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Half of Triple’s ad team
by | April 28, 2009 | 75 Comments

There can’t possibly be anything left to say about upcoming MBC figure-skating-meets-advertising-agency drama Triple [트리플], so I’ll just let the picture do the talking.

(That’s Who Are You actor and former singer Yoon Kye-sang (mine!) with new actress Kim Hee.)

Drama airs June 10, Wednesday.

Via Mk.co.kr


75 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. anonymous

    sorry Dramabeans, i know you hate these 1st, 2nd etc..
    but i couldnt help myself, lol.

    i cant wait for Triple! it’s one of my most anticiapted dramas for 2009, as well as Lady Castle (any news on this btw?) and Queen Sonduk.

  2. Kender

    ZOMG, this just looks cuter and cuter.

    I know Yoon Kye-sang is yours, but..can I borrow him occasionally? :3

  3. belleza

    At this point, I’m praying that the only Ice is in the rink . . . 🙁

  4. din

    hahaha. beard & mustache! XD

  5. fobulous

    but you already claimed kang ji hwan!!! i LOVE yoon kye sang!

  6. it's all good

    Nope…YKS is mine! You have KJH ‘member? No hoarding. 🙂

    edit: ^someone beat me to it.

  7. javabeans

    Why would I share when he’s already MINE?

    (Kang Ji-hwan too. I can hoard if I want to. You guys can have all the pretty boys and idol stars, okay? Fair trade?)

  8. Jasmin


    Why must Yoon Kye Sang be yours?
    Can’t you share?
    Isn’t your site equal opportunity? 🙂

    Can’t wait for this show but don’t wanna get to overly excited and have too high hopes for it. I wish June 10th would arrive sooner!

  9. orr

    yoon gye sang was my first love, is still my love. sorry, i want him!!
    hope this drama succeeds though, to give him more of a boost in the industry. i think he’d be one to respond favorably to (more) success.

  10. 10 Liv

    Er javabeans? I believe there is a typo in the post. You seem to have accidentally written “mine”, when you really meant “yours” as in “yours Liv. All yours. Forever and ever.”

    Also mine? Lee Seon-kyun (although I have a timeshare arrangement going with his soon-to-be wife)

  11. 11 LaFr4ise

    ahhh.. Triple… can’t wait for it. Hopefully it will be good and entertaining..

  12. 12 hjkomo

    ah, ladies…we can take turns…gotta come up for air sometimes, right? 😉
    What happened to his lovely locks? It looks like he’s sporting a wavier Gu Jun Pyo pama. Aigoo…

    @ belleza – they can always hit the sauna to warm up (yes, please!) 😛

  13. 13 Kobe

    “At this point, I’m praying that the only Ice is in the rink . . .”

    Can always trust belleza to come up with witty comments like this 🙂

    As for YKS….meh, JB can have him if she wants. As long as no one lays claim to my Won Bin I’m happy 😀

  14. 14 Dele

    When I see him all I think is DELICIOUS:)

  15. 15 Kender

    @ 13 Kobe – You can have Won Bin as long as I can borrow him for cuddles on occasion. :3

    @ Javabeans – That unfair. *pout* You can’t possibly use them ALL every hour of the day! I want some YKS time too~

  16. 16 Nanae123

    I can’t wait for this drama to start… i love this guy Yoon Kye-sang… he is very funny and attractive from time to time…

  17. 17 belleza

    “Nope…YKS is mine! You have KJH ‘member? No hoarding”

    Blogger Dramabeans in the afternoon. MADAM Dramabeans at night!! (what, did you think this blog paid for itself? *shhhhhh!!!!* 😉 )


    “As long as no one lays claim to my Won Bin I’m happy ”

    Let’s face it. It’s about time Song Hye Kyo uses her ace in the deck and push Won Bin to do a show with her.

  18. 18 Biscuit

    Seeing this picture, I can’t wait to watch the drama and see the scene.

    *notices the mustache ink on the face and lols*

    Yoon Kye Sang must be really popular here ^^

  19. 19 bbm

    “Why would I share when he’s already MINE?

