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Cafe Seoul’s three brothers
by | May 1, 2009 | 31 Comments

Kim Jung-hoon, Kim Dong-wook, Choi Sung-min

There’s another Korean-Japanese co-production coming out, and this one has rather flown under the radar. News came out about the movie Café Seoul [카페 서울] after it had already wrapped filming. In fact, one of its actors, Goong‘s Kim Jung-hoon, just enlisted for his army duty a few days ago (April 28) and won’t be around to see the film come out this summer.

Along with Kim Jung-hoon, the film also stars Coffee Prince‘s Kim Dong-wook, as well as Choi Sung-min (Big Sister, Saving My Wife); together, the three play brothers.

The movie is filmed by Japanese director Take Masaharu of the 2007 film Boy Meets Pusan and also stars Saito Takumi. It sounds like a simple indie drama, but something about the description strikes me as lovely: the movie tracks “the process of youths coming to realize the warmth and meaning of old things in the midst of the fast-changing streets of Seoul.”

The three brothers have lived their separate lives after losing their parents in a car accident, and the eldest brother (played by Choi Sung-min) is a “warm, simple type” who tries to keep their sweets shop running, which is full of old memories. Kim Dong-wook is a cool-headed and motivated patissier, while Saito Takumi plays a friend of Kim Jung-hoo’s character. When the fate of the store is endangered, the brothers rediscover family and love.

Café Seoul will open in Japan in July, and also will screen at this year’s Pusan International Film Festival. While Kim Jung-hoon will be serving his military duty for the next two years, Kim Dong-wook has several upcoming projects, which include the Ha Jung-woo film National Athlete [국가대표] and the omnibus movie Ogamdo [오감도].



31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Taohua

    Hmm, this sounds pretty interesting, But ever since watching Witch Yoo-hee, I’ve approached Kim Jung-hoon’s projects with some trepidation. Has he improved since then? Though to be fair, the script of Witch Yoo-hee was pretty atrocious…if it wasn’t for Jae Hee and the “love” between him and Dennis Oh, I probably would’ve never finished it.

  2. Anonymous

    I believe Kim Jung-hoon was not in Witch Yoo-hee,

  3. mararu

    Well anonymous he was in Witch Yoo-hee, remember the greedy doctor? Yeah that’s him.

  4. diana

    not sure im gonna watch this….. the story sounds a lil bit boring and i dont really like the actors, especially kim jung hoon

  5. Blakey

    It sounds interesting. Simple and charming. The three brothers concept rediscovering family reminds me of The Darjeeling Unlimited’ which is a movie I adore.

    This will probably be different, but I hope the movie will be as pleasing and lovely as it sounds. ^^

  6. Sere

    “while Saito Takumi plays a friend of Kim Jung-hoo’s character”

    And by friend, you mean boyfriend, right? Considering it’s Saito Takumi we’re talking about. I mean, his past roles were a bit…BL-oriented, right? Also, if it’s just a regular chingu, I’m having hallucinations because in the first pic of them together they totally look like they’re more than that.

    I can’t wait for this movie! The plot sounds nice and refreshing, and I like the actors. Kim Dong-wook is oh so good and I didn’t even know. I’ve watched a bunch of movies in which he was a secondary character and he’s been very very good in each one of them. I had no idea.

  7. peppero

    this reminds me of antique bakery. not watching it.

  8. 'dalia

    Looks good to me. Okay I’m totally biased I love Kim Jung Hoon. And Kim Dong Wook, loved him ever since No Regret, I am totally rooting for him to do well in the biz!

  9. Yoo Jin

    yay i get to see Jim Jung Hoon one last time before his 2 year service in the military …so sad he has to leave TT_TT

  10. 10 Biscuit

    Another movie added to the list of Japan-Korea movies. Still need to watch Hanakage with Kim Rae Won @___@

    I only liked Kim Jung-hoon in Goog, and wsa funny in Kim Dong-wook (like his short hair better since I don’t recognize him with longer hair). The other guy looks familiar, but I can’t remember.

    @Peppero: “this reminds me of antique bakery. not watching it.” Is it because it has to do with a bakery? The bakery/plot line really isn’t new and has been used alot.

