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Story of a Man: Episode 6
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Fun, funny, and intriguing.

This is shaping up to a great drama. I was all set to crown The Return of Iljimae as the best drama of the year (it’s certainly up there), and then Story of a Man comes along… If the episodes get any better, I’m going to have to start adding expletives in front of my adjectives — as in, *[bleeping] amazing!*


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Mun-ho and Shin take a drive to scope out their target, while Mun-ho explains how he discovered Kyung-tae’s talent for making money. When Kyung-tae’s mother had died (Mun-ho’s sister), Kyung-tae was left in Mun-ho’s care, and for a couple months they’d been homeless, sleeping in the subway with newspapers for blankets. One day he found Kyung-tae reading the finance section, who then asked his uncle for some money. Somehow, he turned 1 million won (about $750) into ten times that within one month.

Arriving outside Chae Dong Construction’s building, Shin says he wants to see the chairman trembling on the bridge over the Han River. Then, Shin could relay the words of scorn his brother received: “If you fall in, you’ll pollute the water.”

Mun-ho: “Guys with money don’t commit suicide. That’s what guys without money do.”
Shin: “That’s why we have to show them. We have to make them realize what it’s like to be poor.”

Kyung-tae digs up news regarding a new land development deal in Zhuhai, China. It’s on a huge scale, and therefore not merely a Chae Dong project but a joint partnership with multiple companies — worth hundreds of billions of won (or hundreds of millions of dollars).

Shin sums up the situation: “So you’re saying that if we work this right, we can shake Chae Dong up really badly.” That certainly piques Jae-myung’s interest.

Do-woo has the same thought, and says so in a meeting that he takes with Director Oh at the bar. He knows the Zhuhai project was concocted by his father, who used bribes and lies to get in on the deal. But it could hurt the company if mishandled; thus he advises backing out.

Director Oh says in his simpering way that Chairman Chae can handle it. Do-woo wonders if his father knows that Director Oh is here to see him, which the other man nervously denies. Perhaps surprisingly, Do-woo answers that he likes that about Dir. Oh, because it shows he’s looking out for himself: “You don’t know whether it’ll be my father or me who ends up with Chae Dong, and who will benefit you more.”

After he leaves, Do-woo tells K (Kei?) that there’s sure to be a broker involved to liaise between the Korean construction companies and the Chinese bureaucrats. He orders him to find out who.

The Dream Team is also on the hunt for the name of the Chinese broker. Jae-myung gets in touch with his foster father (from L.A.’s Chinatown, where he grew up), who’s involved with some organized crime himself, and gets the name of a contact.

Jae-myung takes Shin along, asking, “Do you know how to fight?” Shin will have to go through a test before meeting the boss. Once they arrive, Shin tenses in preparation, counting the burly tough guys who start approaching, growing increasingly alarmed as more join them until they are surrounded.

Jae-myung tells Shin cryptically, “Leave the fighting to the dumb guys. Smart guys avoid them.” He pushes Shin into one of the guys, and Shin strikes out first.

I freaking love the exasperated “WTF?” look Shin shoots Jae-myung when the latter doesn’t jump into the fight. But he doesn’t have time to think, because the others attack, and Shin has his hands full fighting them off.

Jae-myung watches with amusement until an older man comes outside and shouts at his boys: “What the hell are you doing? Why are you fighting with a guest?”

The men protest that Shin started it. Shin looks over at Jae-myung, peeved: “You said to fight. You said it was a test!” Jae-myung gives him the thumbs-up: Hey, he passed.

With the help of the elderly boss (who owes Jae-myung’s foster father a favor), they get the name of the main broker of the Zhuhai deal, who happens to be the Zhuhai mayor’s brother: Fujin Pei. (Apologies if this spelling is wrong; I’m working off the Korean pronunciation.) With this information, they can drop strategic rumors into the ears of the Chae Dong people and therefore manipulate the deal.

Mun-ho has a colorful past as a successful scam artist, but he’s been retired for a while and doesn’t feel comfortable jumping into a con right away. Shin says that’s no problem — they don’t need to pose as Fujin Pei yet. An important man like Fujin should have a middleman. Someone who speaks English and Chinese. Someone like Jae-myung.

Jae-myung is unaware that he’s just been named their lead con man, and Shin takes this moment to enjoy returning the smug thumbs-up.

Sure enough, the rumors trickle into the right ears, and Director Oh relays them to Chairman Chae. Because the information has come through secret reports that can only be accessed by those in the most powerful business circles, he doesn’t suspect their validity.

Chae wants to meet Fujin Pei immediately, before the other real estate developers get to him first. Director Oh is instructed to make it happen.

Mun-ho’s past as a con man included top-notch disguising abilities, so he calls in his former buddies to outfit the Dream Team. Shin and Kyung-tae break into the chairman’s office by posing as janitors, and Kyung-tae hacks into the computer.

Kyung-tae pulls up the chairman’s agenda, and Shin takes note of a meeting scheduled at the Lion’s Club with a parliament member, Assemblyman Cha. Kyung-tae installs a hacking program “Mazinga.exe” (Mazinga = Mazinger), a spyware program. (I know this scene isn’t meant to recall the computer scene in Zoolander, but… *giggles anyway*)

The following scene at the bar shows us a glimpse into the developing Do-woo and Kyung-ah relationship, which I think is going to be quite interesting.

