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Gu Hye-sun presents an art exhibition
by | May 21, 2009 | 100 Comments

Gu Hye-sun‘s novel Tango, for which she recently held a book signing, contained the actress’s illustrations. Now she’s holding an art exhibition to show off more of her artwork.

As you may know, I wasn’t impressed with the book, but I thought the illustrations were decent. They were irrelevant to the book, but not bad for a doodling-in-the-margins effect, which is what they were. (Take a look at some of the illustrations below.) When some people commented that they were boring and repetitive, I thought that while true, that was a little harsh because they were just decorations — it’s not like she was selling them or calling herself a serious artist.

But to hold an exhibition? Erm…. Let’s just say that if I were a working artist dying to hold my own exhibition, I’d be a little insulted. But whatever, starpower, name recognition, etc etc.

Here’s the thing about Gu Hye-sun: I think she is a talented actress and seems like a sweet person. I respect her for having many interests and pursuing them. I certainly don’t think anyone should refrain from indulging in a passion because a cranky fan doesn’t like it.

On the other hand, I don’t love when people with mediocre skills pursue them at a professional level — and when someone puts out work at that level, I think they are completely game for unvarnished criticism. Sure, it’s unsporting to take a swipe at someone’s hobby, for instance, but once your work is presented as professional output, you’d better be prepared to take your lumps with professional-level critiques. So if you liked her novel, great. If you, like me, thought it was amateurishly written, I think that’s a valid complaint and the argument “at least she tried” doesn’t hold water for me once you’ve entered the professional realm.

Gu Hye-sun’s exhibition will take place next month in Insadong and feature forty of her illustrations. Her short film, The Cheerful Caretaker, screened at the Pusan International Film Festival on May 17. Meanwhile, she is also songwriting eleven songs to feature on her own album.


Here are some scans from the novel Tango:



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100 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Snikki

    These are actually pretty good. She has potential, eventually she can be a serious artist.

  2. Anonymous

    artwork is unimpressive to say the least. i thought GHS’s acting was fabulous and adorable in pure 19 which is why i take an interest in her, but having an exhibition for her ‘art’ is a stretch

  3. nikkaii

    i agree with you!
    i like her art..but i feel its a bit unfair to those who focused on it~

    then again..maybe am just teensy bit jealous~

  4. angle2mx

    They are not bad…well considering I can’t even do decent doodle so… .

  5. Samsooki

    Yeap, she is fair game for criticism.


    She is also fair game for encouragement and support, even that which may or may not be warranted based on the skill level presented. Why? Because that’s what being in the public sphere is about, no? People can appreciate things for different reasons.

    I am no art critic, so I won’t comment on the art. And I’ve not seen her in any drama role. But based on her track record, her versatility is startling. Might she be considered a polymath…. rennaissance woman?

    Props to her.

  6. Pickwick12

    I agree with you. These are nice sketches, but definitely not what I would call professional. If GHS wants to exhibit her art, then more power to her, but the attention it gets will be about celebrity rather than artistic merit.

  7. din

    these are pretty good. but yeah, not good enough on a professional level.
    i kinda wish that she didn’t hold an exhibition until she has reached that level where her artworks are really really good, so good that her artworks are the ones that leave a good impression on people and not that because those are her work.

    ugh. i’m having a hard time trying to express my opinion. hahaha.
    hope ya’ll kinda get it though :p

  8. makeupmag

    Wow, those eyelash curlers were totally random!

  9. Just my two cents

    i’m a fan of hye sun and while i agree that her novel was on the amateurish side, teen/emo angst doesn’t suit my taste, i don’t find her illustration mediocre. she seems very talented and artistically inclined judging from the scans posted.

    and, i’ve seen far worse art exhibitions where a set of muddy footprints on white paper or a pearly white toilet seat (‘modern’ art) was passed off as artistic brilliance.

  10. 10 k-lover

    I actually love her drawings. Even though they might not be as good as the professional artists’ work, hers seems to have the potential. Especially the drawings that have a human touch to them which can lead to a whole lot of imaginary interpretations.

  11. 11 shinhyesungluv

    I think these drawings are really good. If I could draw that well, i would want others to know it too. But I agree that they’re not good enough for an exhibition.

  12. 12 Werdah

    Honestly, I find the art work absolutely beautiful.

    They’re done really beautifully, with perfect symmetry and everything.
    I’m an Art major and these are really good.

  13. 13 YGfangirl

    oohh these drawing are really interesting!
    I don’t have enough background or authority to make critical remakes about her artwork….but as a normal person looking at these, i’d say they’re pretty good. Some really evoke thought and I can see where she might have gotten her inspiration…others look like random doodles (to me atleast) but all in all….they’re not that terrible. I mean, i’m sure normal people didnt look at Picasso’s paintings and go “WOW” right away…..sure the girl is using her name and fame and whtevers, but im happy she’s putting out something, using this little bit of fame she’s gotten to maybe help her pursue her ultimate dream (ie. film making, writting etc….)….its better than saturating CF’s and trying to singing *COUGH*LEEMINHO*COUGH*

  14. 14 Gert

    Her art work needs… More. I hope the art she presented had at least a strong tying theme and they took more time than those in her book. But she has a distinct style… Just needs more cultivation.

  15. 15 ellie

    bank on the brand name anytime!..she does have potential, maybe she might get better with proper instruction, the eyelash curlers was the most memorable for me, ..the rest I might have seen similar stuff from art students’ sketch pads.
    I think having an exhibition with her work at this level is pushing it..
    what seems to be a very talented and versatile person can also be seen as ‘jack of all trades..master of some'(in her case)…
    stick with the day job (actress/singer?)
    enough said……

  16. 16 Anonymous

    The illustrations look decent. They are pretty good. Regarding her holding an Art Exhibition for beginner like herself is not bad. GHS fighting.

