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Kwon Sang-woo would like more viewers, please
by | April 29, 2009 | 90 Comments

And wouldn’t we all?

Oh, Kwon Sang-woo. I understand that you’re in something of a career slump after being one of the hottiest hotties of the early 2000s, and yeah, both your best buds Song Seung-heon and So Ji-sub came off pretty strong series in the past two months… but is bargaining for more viewers really the way to go about it?

Ratings for his new trendy drama Cinderella Man have been low, and Kwon offered that if they rose above 20% (ha!), he’d personally ask co-star Yoon-ah‘s girl pop group Girls Generation (SoShi) to make a cameo.

He said this at a recent open set day, when reporters were invited to the shooting locale in Yongin, Kyeonggi province. The ratings for the first four Cinderella Man episodes have been a disappointing 9.3%, 6.7%, 7.6%, and 7.0%, and he added that along with the Girls’ Generation cameo, he’d buy all the crew members MP3 players if ratings passed 20%.

I’m sure he was joking, but somebody tell me if this is actually very cute and for some strange reason I’m odd for not thinking so. (Psst! Crew presents are something you just DO without patting yourself on the back for it, and you really oughtn’t withhold them with a condition.) But still, you know things are pretty bad when a Hallyu poster boy like Kwon looks to the drama’s relatively good re-run numbers to soften the blow of his first-run broadcast numbers.

Kwon said, “Now that the competitor dramas are done, I’m hopeful,” speaking of the recently ended I Hate You But Let’s Try Again and Cain and Abel — but I don’t know about that, since today premieres two very buzzed-about rom-coms, City Hall and That Fool (aka the alternate titles The Accidental Couple aka “Just Looking” aka the former “Six Months.” Seriously, KBS? JUST PICK ONE ALREADY).

I’ll give the guy credit for being honest — he explained that he had a hard time with his last failed drama, Bad Love, because of the writing: “Actually, the script went in a different direction than the director or actors thought, which gave me some trouble.” It wasn’t just a problem with last-minute script pages (which happens when the script is delivered a few pages at a time, usually because of time pressure), and Kwon acknowledged that the characters and storytelling were also intrinsically problematic. He feels better about Cinderella Man, whose scripts aren’t late.

Kwon did, however, express a hint of dissatisfaction with his competitor drama City Hall, because at their production press conference, the writer Kim Eun-sook (On Air, Lovers) said of Cinderella Man and That Fool/Accidental Couple to reporters, “You probably know this since you’ve seen the highlight clips, but I think we’ve already emerged from the rivalry. I feel sorry to the other two. I think, ‘Why did you have to be up against our drama? If not, I would have watched yours.’ Now all we have to worry about is doing even better ourselves.” Kwon told reporters, “We’re all working hard to prepare and staying up nights to work, so how can she belittle other dramas like that in one phrase? Realistically speaking we can’t all do well, but I hope ours is a drama that will be loved.”

(Honestly, I’ve never liked Kim Eun-sook — and I thought her arrogance really came through in On Air — and now I just have another reason to feel iffy about City Hall.)

Kwon also admits to reading the drama’s online message boards, and had to deal with some negative comments: “I thought that if the drama isn’t entertaining, you wouldn’t be interested, or have a reason to deliberately go to the message boards, but strangely there are people who leave negative comments. Ah, those people are viewers too.”

On the other hand, when asked about wifey Sohn Tae-young‘s new daily drama Two Wives, he declined to comment. She was, coincidentally, at her own drama’s production press conference at the same time, where she said she’s following her husband’s drama closely.

Today features Episode 5 of Cinderella Man (MBC) and Episode 1 for both City Hall (SBS) and That Fool/Accidental Couple (KBS).

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90 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pak

    hmm…i’m personally enjoying this drama…the acting from half-newbie actress yoona might not be all that great, but she’s got talent! she’s just inexperienced with the whole LOVE concept….kwon’s acting is pretty solid still too…though i prefer him in more serious roles vs. the comedic ones…but that’s just my thinking….overall…i’m looking forward to this drama…..Yoona as the leading lady may be a negative for most people but i’m glad there’s a new fresh face on the scene…..i’m starting to get tired of past celebrities…make room for the youngins!!! hhahaha…

  2. boraah

    Wasn’t On-Air’s main female character a arrogant writer? Could she been writing herself in the drama? hahaha.

  3. day

    Poor Kwon, i feel bad for him :(. But I don’t think is enough for me to tune in.