A bar girl whines that Do-woo’s girlfriend is at the bar looking for him, disappointed that the man is already taken (and by such an un-glam, “old-fashioned” girl, at that). Kyung-ah acts unconcerned, but the other hostess tells her she’s not fooling anyone; they all know she had her sights on Do-woo.

The visitor is actually Eun-soo, who was directed here by people at Do-woo’s (former) office. However, Kyung-ah assumes this is his girlfriend and greets her politely, as though determined to be cool, to not feel anything about Do-woo having a girlfriend. The misconception is furthered by the fact that Eun-soo calls him “oppa” — which can be easily misconstrued as boyfriend-oppa instead of brother-oppa.

However, the fact that Kyung-ah’s bending over backwards to be understanding hints that she is more interested than she lets on. Assuming that Do-woo’s girlfriend must be worried to hear her boyfriend spends so much time at a hostess bar, Kyung-ah assures Eun-soo that he uses the empty room as an office. When Eun-soo says he hasn’t been home in a week, Kyung-ah has the tiniest disappointed reaction to the word “home,” because it suggests that Do-woo lives with his girlfriend.

Kyung-ah offers to take Eun-soo to Do-woo, who spends this time of day playing piano with the jazz band. Eun-soo notes that Do-woo is smiling — an unusual enough occurrence — and Kyung-ah concurs, saying that it wasn’t until she saw him playing the piano that she saw him smile for the first time.

Kyung-ah feels the need to clarify her relationship with Do-woo, telling Eun-soo not to misunderstand, because she has a strictly business relationship with him. (The lady doth protest too much…) She merely facilitates his business meetings by keeping the atmosphere alive and the drinks flowing.

Eun-soo then introduces herself as Do-woo’s younger sister, and at that, Kyung-ah has to smile. Abashed (but relieved), she admits that she was the one who misunderstood the situation. Eun-soo senses there’s interest between the pair, and tells Kyung-ah, “I’m glad my brother has such a nice person with him.”

Eun-soo asks Kyung-ah to convey a message to Do-woo: that she’s going on a (marriage-minded) blind date tomorrow, and that he should drop by home periodically, before she’s sold off in marriage. Kyung-ah feels that that’s a rather personal message to entrust to a stranger, but Eun-soo smiles, as though assured of Do-woo and Kyung-ah’s budding relationship.

And the scam gets rolling!

Decked out in business suits, Shin and Jae-myung arrive at the exclusive members-only Lion’s Club. Jae-myung doesn’t have membership, but he flirts with the female clerk so outrageously that she ushers him to a table anyway. He’s posing as Chinese businessman “Jamie Chang” and speaks in English, and while the English pick-up lines are horribly cheesy, I suppose it’s the point.

Once seated, Jae-myung spots Chairman Chae a few tables away, sitting with Assemblyman Cha and Cha’s son (who is Eun-soo’s blind date). This is a political move for both fathers, and a mutually beneficial one, as Cha reminds his son, “A politician needs money first, and then an attentive wife. Now, if that wife already has money…”

Shin poses as an employee of a land development company and pretends to be on an important phone call while entering the men’s restroom, strategically dropping the name “Fujin Pei” so that Director Oh overhears. Shin enters a stall for privacy, knowing that Oh will eavesdrop on his conversation.

Thus Director Oh hears that Fujin Pei’s right-hand man, Jamie Chang, is here. This suggests that a rival may get their hands on Fujin Pei before they can, so Chairman Chae orders Oh to go get Jamie.

Shin and Jae-myung have their faux-meeting in plain view of the others, then rise to exit — noting that Director Oh frantically follows, trying to intercept Jamie.

The plan is going well, but Jae-myung comments to Shin that this isn’t his preferred method of revenge — he’d rather kidnap the chairman, set fire to his car, end of story. Eye for an eye. Shin, on the other hand, has a more sophisticated view of revenge, and jokes that Jae-myung’s too much of a “nice guy.”

And then, the elevator doors open and reveal Eun-soo, who is arriving for her blind date.

It is hi-la-ri-ous as both Shin and Jae-myung sorta roll their eyes as if to say, “You have GOT to be kidding me.” Shin acts fast to distract Director Oh, because if he sees Eun-soo recognizing Shin and Jae-myung, their cover is blown. While Director Oh’s attention is diverted, Shin shoves Eun-soo into the elevator and confronts her.

He reminds her, “When you visited me in prison, you asked what I wanted, and said you’d do whatever I asked. So pretend you didn’t see us today. That’s what I want. Can you do that?”

She asks whether he has some sort of connection with her father. Shin just wants a yes or no answer — will she keep it a secret, or not? (Jae-myung impatiently suggests, “Let’s kidnap her,” to which Shin interrupts, “You think we’re in L.A.?” Haha.)

In terse silence, Shin and Jae-myung try to brainstorm the best way to deal with this situation. As the doors open, Eun-soo surprises Shin by blurting out that she’ll keep the secret. (Is this a case of extended guilt? Or budding interest in Shin? The look on her face is interesting…)

Of course, this is also the moment that Do-woo, from across the lobby, spies them leaving the elevator. Suspicious, Do-woo inquires at the front desk about a man bearing Jae-myung’s description, and is given the fake business card that Shin used. (It bears the name of a construction company.)

Shin tries to explain that he feels they can trust Eun-soo, and doesn’t want to abort the mission. It’s too late to give up, anyhow — the fish has already gone for the bait.

That fish being Director Oh, who stumbles in broken English to introduce himself to Jamie. (He also chats up Jamie’s guide for information — Joong-ho in disguise.) All the while, K records this exchange on a digital camera.