  17. 17 Ash

    I’m sorry, I like Gu Hye-sun just fine, but I had friends in high school art class that could do illustrations on this level, if not better.

    For those of you saying, “These aren’t bad, she has potential to be a serious artist!” I understand that you’re trying to be encouraging, but the whole point of javabean’s post was that she probably shouldn’t have released artwork at the professional level UNTIL she had reached her “potential” to be a serious artist and was on the same plane as others who had to rely only on their own artistic merit to get an exhibition for their work. Otherwise, she’s just using her celebrity to get chances to pursue “hobbies” and display them on the professional level, while other people whose actual CAREERS are working as (more competent) novelists and artists don’t get a chance to showcase the fruits of their labor. Therefore, she’s fair game for the criticism other professionals have to deal with.

    And, like I said, these are nice doodles, but not exhibition-worthy material.

    Sorry, Gu Hye-sun. I still think you’re a sweet kid!

  18. 18 Kender

    Wow, those are doodle-tastic. o.O I do stuff like that all the time when I’m bored in class, so does that mean I can hold an exhibiton too? 😀 (Not that they’re bad, they’re just..unexceptional, I feel.)

    I dunno. I feel like celebrities should keep these extracurricular activities confined to their websites/blogs/fanzines/whatever until they’re given sufficient encouragement otherwise. And by sufficient encouragement, I mean that critics have actually praised their work and told them they should pursue it professionally. I’m all for celebs stretching their wings and excercising other talents, but to gain recognition for something mediocre simply because they’re already a star is pushing it.

    And she’s writing songs in addition to her movie, her art exhibition, her book, and her acting career? Does this girl understand what “jack of all trades, master of none” means? (Is there an equivalent phrase in Korean? If there is, I’d like to know it.)

  19. 19 haru

    I like the art, but the fact that she’s pursuing so many “careers” or paths is a bit overwhelming. Writing, art, directing, acting…now even writing her own songs for her own album?? Why do some people feel the need to pursue SO many paths?! One or two isn’t good enough for her, it appears, so she’s trying out so much else. It’s weird, but I’m almost annoyed at her for this, and I don’t quite know why.

  20. 20 cecee

    Yes, I do understand that she is putting out materials that are not “critic worthy” but they are pretty good in the eyes of an average person. Average people can not doodle well as she did. Yes, she is milking the fame for what it is worth, but she is showcasing just like everyone else in BOF is. BOF is like their 15 mins of fame and they should be allowed to do what they can while they are still “HOT” commodity. I do agree with java to a certain extent but they are “stars” so they are subjected to many criticism. I for one think she is doing just fine.

    @13 I totally agree!

  21. 21 B.B.

    Sorry but after seeing the ink/water colour paintings by Shim Eun-ha in the post a few weeks back, exhibited along side other artists at the Seoul Open Arts Fair (SOAF). This really seems like riding the celebrity name wave.

    Original, check here : http://www.squidoo.com/doodle-art

  22. 22 lala


    I can draw better than that. Seriously.

  23. 23 popcorn

    I think her art is rather cute but not exceptional to the point it deserves an exhibition but I guess fame is also an important factor for showcase. I agree with you that since she actually published a book and allows an exhibition, she should be ready for any criticisms going her way.

    I can’t blame her for pursuing a lot of different areas since besides from literature I also like art. I am mediocre in both but shouldn’t she, a public figure, just dedicate to one and be good at it instead of trying too many things? I agree she is talented but I can’t help but think that her talent is tiny but her goals for recognition is too high. It is sad in that being a public figure and all the success which is mostly as a result of it actually might make her more confident in the areas that she need more polishing for.

    Oh well, :)

  24. 24 bluebunny

    I agree with you #20-u took the words out of my mouth! The F4 boys are cashing in on their fame so why can’t she?

    Though I haven’t read her novel do I like her drawings. I think it’s better than what some regular folks like me draw (it’s better than what I drew in art class in college). I do think she is artistic/creative. I’m actually interested in seeing more drawings from her but would really love to see her short film. She takes risks knowing that she’s always gonna have critics. She’s just not “closing a window of opportunities when it’s open”-more power to her!

  25. 25 kimchii

    I like the eyelash curlers..
    Had to scroll back up to check what they were..
    Random? Probably fit where the book was maybe?

  26. 26 Jes

    I’ve seen a lot of modern art and compared to what I have seen in famous museums and exhibitions, Gu Hye Sun’s artwork deserves praise.
    Her style isn’t traditional so you can’t compare her work in that light.

    I say ‘good for her’ for displaying her work. What about those ninny celebrities who
    come out with their own handbags, clothing designs, restaurants, etc who know nothing about those fields?
    She seems to really enjoy art. Let her have her exhibition, since she had the money and means to have one and let the envy-monster critics be silenced. :-)

  27. 27 K.C

    well, i think her illustrations are rather looking like sketches
    nevertheless i found them pretty nice and creative- if they are still worth
    of an exhibition is a question everybody has to think of himself xD

  28. 28 majata

    Her artwork is good,maybe she can’t compare to some of the really talented artists but on their own, they’re worthy of praise. I for one can’t even sketch a perfect egg so I’m in awe of her work.

  29. 29 KellieT

    I agree with you, #26 Jes. Art is a pretty subjective thing.

    It’s funny that nobody seems to be complaining, at least not to the extent of some of these comments here, about the f4 guys totally cashing in on their fame. I mean, Kim Bum can definitely hold a note, but Lee Min Ho singing is mediocre at best. Not to mention that god awful digital single he released with his wow-tastic dancing abilities and digitalized voice.

