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First impressions: MBC’s Cinderella Man
by | April 17, 2009 | 72 Comments

On Wednesday, Cinderella Man premiered to a disappointing 9.3% rating, which dropped further to 6.7% on its second day. (It was up against Cain & Abel and I Hate You But Let’s Try Again, which both pulled in numbers in the 15%-19% range.)

I’ll always take the stance that ratings aren’t strictly indicative of a show’s quality, so I don’t think the numbers automatically say the show sucks. However, after seeing the first two episodes, I can see why the show received such a lukewarm response. Articles discussing the show’s first week point out the shaky quality, which range from complaints of Kwon Sang-woo‘s muddy diction (“It requires subtitling!”) and exaggerated accent, as well as Yoon-ah‘s acting and insufficient range of expression.

Personally, I didn’t think Cinderella Man was actually bad. It was okay. Inoffensive. It just… wasn’t very exciting.


Biuret – “Dreams Come True.” Hm, maybe this song is too energetic for this post… Oh well. Just know that the drama ain’t anywhere near as upbeat as this fun song by Biuret, whose second album released a couple months ago. [ Download ]

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To put it very simply:

The initial tone of Cinderella Man feels something like East of Eden meets Parent Trap.

But not angsty.

Or funny.

I don’t think the story itself is the problem, because although there are clichés galore, the drama could have used them to create some wacky fun. I was hoping it would be one of those cheeky shows that knew how to have fun with itself. However, the drama’s producers and director somehow manage to suck that energy out of a possibly hilarious premise by ignoring its kitsch potential, and instead strikes a heavier tone — it actually tries to be serious and intense at some moments — which just kills the mood.


Oh Dae-san (Kwon Sang-woo) is a lovable scamp and an orphan; he’s outgoing, flirtatious when need be, and resourceful. Street-smart and a bit uncouth. He operates a tiny clothing stall at Dongdaemun Market, which is named “Doryeonnim” (“young master”), and makes his living selling clothing which he designs by studying designer pieces and copying them.

He had a very good relationship with the kindly man who ran a neighboring shop, who insisted on loaning him money to set up his shop. When that man suddenly dies, Dae-san is drawn to the man’s daughter, Seo Yu-jin (Yoon-ah), who had been studying fashion abroad at a top fashion design school. (He doesn’t immediately tell her that he owes her money, however.)

She returns to Korea to take over her father’s affairs, and her troubles are compounded when her mother is stricken ill from the shock of her father’s death. Now Yu-jin must give up plans to return to school as she works to save the business and provide for her family. However, she runs into all sorts of difficulties — she’s never run a business before, clients take advantage of her lack of experience and don’t pay her, debt collectors threaten to shut down the store.

Seeing Yu-jin struggling, Dae-san intercedes on her behalf, but she’s a prideful girl and pushes him aside the first few times. The more they interact, though, she realizes it’s churlish to be so defensive when he’s just trying to help.

Meanwhile, Sopia Apparel is a large fashion brand currently run by the Mean Grandmother of Dae-san’s lookalike, Lee Jun-hee (also Kwon Sang-woo). Jun-hee is an apathetic rich boy with no interest in taking over the family corporation — he dreams of being a chef, actually — which suits his older stepbrother, Lee Jae-min (Song Chang-eui), who works for the company as a senior executive.

Their father had run the company, but when he recently fell on his deathbed, Jun-hee returned to Korea after years living abroad. Big Bro Jae-min is responsible, thoughtful, and serious, but alas, Mean Granny has no great affection for Jae-min or his mother, as they are not blood relations. She is determined to hand over the company to Jun-hee instead. Stepmom, on the other hand, resolves to ensure that Jae-min inherits the company.

Jae-min says he has always considered Jun-hee his blood brother (a comment that makes Jun-hee scoff in derision) and seems like a decent (if coldly logical) guy, but he’s not above manipulation. He does want to take over the company, and because he knows he can be ousted at any moment by Mean Grandma, he needs to secure his place. Therefore, he suggests that Jun-hee hand over his stock holdings to him, since Jun-hee doesn’t want to work for the company anyway.

Jae-min previously had a relationship with Jang Sae-eun (Han Eun-jung), which she broke off. Sae-eun is a former model who has since crossed over into fashion design, and is enjoying some success as an up-and-coming designer. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that she’s the daughter of a rich businessman. Jae-min doesn’t appear to harbor any lingering feelings for Sae-eun, and his interest in her is strictly business — he recruits her to the design team for Sopia Apparel.