Jae-myung dislikes complicated plans, but I love them — just think about it! In this scene alone, we have K watching Director Oh, who is watching Jae-myung, who is posing as Jamie Chang, who is posing as Fujin Pei’s right-hand man.

Do-woo has come to see how his little sister’s date went, and meets her at the bar afterward. She tells him that she liked Jenny, and figures, “You liked her too, right? That’s why you showed her where you play piano, and show her your smile.”

Eun-soo talks to her brother warmly, but he notices that she won’t look him in the eye. He asks, “Do you have anything to say to me?” Eun-soo knows what Do-woo is hinting at, but perhaps she’s not ready to have this conversation, so she shakes her head no. Uncomfortable now, she starts to get up to leave, but he stops her.

Do-woo: “I’m okay being fired from the company after ten years, or being hated by Father. Those are just uncomfortable, but they don’t worry me — I don’t spare more than ten minutes thinking about those things. But Eun-soo, if you and I aren’t on the same side, if you think of me as your opponent, I won’t be able to bear it. And when I say I can’t bear it, I really can’t. I’m afraid that’s what’ll happen.”

(It’s creepy, in an awesome way.)

After closing up the restaurant, Shin helps take his nieces home. On the bus ride, he promises his sister-in-law that he’ll earn enough money to send her and the girls abroad within a couple of years, thinking it’ll make her happy. But on the contrary, it makes Myung-sun nervous: “Are you doing things against the law in order to get revenge for the girls’ father?” After all, there’s no way he could have lawfully earned so much money in such a short time.

She tells him not to do it, and he asks, “You don’t want to be rich?” Myung-sun has a simple, honest perspective: “What’s the point in getting rich illegally?” Even if she had money, she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Shin responds with what is pretty much the crux of this drama:

Shin: “You still don’t understand. If you have enough money, you won’t get caught by the law. And even if you do, you can escape. That’s what the law is. After seeing Hyung die, don’t you get it?”

This is no consolation for Myung-sun, who pleads for Shin to be content with Kyung-ah and live a comfortable, honest life.

Shin: “I want to try being rich. While I’m at it, I want to do it by taking money from the guys who killed Hyung. That money was made ignoring the law in the first place. So I can ignore the law and take it myself. I can do it. I’ll make you a promise — I’m going to bring home an old man one day and make him bow his head and beg to you on his knees. When I do, spit in his face. I’ll make that happen. I can do it.”

That scares Myung-sun, who doesn’t respond.

Kyung-ah (who has a pretty good head for stocks herself) reads reports of another company about to go under due to Do-woo’s work. She asks if he feels even a little sorry to the other party, and he responds, “I don’t see people, I see charts. It’s hard to feel sorry toward charts.”

Do-woo asks a seemingly random question: Did she have a dream when she was young? To be someone, or have something? Kyung-ah answers yes: A nice house with a large lawn and white lace curtains.

She asks him the same thing — did he have a dream? This sends Do-woo into a childhood flashback, when his sister had asked that question. In order to find his answer to that, Young Do-woo had picked a random book from the shelf, which happened to be about Monaco.

Do-woo tells Kyung-ah, “I’d once thought I’d like to have it,” with “it” meaning Monaco. Not for any particular reason; he just decided that having Monaco would be his first dream. He wonders, “Are other people different? Is there a special method for having a dream?”

Kyung-ah wonders, “If you can’t get what you want, what do you do?”

Do-woo has to think about this, as though it’s something he’s never had to consider — and maybe he hasn’t. He sighs, “I don’t know. I’ve never not gotten what I wanted.”

The next day, Do-woo walks into his father’s office, disregarding attempts to stop him, as he is now persona non grata at Chae Dong. Ignoring his father’s aggravation, Do-woo says he was concerned about him, regarding Fujin Pei — something is fishy about the man’s representative.

Chairman Chae ignores this and yells at his son to get out. At this unhelpful reaction, Do-woo says in a resigned tone, “You could have made use of a son like me.”

The chairman blusters, “A normal father wouldn’t use his son. And a normal son wouldn’t try to get rid of his father!”

Do-woo leans over his father’s desk — slowly, almost menacingly, causing his father to gulp nervously. He tells him, “I wanted to help you. That’s why I came. I’m saddened, Father.”

And then he smirks, ever so slightly, and leaves.

Chairman Chae had acted like he didn’t care about Do-woo’s warning, but as soon as he’s gone, he orders Director Oh to check out Jamie Chang.

Thanks to Kyung-tae’s hacking program, he’s immediately alerted when Director Oh and Chae’s secretary go online and look up a website — the spy software shows what sites they’re on, giving him the opportunity to put up a fake site. (Clever!)

The Dream Team is able to watch as the other computer searches the website of the law firm where Jamie Chang supposedly works, and clicks on his profile. This confirms Jamie’s identity and allays Director Oh’s concerns.

With those suspicions calmed, Director Oh acts on leaked information that says Fujin Pei is arriving secretly in Korea the next day. He puts together a grand welcome in order to woo the man to their side.

Director Oh sweats a little when Fujin doesn’t show at the airport gate, which is when Shin again strategically name-drops within Director Oh’s earshot. According to Shin, Fujin Pei is arriving at the VIP entrance, and Director Oh follows along. Once there, Oh steps forward to greet the Chinese man — who is actually Mun-ho in disguise.


