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Boys Before Flowers: F4 Special Edition (Parts 3 & 4)
by | May 19, 2009 | 93 Comments

As announced, Mnet has (finally!) released the last two parts of the four-part F4 “After Story” music drama, featuring Ji-hoo’s (Kim Hyun-joong) and Jun-pyo’s (Lee Min-ho) segments.

Although the songs were pretty nice to listen to, the first two parts with Kim Bum and Kim Joon were rather disappointing, imo. Like those parts, the last two also featured mostly old footage cobbled together into a new video. I thought Ji-hoo’s was pretty lame (there have been better fanvideos), but at least Jun-pyo’s had a little bit of new footage.


Lee Min-ho – “My Everything.” His pronunciation could be better (everyTING? ah, well, just pretend he’s going for a rasta accent) but I love how husky his voice is. I had no hopes for his singing voice (after his CF/digital single for Cass beer was so annoyingly overproduced with barely audible vocals), so this is a nice surprise. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Just as Episodes 1 and 2 featured songs sung by the actors (Kim Bum’s “I’m Going to Meet You Now” (지금 만나러 갑니다) and Kim Joon’s “To Make Empty” (비워내기)), these segments feature songs sung by Kim Hyun-joong and Lee Min-ho.

Ji-hoo’s theme is “Sometime” by SS501, while Jun-pyo’s is “My Everything.”

Episode 3 (Ji-hoo): “Sometime”

Kind of meh, isn’t it?

Thankfully, Jun-pyo’s video is much more satisfying than Ji-hoo’s, if only because it actually has a narrative and gives an air of closure:

Episode 4 (Jun-pyo): “My Everything”

I enjoyed Boys Before Flowers as much as anyone — hey, I have more than 100,000 words written exclusively on this series to prove it! — but I put this drama behind me a while ago, and I’ll be relieved when it finally puts itself to rest. I’m much more eager to see what these lovely boys do next, rather than seeing them forced to milk their popularity from this one thing.

Thanks to Youtube uploader hoonfami


93 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yubikiri

    me too! im waiting to see what will be the next project for each of them…i think they fullfill their role perfectly (well at least 95%). hope they wont deceived me!

    • 1.1 fhara

      im excited for the nxt episode i love u jun pyo

  2. yubikiri

    [edit] and what was that? i mean jihoon part? copy paste with only cuts….GRRRR! come on! it’s not that i prioritize jihoon…it just …lame…. awww….anything to sell in order to get money heh! anyways…..i kind of forecast something like that to happen.

  3. Snikki

    I like Jihoo’s song. 🙂

  4. abovo99

    Hi Javabean,
    This may be a little unrelated to the topic. But I’m wondering if you know what Jun Pyo name means. Jan Di means grass, right? I want to know if Jun Pyo name has any meaning like Jan Di. Please let me know if you do. Thanks.

    Now, back to the topic… Yea, I agree with you. Jihoo’s part is pretty lame. Jun Pyo’s part is just ok. Youtube fanmade are a lot better than these music videos. I’m curious about how they gonna come out for their next project, too. I’m sure Kim Bum will be able to come out of BBF. He is such a talented actor. Lee Min Ho is good, too. But I’m waiting to see what each of them is capable of as a true actor.

  5. Bolt

    So far, none of those Taiwanese F4 boys had made it big by thier own after their F4 days. The primary reasons being they lack the substance to act well or sing well. They were primarily a bunch of empty heads with only high school diplomas.

    If there is a lesson to learn from the Taiwanese F4, I believe the Korean F4 needs to beef up their acting skills, add depth to their characters and expand their skill sets.

  6. AnitaLotti

    Geum Jan Di cookies – Simply adorable!

    Ji Hoo’s MV was boring, the basis of Goo Joon Pyo’s part 4 was at least a bit original…

    • 6.1 fharra

      i miss the boys over flower specially lee min ho i hope they have a new project

  7. rora

    Didn’t really expect much from this MV. So I’m not really disappointed. But. LMH’s song is kind of like a compensation for the flashback MV.

    And just like you, JB, I’m already over the BoF fever. But right now, my new obsession are F4 and GHS themselves. So, yeah, I’m waaaay over the drama. But the actors? Oh yeah. I’m excited to see what they will do in the future. I do hope that they’ll pick better roles so they won’t be known as ‘F4’ or ‘JanDi’. (Well, I wouldn’t worry about GHS but I do hope F4 the best of luck.)

