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Eugene as Juliet in San Francisco
by | May 8, 2009 | 33 Comments

Singer-turned-actress Eugene (Three Dads One Mom) recently took a trip to San Francisco with her younger sister, and in K-entertainer style, the vacation is being broadcast for a cable special called Living Beauty: Eugene’s Makeup Diary.

With makeup being a key theme, Eugene used cosmetics to style herself after some famous faces, including the actress Olivia Hussey, who played Juliet in the 1968 Zeffirelli film version, as Hussey is someone Eugene has sometimes been said to resemble. (She really does; see photo below.)

What do you think, similar or not?

Aside from Hussey’s Juliet look, Eugene also styled herself after Audrey Hepburn and a few other actresses, in addition to showing off her “saeng-ul” face (i.e., without makeup). The trip also included a few close friends; below, she poses with her sister Yoo-kyung.

The episode will be shown on cable channel O’live on May 9.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Eros ^-^

    That trip looks like fun! I don’t think they look similar. They just have the same hair-do but the face doesn’t really match.

  2. bama

    I like the hairstyle in the first pic…very princessy

  3. hmmm...

    wow Eugene’s sister doesn’t resemble her at all. Who would think they were sisters?? How can one sister look so beautiful and the other so…. hmm…is Eugene a natural beauty?

  4. Kender

    I’ve never really been a huge Eugene fan, but I will concede that she is very pretty. Although the picture of her that you matched with the picture of Olivia doesn’t showcase their similarities as well as the first picture (in full Juliet garb) does. I can totally see the resemblance there.

    Off-topic, but the 1968 version is the ONLY version of Romeo and Juliet (other than West Side Story) that I enjoy. I hate the story itself for a variety of reasons, and I think it’s ridiculously over-hyped, but that film moves me every time. Olivia was adorable. <3

  5. loveydovey

    I love her, really, but the forehead! The forehead must be kept hidden!

  6. chocomilk

    eugene is so pretty!

    i think park jin hee resembles olivia hussey more than eugene does though.

  7. byul1232

    han ga in wins when it comes to being compared to olivia hussey.
    and eugene is a natural beauty.

  8. Snikki

    Sorry, but I don’t see the resemblance. Rachel Leigh Cook looks a lot like Olivia. I can’t think of any Korean actress who looks like her.

  9. Sere

    The Zeffirelli version of Romeo and Juliet is the ONLY R&J good adaptation imho!!! Love that movie. I swear I wanted to bleach my brain after my friends forced me to watch Romeo + Juliet with Leo Di Caprio. *shudders*

  10. 10 Gallivanter

    I can see the similarity. They’ve got the same eyebrows and similar chins.

  11. 11 Werdah

    Hey, I live in San Fransisco!
    Too bad she’s not my favorite k-actress or anything.
    Oh well….

  12. 12 Werdah

    Hey, I live in San Fransisco!
    Too bad she’s not even close to my favorite k-actress.
    Oh well….

  13. 13 robbo4

    Eugene has one of the most gorgeous, naturally beautiful faces in the world and is the very person that got me ensnared into the world of K-Drama to begin with. I absolutely fell in love with face of Olivia Hussey the first time that I saw her in Romeo and Juliet back when I was a twelve year old. For me, no other Juliet compares to her. Eugene’s sister is perfectly lovely also. I’d suggest that a highly significant percentage of the female population, both past and present, would pale by comparison were they standing next to Eugene!

  14. 14 Judy

    HEY COOL! I live in San Francisco!!! t..t WOW WOW WOW!!!

  15. 15 fizzle

    Yeah Olivia Hussey does kinda look like Eugene. Then again, anyone with a huge forehead kinda looks like Eugene.

  16. 16 Alain

    Similar to robbo4, I’ve been so hooked on K-drama because of Eugene. I am pleasantly surprised by her acting skills considering that she was originally a singer. I’ve watched most of her movies, Wonderful life series, and now Really Really Like You series. Now I find myself listening to Korean music and started a blog!! Oh my… I have issues…


  17. 17 cbcnamja

    Eugene is such a hottie! I got so used to her beautiful looks, I didn’t even noticed her big forehead anymore. It pretty much looks normal to me. I guess I’m the only person that thinks that way here.

  18. 18 Kobe

    “Then again, anyone with a huge forehead kinda looks like Eugene.”

    That’s not a very nice thing to say!

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Eugene although there are plenty of actresses who are prettier and more talented than her, but there’s just something about her personality and her characters in dramas that makes her so intensely likeable.

    If I could assemble an all-star cast of Korean actresses for a new drama, Eugene would definitely be one of my first picks.

  19. 19 balletbabe

    I see the resemblance a little from the nose down to the chin ! Not so much in the Audrey Hepburn pic though ^_^!

  20. 20 seri

    OMG THE LAST PIC. That shirt is from H and M I dont care what people say lol

    I have one completely identical which I bought like 5/6 years ago. doesnt fit me though- got abit porky x]

  21. 21 fizzle

    Haha, Kobe. I guess my post did sound kind of mean. Don’t get me wrong! I really like Eugene as well. I think she’s adorable and a pretty decent actress. Nothing wrong with having a huge forehead 😉

    I feel like she hasn’t done any dramas in forever…then I realize I opted out of Three Dads, One Mom.

  22. 22 cakes2000

    They doesn’t look alike. Just the hair. I watched Romeo & Juliet countless times, but no resemblance at all.

  23. 23 janie

    eugene is so pretty.

  24. 24 Rachael

    Haha, how sad is it that my first reaction was “Oh God she’s announced her next drama!” Sorry fans of Eugene, but she drives me nuts. I can see *why* there’s a claimed resemblence, but it’s still a bit of a stretch for me. Nice to see moments of an actress without make-up on though!

  25. 25 Bina

    from her side she looks like son tae young…

  26. 26 all4movies

    Hey, I’m a Eugene fan too.

    I think she’s been busy working on movies lately. Has anyone seen her 2 latest moveis, Heartbreak Library and Romantic Island? They weren’t bad.

    I love her dramas and have them all except for the last one, 1 Mom and 3 Dads, which I didn’t care for.

    Her wholesome and sweet personality is very appealing and enjoyable to watch.
    I hope she will be taking on another series soon.

  27. 27 mag

    Thank you for this information. I hope someone subs this in English or Chinese; I’d love to write about it for my site! I can’t wait to see which brands she’ll be using. 🙂

    Eugene is beautiful (great profile!) but I didn’t like her character/acting much in Three Dads One Mom.

  28. 28 diana

    OMG!!! i live in SF!!!! i wish i had known it earlierrrrr

  29. 29 Anonymous

    Cynicism/sarcasm alert!

    Really, at this day and age of plastic surgery gone wild, who couldn’t resemble someone else? As some have already commented, I too have special affection for the 1968 version. Maybe that explains the visceral “ugh” when I read about the comparison.

  30. 30 Maii

    Mrs.Yooky ^_^
    My teacher (before) !!
    Ahh she told us about this trip with her sister.
    She told us they got lost in San Francisco after watching the musical Wicked (An Awesome Musical at that haha).
    So Awesome to personally know a celebs sister.
    haha ^^

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