All the while, K records this exchange from a distance and sends the video feed to Do-woo… who most certainly recognizes one of the parties involved. OH SNAP.


This drama sure has an awesome ending song, doesn’t it? When those strings kick in, my heart beat kicks it up a notch.

While watching this week’s episodes, I had the thought that the recent Dream Team caper vibe of Story of a Man vaguely recalls what Tazza (the drama) was aiming for, only it does everything better. Stronger acting and a tighter story, for instance.

In the first four episodes, I had mad love for the character of Do-woo (followed by a distant but distinct second in Kyung-tae) because he was so damn fascinating. I still dig Do-woo (as I mention below), but I’m glad that Shin is starting to make up some ground. In the early episodes, he was generally fine but didn’t stir a deep interest in me. But now, as he pulls his big scam together, I’m finding him more charismatic and entertaining. I’ve never been a particular Park Yong-ha fan (mostly because I didn’t like his previous dramas), but this drama may turn me around — I definitely like the tough, scrappy character here better than his previous softer image.

I loved the bus scene in this episode, which pretty much encapsulates Shin’s raison d’être in this drama. Is what he’s doing illegal? Yes. Is it wrong? I… don’t know. Probably, although he is sympathetic — he would never have hurt anyone had the immoral corporation not messed with him first. Is he sliding down a slippery slope with his justification for his actions? Oh hell yeah — we can see him tumbling headlong into moral ambiguity, which makes his potential future path rife with tension.

Regarding the loan shark he took down in the previous episode: The illegality of Shin’s theft may be somewhat mitigated by the fact that he was helping the authorities take down an illegal gambling ring, as well as putting away a violent loan shark who terrorizes his victims. He just happened to take a cut of the cash for his trouble. In a real-life person, my reaction might be different, but fictional heroes might get a little more leeway, because they’re fictional. So I can let go of Shin’s vigilante streak in this case because he didn’t hurt anyone physically, he didn’t ruin anyone who was living honestly, and his “revenge” wasn’t even too mean-spirited — he cleaned up a dirty situation more than took revenge.

On the other hand, who knows how morality will play out later. Will Shin will get his revenge? Will he have to pay a price? Maybe he’ll give up revenge to save his soul — who knows. That’s what we’ll have to wait to find out.

Do-woo continues to be a cipher, in the best way. What the heck is he planning? He must have a plan, he must know what he’s doing… but so far, it’s like he (and/or Kim Kang-woo) only let us see exactly how much he wants us to see — so we are at his mercy.

I was struck with his line to his father, because I had thought the same thing — that if the chairman were a shrewder man, he could have used Do-woo. On one hand, I don’t think Do-woo would have let himself BE used… but I think he means, rather, that they could have played on the same side. Chairman Chae would have had to defer to his son in that scenario, which one gets the sense he is absolutely unwilling to do. He may fear his son but he damn well won’t bow before him. Foolish, short-sighted man, right? Because if he were truly clever — clever like his son Do-woo — he would have opted for another tactic, the only tactic that would have worked with Do-woo, and that is to give Do-woo the lead.

This, in fact, is Do-woo’s own strategy — to defer to others when it makes political sense. I was surprised early on that Do-woo would acquiesce to those more powerful than him. Remember when his friend forces him to drink and call him “father” in Episode 2, and Do-woo complies? Or how he meekly steps aside after his father fires him in Episode 5? I expected Do-woo to have more outward pride, because that’s what we expect of our control-freak alpha males. But that isn’t how he works, because that just acts as a hindrance to his endgame. And what payeth pride when there is money to be earned?

If the chairman had allowed Do-woo his head in doing what he is capable of doing, they could have both benefited. Instead, he cast out his son, and created an enemy. Now, the parties have taken their corners: Shin versus Chae Dong versus Do-woo. But if Shin and Do-woo both want to bring Chae Dong down, does that put them on the same side? On the other hand, maybe Do-woo just wants to weaken Chae Dong enough to take it over, rather than destroy it. I don’t know. THE PLOT THICKENS.

Also, how creepy is Do-woo’s sketch?


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  1. Biscuit

    I also enjoyed this ep! I love how they can make the drama serious, but not serious at every minute and make it refreshing at the same time.

    I think 09 will be such a better year in the drama area compared to the last few years. It’s only 4 months into the new year and we’ve already experienced quite a few great dramas to start with.

  2. No Namer

    I’ve been looking for a new k-drama to watch but sadly none has taken my fancy, especially those aired last year. I always check out your site to find if there is something good being shown right now in korea. Boys over flowers is a big disappointment for me, sorry to the fans of this drama, maybe because i’m such a huge Hanadan fan. At first, i’m not really interested in Story of A Man, because I thought it has the same plot as Green Rose, boy I was wrong. Now I always look forward to your recaps regarding this drama. It seems to have an interesting plot and strong characterizations. I can’t wait to watch it with english subs *sigh* so for now I will rely to your recaps. Great summarization by the way. Thanks for being a big help to us non-korean fans of k-drama.

  3. salt

    your recaps make me wanna go and watch this drama. it sounds fun and entertaining.
    i am still suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of BBF. it’ll be good if i have something else to obsess over..:)

    *now i need to find a site where i can watch this online*

  4. sophia

    YEAH!!! i loved this episode too!!! it’s so funny, yet serious at the same time. I think the writer is really talented for this drama. and then the actors bring out her writing to the fullest <3 i seriously hope this continues to be as good as it it ^^

  5. Kathy

    Thanks Javabean for the recap!
    I am IN LOVE with this drama too, i just love the suspense, acting, and plot!
    Btw can you please, please ,please finish your recaps for Iljimae?
    I am dying to know how Ilhimae ends!
    Thank you~ 🙂

  6. spilut

    yep!!thank you javabeans for your great recap..
    i can’t wait to watch this drama on KBSW..