    About Saito Takumi.. “….the brothers rediscover family and [love]. ” Or just imagination XD

  11. 11 marie

    …wow I totally didn’t recognize Lee Dong Wook in the first picture until you mentioned “Coffee Prince”. hmmm in that case, this movie should be on the “to watch” list haha =)

  12. 12 hn

    cool! I like movie that just appeared out of nowhere rather than being hyped up like Frozen Flowers. So far I’ve watched Kim Jung Hoon’s acting in Goong and Witch Yoo Hee. He was great in both but in Witch yoo hee, his character was not given much room to develop. But I think he is a good actor.

  13. 13 Ayu

    Saito Takumi? Really? O.O

    He’s a great actor, from my view. Of course, I’ve only seen him play a stoic character (the same one) three or four times, but he’s got charisma. And his voice is sexy.

    I expect a large amount of people to watch it just for Kim Jung Hoon, but that’s ok. It still seems interesting, with or without the actors. They’re just a bonus. XD

  14. 14 Kender

    Aww, this sounds cute. I might keep my eye out for it, mostly for Kim Dong-wook and Kim Jung-hoon. (I’m biased, I know. XD)

  15. 15 ivan

    o0o0 im watching it!! woohoo. kim jung hooon! haha

  16. 16 Catherine

    This sounds interesting… I will definitly check it out when it comes out.
    Although…. The mention of Saito Takumi was what really had me sold on this ^_^

  17. 17 asianromance

    sounds interesting. KJH’s a tolerable actor, but i think the reason why he sometimes that he comes off really bland is because the character written for him is also really bland. In Goong, the spineless guy who pines after YEH. In WYH, spineless guy who pines after his career and Yoo Hee. In Love Strategy, guy who pines after his childhood love (but with more of a spine). i hope they do something cool with this character.

  18. 18 dartzz

    kim dong wook!! were have you been love??

  19. 19 le

    i love Kim Dong Wook, i just saw his movie Lost & Found, it was the funniest movie i’ve seen in a long time, also his character is pretty hilarious.

  20. 20 peppero

    yes, it has to do with the bakery plot. also, the cast are all male. no women. i have to admit that i’m not familiar with any of the actors except for kim jung hoon but his acting was not impressive.

  21. 21 Gloria

    I’m excited to see Kim Dong Wook again!! (:

  22. 22 Fenrir

    I’m somewhat excited about this because I’ve loved KJH in Goong (Yul was actually my favourite character and my love interest of choice; prince Shin was way too broody and undecisive by half). Moreover, anyone who has played even a tiny role in Coffee Prince garners my immediate approval. It also helps that KDW is a cutie-pie to end all cutie-pies.

    The only one I’m dubious about is Saito Takumi who never really blew me away. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way.

  23. 23 Apple

    Very good. I love Kim Jeong Hoon.

  24. 24 lopflop

    I will watch it i love kim jung hoon and takumi saitoh hopefully my will have it on that is the only way us in the states can see asian movies and dramas for some reason we don’t get alot of asian movies here.even though there are a lot of them great ones.just because an actor does poorly in one movie doesn’t mean he is a bad actor.look at tom hanks he wasn’t to good in splash but look at him now.Jackie chan didn’t have a very good start either now he is now one of the best.

  25. 25 Erica

    @lopflop: No, no it’s not. That is also a very bad way to watch them. Those sites are crap and run by money-grubbing idiots.

  26. 26 michelle

    wOw..this movie so best..

  27. 27 all4movies

    Just watched this little gem. Heard about it through the Hawaii Film fest and it is a lovely little film.

    Foodies who enjoy eating tteok will certainly enjoy watching the process of making it and learning some of the meaning behind it.

  28. 28 esin

    ı love kjh love love love

  29. 29 thuybee

    Does anyone know where i can watch or download it with english subs? It’s only partially subbed on youtube and they don’t sell DVDs in the right region for me 🙁

    KJH ♥

  30. 30 junaly

    hehe, i just watched goong a few days ago and i love kim jung hoon!!! although i dont want to watch witch amusement because i think that will ruin him for me. yeah i’m shallow. wtv, 🙂
    i dont know when he’ll be back from the army but i’ll be waiting for his next movie/drama!! 😀

  31. 31 Smita

    I love this movie especially Kim jeong hoon.He is so cute.And his movie going was great😃😊😞…..

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