    At least Goo Hye Sun is pursuing things she seems to have a genuine interest in and talent for. I get that a lot of the commentators find her talent in these areas lacking or undeserving of the recognition she’s getting, but honestly, why is there a disproportionate amount of criticism , compared to the f4 boys and their outside acting pursuits, always directed towards anything and everything she does outside of acting? I don’t know; it sounds an awful like envy to me.

  30. 30 Muffin

    I like her drawing style. The end.

  31. 31 javabeans

    Trust me, I’m sick of the F4 boys too.

    I think the key difference, however, is that most of the boys’ activities are commercial from the get-go. A photo shoot in a magazine or a CF pushing a product doesn’t attract the same criticism because those aren’t passing off an activity as serious art. Writing a novel and holding an art exhibition? Those are indicative of greater artistic pretensions than selling a donut. The nature of the work elicits different levels of response, imo.

    The “you’re just jealous” argument tends to come out a lot in situations like this but I don’t find it persuasive. I’m not envious of Gu Hye-sun’s skills — good for her, and I mean that sincerely — but I think I can still make comments about her products without being reduced to an “envy-monster critic.”

  32. 32 E

    I think her art is worthy of an exhibition…maybe if she made bigger pieces and showcased them as well. Maybe I’m not really good at the whole art thing and not really experienced with it at all but to me…it’s quite good to be able to draw it and turthfully it’s definitely a different style than other artists.

    I find that if she has the ability to hold an art exhibition…why not? I’ve seen art exhibitions with people taping old pieces of gym equipment together so compared to that…this is pretty cool.

  33. 33 dunlop

    I agree it’s not the best, but just because people(including me) may sometimes think it has to be super-pretty to be in an exhibition, it doesn’t mean that it has to be. If you look at the some art pieces that are popular, sometimes it will make you wonder, “How did that thing get so famous?” But art has so much more to it than what you see at first. Never judge art by it’s colors. I’m sorry, I don’t think this even has to do with GHS’s pictures. I was just noticing that everyone including myself have been judging her pictures only by the patterns and colors.

    Anyway, should GHS be pursuing all these things at a professional level? I’m not so sure myself. I just know that I respect GHS for pursuing what she wants despite the criticisms.

  34. 34 pep

    the issue is not the artist or the artwork itself, but the categorization in which the critics past/present experience/understanding/knowledge/prejudices come to judge what is presented to them.

    Ms. Gu may not be Picasso or she may not be Hemingway because she does not belong to that category of artist/novelist. Comparable to Mr. Stanley from the group KISS as his art has presented value for mass consumption/appreciation and so too would Ms. Gu art/novels at some/different level.

    As long as Ms. Gu work continue to evoke response to someones senses/emotion there will be a market for her art. Exhibition worthy or not.

  35. 35 amy

    I like her doodles here, but her writings… they’re so pretentious to the point that I am annoyed by them.

  36. 36 Gedubraxz

    Nothing special.i think it’s not good enough to a prof level

  37. 37 ohyehbb

    I know so many people who are wayyy better than she is at art, not to mention are seriously studying it, and have never had an exhibition in their lives. Not to say these are bad or anything, just that it’s hardly good enough to get an exhibition.

    I feel like she is pursuing too many things professionally. It’s one thing to have hobbies, but turning every hobby into a profession is a little much–I wouldn’t even be complaining if those hobbies were at a professional level, but they just aren’t. Actress, writer, artist, director, musician… I don’t know, for me it’s hard to take her seriously. She does seem nice and everything, but I kind of wish she would keep her hobbies to herself like most people do until they’re actually good enough to showcase.

  38. 38 Marie

    “its better than saturating CF’s and trying to singing *COUGH*LEEMINHO*COUGH*”

    Isn’t GHS also coming out with an album? I feel like she’s really spreading herself thin with all these side projects when 1) she’s not incredibly talented in any of these areas, and 2) her strongest talent, acting, still needs a considerable amount of work.

  39. 39 jazz

    The boys are milking thru fame on CF or photo shoots from magazine whereas she is promoting herself in different ways by writing novel and holding an art exhibition. i admire her encouragement but be honest, she is not really talented in any of these..

  40. 40 Motosake

    I like her art work, very nice but not over flowing with endless thoughts of randomness… I’m starting to wonder now if that picture of Ji Hoo (Kim Hyung Jung) was sketched by her?! (the one where they were sitting on the bench outside of the musem and he fell asleep on…)

  41. 41 MoMo

    Art is pretty subjective isn’t it? What is wonderful and interesting for some may be mediocre or awful to others. I believe GHS should not stop herself from pursuing all her interests just because she happens to be an actress. She cannot stop herself short thinking that she’s not good enough. I don’t think anyone should, film star or not, for that matter.

    I followed her since her supporting role in Seo Dong Yo. Like all her pre-BOF fans I knew she is multi-talented. I am very happy that BOF has elevated her to the level that she very much deserves. But I don’t think her post-BOF popularity made her what she is today as she had always been talented. I believe that it merely took her to where she is today, which I believe is fair.

  42. 42 cosmopolite

    I think you’re absolutely justified in your criticism. The key point is the professional aspect. She went for it and she should be ready for the (good and bad) reactions.

  43. 43 Iris

    I’d go to the exhibition, put it that way. I’ve seen (as someone mentioned above) way to many weird and awful examples of ‘modern art’ which ends up just being paint thrown onto a canvas.

    I think you’re right about her being prepared for good and bad criticism, though. If you want your work to be taken seriously, then that’s the sort of things that happen to serious writers and artists.

  44. 44 MoviesWeHaveWatched

    Isn’t she just doing what she went to school for?