  4. vis

    bleh… a very tasteless joke in that case. I definitely don’t find it cute at all, rather I find it pathetic *shakes head* I’ve never liked Kwon Sang Woo, and stuff like this makes me dislike him even more.

  5. Sere

    I was half thinking of giving this a chance (obvsly for Song Chang-eui!), but such statements really make me want NOT to. Pfft!

    What Kim Eun-sook said was oh so classless!

  6. UM....

    um…. how about no. if snsd even makes a cameo appearance, then the ratings will go down even more. lol. ksw, what are thinking?!

  7. Biscuit

    “he added that along with the Girls’ Generation cameo, he’d buy all the crew members MP3 players if ratings passed 20%.”

    It feels like he’s practically begging >.>
    idk, but it just irks me because it feels like he’s desperate me. Rather than doing more promos and such to support the drama, i don’t like how he’s pretty much saying “if you watch and increase the ratings, I’ll have all the GG to come!” Whether it was a joke or not, it just seemed… lame >.>

  8. Snikki

    Maybe his being newly married is also a factor, you think? I mean, subconsciously, viewers aren’t tuning in because of that. That is why a lot of these celebs keep their relationships on the down low. Just saying…

  9. Samsooki

    Can the network change time-slots? What about a 9 -10 p.m.?

    It isn’t like its necessarily a sign of weakness. But why continue to go head to head against other dramas, first they went against Cain & Abel and Try Again, and now they got City Hall and Accidental Couple? I know Cinderella Man was there first among City Hall and Accidental Couple, but if ratings aren’t rising, maybe you just make a quick switch to 9-10p and then grab all the ratings?

    If I had access to all three networks, live, and if I really liked Kwon Sang-woo, I would still have a difficult time choosing between the three. If they spread it out, I’d possibly watch all three. City Hall from 8-9, Cinderella Man from 9-10, and then finish it off with Accidental Couple from 10-11. Everybody wins, and I get to watch 3 straight dramas.

    As it is, switching the slot to an hour earlier means that Ciy Hall / Accidental Couple can duke it out on their own and kill each other, and then Cinderella Man sits pretty alone.


  10. 10 D

    Hey, I enjoy this drama and you know what , I really liked Bad Love too. You all are asking for too much.

  11. 11 emeldy

    I thought he was good looking, Rm’ber his , ‘ stairway to heaven’ and ‘my tutor friend’ look. I really liked him then, and he looks like a nice guy, pretty wife , and a cute son. I like the guy but never been his fan say like Won bin, Seung- heun.

    Ji- hoon , u should have learned something from ya seniors, Sorry m too shock, can’t get the issue pass my head.

    Well i hope somebody watch the drama, the oldies deserve a better treatment.

  12. 12 selva

    I’m personally enjoying this drama a lot, and I really don’t have any idea why the ratings are that low!!! hopefully it will be better soon now with new two dramas starting.

    I don’t think he’s begging the viewers to watch the drama! Actually all of the other actors/actresses I’ve seen, they say at the end of their interviews: “please support (the name of the drama)” or say “please watch (the name of the drama)”. It’s just a matter of habit and not begging!!! and I find it too cute ^^ I hope this drama will be a success cause honestly everyone is working very hard in this drama, so they deserve so much better ratings than this!

    so please people give this drama a chance! at least see the 1st 3 episodes before giving up on it!!

  13. 13 Biscuit

    ““please support (the name of the drama)” or say “please watch (the name of the drama)”.”

    I know that many actors/actresses ask the audience for support. But the reason why I got that desperate feeling was that he had to add that if the viewers supported and raised the ratings, he’d buy stuff for his crew and add in GG.

    And it wasn’t just a little increase in ratings, he’s even asking for 20% ratings (thats quite a huge… jump. Considering not only is he asking for the drama to get into the double digits, but even in the 20s.)

    Or maybe it’s just me and I really don’t like his way of trying to gain ratings ^^;;;

  14. 14 dwilliams

    You know what I am thinking marriage changes things and I think Kwon knows that. He is not the same hottie that he was before and viewers are probably letting him know.