  7. 51803

    I’m so glad you’re recapping this series! I wasn’t planning on watching it, but after reading your great reviews on ep 1&2, I started watching and now I’m hooked ^^

    I don’t know if its because I don’t normally watch revenge/action dramas, but is it out of the ordinary for DoWoo to be so aware of Shin’s plans for revenge?? Regardless…I love it! Normally, the good guy is always one step ahead of the bad guy, but in this drama, I have no idea what’s going to happen next~ There have been many fascinating characters in dramas, but I haven’t been this captivated by the PLOT in a long~~~ time.

    Anyways, thanks for the recap! ^^

    • 7.1 Gasenadi

      “Normally, the good guy is always one step ahead of the bad guy,…” LOL! Very interesting. My drama-viewing experience has been the exact opposite. I’m usually screaming my head off in frustration because the bad guys (especially in sageuks) seem to know and predict how the good guys are going to act and what they are going to do next. That’s just my point of view.

  8. Kender

    Okay, you cleared up a huge chunk of plot for me. Thank god you recapped this episode! XD

    I’m curious to see how well Shin passes as an old man in the next episode. I saw a news article about it, and I think he looks ridiculous. XD Maybe it’ll look better onscreen?

    And random: Jae-myung has an odd Chinese accent, but I suppose that’s to be expected when you learn a language for a role. Still, it made me giggle.

    On a slightly rambling shipper note, I get all tingly thinking about Do-woo and Kyung-ah’s blossoming relationship. I know that, logically, I should want her to get back with Shin..but she and Do-woo have awesome chemistry, and I love all the sly hints being dropped here and there that they’re managing to worm their way under each other’s skin. (Also, he’s seriously adorable at the piano. I hope for more of this. <3)

    I’m sensing the build-up of what will lead to betrayal eventually. Kyung-ah’s going to have to betray one of the two guys somewhere down the line, but who will it be? Will she go with Do-woo, breaking Shin’s heart? Will she go with Shin, destroying what little compassion Do-woo has for anyone other than Eun-soo? Or will something go horribly wrong and she’ll die a tragic death? (I hope it’s the first option. Much more interesting. Also, the CHEMISTRY.)

    This love triangle has the potential for serious heartbreak on all sides. YAY for actually jeopardizing the main couple!

  9. MEIKO**** ^-^


  10. 10 wollie

    another fast and great recap from you!!!
    I agree about your opinion about Park Yong Ha, although I do love his drama “ON AIR” which is romantic and fun for me…
    however,his character is not as strong as Kim Shin….
    he is really great here…
    I do agree that the ending song is really nice…..hope you can post it for us…
    have a nice weekend and cheers!!!

  11. 11 asarako

    Creepy….. interesting……. cant get enough…..

    I want more…. Hehehe

  12. 12 obsessed

    your recap filled me in a lot about the dream team’s scheming. Thank you!

    What I thought was really interesting is how Shin seems to be targeting Chairman Chae, while actually Do-woo is the one who’s more directly responsible for his brother’s death. Wasn’t the whole man-doo factory thing a plan that Do-woo was executing on his own? And Chairman Chae was opposed to it in favor of his own plans – the whole Zuhai project? Or are the two projects not exclusive of each other?

    In any case, Shin tells his sister-in-law that he’ll bring an old man to her to one day to beg forgiveness for his brother’s death. I don’t think Shin’s revenge is on Chae Dong the company as much as it is on persons who are responsible for his brother’s death. Indeed the company itself (and $$) is part of the reason for the death of both Shin’s brother and Jae-myung’s father. But Shin is attacking Chae Dong because it is the purse of his enemy.

    That said, Chairman Chae really had little, if nothing at all, to do with the deaths of Shin’s brother and Jae-myung’s father. At this point, the Dream Team is keeping tabs on the moves of the Chairman, while oblivious to Do-woo keeping tabs on them. If their plot successfully weakens the company, it puts the Chairman in a bad light and, I suspect, Do-woo in a good place to take over for good. If that happens, it would mean that the Dream Team just got played by Do-woo for his own gain when in fact Do-woo should have been their target all along.

    I guess this leaves me with the question, is the Dream Team’s “ultimate enemy” Chae Dong or a person? This is actually the same question that’s posed when they first assemble at the end of episode 5 – what if the enemy is not just one man? What if it’s huge, like Chae Dong? So it seems they begin by targeting the company. But by doing that are they missing Do-woo? Is Do-woo synonymous with Chae Dong? Am I thinking about this way too deeply? Am I making any sense or am I way off? I think I’ve managed to thoroughly confuse myself…

    • 12.1 Gasenadi

      No, you’re making perfect sense and asking all of my own questions. The mis-guided Dream Team’s objective is certainly allowing them to be used by Master Schemer DW. With two deaths under his watch, I’m looking forward to well-deserved consequences; be they physical, mental, spiritual, romantic, whatever. Let him find love, compassion, light and mercy and THEN LOSE IT!

  13. 13 Debbie

    How’s the rating for this drama? Are people appreciating it as much as you are?