  45. 45 Nanae123

    Well imo, they aren’t bad illustrations but not exceptionally good enough to held an exhibition… why do actress want to become an artists who wrote novel and draw some illusrations… i don’t understand the connections… why didn’t she just focus on one thing or a few things that are related to one another and try to become the best.. but why does she need to try to become everything… when she can’t be the best at everything…

  46. 46 popcorn

    I don’t think it is a matter of jealousy. I know she is just taking the opportunity from the BOF fervor to allow for her hobbies to be seen by her fans. I know the feelings or desires of an artist to let others see their creations but at the same time those feelings should be accompanied with acceptance for various criticism and/or opinions from the same viewers. She put herself in public she should be ready for what public has to say. I can’t understand why is it that one person thinks she doesn’t deserve the attention that many artists who are way more exceptional due to long experiences and practices do not have the same opportunity as she cannot stop and criticize her art in a more professional level? If others are defending her in a way that says she has the gut to show off her hobbies, I wonder if they ever stop and wonder if they work so hard for something and never get the same recognition as someone who has only mediocre skill? Think about those artists who have been drawing for so long.. It is also a matter of pride for the “art” itself.

    My cousins and I have many doodles like her but we never really get praised for them. It is rather called mediocre by us both as well. We just believe that we have a long way to go before we can actually show it off for others to see. That and the fear that we won’t be ready to accept a more professional criticism. I’m just saying good for her for her success but also let others judge for themselves whether she deserve the same praises others work so hard for and never receive any. I mean it is justified if she is actually “good” but to me, it’s “cute” rather than “wow”.

    This is the first time I wrote two replies… 😀 I’m just annoyed that some people regard the criticism as jealousy. No.

  47. 47 hyesun has talent :)

    i think she’s talented, and has lots of potential

    if she just took the time to photoshop/color in the pictures/ add some more detail, i see a lot of potential

  48. 48 Danielle

    I agree with #44 I don’t get why people are making it seem like she just got famous and decided tomorrow I’m going to write a book or draw some pictures, and saying these are just her hobbies. She went to school for this, it didn’t come overnight. When you get out of college do you not look for a job because you may not be good at it at first. She got famous on her abilities no matter how it started off. Her fame draws peoples interest and more power to her. She’s lucky enough to find a job and build a career doing what she studied which is hard to say for a lot of people.

    I also think her art is beautifully done for modern art, and I have seen much worse. I hope she does well.

  49. 49 Crab

    If you have it…flaunt it! we’re living in a damn if you do damn if you dont kinna world anyway, so you might as well make use–show– evrything you got..be proud of it and be happy with it! … when you’re onstage and the spotlight is on you…show ev’one what you’ve got…coz if you do..you might inspire a soul but if it’s the other way around atleast yer heating a nerve…care less coz envy is thin coz it bites but never eats anyway! boo them who don’t have the guts to show their worth…

    I commend Gu Hye-sun for not letting the opportunities slip her hand… coz really she’ll never know when the spotlight’s still on her or to someone else…

  50. 50 MEIKO**** ^-^

    mmm…. her doodles are interesting….

    the thoughts that came to my mind:

    *Some artists do have, what we call signature works, and their works may have repetitive concepts…

    *Some of their works too may look so plain, and ordinary…But these artists are professionals…

    *it used to be that artist with potential can only show or do exhibit if he is being sponsored by a well respected artist…. are they still doing that today? or Is it just as long as you can afford to do one?

    * cliche ” a man’s trash may be another man’s treasure”… hehe… what i mean is some people may look at an art as a “blah” but others may see something else…

    mmm…I guess it is really a fair game… in the field of creative arts and performance.. you can only go up the ladder if you have the talent and you are accepted and praised not only by the common people but by the artists whose skill/crafts have been well known throughout….

    we will see then, if hers is considered a true art….

    about the “professional” word… in arts? mmmm…..

  51. 51 hanneebuff

    i’m actually jealous that GHS is very talented and has the opportunity to show it to other people. as long as she does not stop there and continue to hone her skills, it’s fine with me. i think she’s being criticized because she’s recognized as an actress more than an artist and she still has a long way to go in terms of writing, drawing, directing etc in the same way that she needs to improve her acting. after all, everyone should have a room for improvement.

  52. 52 chajjye

    oh well. she can draw better than me.

    though yeah, she should …like han ji-hye and the rest of them, learn to live vivaciously effective. focus.

    i wonder why she didn’t contribute to the f4 special album if she’s writing songs for her own album…hmm.

    i’m not very good in art but if she is exhibiting what is shown here. eh. hopefully she would come out with something more substantial. if not, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen all.

  53. 53 KellieT

    Sorry if my comment offended you javabeans. It wasn’t directed at you; it was directed at some of the comments left by previous posters. I actually thought you were pretty fair and objective with the article about Hye Sun’s Tango and on her art exhibition. I may not agree with you about Hye Sun’s holding an art exhibition, but I still respect your opinion about it and didn’t mean to insult or try to invalidate it.

  54. 54 Imee

    It is very difficult to judge art work as it is pretty much subjective. Some of the world’s greatest artists were subjected to harsh criticisms and were only recognized many years after their demise. A great example is the great artist Vincent Van Gogh. If some studio is willing to show GHS art works ,that means a lot of people are really interested. If I live in Korea, I would surely go and see the exhibition.There are more ordinary people like me in this world than professional art critics who can appreciate art creations like Hye Sun’s. I salute her for being so dynamic and focusing her energy to positive and creative things . She has the opportunity to showcase her talents (however mediocre it is to a few people) and she is very smart to do it now (strike while the iron is hot).GHS is not only an artist but a good business woman as well. She is a complete woman and a model to all young girls of her generation.She has everything going for her and she is utilizing it to the fullest as what everybody should be doing to succeed in this world. If I can only be half as what she is and what she can do, I’ll be ecstatic. Or I just want to have her flawless complexion and perfect pair of legs and I’ll be contented!!! More Power and Fighting Hye Sun!! You are one of the reason why we still live in a wonderful world!!!!!!!