An example of kdrama coincidence overdrive in action: Yu-jin has just come from Paris, where she was studying design at the school S Mode. Dae-san has always dreamed of studying in Paris. Jun-hee has returned to Korea after living in Paris. And oh yeah, Sae-eun also just got back from Paris and also graduated from S Mode. It’s a small world after all.

And now for Teh Drama:

Shortly after their birth, Mean Grandma split up the twin boys and took Jun-hee from the hospital (her reasoning is yet-undisclosed), and told Jun-hee that his mother died. However, he had found out in his childhood that this was a lie, and that his mother may still be alive (they lost track of her, so they aren’t certain), which explains his lack of familial affection.

Jun-hee also suffers from a congenital heart problem that requires a transplant. When he comes across Dae-san, he notices that Dae-san sports a chest scar similar to his own (in the obligatory shirtless Kwon Sang-woo scene — nothing says sexy like a man in pink boxers and black socks!). Jun-hee starts putting the pieces together and asking questions about his birth, and decides to locate his birth mother. Initial inquiries suggest that his stepmother and stepbrother may have had something to do with the way his mother was treated.

The trouble is, he doesn’t want to alert his family about his doings or his health problems, and strikes upon the perfect solution — his lookalike! He proposes that Dae-san take his place just for one day, and tempts him with the offer of a whole month’s pay.

Dae-san initially refuses — he can’t stand the arrogant jerk Jun-hee — but he sees Yu-jin facing more money troubles, as her shop will be forcibly closed unless she comes up with enough money to the lenders, asap. The amount is too much to make merely from selling T-shirts on the street, and naturally he must Rescue Her From Distress, so Dae-san goes back to Jun-hee and accepts the job.


The acting is not bad. Yes, I agree that Kwon Sang-woo’s speech is kinda muddled, but at least it’s comprehensible. I’m not even going to pick on the age issue, even though it’s not like it’s disappeared. (For instance, I laughed out loud to see that Ahn Nae-sang — who just played Park Yong-ha‘s brother in Story of a Man — is Kwon Sang-woo’s father here. And Kwon Sang-woo is older than Park Yong-ha!) But at this point it’s too late to do anything about it, so I won’t harp on it any further.

The dual role generally works — and just in case you need the help, the straight-haired Kwon Sang-woo is the rich one, while the curly-haired Kwon is the unruly one. Kwon tends to overact with Dae-san, which bugged me in Episode 1 because it was obvious he was trying to act young, but I think this aspect will improve as the drama continues. At least I’m guessing so, and that he’ll calm down as the story gets more involved.

He’s also doing fine showing his lighter, comic side. I just wish it didn’t feel like he was doing a straight Lee Min-ki impression (circa Mixed-up Investigative Agency, or Taereung National Village) — who, by the way, would have been a fantastic choice for this role! Alas, I doubt we’ll be seeing Lee Min-ki as a standard rom-com hero anytime soon.

I don’t think Yoon-ah is bad — she’s not great, but she’s acceptable for a drama like this. She kind of reminds me of Han Ga-in in Witch Amusement, which is to say — she’s pretty, she cries on cue, she delivers her lines, and gets the character’s emotions across passably well, but all at about an 80% energy level rather than 100%. She’s not the best crier, because she always looks like she’s forcing herself to cry rather than conveying sadness, but overall I suppose she’s not too problematic. If you accept the age difference (or ignore it), I think the relationship between Yu-jin and Dae-san could end up being really cute (although that’s more because Dae-san is clearly smitten, not because of Yu-jin).

Han Eun-jung has been — and can be — better, but I don’t think her character is written very well so she’s working with a handicap. She’s standard second-lead stuff, as is Song Chang-eui’s character, which is too bad since I was most drawn to him in the cast. (I wanted him to be more dynamic, frankly.)

The problem, then?

There’s no single glaring flaw. Rather, it’s that on the whole, the drama feels a little tired. It’s a little paint-by-numbers. Meaning, all the outlines are drawn, and all the drama does is fill in the colors in the corresponding slots. You know what to expect and there are no big surprises. The music kicks in and tells us how to feel, and people cry when they should. Somehow it feels like we’ve seen this before.