  14. 14 yuu

    I didn’t expect a smiling – truly looked like he’s happy – caps of Do-woo on the piano scene. I was [bleeping] out loud when I saw that! XD hahah…man, really can’t wait for it to air on KBSworld in my country (which is a week late)…they’ll have subtitles there..but already, your re-caps made me want to watch it JBeans 😀 Thank you for this, really~ ^^

    and what’s the odds for eun-soo to be interested in Shin? :P..what about Kyung-tae! lol..anyway, excuse me while I got all..’awh. KYUTE’ over this one…



  15. 15 gleemonex

    initially, i thought that eun-soo would be paired up with kyung-tae, since they both seemed to have an innocent demeanor about them, but after seeing that kyung-ah is beginning to be interested in do-woo, it makes more sense for eun-soo to be paired with shin. do-woo is going to get closer to kyung-ah to find out more about shin and simultaneously drive a nail into shin’s heart. i’m guessing shin will counter by going after eun-soo as a strategic payback. as to whether do-woo really cares about kyung-ah, my guess is probably not. she’s going to be horrified once she finds out that he’s done.

    really great series so far.

  16. 16 cecee

    Currently the rating aren’t that great but maybe it will pick up once people get into the momentum. Do Woo and Kyung Ah have great chemistry because they are more familiar with one another. They were in a movie together recently…called Marine Boy; hence the chemistry.

  17. 17 Kender

    @14 gleemonex – I don’t know, I think that Do-woo is actually being affected by her. I’m not sure if he realizes it himself, though, which is going to make things interesting..

    @15 cecee – Working together previously does not always been two actors will have chemistry. It just means they’ll probably be more comfortable with each other. Chemistry can be completely separate from that. (Although I heard they had great chemistry in Marine Boy, too.)

    I hope the ratings pick up at least a little.. People don’t know what they’re missing. :/

  18. 18 jae

    I’m feeling that Do Woo will “use” Shin for his own good soon. Gah~~

    Wooh! I’m really loving this series! ^^

  19. 19 Jiyeon

    Thanks for the recap!

    Shin has become an even more intriguing character since the first episdode.
    When we first saw Shin he was a wretch, a low-life who’d rather waste his time doing nothing, rather than working. He wasn’t necessarily a bad person – just a useless one. But after the death of his brother he becomes a different person who is totally consumed by revenge and focused on returning the suffering his brother and family endured. I’d really like to see how far he’d go in his plan of revenge: would he go as far as using Eun-Soo, a pure-hearted and completely innocent bystander to all of this? Does he even have it in him to hurt someone who tried to help him?

    I wonder how long it will take before the “Dream Team” realizes that their true enemy is Do-Woo (someone who at this point has the upperhand since he’s watching them while they are unsuspecting of him)?

    As for the romantic relationships, it does seem like Do-Woo is being affected by Kyung-Ah but I perhaps this is part of his plan: he’s watching Shin and he knows that Shin loves Kyung-Ah so maybe he’s just keeping Kyung-Ah to hurt Shin in the future.

    Eun-Soo seems to have feelings for Shin but since she’s such a kind-hearted person, I’m not sure if those feelings are of attraction or because she feels guilty for her family’s role in his family’s demise. Kyung-Tae and Eun-Soo is a possible couple and I think Kyung-Tae harbors feelings for her (since he seemed to be really affected by her presence in the last episode) but so far Eun-Soo’s just being her usual kind self to him.

    I love the women in this show btw. Kyung-Ah is truly a strong woman and so is Eun-Soo (just in a quieter way). Although Kyung-Ah is recognized for her strength, the men around Eun-Soo don’t seem to realize how strong and not naive she is (she may seem clueless to all the evil-doings but she’s not dumb).

    Anyways, I can’t wait for the next episode. I really want to see how the plot develops and hopefully more people which watch this show because it needs some serious loving (it’s such a good drama with so little ratings!)

    • 19.1 Gasenadi

      Like your insights about Eun-Soo’s strength. Hope it’s consistent throughout the drama, as well as her pure heart. This writer, Song Ji-Na, wrote another strong woman in Great Ambition (Daemong) who I’ll never forget. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen other dramas by her, but Lee Yo-Won was unforgettable, imo, as the “lady” who wanted to heal others, no matter their station in life.

  20. 20 Tendoclan

    Wow !!!! I love this drama. After the disappointment of EOE and making DC Jesus and all I was scared to watch another darker drama. In fact I waited until the end of Cain and Abel to see how bad the ending was. Now I know it will be ok to watch. But for this one I am not waiting…it is terrific. I look for your recaps as the subbing is taking longer which is ok. also..since they do a great job. As long as I have you Dramabeans I am good. In fact I read your site several times a day. When this is playing it is dead silent in my room…not even the animals dare make a sound…no land or cell phone….nothing.

    So thank you for your writing which is excellent BTW. You and “Slingshot” are wonderful.

  21. 21 lily

    WOUAH. Too many dramas to watch. I will watch it to see if it worths watching it

  22. 22 kitty

    I enjoy seeing Do-woo have the upper hand, long may it last! Makes me want to know how he’d thwart those who are out to thwart him! Looking forward to seeing how the arc with Kyung-ah turns out.

    Thanks for the recaps!

  23. 23 anna

    I’m confused at this Kyung-ah character. Does she loves Shin or does she not? If she does, yet she’s already developing feelings for another guy? I’m feeling a slight hint of betrayal, but is it even betrayal if she’s not with Shin?