  55. 55 Sonam

    I like the way she dresses. She is no fashion slave. I love fashion but I also admire women who look like being sexy and trendy is not their top priority.
    I wish the director had let Jandi dress like GHS…..
    I am sorry but the drawings are very mediocre.

  56. 56 WHY

    Some look ok, some just ordinary, but since she is still hot in the market, why not show it. Last year she tried to push her short film for competition, but rejected, but because she is popular this year she manage to get her movie to festival, that show how status play important role to achieve something.

  57. 57 jdb

    Agree and disagree… for a changed among the BBF character she’s out here being different, unlike the boys who’s trying hard, squeezing much their energy to fashion show, music videos, etc… I understand why people have this dilemma and unacceptable concept of her being in that category considering she’s a new babe in both worlds she wants to fit in and not to mention her unpolished skills. With her young age and new found talents I can’t blame her wanting to show it to the world, she might not have bunch of award in those categories but she’s hot that’s why people around her taking advantage promoting even her tiniest talent at least she has something new to offer but then again it’s a too bold for an exhibit oh well she’s just one lucky girl.

  58. 58 maria

    very talented, but on the broadspect, yer fairly right. a straving artist better deserves the opportunities she’s being given now, i mean just speaking of her sketches.but props to her for her versatility! 😀

  59. 59 Jasmin

    Great, art like everyone else could do it. I have to say I don’t like her so much. She is not a really skilled actress so… she should just improve this skills before doing things like writing or painting.

  60. 60 Lisa

    Honestly…I can doodle as well as that. Not good enough for an exhibition IMO.

  61. 61 verity

    I guess I don’t know a lot about ‘art’, Dramabeans, but these drawings look pretty good to me.

    A lot better than ‘doodles’ in the margin. I was expecting something mediocre (I read her novel, Tango, btw, and it was pretty bad) but these are, at first glance, pretty good. In the oddest way they remind me of William Blake’s prints for some reason…obviously, they’re not on the same level of skill, but she clearly has a lot of talent. And, though it was probably the fact that she’s a celebrity that led to the exhibition, there’s no reason for anyone to write her off as a person with no talent. Obviously, if she’s bad the exhibition won’t be met with favourable reviews and she won’t have another.

    So, Gu Hye Sun, I’m a fan!

  62. 62 sopi

    I am a great fan of Jandi, but I’m not very enthusiastic about her drawings
    or writings, because their were just not my style. But what’s the point of critiquing her illustrations? There are no good Illustrations nor bad Illustrations,
    Either you like it or don’t like it.

    I think that the concept “Exhibition” is a little bit overestimated here.
    In Korea you can see a lot of exhibition of “amateuristic” illustrations
    mostly at little gallery cafe’s or on online gallerys.
    She is not a “professional”, and she never said that she is pursueing a
    “professional” art career. Her overall goal is a movie director for which she thinks,
    various experiences and understanding about acting&music&art are important.
    (In case of photography, young stars like Bae-duna & Park Jiyoon ect.also had their own Photo essay published and exhibited.)
    “Professional artworks” are mostly definitioned when they are intended to be paid for it .

  63. 63 what?

    um… i know 7 year olds who can draw better.

  64. 64 Elena

    she’s not alone in her efforts try to do it all. Lot’s of women (and maybe some men) over work the artsy side –

    Where the art has some talent is the eyelash curler – this says a lot about the other random airy fairy stuff… trying to find some kind of balance. I do think that after 5 years of effort an exhibition could be worth seeing. But , if its just for self aggrandizment, after 20 years – her art will look exactly like it does today. I didn’t read the book – and probably will never since I don’t read Korean –

    What I did notice about her acting – in both BOF and Chil Woo – that she seems bored at the end and it comes through the acting. It’s like – “i’ve had it with this, lets be done with this” That spark and enthusiasim is gone.

    Thanks Dramabeans for the opportunity to speak up. You are always very generous in your commentary. I like that. :)

  65. 65 sopi

    By the way, I really don’t want to compare with the boys’ activities
    but come on~ Should we accuse Hyunjoong for taking an acting career
    and dropping hundred-times-more-talented actors out , or should we accuse Minho for singing instead of giving the chance to all those super-professional- -but-struggling singers?
    We love it just because it’s about “them”, we know it’s not good enough for now and we hope the next time it’s better. I think all this debates about their abilities will be helpful for them, but I don’t agree about “Don’t show it off if it’s not good enough”

  66. 66 fox

    I think that the matter raised here is not solely focusing on Gu Hye Sun’s art pieces. True, she might be mediocre in this art realm, it may not be what you can call a masterpiece, and i think we are all entitled interpret art works the way we want to, but its not entirely her fault that people around her are cashing in on her popularity right? I’ve been reading up recent Gu Hye Sule articles here, and frankly speaking the criticisms and ur style of critiquing are getting to sound a bit bitchy at times, that it comes across as whiny and petulant. I never read u rant so much about other artists who are a lot mediocre than Gu Hye Sun. It’s like she couldn’t do anything worth UR praise. I guess in the Cyberworld that we live in, its so easy to judge people especially artists, knowing that no one can judge us back since we are all anonymous here. I just wish we can be more objective in our criticisms and be more fair seeing that a lot of people are reading this and are reacting to it. I think all artists deserve our praises and we are entitled to our own critique, but let’s not take our own biases, and try to give them the consideration they all deserve especially if one is working and trying so hard to be acknowledged for her artistry and craft.