  15. 15 belleza

    Kwon Sang Woo has a very droll, ironic sense of humor, and this is exactly the type of thing he’d say. I think he’s a riot, but it rubs many people the wrong way. When he was doing promotion for Bad Love, he was like “ajummas, have you had enough of sageuks? come watch my melodrama!” Everybody laughed. But it’s kinda true. 😀

    If you read between his jokes (and this “housewives of Japan/Korea, watch my newest melodrama” joke actually has been going on for many years), you do get the feeling sometimes that he’s no longer an actor, but a Hallyu property in the most limited, even tragic sense. In other words, he does these dramas because his management thinks this is what sells to his Hallyu fanbase, while his own domestic status has fallen greatly. Even when compared to other Hallyu actors, his choices perversely stay to an old fashioned, plain jane version of the melodrama format, ossifying him as a relic and perversely into a sad clown. That’s perhaps unfair; both Daemul and Love By My Side were top projects. And, when he’s up for it, his intensity can be frightening and his charisma can charm a thousand moons. But I guess it’s hard to not look at his career and wonder whether it was permanently damaged by that type of success.

  16. 16 ud0ng

    i agree with most of the comments above. He does seem super desperate. Dramas aren’t always about ratings, and I feel as though he’s only looking at the numbers. Stop looking at the numbers and focus on acting. I wouldn’t suddenly be intrigued to watching this drama just because GG might be on it. it makes me not want to watch it even more.

    I also do not like his new ‘do. Wonbin, So JiSub, and Song SeungHun came back from the army looking absolutely fantastic! they became even hotter. but after ksw got married, he became an ajusshi.

  17. 17 ed

    it’s funny what a dead weight marriage is on a heartthrob’s image. you’d think fathering a child = you’re fertile = more desirable! alas we live in civil society:P
    the MP3 player baiting sounds like a page out of his new parenting skillz: cool gadget for you son, if ya get good grades this semester 😀
    RE: belleza’s sharp shootin’ as usual
    a man can only flop so many times in japan, with gutsy fare like Running Wild & Fate:P
    as for kim eun-sook’s backhanded “compliment”…kinda understandable since when times are tough, the few lone “victors” left standing can’t help strutting around with their chests puffed out — happens in TV and movies both. city hall as a setting isn’t too sexy, so she may have an uphill battle too (not to mention the her stars have some shine taken off in recent years? hmmhmm!)

  18. 18 nycgrl

    I can’t watch Cinderella Man because the man’s track record has been god awful and projects like Stairways to Heaven, Bad Love, Sad Sonata, Love So Divine will burn even the good will of an actor of Kim Myung Min calibre.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he is a bad actor (their are worse like his BFF Song Seung Heon ) but pick enough barf inducing projects and the pavlovian dog in us all will refuse to get up and get excited.

  19. 19 poheijo

    i like kwon sang woo’s dramas and films…i think he is one good actor…he might behave childishly, but come one….give the man a break…he just want people around him to be comfortable…besides…what is wrong in offering to buy mp 3s to staffs and invite the snsd or whatever group to do cameo?…i always told my co-workers that i’ll treat them to a cruise to carribean if i win the lotto…unfortunately, i never buy lotto coz i know i will not win…so , i guess that’s the same for ksw…just to encourage himself and the others…why are all the comments so negative? can’t you people take it positively? …no wonder there are wars in this world…

  20. 20 Biscuit

    “why are all the comments so negative? can’t you people take it positively? …no wonder there are wars in this world…”

    Wars are when two opposing forces fight against eachother. All we are doing here is just expressing our opinions ^^

  21. 21 all4movies

    Oh come on, if the show’s any good, people will watch. It’s pretty pathetic when actors have to beg for viewship.

    Maybe he needs to think about his acting choices and take his career more seriously and become a better actor a la Kim Myung Min, instead of relying on past successes.

  22. 22 Daisy

    Looks like the 2 new dramas that debuted today against Cinderella Man both beat CM in the ratings today:

    7) City Hall – 13.9%
    17) That Fool – 8.6%
    19) Cinderella Man – 8.2%

  23. 23 Anonymous

    This guy is just down right awful; his acting, his choice in dramas and films, his decision to knock his gf up before marriage, his speech in justifying his actions, his begging, and what is so great about his face? Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating on his acting but it’s still bad, I don’t think I’ve seen any versatility or any improvements.

  24. 24 asianromance

    going from 7-9% all the way to 20% is a lot to ask for. I mean if they were getting close to break 20% (like if it was at 18%), then it would be cute to make such an offer. now it’s just blatantly desperate. He should just accept that the ratings for Cinderella man isn’t going to be great, but do his best and be content with it. Has he gone to the army yet?

