Tokyo Tower bought for Korean remake

Kim Ji-soo (Women in the Sun) is pairing up with Antique Bakery and The Naked Kitchen star Joo Ji-hoon for the Korean remake of the Japanese film Tokyo Tower [도쿄 타워].

Tokyo Tower was originally a novel written by popular Japanese novelist Ekuni Kaori and depicts the love story of a 20-something young man with a 40-something married woman (Joo Ji-hoon’s real age is 26 — he turns 27 next month — while Kim Ji-soo is 36). It was produced as a 2005 movie starring Okada Junichi, Kuroki Hitomi, and Matsumoto Jun.

According to production company Future One, the remake rights were recently bought and a director has been attached: PD Ahn Pan-seok, who successfully helmed the MBC drama remake series White Tower. The drama will be filmed in advance of airing, although it hasn’t yet decided which broadcast station to air on.

Via DongA


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