  8. Inky

    I’ve been crossing my fingers, waiting for Min Ho to announce his next project. Of the four, I feel like Kim Bum and Min Ho have the two most promising futures as talented actors. We’ll see how Kim Bum will mature as an actor in the upcoming Dream, but since this is the first tangible proof of Min Ho’s potential, we’ll have to see. I really hope that he’s one of those actors who won’t let their management companies prioritize money over real opportunities. I want him to take on a character with inner turmoils or transformation so that we get to see how well be portrays the layers. He managed to give Gu Jun Pyo a lot of depth that viewers did not expect from the previous adaptations of the drama. Personally, I don’t want him in anymore eyeliner/tied up hair. Seems like he/his management is trying too hard to leave Gu Jun Pyo behind. What we need is a solid performance! I would cry if he becomes a male version of Kim Tae Hee (even though she never really delivered…so we were never let down in the first place).

  9. jlee

    I’ve got a feeling that Kim Hyun-joong agrees with you javabeans about putting BBF to rest. There is absolutely no new footage of him in these four MV’s. He probably was ready to walk away from this project once the series ended. I thought it was odd, watching the earlier two specials, that he wasn’t included in those classroom scenes. Production did an awkward job on this one.

    jandi cookies – so yummy adorable!

  10. 10 MEIKO**** ^-^

    “everyTING? ah, well, just pretend he’s going for a rasta accent”

    JavaB, you are so funny!!!!
    i pronounce my words wrongly now and then too and i always giggle so loud whenever i do! That’s why I easily laugh whenever somebody else makes a mistake in pronouncing the words…. no offense meant!!!

  11. 11 KOK

    I don’t know when the actors from BOF actually start acting again rather than modelling for every clothing line and phone Korea is producingat the moment then I’ll be interested, till then im sick of hearing about Lee Minho and co.

    And these videos were terrible, what 5 years later? Nothings changed.

  12. 12 tina


  13. 13 carolf

    while the f4 idol rage was on full throttle — i believe i personally contributed at least 100% of the heat and energy needed to sustain it. but you’re right, it’s time to let it go and look forward to what projects the f4 *men* will undertake individually. that is, AFTER i’ve read all 30+ volumes of Hana Yori Dango…umm, let’s see, i’m on volume 20…

  14. 14 sherryl

    how i wish there’ll be the ending part of the 2 leading ladies – their perceptives!
    and a very good ending like – they are all in there…. i like the story… but its kinda… left you hanging…

  15. 15 Hallyudorama

    Hi JB! I don’t think this drama will be put to rest soon since it’s just starting to gain steam in other countries like in the Philippines.

    Like you, I’m eager to know what these boys will be up to next since they’re all very promising.

  16. 16 Yuki

    Totally disappointing. All four parts are lame.
    They should just let it go, and leave a better memory for the end.
    I don’t think any of the F4 should do this kind of video. It’s kind of cheap.
    Well, at least JiHoo didn’t do it.
    My guess is that Kim HyunJoong already held a “Goodbye Jihoo” concert for about 5000 fans right at the time of last episode; so there was no reason for him to come back. Or he must be busy with his music career, or shooting CF.

  17. 17 사랑사랑

    The music videos in my opinion had no sort of fulfillment whatsoever.
    They were basically recaps of the scenes with basically no moving story to conclude BOF.
    I think it dragged on a bit by milking it for all it’s worth and the production team don’t know when to stop.
    However, I loved Lee Min Ho’s voice,, it is much more different from his CASS cf.
    I was wondering if you can put Kim Hyun Joong’s song up for download?

    Thxx for recapping~

  18. 18 all4movies

    ok, that “everyting” song was pretty funny.

    I don’t think I’ll be downloading it to listen to on a regular basis, as I’m sure it will get very annoying.

    JB, you should host a big kdrama fan weekend party. I think it would be a hoot and I certainly would consider making the trip just for you.

  19. 19 hahaha

    “my everything” was pretty good considering i heard lmh isn’t a strong singer at all…haha everyTing made me crack up:P but love him anyways dont we all?

    i agree with most of you guys in saying this did nothing for BoF..the only part that remotely touched me was jandi’s cookies. those were ridiculously adorable. almost scary that a guy like gu junpyo is supposed to be capable of that.

    i hope this is the end. real end. we all love BoF, but it’s had its (crazy, rollercoaster-like) time.

  20. 20 Ilbum noona

    Well, F4 special edition reminds me of Meteor Rain..It was not that good though..
    It happens once again..Although Group Eight had released F4 after story, it’s not even make us (BBF lovers) satisfied..

    I hope Group Eight can create another great story of F4 in one movie-makes everything clear ; What about F4 friendship? Will they keep their friendship and help each other when one of them is in trouble?-eventhough they have their own lives.. Jun Pyo-Jandi relationship after they get married, Will Ji Hoo get another precious girl in his life instead of Jandi?, Will Soul Couple get a happy end?-they get married for example haha..And Woo Bin get a beautiful girlfriend..
    Hana Yori Dango the movie is the great example..