  67. 67 dowager

    SOPI.. i couldn’t agree with U more. This is their time to show off whatever they have on their sleeves, just ike what other artists do. So, we shouldn’t scrutinize all their works and say “if u have average talent, just keep it to yourself” and “don’t give us that crap of work it’s not worthy of our mighty tastes” C’mon, give them a break people! They’re in the prime of their popularity… these are things you would also do if you are in their shoes too right? right?

  68. 68 Enah

    I am a struggling artist myself, and seeing her works, I would say that she has some serious talent going on there. Salute to the people who pursue their passion!

  69. 69 f4

    In the art world, an artist CAN hold an exhibition because either, she has a sponsor who will help her out , or there are people who are interested in her artworks. in this case guhyesun has both, so let’s just let her be and leave the evaluation of her artworks to those who “really” know how to appraise them hehe..

  70. 70 hmmm...

    Javabeans said just about everything i wanted to say.
    I’ll add…I’m just bewildered by this sudden exhibition. It’s so random like her sketches.
    I doodle all the time when i’m on the phone or whatever and i’m sure lot of peple do that and we don’t go exhibit our doodles…that’s just absurd…ridiculous. I’ve seen her work before and see it here again and they’re just nothing more than doodles. I can’t call it art because it’s just not. Yeah there’s artists out there that do random crap like throw paint on a canvas and call that art also…i find Goo’s stuff at that sort of randomness with an extra i’m-a-star-attitude.
    Out of the blue she publishes a book and along with it these random doodles and now she labels herself as an artist, which i find laughable, nothing more.

  71. 71 Carlos Vásquez

    En Verdad todas las personas dentro de uno guardamos oportunidades y deseos propios y fuera de ellos están las criticas sean buenas sean malas. Al Leer las criticas suponiendo que tomamos el papel del personaje que se siente amargura, alegría, pasión según sea la crítica pero al hacerlas hay que sentir eso que penetra en nuestra piel hasta llegar al interior de nuestra alma. Todos sabemos que tenemos un criterio un sentido común que nos dice si está bien o está mal hacerlo pero si no probamos en enfrentar lo que queremos ir seguro perdemos la oportunidad y nos hacemos viejos sin lograr el sueño esperado. Yo digo hay que sentir saber calificar saber apreciar si hay que dar una crítica dura que sea beneficiosa para quien la recibe para corregir y hacer más grande a esa persona no por el hecho de criticar es sentirse el más valiente el más poderoso eso solo es rutina de alguien que dejo de tener amor. Por mi parte solo quiero enviar mi más cordial aliento para lo que tengas que hacer hoy mañana y siempre si te caes levántate y sigue delante de seguro serás más grande cada día.

    In truth all people within a store and wants opportunities beyond their own and are good critics are wrong. Read the critics to make the assumption that the role of the character who feels bitterness, joy and passion as the critical need to make but feel it penetrates into your skin until you get inside our soul. We all know that we have a common sense approach that says if you are right or wrong but if you do not try to confront what we want to be sure we lose the opportunity and we do that does not achieve the expected dream. I feel I need to know to know whether voting should be given a harsh criticism that it is beneficial for the recipient to correct and make bigger this person because it feels criticize the bravest the most powerful that only routine someone who I love to have. For my part I just want to send my warmest encouragement for what you have to do today tomorrow and forever if you like and still get up in front of insurance will be bigger every day.

    자신의 죽음을 넘어선 그들의 진실이 있음 매장 내에있는 모든 사람들이하고 싶어하는 좋은 기회와 비평가 잘못이다. 비평가는 가정을 읽고 그 사람이 필요하게 중요하지만 우리의 영혼 안으로 들어가야 때까지 당신의 피부 속으로 침투 느낌으로 괴로움, 기쁨과 열정을 느끼는 캐릭터의 역할을합니다. 우리 모두는 우리가 ‘라는 상식적인 접근 방법도 알고있다면 오른쪽 그름을하지만 만약 당신이 무엇을 우리가 원하는 건 우리가 기회를 잃게되고 우리는 그 꿈을 달성하지 않는 것으로 확인을해야 직면하려고 노력하지 않아요. 내가 알고 투표 여부 그것은받는 사람에 대한 올바른에게 도움이되고 더 큰 만드는 사람이 있기 때문에 비판하는 것 중에 가장 강력한 느낌만이 주어진 일상 가혹한 비판해야 알아야 느낌 제가 누구를 사랑하는 사람. 난 그저 내일을 위해 오늘 할 영원히 같은 보험의 경우 여전히 앞에서 일어나 매일 큰 될 것입 내 따뜻한 격려를 보내려고 내 일부가 들어있습니다.

  72. 72 Hana

    As much as I applaud Gu Hye Sun for attempting to appear more than just a pretty face, I think that extending herself to appear more talented in the arts is something akin to self-aggrandizement. I mean, if she wanted to be taken seriously as an artist both in the written and visual form, she should have waited until she can be considered without the help of her current “popularity.”

    I understand that people would misconstrue my comment as envy but I feel that she is just in it as a marketing scheme without exerting much effort in her works. I would respect her more if these works are really the true fruition of years of labor but it doesn’t seem to be so. Her book is the same. I find it similar to vanity publishing, which means writers self-publish their books for themselves or families, these books are not really taken seriously in the literary world.

    What I’m really saying is the Gu Hye Sun is merely branding herself as this stylish polymath who doesn’t really respect the efforts of those who have worked all their lives just to be published or exhibited. I might take kindly to her “artistic/literary abilities” if there is some semblance that these took some effort out of her. Heck, even Stephanie Meyer worked really hard to publish her teen angst/ gothic work, TWILIGHT.