  25. 25 selva

    @ all4movies
    “Maybe he needs to think about his acting choices and take his career more seriously and become a better actor a la Kim Myung Min, instead of relying on past successes.”
    and why are you even bringing Kim Myung Min to this discussion?!!!! is it because “My Love By My Side”!!!

    the netizens are really something! one day they are all over a certain actor, and the next day they just dump him and say he’s already old and blah blah blah!! maybe that’s why Korean celebrities commit suicides!! <_<

    I’m not defending any party, but I noticed that most of the people who commented here didn’t even watch Cinderella Man to begin with! but all what they wrote was really some hating comments saying that Kwon Sang Woo isn’t a heartthrob anymore and that he’s an ahjussie and that he depends on his last successes?!!

    I’m not a fan of Kwon Sanw Woo and the main reason why I watched this drama is that I’m always curious to see how can an actor play a dual role in a drama!! so I was watching without being biased at all, and I think this drama is really good and that Kwon Sang Woo’s acting improved!!! I don’t really care whether he’s a heartthrob or not, but I’m just watching to enjoy myself!

  26. 26 fizzle

    Seems like Kwon Sang Woo’s been saying some crazy stuff to the press these days. Eh, I think it’s cute ^^

    btw: Accidental Couple sounds much better than the previous titles. I don’t know what ‘Just Looking’ means…maybe they really wanted to call it ‘That Fool’ and thought it would be clever to integrate it into another phrase. Blech.

  27. 27 abadi

    yeah his look like an ahjushi for me

  28. 28 belleza

    “Has he gone to the army yet?”

    Yup, before he debuted as an actor. Same with Kang Ji Hwan. They ain’t ever leaving us!! 😀

    I’m actually a big fan of Kwon Sang Woo, and in that regard, that’s why I’m critical of his career path. And again, personally, I think it’s a combination of bad advice from his management and a few bad breaks (Daemul and By My Side.)

    Apparently, he’s slated to do another project with PD Lee Jang Soo (Stairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard) this year. It looks like a war drama, but it’s only 16 episodes and uhhh I’m not sure Lee Jang Soo is my first pick to do that kind of show. But, it begs the question: are we going to see a Kwon Sang Woo-Choi Ji Woo reunion? 😀

  29. 29 Ilbum noona

    To Kwon Sang Woo: “Whatever they say, don’t listen boy, because you’ll always be my favourite actor..”
    In the past, present, and future..

  30. 30 Liv

    Poor KSW – whether or not you like him as an actor (or celebrity), there is always something sad about a career losing its shine.

    In any case I don’t think I will be giving this drama a chance anyway. I’m not basing this on actually having watched any of it , which could be a huge mistake and I might be missing out on a jewel of a drama. But I just wasn’t pulled in by any of the previews or clips I saw. With so many other dramas I want to get to, I don’t have the energy for a drama that I’m not sold on.

  31. 31 Ivy

    i love him too, his acting skill in Cinderella man is great!
    like or dislike is your own opinion…
    i dun think anybody have right to judge others by giving his/her own taste into it!
    go down or go up? lets see, his projects are always the best seller export..

  32. 32 belleza

    “lets see, his projects are always the best seller export..huh!”

    Oh no doubt. In fact, I even said that Bad Love was virtually DOA when the project was announced, but that it wouldn’t matter because Japanese and Taiwanese investments would subsidize it. (Similar is true with Park Yong Ha and Man’s Story.) During his peak Hallyu popularity, he was very close to unseating the Philosopher King in Japan.

    Also, I think you could similar arguments for Choi Ji Woo’s career (though she did have a very long run.) But, in her case, I think she is genuinely reticent about taking on roles outside a certain kind.

  33. 33 DeCaf

    it only goes to show that viewers are not digging KWS-Yoona tandem(didn’t they sense there’s no chemistry here at the start?) …..
    poor ratings can’t equate to his acting skills. He’s still one fine actor no matter what the numbers say.

  34. 34 Silver

    @ Daisy
    But if you looked at AGB’s rating, “Cinderella Man” beat “That Fool” by 2%.

    6. The City Hall episode 1 (SBS) – 13.8%, 14.7%
    12. Cinderella Man episode 5 (MBC) – 9.9%, 9.8% (#15)
    The Accidental Couple / That Fool (KBS2) episode 1 – 7.6% (BT20), % (BT20)

    I never understand what’s the difference between TNS’s and AGB’s ratings? Can someone care to explain? I don’t think Cinderella Man will ever reach 20%, but maybe 12%-15% if the ratings get over 10% tomorrow. 🙂

  35. 35 popcorn

    I feel bad for him but I’m just not interested in the story…


  36. 36 Toya

    He…. he…. gave an incentive? That’s kinda sad really.