If I had nothing else to watch, I might stick with Cinderella Man, either as mindless entertainment or snark fodder. However, the latest batch of dramas is looking pretty good, and I’d much rather spend time watching something that gets me excited, that feels fresh and intriguing and makes me itch for more — like the new thriller Story of a Man, which looks very promising indeed.

As it is, Cinderella Man is kinda too benign to poke fun at. If it were much better, or much worse, this drama could have been interesting. Unfortunately, instead it’s stuck in that dreaded middle ground — bland.


72 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. thua

    ‘Twas expected. lol.

    I just still wished Song Chang-eui hadn’t accepted this role.

  2. unknown

    Song Chang Ui looks much younger than Kwon Sang Woo – He doesn’t fit the role of an older brother>>> Nevertheless, he stole the spotlight in this drama.

  3. cc

    I kinda feel the same…I watched the first 2 episodes and my first reaction was “meh”.
    Cain & Abel and Hateful once again both ending next week…I’m currently following both.
    And Six months is airing soon…looking forward to it.
    I don’t know about City Hall…the storyline doesn’t sound very interesting but will check out the first 2 episodes.

    If I don’t have anything else to watch, I might come back and just skim through Cinderella Man….

  4. Luv

    Thank you Sarah for the entry.
    I was reluctant to start on this drama because KSW’s last drama was so bad…
    But I have to give him a chance…He’s much better in this new one.

    The bad thing about this drama is…it doesn’t evoke any strong emotions…
    I don’t feel attach to any character.
    I have to agree about it being a filler drama…it’s quite forgettable.

  5. Nom-Nom-Nom Kitteh

    I wonder how much of the ratings reflect the fickle nature of fandom. This is his major work after his marriage and babeh, and that whole deal was such high drama and brought out the worst in his fans (from what I could tell/observe).

    On the other hand, CM could be just a terrible drama. I have glanced through the thread in Soompi, but after the horror that was Bad Love (or whatever that crime against humanity was called), I don’t even want to chance an encounter with another melodramatic pile of s**t.

    Among the ajhusshis, it seems that Ji Sub is one of the few still going super strong (he is really an extraordinary actor). KSW depended more on his looks and cuteness factor, all which is fading, sadly, with age.

    Sigh to growing old(er).

  6. fizzle

    Huh. I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction from people. I though it would be either embarrassingly horrible or awesomely ridiculous, but not “meh”. I kind of want to watch it now. Just a little bit.

  7. jdb

    Why is that I suddenly fine Kwon Sang Woo to old. Those pic gosh… as if he lost all the charm of a boy next door hearthrub since he got married. Maybe this is not the cup of tea the people like now a days considering the economy is bad enough and to watch dramatic series when you got home is unwelcome. Well maybe I just need a break from kdrama for a while….

  8. :)

    hmm what turns me off this drama is yoona’s acting
    shes just not good at doing expressions well….i personally don’t
    think she’s made out for acting.

    but overall i think the acting’s not great, not bad, but JUST passing

  9. djes

    @5 Nom nom nom kitteh : how old you considered someone as an ajusshi?
    It’s interesting because I’ve always proudly considered myself as an ajusshis lover, and my take is an actor is considered become an ajusshi if he is 35 y.o or older.

    So in my case, the ajusshis are like : Jang Dong Gun (37), Jung Jun Hoo (39), Lee Byung Hun (39), Kim Myung Min (37), Shin Hyun Joon (41).

    Kwon Sang Woo is 33 yo, and So Ji Sub is still 32 yo.

    But I never be a KSW fan, regardless his age, anyway.

    After reading this, I think I will completely pass Cinderella Man. Thanks God I never tried Bad Love.

    Why should KSW act young? why can’t they make the character is 30s? or at least late 20s?
    just curious.

  10. 10 Ichiru

    Ah…i’m kinda disappointed with Cinderella Man after watching episode 1….i think the story could have been great if they stick to comedy rather than adding too much drama on it….and yoona’s acting is more like she memorized and just execute the lines, though she can cry she’s not putting more emotions on it..or lacking..which makes the story kinda dull for me since obviously it revolves around her and KSW…and if she doesn’t improve, i don’t know if i can still watch it eventhough i’m KSW fan!
    tHanks for the summary btw!