  73. 73 thanatos

    I’m a serious artist and I don’t feel insulted. If anything, I say she has interesting works of art. It’s actually the other way around– just because she’s a celebrity, people might not perceive her as the typical “serious artist”

  74. 74 thanatos

    and by the way, i just have to disagree with the notion of “good enough.” There’s no such thing as “good enough” in art. Art is about creating and defending one’s philosophy and ideology of the world through art making. It’s not simply about the aesthetics. Otherwise, that’s a shallow way of looking at art, and that in of itself is insulting.

  75. 75 sopi

    Just for information.

    She started “Tango” even before she was casted at BBF,
    and some of her Illustrations(Those looking like floating flowers and leaves)
    were on the album for R&B singer GUMI, which was released last year march .

    As I’ve said before, I didn’t read her book, I’m not drawn to her illusts,
    and I won’t hear her album cause New age is not my thing(I’m a Hiphop mania!)
    but– I think producing a book, 40 drawings, and an album with more than 10 songs… that’s definitely not “out of the blue”.

    She was lucky(or maybe not lucky) to get more attention and publicity
    because of BBF, but even with her former namevalue it would have been enough
    for a book and exhibition.

    By the way… as far as I remember she never mentioned herself as artist
    The press did.

  76. 76 le

    her art is pretty good, but all this stuff even though she would have done it anyways seems to be really milking the Boys Over Flowers popularity thing, but the other cast members are doing the same thing except GHS is pursuing her interests in a lot of creative things.

  77. 77 iheartu

    @thanatos: Thanks for perfectly articulating my exact sentiments about art!

    @Hana: Aren’t you making an assumption without actually backing up your claims with evidence? How do you know that her works, whether in the art or writing realm, didn’t take any effort to churn out?

    “…Gu Hye Sun is merely branding herself as this stylish polymath who doesn’t really respect the efforts of those who have worked all their lives just to be published or exhibited.” —> Whoah. I know you’re not trying to sound envious, but that came out as sounding very bitter and very judgmental.

    @hmmm…: Still not over your Gu Hye Sun inferiority complex?

  78. 78 BBF Momfanatic

    I applaud anyone who has the courage to pursue the talent(s) that they have. Why must we limit our abilities to “one or two”? Only in trying will we know our strengths and weaknesses. This is a young individual who seems to enjoy what she is doing (no matter how many that may be). If she is true to her passion(s), then, she is never wrong. In fact, I think she is a good role model to young women that one doesn’t have to limit oneself. More power to you, GHS!

  79. 79 214

    I think most of the criticisms on her art are purely based on their biased and subjective opinion on Goo Hye Sun, the actress herself. On the other hand, those who say they can do better doodles than those… it’s just like the old debate on what is art and what is not. See Picasso’s works. The thing is… although it’s true that one can actually do them… but you didn’t, did you?

  80. 80 @#79

    truer words have never been said! ghs fighting!

  81. 81 Procrastinator

    I don’t think it’s fair for some of us to judge that her work isn’t “good enough” to be put up on an exhibitionist level. And I do think that many of us are judging her with a more critical eye than we should – the “star power” bandwagon seems to be biasing a lot of people against her. These are really wonderful illustrations, and as a bunch of people before me have already said, I don’t think her position as an actress should obstruct her from doing what she really wants to do. She’s been given the opportunity to exhibit her work – who, in their right mind, would refuse that?

    You don’t have to be confined to be doing just one thing for the rest of your life. And although there is the general feeling out there that people who are pursuing something as a career are more deserving than people who are pursuing something as a hobby, the world doesn’t work like that. If you have talent, you have talent. Gu Hye-Sun just happens to be in a great situation of having both the connections (and her name) and the talent to do whatever she wants. I don’t think it’s wrong to take advantage of that, especially because I think the artwork is gorgeous anyway (will my statement be validated if I say that I’m an art major?) If it was shoddy, then I’d have a problem, but it’s not at all. It’s stylish, inspiring and consistent all throughout – and not just on the “okay” level.

  82. 82 Joyz

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s reply on this thread. 😀 Looking at all the interesting comments, I think most – if not all – of us aren’t malicious but are responsible, mature and encouraging people.

    So… I guess let’s all just (continue to) give constructive feedback to anyone’s work (whether it’s painting, designing jewelry, acting or singing by a famous or unknown persona) as it is, without having to attack that person? 😉 Of course there are times we need to bring in the background of the person to make it a fair critique and I guess many of us have different views when so many things come into play.

    Still, as long as our discussion or exchange of opinions doesn’t come across as deliberately offensive to anyone (which again might spark off another round of different-people-have-different-perception-and-interpretation-to-words/meanings debate), I think we’re all entitled to our own opinions. Sure, it’s hard to be diplomatic all the time, but I think the criticisms are dished out to the person’s work ought to constructive rather than destructive. And this can be done without having to make any personal attacks on the ‘artist’ – not that anyone is doing that here.

    Heh, just my 2-cent worth of thoughts.

    Anyway, as much as I applaud celebrities for having the courage to exhibit their other talents, I’m honestly envious too! Ah, some people are just very blessed. :) All the best to them!

  83. 83 Worthy

    I think the point here we want to take is the artwork itself.

    Javabeans, if you could say that her artwork shouldn’t be put up in a professional level, I don’t think anyone from Art Major or simply a Master of Arts and a well proclaimed and know prodigy could ever understand you. Putting up an exhibition whether by studio gallery or online is the same. The only difference is the sponsor one would have and the advisers the artist could obtain for her pieces. The critics they’ll gonna have for the exhibition are well-chosen for the event.