    (Kang Ji-hwan too. I can hoard if I want to. You guys can have all the pretty boys and idol stars, okay? Fair trade?)”
    to be fair, YKS used to be idols, no??
    and he’s mine too… we should set a system to share YKS, puhahahaha….

    yesterday i saw Lee SunKyeong interview on KBS world and it’s about his upcoming marriage.. TT

    LOL @Belleza’s Madam Dramabeans, imagining the lady on Story of a Man (park Shi Yeon?? sorry forgot her name)

  20. 20 belleza

    “LOL @Belleza’s Madam Dramabeans, imagining the lady on Story of a Man (park Shi Yeon?? sorry forgot her name)”

    Sarah’s pimp hand is strong. O_O

  21. 21 EndlessxBliss

    I love YKS! Has anyone ever watched My Sister-In-Law is 19 (a.k.a. She is 19) besides me? That was his debut as an actor.

  22. 22 dramalover

    I’m watching SHe is 19!!!!!! I discovered YKS in Who are you and track back to see his awesomeness in She is 19. Everyone should definitely watch it!!

  23. 23 jaephin

    Javabeans, is LeeJungJae still cast in ‘Triple’? because there isn’t much news updated on him in this drama so… worried* it’s been a long time since he appears on screen and definitely anticipating his comeback!

  24. 24 cosmopolite

    Ok I came to a conclusion. I will push, shove, and kill (ok maybe not the last one) for Yoon Kye-sang. Every woman for herself. And if you were respectful, you’ll let older folks go first…I’m not getting any younger here!

  25. 25 polarbear

    Love Yoon Kyesang. Will anticipate Triple and City Hall!!!! YAY! After waiting for a long time still no good drama to watch.

  26. 26 Witchtwitch

    erm.. always reading this blog…but seldom post any comments… but Kye Sang… sigh… one of my loves… watched all his dramas… Crazy For You is good too..though the plot is cheesy…but love him in there…Cant wait for TRIPLE!!!!! 😀

  27. 27 Sere

    I’m gonna quote Antique Bakery here “Some guys are meant for sharing”. Ladies and gents, I think that’s only fair. 😉

    Anyhow, whenever I check dramabean’s feed and see “Triple” in the title I have to refrain myself from squeeing like a 14yo. That wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t in my late 20s. Aarrrggghhh! My strategy not to get high expectations for this drama? Is totally FAILING, omg!

  28. 28 Witchtwitch

    omg, yoon kye sang.. why so gorgeous?

    cant wait for this! love him!

  29. 29 Samsooki


    Serious question – what makes YKS “good looking” / “gorgeous”? JB says that all the other women can have the pretty boys? So then that means YKS is not a pretty boy? o_0 My assumption has always been that YKS is very pretty, because he isn’t the classic looker of the ilk of say, Kwon Sang Woo or maybe Oh Ji Ho. Is it because YKS doesn’t have a perm?

    Can I at least get a sense of why YKS is “mine”-able? What makes him so special? Do women think he is better looking, worse looking, or basically the same (but different, obviously) than, say, a guy who I think most people can agree is very good looking in a balanced sort of way – Hyun Bin?

    I am biased, of course, but if I were a woman, I would like Hyun Bin over just about any other Korean male actor. Although, I have to say that body-wise, Lee Byung-heon probably has no peer (sculpted…. check out shirt-less bad guy in 놈놈놈), but good-looking-ness is more than just a body. This sounds a bit weird because I’m a guy, but I’m secure enough to say that I think that Bi (Rain) is kind of cute when he acts shy and deferential. But again, cuteness won’t cut it against Hyun Bin’s overall mastery of what it means to be good-looking.

    For fair play is fair play sake, I’ll answer honestly any question about how guys (generally) think about various K-actresses. Assuming I get adequate answers first. 🙂


  30. 30 javabeans

    Samsooki, the reason Yoon Kye-sang, Kang Ji-hwan, and Lee Jung-jae ARE MINE ALL MINE is not actually so much because they’re good-looking but because they’re great actors with a ton of intensity and charisma. The actors I joke about being “mine” tend to stir me with their roles, so even just being handsome and a good actor isn’t enough — they’ve gotta evoke an emotional connection. (Jang Dong-gun, Lee Byung-heon, Uhm Tae-woong, Kim Rae-won, heck even Lee Min-ho — great actors but not quite in that category. Ok, Kim Rae-won’s close. Kim Kang-woo is getting there with Story of a Man.)