  11. 11 yumi-chan

    Not to be mean but what do you expect from a pop singer.
    She has a pretty face and could probably cry on cue but you know it doesn’t make her an actress. Like my mom when I want to make her feel bad I release some tears, but I suck at acting.
    I feel this role wasn’t meant for KSW, it feels weird looking at him on screen.

  12. 12 ndegeocello

    One word review: BORING!

  13. 13 capricious

    I feel like no other drama can quite get away with being ridiculous and outrageously flawed and yet still makes you hooked and compelled to be a loyal follower like Boys Before Flowers. If cinderalla man is being a ‘nice kid’ and yet got very little attention (when the premise is as cliche as you can get as BBF was), i really dont think i want to pick this drama up and put it in my TO-WATCH list.

    I’m not a fan of the leads, female or male. first of all, I dont quite get all the buzz and hallyu hype that is kwon sang wo. No offense but I have yet to find a role he plays that I like for him to be in my radar (my point is something like this: i never was a fan of kang ji hwan until he played hong gil dong). As for Yoon-ah, never watched her acting except for in 9 ends 2 outs (or was it 9 outs 2 ends? Sorry, not sure of the baseball term) but was not really enjoying the drama and dropped it after a few episodes so am not really sure how yoon-ah progressed acting-wise in that one. I’m a small fan of han eun jung tho. I’m surprised to know she’s in here. Completely forgot about her casting in previous news that i read.

    Seemingly, there’s not a single thing that pulls me in to even start watching. Unless han eun jung plays the central character, i don’t think I want to spend time on this. Apparently, i have a lot more interesting (in my opinion) korean dramas to catch up with (I have not watched any other k-drama ever since BBF starts in January – which is really unbelieavable coz that was the whole of three months dedication! Dang~).

    In short, I’ll pass.

  14. 14 melba

    I dont really see anything wrong with Kwon Sang Woo’s acting and the slow pace of this series doesn’t bother me too much. I am the type of viewer who has to finish a series once I started on it….which was also the reason why I watched the terrible drama You Are My Destiny from start to finish. It still boggles my mind how Yoona got an acting award for her acting back then. I was hoping that she’d have learned a variety of expressions for Cinderella Man, but just like in her previous series, she gives this blank stare and forced expressions.

  15. 15 noloveforyoonah

    i tried SO HARD to watch the first 2 episodes of c-man, and it was so horribly boring, i just couldn’t finish it. acting is horrible all around. KSW is not very good and Yoonah?? OMG… boring boring boring and boring. she’s not even pretty. terrible casting.

  16. 16 wollie

    I feel the same with you…
    quite disappointed with this drama…
    with such huge stars…..Kwon sang Woo, Yoon Ah, and Song Chang Eui…..
    but well maybe we need to see later episodes….thanks for the recap!!!

  17. 17 anastassia

    Just reading the recaps and comments make me tired not to add a bland emotions included. Meh is just the word.

    Good Job-Job’s Well Done is good I think. I will pass Six Months since no matter how great the cast it, the cliche – contract – storyline was a BIG turn off for me after watched dramas with the same plots years back- no matter how good the acting or story is.

    But I now, I’m waiting to watch Story of A Man. A good thriller is always looks inviting.

  18. 18 chajjye

    sigh. what a letdown. now…should i continue…hmm…

  19. 19 ai*

    i’ve always preferred KSW in a comedic rather than a tragic role so i’m rather enjoying his goofy acting in this drama. however, i think he wasn’t able to put in enough uniqueness to differentiate the twins so he falls short there. also, i get this feeling like he’s not fully into this and he’s holding back his acting, i think it stems from him being married and a father now, or maybe i’m just reading too much into it.

    i was quite amazed by how they ‘superimposed’ the 2 KSWs into the same scene and to my untrained eyes, it was done rather seamlessly – how do they do it?!

  20. 20 ed

    yeah it’s a little unfortunate to see many people throw in the towel on KSW. hope he doesn’t do it to himself too:P study up then come back to us in spiffy shape, ‘kay? 😛

  21. 21 cosmopolite

    Dramas are the worst for me when it doesn’t make me form any kind of opinion. I don’t like it yet I don’t hate it. Basically I just don’t care and I think Cinderella Man falls into that unfortunate spot. I didn’t feel anything watching the episodes and I actually even caught myself looking to see how close the episode was to being done.

    I think Kwon Sang-soo has another slight miss on his resume and Yoon-ah is starting to show what she lacks as a young actress.

