jandi…

  47. 47 abovo99

    My first disappointment is that there is no Ga-eul in the picture. The voice doesn’t even sound like her. Second disappointment is bigger. Woo Bin got dumped?!!!! Why they have to do that to him? After all these years, he still got no happy ending. Poor Woo Bin!!! I hope Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo have happy endings next week.

  48. 48 hanaoguri

    I m really totally disappointed 🙁 I expected sooooo much more. Its been 5 years and nothing seems to have changed! They could have at least shown Ga Eul and Yi Jung together…maybe on a date or even doing pottery together. So disappointed!

    Couldn’t they find any story line for Woo Bin? Whats with all the flashbacks? So unnecessary!

    I am really hoping Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo’s videos would actually have a story to tell.
    If its going to be anything like these two, they really shouldn’t have bothered with this special edition.

    Thank you for posting, Javabeans. Its always fun reading your posts 🙂

  49. 49 Hannieoon

    I like Woobin’s song.

  50. 50 Nanae123

    aww… they started this thing again… like feeding something good with a long string… i was just recovered from emptiness BBF left me and now they started it again…. can’t wait for the next week to come… GOSH!!!! i think i kinda hate that feeling………but i wanna see LEE MIN HO segment…………

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