    Honestly, I think Hyun Bin might be prettier but I don’t really care much about him or a bunch of people I think are objectively better-looking. If you watch Who Are You I think you’d get it — the way you feel about Yoon Kye-sang in Episode 1 (meh) is probably going to be a whole lot different from how you feel about him in the last episode (omgawesome).

  31. 31 Samsooki

    So…. “mine”-able-ness is:

    1. Great acting.
    2. Ton of intensity.
    3. Ton of charisma.
    4. Must evoke emotional connection.

    That’s not the answer I expected. Good looking-ness doesn’t seem to be in the Top 4 reasons? Then maybe Ryu Seung Soo (류승수) from 놈놈놈 and Evasive Inquiry Agency would be a mine-able guy? And Lee Seon Gyun (이선균) would also be in that category…


  32. 32 djes

    Ha! Why the comments are more focused to who owns Yoon Kye Sang? Lol.
    Samsooki, Hyun Bin is only for teenagers. Heheh.

    I think YKS isn’t better looking than, say Kwon Sang Woo..but he has the special charm and presence. But I love Kang Ji Hwan and Jang Dong Gun more, so I won’t join this battle. 😉

    Hmm, actually the upcoming dramas are mostly promising..Triple, City Hall, This Fool, and now The Man who couldn’t get married (correction? I always forget the right title ). And the leading actors are not the ‘amateurs’, which make them more interesting..(And I love older actor so, YAY for me! :p )

  33. 33 Samsooki

    @32, djes

    Really? Hyun Bin is only for teenagers? I’m embarrassed now! And I feel a little silly!

    Who should I like then, male older actors wise (please don’t say 배용준 because then my mom, my wife’s mom and me would like the same guy)? I’m being serious, I don’t want to be grouped with screaming teens holding signs and asking for autographs.


  34. 34 Anonymous

    @33 Samsooki

    Not to worry. I adore Hyun Bin too in My Name is Kim Sam Soon and believe you me, I am way, way, way pass my teens!

  35. 35 djes

    Lol. You took my words seriously.
    I just say, hmm, most of the male actors we’ve discussed above are late 20s or 30s.
    Hyun Bin is younger than : YKS, Lee Jung Jae, Kang Ji Hwan or Lee Byung Hun.
    It’s just the matter of taste anyway.

    And no, I won’t say you’re like teenager just because you like Hyun Bin! I’m just saying.Haha.

    Maybe me and Javabeans have a little bit similarity, the names she mentioned above, and the names who often she blogged above, I like them too.

    And I don’t think Hyun Bin’s fans are the kind who grouping to get autograph..those kind, belong to Idol Group’s fans. 😉

    Older male actors you should like? IDK, really. My faves are Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, Kang Ji Hwan, Jung Jun Hoo..at least they are older than me..and hmm, they are in the same age range.

  36. 36 djes

    Ugh. I mean “the names she often blogged about” not above. TT__TT
    Pardon my bad English.

  37. 37 Aliii

    AHHH. Yoon Kye-sang <3
    He looks so cute there…. [though I know he’s ‘yours’ dramabeans] hahaa.

  38. 38 Snikki


    Are you taking pointers? hehehe…

    Not all pretty boys have that appeal, or whatever that “it” factor is. Hyun Bin is attractive but not necessarily someone who can tickle the cockles of every girl’s heart. For me, he’s ok… he looks so much like my ex but meh! (shallowness) 😀

  39. 39 belleza

    “Really? Hyun Bin is only for teenagers? I’m embarrassed now! And I feel a little silly!”

    Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang! Later this year, Binnie is going to don a Pusan satori in the remake of Jang-Dong Gun’s Friend. And everybody knows, Tough Guy = Serious Actor.

    (I’m actually scared for Binnie, because this is an iconic role and like every dude in the playground redid scenes from that movie. Remember Rain’s man cleavage in Full House? That level of iconic people!)