    Can’t wait for the moment..

  21. 21 LaFr4ise

    ahhhhh… a bunch of flashbacks!!!! no happy ending for Sunbae!! blahh…
    no need to create the special edition (-_-,)

    after all of those hype over the special edition, it’s not satisfying at all..

    at last.. the craze will wind down?

  22. 22 Nom Kitteh



    More lame.

    That said, I still get sucked in to watch the miking of this cash cow every time. I am like a battered spouse coming back thinking things will be different, somehow, for no explicable or logical reason. And then reality bites.



  23. 23 questions846

    So I’m reading on soompi that KBS is going to show an hour long 5 years later thing today? anyone else heard of this?

  24. 24 funniebones

    I hope (but certainly am not so sure) that they will finally put this to rest and get the cast of BOF onwards to potentiate themselves, or at least, some well needed rest, anyways.

  25. 25 Gloria

    I’m glad we’re over with this series 😀

    Even if it was entertaining… it was milked WAY too much. ):

  26. 26 Yeng

    How is that 5 years after? I mean it is all just flash back. they should show new things like getting marry or maybe baby???

  27. 27 Jes

    “Every-Ting” was noticeable and somewhat funny. (hee hee) But then I was reminded that I can’t speak Korean like they do so I won’t poke fun. Plus, Lee Min Ho’s smile overshadows his pronunciation flaws… SWOON everytime !!!

    On Ji Hoo — I heard his schedule was too packed and so that was the reason there wasn’t that much of him (or any?).

    I wish Gu Hye Sun had participated… 🙁

  28. 28 adorkabelle

    Just when I thought Boys Before Boys was over, it sucked me backed in – just hearing the theme song makes me want to re-watch the series (again)! But Lee Min-ho looks so cute in the frilly apron!

  29. 29 Nanae123

    I love Lmh’s voice and his clip… ya.. except for the “EVERYTHING” part… I just wanted to get over this drama and get over him… but this is like giving me a taste of a drug i have addicted before…man…

  30. 30 mihally

    I guess Kim Hyun Joong is kind of Gu Jun Pyo in real life. He is famous even before BOF and leader of pretty boy band. So it may be easier for him to let go of Ji Hoo character. For F3, BOF is what makes them famous. So they may be still hanging in there. But I guess Kim Bum is already moving on. I want to know what Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun will do for their next project. Anyway, the boys look good. The production sucks!

  31. 31 bbm

    coz there is no way i’m able to see the video (darn office blocked any streaming sites), i just want to comment on the song Lee Min Ho sang. why is it i feel like hearing My Everything by Misia but in korean, the notes are different, but the music accompanying it kinda make me feel that way… yeah he’s got a bit of a problem with pronounciation, but it’s quite good…
    i’ve been hearing kim bum song over and over again from yesterday… off to hear it again 😛
    off topic, yay for KBS world finally showing Story of A Man… Do Woo n Kyung Tae looked very delicious… slurrp XD

  32. 32 joonni

    Did that part with Jihoo making the snowman show up in the series? Somehow I thought Joonpyo made it in the series. Now I know it is Jihoo!

  33. 33 hanneebuff

    Since when did Jun Pyo became domesticated? hehehe! but he definitely is the cutest guy in red, frilly apron. It was so sweet of him to bake cookies for Jandi. Minho’s voice is raw but it will definitely improve with training.

  34. 34 Atsirk

    Yup, they’re getting more popular here in the Philippines. It picked up an amazing 28% in yesterday’s episode alone. It is among the top 5 shows watched during primetime (6 to 11 PM).

    And because they’re coming here, I’m still feeling the F4 fever 🙂

    I believe that Kim Bum and Lee Min-ho’s future are promising. They delivered their parts very well.

    Boys Over Flowers aza!!!

  35. 35 chajjye

    that picture has hyun joong with the post-bof hairstyle (dyed into darker color)…so he’s present for the photoshoot, but not for the video?!

    oh come on. where is ji hoo? is his narcolepsy recurring so often? oei. a sleeping doctor. scary.

  36. 36 chajjye

    sorry for the double post, was angsty and hasty just now, clicked too soon. hehe. just that i’m missing ji hoo. yes he dances WAY better than he acts, but it’d be nice to see him acting some small part like the rest do you know? :S

    min ho’s voice is raw so i guess just need more polishing. love his jandi cookies. hehe. and someone please tell me what junpyo was saying when he was going to bake ’em cookies? and then what were woo bin and junpyo saying to each other? i just caught certain words like “need help?” and “get out.”