  22. 22 CC

    I kinda wanted to see this but the problem…Yoonah -_- I can’t watch anything she’s in without clawing my eyes out T_T
    But after reading this I’m curious how bad it is lol XD

  23. 23 selva

    funny how many people said that KSW couldn’t act the both roles right!!! I’m not KSW fan, but I thought he did a good job portraying his two characters! regarding the overacting lol I’m used to see KSW crying and wailing in his other melodramatic dramas, so I’m actually very happy to see him acting this way!
    I have never ever been able to understand what the hype is all about surrounding her!!! not a good actress is what I will say!!! ——–> Yoonah
    Song Chang-eui is simply <3333

  24. 24 lidge_fan

    “She’s standard second-lead stuff, as is Song Chang-eui’s character, which is too bad since I was most drawn to him in the cast. (I wanted him to be more dynamic, frankly.)”

    I wanted Song Chang-eui to be the lead, not second string….I really, really loved KSW in Stairway to Heaven back in the days, but for some reason I can’t explain, I just don’t like him anymore….don’t know why really

    thanks for taking the time to do a recap, jb 🙂

  25. 25 out

    i wasn’t one bit interested after reading the synopsis. and im not a fan of Yoona’s acting, she needs some more acting lessons but yeah i don’t understand why people think she is good actress because i just don’t see it. anyways, i think i’ll skip watching this one.

  26. 26 lollipop

    yea, Yoona is too overated.
    i don’t know why though.
    she sucks at acting and compared to a lot of people in the acting industry she lacks in the looks department.
    i’m sorry but i just can’t seem to watch anything she’s in.

    and KSW just doesn’t excite me as an actor anymore. *sigh*

  27. 27 Sere

    Uh, all the comments about aging actors make me uncomfortable. Is it only me? I mean, an actor is an actor regardless of his age, right? He should be praised or criticized if his performance is good or not. I think.

    Sarah, thank you for the entry. I’m going to do as you suggested. There are lots of new dramas more…appealing.

  28. 28 javabeans

    Sere, I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth, but I’m thinking some (maybe not all) of the age comments aren’t that KSW is too old to act, but too old to act for THIS drama — this role, with this kind of story, with these actors.

    He’s definitely not old as a person, but when his age is so out of step with everyone else (his “older” brother, his “father”), I think it actually hinders the storytelling because it jerks you out of the drama’s reality into real-world reality, where we know all this other stuff about his life.

  29. 29 Sere

    Ah, I probably didn’t phrase well what I meant to say. If a character’s age is so out of step with everyone else, as you point out, and people comment on *that* and how *that* can affect the storytelling, that doesn’t phase me. I understand why would anyone say that, I’ve said it myself when Song Chang-eui was casted as the older brother.

    It’s the other comments that make me a bit uncomfortable. But I’ve probably misinterpreted some of the comments left here though. Sorry, ignore me. Oh how I wish the Universal language translator wasn’t only fiction.

  30. 30 ella

    Story of a Man ftw 😀

  31. 31 Me

    So BFF had sorta of drama comeback together. SSH, KSW, & SJS. Among 3 all, I think only SJS really had good remark so far.

    At least Sung Yuri can pull this act better than Yoona

  32. 32 jo

    I wouldn’t say that I was jumping-up-and-down enjoying this drama, but I like it so far. I agree there ARE flaws but they don’t stop me from liking the plot. Also,I like YoonA. she might not be the strongest one out of the cast, but there is something very “natural” about her that I really dig for. Either way, I’m keeping my eyes on this show.

  33. 33 meh

    yes, there’s something natural about Yoona…naturally bad at acting that is…sorry but Yoona’s lack of facial expression just isn’t cutting it for me. i’m going to pass on this drama too. doesn’t look one bit interesting to me. Yoona’s face isn’t a face that will likely attract viewers and make them curious as to stop and want to watch her. I predict this drama is going to be flop.

  34. 34 jacq

    I found the show very boring. KSW is ok, Yoona is overrated. Would I watch this for a few more weeks to see if I can stand it? Probably yes. Hopefully it will pick up and give me some good vibes since for right now, it barely holds my attention to stay awake.