    Honestly, I don’t care that much now since I’ve already made up my mind about my OTP: Shin x Kyung-tae. 😀

  24. 24 Alvina

    Perhaps I’m just nasty minded. Perhaps I’ve been paying attention in Lit. class. Whatever the case may be, I find it disturbing how the only person who can seemingly “complete” Do-Woo is Eun-Soo. That lingering thought just left me a bit… weirded out for a bit. I don’t know where exactly I’m getting that impression from (maybe since last episode when we tried to pair everyone up?) but it hasn’t left me yet and I really want that thought to go away. XD

    Once again, the “Dream Team” made me smile many times and sigh with their angsty intensity… unfortunately, I know this isn’t a disney type plot where everyone ends up happy, but I really really want everyone to have a happy ending >_<

  25. 25 heebee

    I’m watching this drama too
    the brother sorta seems like he likes (like REALLY likes) his younger sister…
    sorta creepy!
    but very good acting and i cant wait till next ep!!!

  26. 26 gala

    waaah, you make me wanna watch this. but i know i cant deal with mind-blowing episodes when i’m dealing with stress in school. i’ll wait till the series is over. but yeah, the way you describe the actors’ acting has already blown me away. what more if i watch it. and good thing about this, i actually have soft spot in my heart for all the actors. I love PSY, ever since Fox Family. I love the girl playing EunSoo ever since golden bride. i love Kim KangWoo. I love PKW. and i like Park Yongha. basically, a series with actors i like. it’s already a sign that i should really watch it!

  27. 27 djes

    you know, yesterday I reread your previous ep’s summary which you thought that Do Woo is asexual, and not interested to female…then it came to my mind, how would it be if he’s attracted to Kyung Ah?
    and now, in this ep, somehow he became more related to her…and I don’t really mind if, finally he falls in love with her.
    But, on other side, it would make his character more human, which I don’t quite like, because his devilish character now is more interesting.

    Yes, with this current state, it would possible if Shin will get closer to Eunsoo, and there’s possibility she will fall for him rather than to Kyung Tae.. (well I actually agree that the latter makes cuter couple ).

    At this point – I’ve already had some plots in mind how this drama would end…and most of them are not happy endings..which will be suit better for it.
    Most of the main characters here are not “good persons”, they have their own faults and sins, so why should they get a happy ending?
    ( and personally I like no happy ending for thriller drama like this, and a happy ending for a rom com, but that’s just my own taste )

    After being cut from my fast internet connection, I’ll be slower in catching up this drama..sigh…so from now on I will be more rely on your recaps..thanks for dramabeans.com!

    ( eeeeer, sorry for the crappy English 😛 )

  28. 28 sang

    i started watching this drama since i heard it here & i’m liking it too!

  29. 29 cosmopolite

    My god…….I have to wait another week?! 🙁

  30. 30 Lulu

    @ Alivina and Heebee:

    I noticed Do-Woo’s odd attachment to Eun-Soo as well. Especially with the lines:

    “I’m okay being fired from the company after ten years, or being hated by Father. Those are just uncomfortable, but they don’t worry me — I don’t spare more than ten minutes thinking about those things. But Eun-soo, if you and I aren’t on the same side, if you think of me as your opponent, I won’t be able to bear it. And when I say I can’t bear it, I really can’t. I’m afraid that’s what’ll happen.”

    Hearing Do-Woo say that just made me cringe. I wonder if we’re just over-analyzing things or if the writer was intended to hint at something incestuous. If it was intentional, then I hope the writer tones it down and/or gets rid of it because this is just plain CREEPY.

  31. 31 yumi-chan

    Do you remember in episode 3 when Chae Do woo goes and visits Shin, and he introduces himself? Ever since that intro I get chills when I see him, even when he’s being submissive. The voice echoes in my head and its like “he’s calm but just wait until he starts to make moves the pwnage is coming.”

    & the whole scene with Eun Soo, what would he do if his sister turns on him? Would he do the same thing he did to his mom?

    • 31.1 Gasenadi

      And to Shin’s brother? And to Secretary Do?

  32. 32 Steph

    Ahhh, I don’t know if I can hold out for two more eps. This just looks soooo good!

  33. 33 djes

    Man, if this is for 2 hrs movie, I already enjoy it soo much, how awesome that it is actually a 120 episodes drama!
    I hope it won’t get draggy…so far it’s getting sooo good.
    ( even I watched it without sub, I can feel the tense. And the last scene, really OH SNAP! )

    I think Do Woo will use Shin to destroy his own father. It’s now the battle of inteligence between the Dream Team and Chae Do Woo, and I’m reaalllyyy looking forward how the story will go.

  34. 34 Gloria

    ah.. love. the. drama.

    @djes: It’s not 120 episodes; it’s 20. (:

    Anyway, I don’t think that there’s anything incestuous? I just think that he really sincerely loves his sister. And that he also admires her for her purity and kindness.

    😀 Can’t wait for the next episode!!!! Yay for my favorite drama (so far) for 2009 (:

  35. 35 Nom Kitteh


    Will you be posting a summary of Ep 7 tonight? I am wondering if I should try to stay up and refresh the site over and over again like in the good ol’ days of BBF. If not, I will just hit the hay and hope the recap is up tomorrow. I am not sure if you are religiously summarizing this drama–which is why I am asking.

    I caught up on the show over the weekend (got sucked in very quickly) and although this genre is not my cup of tea, I am completely in love and lust with/crushing on Do-woo.