  37. 37 soshilover

    omg! it would be soo AWESOME if snsd made a cameo
    and i hope the ratings do go up because the drama is awesome, i only like yoona and kwon sang woo though so i basically skip the scenes with other people in it xD

  38. 38 nycgrl

    BTW I am not pooping on him because he is yesterday’s cold rice. I don’t care what he looks like or what his personality is like outside of his roles. I just hate all the projects he has done (Stairways to Heaven people!! Can you ever get those 16 hours back??) and Cinderella Man doesn’t sound anymore promising than anything else he has done by the story premise.

    To me it seems like he pooped on his own career. If he is going for the Hallyu star perhaps he should have taken some interesting side projects here and there to improve his craft. He would have gotten my vote just for being daring.

    @ belleza “Apparently, he’s slated to do another project with PD Lee Jang Soo (Stairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard) this year. It looks like a war drama, but it’s only 16 episodes and uhhh I’m not sure Lee Jang Soo is my first pick to do that kind of show.

    Please tell me this isn’t so. Those two dramas have got to be on my all time worst kdrama list. I will make sure I avoid it like the mexican flu when it comes out. I don’t think my sensibilities can take another travesty like STH or LSiH.

  39. 39 Anonymous

    #28 Belleza
    “But, it begs the question: are we going to see a Kwon Sang Woo-Choi Ji Woo reunion? :D”

    OMG you just made my day with your thought…aww..I wish that would come true.:-)
    CJW will have a reunion with BYJ in Winter Sonata Animation and that would be awesome if we can have another reunion with KSW. I am just dreaming

    On a side note, I don’t think see that KSW was begging. In his honest truth, he knew that it would be almost impossible to get 20+ % rating. He just said what he said to be sarcastically joking to ease the pressure. That’s all.

  40. 40 Biscuit

    “Stairways to Heaven people!! Can you ever get those 16 hours back??”

    lol. I love that drama XD I’m surprised you even managed to watch 16 hours though, my friend attempted to watch it and couldn’t even finish the first two episodes because the moment Ave Maria came on, she said there was too much drama :O

    I agree with you about Love Story in Harvard being worst K-drama. IMO, it was the reason why A) I hated Kim Rae Won’s character. All he ever did was be so rough and yell >:O and than B) Upset at Kim Tae Hui for choosing Kim Rae Won because it seemed like Lee Jung Jin was the man who actually did all the work to protect Kim Tae Hui and sacrificed more than Rae Won >.>

  41. 41 angelsnow2u

    i AM Sorry But I don’t really like cinderella man. script not many interesting.
    I were waiting it But I don’t
    continue after episode 1

  42. 42 Bina

    oh man i loved kwon sang woo…what has he gotten himself into? whats with the hair do? i hate it so much…he looks so freaking UGLY… i loved him man & look what the hell happen to him…& this yoona chick, she pisses me OFF … stupid stupid stupid cast director!!!

  43. 43 nycgrl

    “I’m surprised you even managed to watch 16 hours though”

    I made it through for three reasons

    1. I was fairly new to kdramas back then. This was probably the 2nd or 3rd one I watched and I was just optimistic that it would get better. I was stupidly naive. Now I abandon dramas with a regularity of a serial monogamist if it doesn’t float my boat. I have also become savvier and know what to avoid. Any words with “sad” or “love” in the title I avoid like the plague.
    2. I was hoping for peeks of KSW’s hard body in the shower–I had never seen a beefy Asian before and I assure you it was for pure research purposes. Honest!
    3. I watched STH as a camp vehicle. If you see it that way the entire series is almost fun especially with 4 or more glasses of wine in you. However bad STH is it is infinitely more watchable than Autumn Tales which was so boring and the characters so flavorless I was praying everyone would die at the end. How happy was I when I almost got my wish in the last episode!

    I’m surprised that I actually am still watching kdramas considering how awful my early experiences were. Lesson learned: do not get your kdrama must watch list from Soompi. I kid you not when i say the kdrama Resurrection resurrected (haha) my faith in kdrama. I was all ready to enter the nunnery in terms of any TV entertainment.

  44. 44 Gloria

    I don’t think it’s cute, even though I think Kwon Sang-Woo is cute :O

    On another note, that writer seems very unlikable.. – w –

  45. 45 all4movies

    @ selva

    “the netizens are really something! one day they are all over a certain actor, and the next day they just dump him and say he’s already old and blah blah blah!! maybe that’s why Korean celebrities commit suicides!! <_<”

    Sorry if I offended you with my comments.