  40. 40 Samsooki

    @38, Snikki –

    Sure, I am taking pointers. 🙂 For example, since the start of my interest in k-dramas and movies (about 4 months ago?) – I’ve changed the basics of my wardrobe, and am growing out my hair a bit and using a korean hair stylist in New Jersey rather than going to a local random barber around the corner from where I live in white-bread USA. LOL. It was a real awakening, to all of a sudden see Korean males as being cool, fun, interesting, and even smexy.

    It’s like discovering a whole new world and finding out that your preconceptions are all wrong.

    I remember when I went to Korea during college and initially being embarassed because all I could see were Korean people and I felt really uncomfortable being around that many Koreans. So many Koreans in one place! I felt like I was at Korean church picnic but like they were EVERYWHERE. Embarassing! But then a little closer examination and me going to nightclubs in Kangnam and Apgoojungdong allowed me to find out that Korean women were actually pretty hot! But I still thought Korean guys were total geeks and didn’t want to be like them. My whole life, I’ve only seen two types of Korean guys – the 1.5 or 2nd gen pure nerds or scholar-athlete nerds at school, and the totally chone-suh-woon natives. And so I’ve never wanted to be looked at as a Korean guy.

    But fast forward to 2009, and being awash in K-dramas and finding out that Korean guys CAN be fun and interesting and cool, now I feel differently, you know? 180 degree about-face.

    @39, belleza –

    I gotta be careful with this new obsession of mine, you know? Don’t want to end up dressing or acting like someone who only kids like. You won’t find me wearing or acting like anyone from Super Junior, for instance. LOL.

    I’ll trust you guys to advise accordingly.


  41. 41 Snikki


    Bring it up on this friday’s open thread, you’ll get more answers there. 🙂

  42. 42 Biscuit

    “Hyun Bin is younger than : YKS, Lee Jung Jae, Kang Ji Hwan or Lee Byung Hun.”

    Maybe it’s because a few of them have more experience in the acting apartment more (Lee Jung Jae especially).Than we can’t forget about Kim Myung Min >.<

  43. 43 hjkomo

    @belleza – “Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang! Later this year, Binnie is going to don a Pusan satori in the remake of Jang-Dong Gun’s Friend. And everybody knows, Tough Guy = Serious Actor. ”
    But I’d take Kim Min Joon over Hyun Bin any day (not that HB isn’t cute). Yes, KMJ, even with the scary-looking gansta pama O_o cuz the chameleon can always change his look in a heartbeat. 😉

  44. 44 belleza


    “It was a real awakening, to all of a sudden see Korean males as being cool, fun, interesting, and even smexy. ”

    Don’t want to go into this too much, but Korean dramas did wonders for the image of the Korean male all over Asia. Japanese women fawning over Korean men, I never thought I’d see that day. I think it’s wonderful.

    “I gotta be careful with this new obsession of mine, you know? ”

    Don’t worry. When I come out of with my new book “Super Senior: How to go from Steve Kim to Steve Oppa in your 30s”, you’ll learn the following secrets from your favorite celebrities

    — Lee Jung Jae discusses the art of wearing suits while kicking bad guys
    — The Voice demonstrates how he developed The Voice
    — Learn Kim Myung Min’s tips for efficient weight loss!!
    — So Ji Sup on how to get your mom to cook you ramen
    — Watch Won Bin’s luxury smiling techniques
    — Lee Soo Jin on the finer points of fidelity

    And if you buy my book now, we’ll send you free a DVD of “Hip Hop Hyun!!” where Shaun T breaks down the steps to Rainism, Sorry Sorry, Lollipop, and the Chicken Dance. Be a hit at every wedding!!!

    “But I’d take Kim Min Joon over Hyun Bin any day”

    You know, I haven’t yet started on Tazza (on the list though!), but I heard his Pusan satori was really off . . . and he’s from Pusan. 😀

    What I love about Kim Min Joon is, regardless of what scene, he seems ready for his model headshot. You know, the look when you kinda stand 3/4 from the camera, one hand in the pocket, and pose looking ever so . . . Zoolander. 😀 (I felt this worked brilliantly in Ireland. For such a fisher king of a character, Kim Min Joon was so upright and ready-to-wear!)