    I keep rewinding and rewatching the scene (from ep 3…or 4?) of Do-Woo beating the hell out of his buddy–it’s sexy, homoerotic, yaoi fanservicey, and beautiful shot. If Kyung-ah (I’m not a fan of the actress or of the character) and Do-Woo hook up, then I will probably stop watching, but if Do-Woo remains this asexual sociopath with homoerotic vibes, then I am all in.

    And I am loving Do-Woo’s relationship with his sister (whose character I adore, and I hope she has a bigger presence in coming episodes) and I hope it is developed more. He is vulnerable (as vulnerable as he can get) only with her, and I sense that she will have a hand in his downfall, and I want to see how he takes it.

    Teehee: I foresee a weekend of marathoning everything Kim Kang-woo-related I can get my hands on 🙂 .

  36. 36 amigo77

    thanks for your recap….when will you post the recap of ep7???

  37. 37 emtee

    I don’t speak a lick of Korean, so I get dorkily excited about stupid things that I can actually read/understand in English. This meant going full-on dorky when they pulled up Jamie Chang’s profile on the Global Law Firm website. I froze the frame on the bio and giggled when I noticed the typo in his name and then further on when it became clear that someone just ganked the bio from a real attorney. In fact, I find the picking and choosing they did from the real site (http://kimbae.com/attorney.html) just hilarious.

    Meanwhile, I am supposed to be rooting for the Do Woo-Kyung Ah couple, right? I felt giddy watching the piano scene.

  38. 38 Janet

    At first i watched this drama because of Park Yong Ha. Now i am attracted to the storyline and the billiant plots. Each character is unquie and the actors and actresses protrayed their characters pretty well. After on air, this is another drama to look out for. Hopefully the ratings will pick up soon and it will be a popular drama. If not, it will be a waste of talents. On the other hand, i hope the series will be more interesting and exciting to watch. Last but not least, thanks for the recap. It is enjoyable to read the reviews after watching it. 😉 A man’s story – i am still keeping my fingers cross.

  39. 39 Janet

    I know that the villian and all the other characters act very well. But please don’t forget that Park Yong Ha also did a great job in this drama. Everybody deserve a pat on the shoulders for adding dept in their respective character.

  40. 40 AJ

    I finally watched this episode! Whoo!

    1) DOWOO IS SO DAMN SEXY PLAYING JAZZ PIANO (or any piano at all, I guess). He is soooooooooo hot. And his smile? His GENIUNE smile, I mean, not that creepy one he totes around during arguments with his father…it’s sooo to-die-for.
    2) Jae-Myung is also really really hot when he speaks English, but yea, his pickup lines made me wince more than a little.
    3) My words at the last 30 or so of this episode: “Oh, SNAP!” This is getting goooood!!!

    I looove the intensity of this drama! Thanks for recapping!!

  41. 41 veduve48

    Do not know what to say! The drama is just killing me! The storyline, the shoot are well done and clear, Dowoo acts perfectly in his evil role, the innocent sister, the funny guy with his headphones, Shin is damm good! Oh I am in love with it!

  42. 42 lily

    OMG… I can´t believe such a GOOD drama get such LOW ratings.. Simply SHAMEFUL….

  43. 43 Junie

    @37: i did the same thing. I saw the typo, froze the frame, and noticed that they only tacked on one sentence about Jamie “Cahng” onto someone else’s bio. haha.

    I really liked this episode and how they managed to balance all the drama with humor (like Shin’s gangster friend as the driver and Mun Ho’s fashion team). And even when he’s saying incredibly cheesy lines, Philip Lee’s English sure is sexy.

    The plot sure is thickening… I’m excited to see how the Shin-Kyung Ah-Do Woo triangle will play out. Shin is going to have to work much harder if he wants to outwit Do Woo and not lose Kyung Ah.

    Thanks for the recap! i love reading your comments. :]

  44. 44 lynnie

    Apart from the intriguing storyline, what I like best is the glimpses of interactions among the gangs; like how Shin reacted when Jaemyung pushed him into that fight or how Shin and Kyungtae did that finger-pointing thing when they were successful with the fake website information. These kinds of small things made the drame very much enjoyable to me!

  45. 45 Sue

    i’m really surprised you didn’t dig war of money if you like story of a man so much. i find both ring the same tune.

  46. 46 melli

    I was one of those who suffered deep withdrawal symtoms after BOF. And thought I would not enjoy another drama quite so much after all that fuss! but surprisingly, Story of A Man renewed my interest again after I watched the 1st episode. This drama is intensed right from the beginning and the tension and plots thickens each new episode. Now this is my newest obsession! not in the same kind of obsession as BOF, but I am definitely craving for more of this drama after each episode!

  47. 47 Stephen

    I really like the ending song too. It’s timed perfectly and gets you on the edge of your seat. Most of the scenes are intense and great details are paid attention to, whether they’re serious or comical. I’m late in watching this drama, but I just started watching K-dramas again since summer began. Awesome drama. Reminds me of All In because of the jail/revenge plot.

  48. 48 Rachel

    The cut to Do-woo’s sketch was such a creepy moment. I actually got goosebumps. A lesser drama wouldn’t have taken the time to put in something so irrelevant to keeping the plot moving. It’s these little details that make ‘Story of a Man’ so savory.
    I’m having so much fun with this drama!

  49. 49 Vic

    ep 5 was the best/
    i am dissapointed with ep 6

    i hope some of the eps will be as good as 5.

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