    I’m actually not a fan (and probably never will be) of Kwon Sang Woo and I was just commenting that his whiny attitude sucks. If he worked hard on his craft like KMM (who’s one of the most dedicated and hardworking korean actors today), he may actually do something people may want to watch. And I still think he has banked on his “pretty boy” image too much and that’s why there is a backlash against his current “Ahjusshi” looks. Personally, he doesn’t do anything for me with his vacant stares.

    IIf that bothers you, I’m sorry.

  46. 46 Jill

    I thought he was droolicious in Stairways To Heaven ( maybe because of that Led Zeppelin’s song ..)..you know running after the bus in was it Hugo Boss suit?..wow!!..but the hottness has just fizzled sort of…..I am still drooling over Cha Seung Won, Lee ByungHun, Lee Jung Jae tho’..But good luck in your new drama! Baby Luke must be so adorable!!

  47. 47 Jun

    Please forgive me for being blunt. I think the leading female actress is really ugly at all angles when the camera was focused on her. She is not pretty at all. I do not understand why she was chosen for this leading role when she was not even an actress ( when she first joined in Girl Generation )

  48. 48 Taohua

    Could anyone really unseat the Philosopher King? I think it would be impossible…I mean can you imagine KSW brand kimchi (was it kimchi that was branded under BYJ’s name?) being sold in Japan?

    I’m ambivalent towards KSW as an actor. I watched the two episodes of Stairway to Heaven and literally sobbed the whole way through and decided not to continue because it was way too melodramatic and I was not in the mood to spend the next couple of months being depressed. But then again, he didn’t appear that much in the first two episodes (I think? I really don’t remember…). I also saw My Tutor Friend and it was okay, but again not too impressed. The reason why I’m avoiding Cinderella Man though is more because of what I read about the plot and what I’ve seen in the previews.

  49. 49 Anonymous

    I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but like others have mentioned here, a lot of the commentors have not even seen this drama yet.

    I was really looking forward to Cinderella Man, but to be honest I was a little disappointed with the first two episodes. What made me give it another try and continue watching was Yoona and Kwon Sang Woo’s acting. I didn’t care much for Yoona’s acting in 9 Ends, 2 Outs or You Are My Destiny, but she has matured a lot and her acting has definitely improved. A lot. And though I’ve always been a fan of Kwon Sang Woo (more for his eye candy factor than his acting), he actually pulls off the comic flair quite well, and the dual role that he plays is believable. Just finished watching episode 3 and I must say that I am really starting to like this drama! So…if you can get past the first two episodes, it might be something worth watching.

    Oh, and to the person who considered watching this drama for Song Chang Ui. Kim Eun-Sook is the writer for City Hall, not Cinderella Man, so I think you should think about giving this drama a chance again. His role is definitely different from his character in Golden Bride. Is it in a good way? You’ll have to decide that for yourself. ^_^

  50. 50 mookie

    o my nycgirl, you must be my lost twin…. I can totally picture u rolling eyes with me laboring thro StH, AiMH, LSiH.

    I didnt ask back my 16 hours watching STH because I did get at least one roflmaf moment per ep. To this day I still have the ridiculous visual of KTH glaring(ie acting) while trying to wipe off the gallons of koolaid/blood on her windshield with her white sweater after she hit CJW (then the amnesia?!…AND the eye2>?#$ cancer?!?!)

    KSW actually fascinates me tremendously as in I’m really really trying very hard to give him chance after chance to convince me he’s an actor. I’m not saying he cant act, I’ll just put it as his style of acting (to me) is very over the top that I cant help cringing. So whether he’s crying his mightiest, or trying to be funny it looks awfully fake and screams ‘LOOK!! I’m ACTING/CRYING/BEING CUTE/FUNNY!’

    But since he’s raved as this big Hallyu property, I did check out a bit of everything he’s in… and nope, nth on his resume has given me the pieces of the puzzle. I could care less of his off screen persona. It’s never bothered me, but his acting is.

    I did watch C Man (almost 20 min), it felt like watching the usual KSW fare , it’s trying way too hard to please, going in all directions yet cant find its center….ending up in sth that is just bland/lacking. He’s still overacting to me that it doesnt feel natural and convincing.. Yes, I can tell he’s playing 2 characters, but they r more like dramatized caricatures than real flesh and blood.

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