  45. 45 Sere

    Yo guys! You’ve forgot to mention *my* Gong Yoo! Ah well, it’s better this way! *g*

    But seriously, Samsooki, I’d have to agree with Sarah on this. It’s not about the looks of an actor, actually. It’s more about the acting, his charisma and…that indefinate thing you just feel but can’t really rationalize -and let me use a French expression now- it’s when guys have that “je ne sais quoi”. You know?

    As for Yoon Kye-sang, I liked him back in Flying boys (he filmed that a looong time ago) and he showed potential, but when I saw him in Who are you? Just like Sarah said it was OMGsoawesomeOMG!

    LOL You win at everything. Just…yeah!

    And I forgot to “fangirl” about So Ji Sup. *headdesk*

  46. 46 katwoman

    Though I love Samshiki to death (of course since that’s my hubs nick) but I’d take Yoon Kye Sang and So Ji Sub over Hyun Bin any day. I’m more superficial so I don’t have a thing for Kim Myung Min or Uhm Tae Woong even if they were good in their roles.

    I like idols and pretty boys too. But if it’s all pretty and no charisma, I’d be bored. I have to say that my current favorite is an idol and a pretty boy…Kim Hyun Joong is so lovable in We Got Married. Forget about BOF.

    @samsooki –Once you’ve venture more into the kdrama world, you’ll see why. It took me about over 25 dramas to find SJS and 30 to find YKS.

    @belleza –I always lol at your comments.

  47. 47 djes

    @belleza, could you email me when the book will hit the store?
    I would really like to get some copies to give for my male friends..
    And I would be really happy to get my own with ur sign!

    The bonus CD also would be awesome!!

    (PS: I agree that Samsooki should bring this subject to ‘Open Thread’..haha. I do feel bad ‘spamming’ this post but I just can’t help it )

  48. 48 belleza

    “could you email me when the book will hit the store?”

    No problem. And just for dear readers of this beloved blog, I’ll throw in my new investigative piece “Mine All Mine: Inside the Coffee House of Madam Dramabeans.” Prepare to be shocked! Prepare to be flustered! Prepare to make a kick ass cappuccino.

  49. 49 nycgrl

    Me too! me too! I want to join the bandwagon. Love Yoon Kye Sang

    Here are the guys I heart:

    -Lee Sung Jae (great lawyers of korea)
    -Yoon Kye Sang (Who are you)
    -Shin Dong Wook (Soulmate)
    -So Ji Sup (MISA, Cain and Abel)
    -Uhm Tae Woong (Resurrection, Devil)
    -Lee Sun Gyun (white tower, coffee prince)

    I think they all have certain amount of intensity, intelligence, charisma and have good to great acting range. Some have a great walk, smile, great voice or a stare. So Ji sup has beautiful hands and he has a lot of intensity in his small eyes.

    Like Javabeans, I don’t just go for great acting otherwise Kim Myung Min would be on top of my list. It is combination of sexy, talent and intensity. Hyun bin is very good looking and his acting is not bad (but not great) but he lacks intensity and I somehow get the feeling he might be boring in real life. Won Bin is probably one of the best looking asian guys but he also seems to be boring and sometimes I get the sense he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    We should also list the women we like. I think it would differ vastly from the list of the few guys who post here. I know my husband thinks I have *ahem* unusual taste

  50. 50 jenny

    i agree with almost all the other females on here!

    so, i am 19, but that doesn’t stop me from crushing on the ahjussis! haha. yeah, pop idols are cute, but they’re just fluff with those overly sweet (strange) & pure personalities…
    excluding DBSK & 2PM who i really realllly love.

    but, as far as acting & watching dramas-
    gong yoo, lee sun kyun & yoon kye sang are hands down my favorite k-actors. they work hard at what they do, & most of all they act with passion and intensity that no pretty face can beat. they make you fall in love with not only thier character, but them… just a little.
    haha, or alot!

    [a part of my heart cringed in agony when i read about lee sun kyun’s engagement; then, i let it go & felt happy for him.
    i’m waiting on yks, anyways!!!]

    love this blog & so can’t wait for Triple!
    yks + lsk = genius