  37. 37 -ABBY-


    . ,i really love LEE MIN-HO so much.!!

  38. 38 Anonymous

    oh my god i love them!

  39. 39 Miss J808

    i love kim hyun joong in WGM!
    mwahhh mwahhh

  40. 40 Kimchigeol

    Thanks for posting the link! I found “extreme” really addicting, but the song in Jun Pyo’s story was a far cry from that… and I’m loving it more! The Jan Di cookies are really touching.

    I was pro-Jun-Di all throughout the series but after seeing Ji Hoo’s vid, I kinda feel sorry for him. It would’ve made his fans happy if the storyline permitted him to meet someone new, or at least cross paths with his first love. I understand thAt he wasn’t available when they were making this but still… It’s just sad to see how he’s still hung up with Jan Di after all those years. Then again, if the goal was just to show old footages of him with Jan Di, it kind of defeated the concept of the F4 After Story.

  41. 41 schatzi

    haha. i noticed that “everyTING” too 🙂 i find it cute. hehe. love his voice 🙂

  42. 42 Joanna

    So JunPyo and Jandi didn’t end up together? waa…. thats a very sad part…. D: i’m gonna miss this show like crazy!! hope there will be a 3rd Season or a movie? haha…

    I like ss501, sometimes, what a cool song!

    Haha, hope to have a movie soon!!

  43. 43 imagine

    it’s nice in a way…brings back memories:)) i just hope that they’ll put a little more effort in it. but it’s nice and F4 Korea is gaining a lot of popularity in the Philippines. Good Luck to all of them! I just wish that Kim So Eun and Kim Bum will also have a drama together and I wish all of them luck in there personal careers! 🙂

  44. 44 Rebeca

    So……that JoonPyo video pretty much was a “Before the wedding” video?

    I don’t speak Korean, so can anyone tell me what Min Ho and Kim Joon were talking about??

    Where was Joon Pyo dressed up to go? Cuz i got the impression from the Video that he was going to his wedding 😀

    is that right?

  45. 45 jae

    Aww!! JanDi brownies!!

    I <3 MinHo’s song. It’s decent and fits perfectly. ^^

  46. 46 grace.....the one from Jersey, USA

    I never thought that I would use the word “disappointed” in
    the same sentence as “Boys over Flowers.” I was wrong.

    Anybody know the meaning of the phrase: truth in advertising?
    Where was the ~ 5 years later ~ part in the Jihoo episode?
    Even the snowman, OOPS, the snow-Jandi, was a scene edited
    out of the original series. Who’s the dope who edited out such
    a charming scene in the first place?

    Junpyo making those cookies? I’m glad that Lee Minho and Kim Jun
    bothered to show up for the filming. It was a cute idea, done very well.

    Although I would have enjoyed it a little more if the porridge shop
    owner was the General Manager of “The Shinwa Cookie Company”
    with the evil mother-in-law on an assembly line, doing the frosting
    on the Jandi and Junpyo cookies. : )

    But seriously…….after all the ups and downs that we BoF fans had
    to get through, the least that the producers could have given us was
    a wedding scene, AND A FEW REAL GLIMPSES, of 5 years later.


  47. 47 Tamara

    The word everyTing got me distracted while watching de vid. I am disappointed as some of you with Ji Hoo’s part, looks like he doesn’t “love” his character, why couldn’t he record some new scenes?

    well, finally, The End. (Though we still have Anycall haptic missions)

    Take care!

  48. 48 EM

    ‘So far, none of those Taiwanese F4 boys had made it big by thier own after their F4 days’

    @bolt, you may say they dont have talent in singing and im inclined to agree but you’re definitely not correct when you say they havent made it big on their own after F4.
    Vic has clearly gone on to have a very successful career proving he can act through multiple other dramas and some movies and has really shed the Lei/Rui role.
    Jerry is also still popular through his drama roles, contributing to the hype around ‘Hot Shot’.
    Vanness is still focused on music and his last album sold well.
    As for Ken, probably hasnt made it as far as the others but still gets roles in film and dabbles in music.

  49. 49 tam

    if they not going to show nothing new whats the point…. I think is was a waste of film at least show them getting married or something. I thought all the videos except the music was pointless. Its over move on

  50. 50 randomone

    Bolt, I believe you are mistaken.The Taiwanese F4 are VERY succesful. Sure, some are more successful than others but they got a bunch more acting projects that launched their popularity after meteor garden (esp.Vic Zhou and Jerry yan). They have hit drama shows and top selling albums(they sing and act). I have no doubt that the Korean F4 will be just as succesful.

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