  35. 35 diana

    a bit weird watching KSW acting in a comedy, especially after seeing his whiny weepy performances in stairway to heaven and sad sonata. hahaha. couldnt picture him acting all funny in this drama. i dont really like the concept though, sounds rather cliche, reminds me of an old disney movie…….

    and the casts?? maybe kinda off…… doesnt seem right…..

  36. 36 Hermes

    Why am I not surprised of the ratings of CM? I think he has lost his charm and his fans as the heartthrobe after stuff he said in the recent interviews about his marriage. On top of that, I don’t like the title. Cinderella Man? What is this all about? To me, it sounds so cheesy.

  37. 37 budsdiana

    dear javabeans

    I am kinda new in this, I am ignorant in what is the meaning of “meh” and “ke ke ke ke” which i often see in the comments. I am assuming “ke ke ke” refers to something like “ha ha ha” (laughing) and “meh” something like boring/bland/snore inducing. I am just curious what is the root word or reason they use this “words” to abbreviate.

    What about “teh” what is the meaning of this?

  38. 38 qwerty

    Just in case anyone interested to watch the English subbed first episode of CM, it’s already up on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18s_ZpwkVTo
    (find the rest on the user account)

  39. 39 popcorn

    Not digging it…dunno why.

    I don’t feel the feel I should.

    Thanks for the recaps!

  40. 40 ripgal

    As much as I love KSW, I have to admit that after watching Ep 1, I felt – bored.

    Like you beans, I had expected something fun and quirky… but I did not laugh at all. Something about the storyline (the writing especially) lacked the kill for me. I kinda yawned at parts, and had the tendency to forward some of the scenes!! Which is like impossible for me in the past, when I used to crave for KSW…. T.T

    I don’t know… I think KSW’s doing a pretty decent job differentiating both Dae San and Jun Hee. He’s good as the funny and outgoing Dae San, but I felt he was better as Jun Hee… KSW actually has great comedic skills, but maybe because of the sloppy writing in CM, his so called “comedic touch” was kinda subdued. He was so entertaining in My Tutor Friend and Almost Love… (also partly due to his awesome chemistry with Kim Ha Neul)…. but here he’s just ermm… okay…

    Yoona’s okay.. I still think she did better in 9 End 2 Outs. I don’t know why when she starts crying or cringing, I cringe too.. aiks..

    Son Chang Ui’s character Jae Min appeals to me more right now.. at least he’s got some angst going on…what about his conflicts with Jun Hee. Other than that, this drama really disappointed me…

  41. 41 Ilbum noona

    melba, i totally agree with you..How could Yoona get an award for her acting in You’re My Destiny? Her acting was not good…And now, she’s been casted to be one of the leading female..I was like: what?!!!! I prefer an actress who was born in 1981-1984 to be the leading female..Not too young and not too old compare to the other casts age..Or maybe the director should change all the casts with actors and actresses who was born in 1987-1992 -still, Yoona is out of my list since her lack of acting- to make this drama looks fresh to watch..

  42. 42 passerby

    i found this drama not too bad after i watched the first episode. i guess maybe the exciting parts will be followed in the next few episodes. i love yoona!

  43. 43 magz

    im sorta confused lol but was yoona actually in 9 ends 2 outs?

  44. 44 belleza

    “im sorta confused lol but was yoona actually in 9 ends 2 outs?”

    She was the brat mangaka in 9 Ends 2 Outs.

  45. 45 vineloppe

    The problem is KSW not match with Yoona…
    It’s all about generation gap…
    Yoona should be more learn about acting
    She’s new actress, KSW is super actor.
    So, we’ll see the gap is…

  46. 46 Chionga

    i found the drama is still watchable so far.. im waiting for nest few episode to decide if i will continue watching it or not!

  47. 47 Mel

    KSW looks hawt wearing boxers! ^___________^
    I know I know he is married and has a child but who cares!

  48. 48 charie

    yoona’s acting makes me cringe coz its not natural, she’s like forcing herself to act on cue…

    how come she won the new actress award?? she has no natural talent in acting…

    i watched you’re my destiny before and yoona’s acting there was not exceptional

  49. 49 Jam

    this drama appeared to me because of Song Chang-eui and i think he is good =)

  50. 50 janegph

    I like the story and I enjoyed the episodes, Ive watched episodes 3 & 4 unsubbed I can’t understand most of it….please can you summarize these episodes if you have the time…MBC America is deleting videos with english subs in youtube and I don’t know other links to watched ep 3 & 4.

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