    In the world of arts, there’s no maturity level we define. We differ arts from canvas, oil paintings, abstract, filming, visual. cinema, photographic and such. We can’t say one has more ‘professional level’ as you called than the other. Appreciating arts comes and was born at the same time with that person. We can’t just learn how to draw arts and crafts, get A+ scores, graduate with awards or as a cum laude and say that person could held an exhibition. Anyone, I repeat, anyone could put up their work for exhibition and there’s no exceptional. There will be no criticism since arts conveys and interpret the person who’s looking at it.

    I came to know her in August Rush, she and Mr. Lee has been recruited as an additional cast for our movie. I have been reading news pertains to Korea in order for us to understand the nature and hopefully could team-up again with well-respected artist. But I didn’t have any idea how a blogger could define an artist who he/she never knew too well and doesn’t have the backbone understanding what art really is. We are disappointed how manipulative one could possess to devour and distort an innocent work of art.

    Sony Pictures
    USC A&H Alumni

  84. 84 thanatos


    finally… thank you, i agree with you 100%

  85. 85 Imee

    @worthy..THANKS…WELL SAID….All negative things thrown at Hye Sun’s art work are  mostly from people who really don’t like her from the start. Maybe only 1% of or less of the world’s population are art afficionados and the rest of us are ordinary citizens who just go by what we think is pleasing to our eyes.To those who says they can doodle better,good for you and you are the only one who knows if you are speaking the truth. I thought I was the only one who noticed that Javabeans is too harsh on Hye Sun while the other celebrities especially the F4’s get a free pass all the time. And mostly the girls are the one’s always throwing stones at her that makes me furious. Sure, her celebrity status help her with the exhibition and she is smart to take advantage of it.Who say’s this world is fair. If Madonna could doodle like Hye Sun, I’m pretty sure she will have an art exhibit  too and she wrote a book too remember? Hye Sun won the Audience Award in the Busan Short Film Festival last May 16 and that shows people supports and show her lots of encouragement!!!! She is  currently Han Cinema’s Most Wanted Actress .So Hye Sun, ignore all negatives and pursue your dreams . The song A GOOSE DREAM by Im Soom really befits Hye Sun about a dream that she kept inside her heart though some people laughed behind her back. Here is the songs link. Fighting Hye Sun!!!!

  86. 86 fox

    this is getting to be an educated and well-discussed issue. I’m sure we were all enlightened with all the thoughts and views presented above. So, i hope people on this blog will give constructive criticisms next time, and don’t just rely on their biases in judging artist’s/actor’s works. Let’s give credit to where credit is due , and let’s not pretend like we know a lot when we actually don’t.
    WORTHY, thanks for taking the time to comment and air your own thoughts on Gu hye sun. Goodluck to ur casting search, and goodluck to guhyesun — to more successful endeavors ahead !

  87. 87 Katie

    Ok what does everyone seem to be smoking here, her work is really good! I think all those things were really beautiful. Although I can not speak for weather he writing is good as I haven’t read the book, I’ll give credit where credit is do.

  88. 88 shaz

    hmm how do you define “professional”? It’s not as if she’s using the artworks to represent Korea at an international arts fest.

    Calling someone’s work “doodling-in-the-margins”, “just decorations” is just as harsh and patronizing if you ask me. I think there are some abstract pieces up there that certainly did not look like doodles. And like what many said, the beauty of art is subjective. What I can see is that her work reflects her as a person.

    And what about the film she directed? She got an award for it. Yes, it’s not the Oscars but she won something. Surely, it says volumes about her capabilities.

    How many celebrities in Korea or even the world are actually doing something this meaningful that are of their own efforts?

  89. 89 asdf

    to shaz: its professional when she does things the professonal way. e.g: hold an exhibition. When she wants to be taken seriously, she has to take critisism.

    and her works are seriously not fit for exhibiting yet. They look like sketches of ideas that just popped out of her head in her free time. Some can definately be developed into something impressive, but she has’nt taken the effort to do it yet.

    However, kudos to her on trying to develop her own style instead of copying. But, it is seems like she has just developed her style and using that style not second nature to her yet — some of her works seems forced. And her works are too dark/emo/angst for my liking.

    Is it me or her style seems like the chinese sugar syrup painting?
    you know the kind that the person drips the syrup in one continous stroke to form a dragon or butterfly and stick a stick in the middle so it can be held up like a lollipop?

  90. 90 depth

    TO asdf: I think ur definition of professionalism in terms of art is somewhat skewed. Her sketches u said is too emo/angsty for ur liking, so that’s one interpretation, and i believe every other art work is open to all kinds of interpretations and critiquing be it on a scholarly or non-scholarly level (like what we’re doing here), and consequently EVERY ARTIST ALSO has a right to have her artworks exhibited whether you like her works or not.

  91. 91 hither

    ” But I didn’t have any idea how a blogger could define an artist who he/she never knew too well and doesn’t have the backbone understanding what art really is. We are disappointed how manipulative one could possess to devour and distort an innocent work of art.” — from Worthy.

    This i got to at least quote because its one of the things that made sense here. Before you blabber about something, please know at least the basics of what you are blabbering about. Although we can amateurishly criticize an artwork, we should not categorize and label an artwork as something ” non-professional “. It is a superfluous way of looking at art. its like putting art and creativity into a box, and that’s not how you critique or judge an artwork. The word “professional” may sound odd to a “true” painter/artist and judging from how the blogger defined “professional”, even Picasso and Van Gogh may question your terminology..

  92. 92 rheababe

    oh…i’m just saying…..kenyang if you couldn’t do anything better, its better to wrapped up your mouth..atleast she can do better than us huh? so whats the matters w/her? also those her talents work….! i bit you guys you might be just feel jealous to gu hye sun because shes a popular now…don’t get nerves huh…just give her cheer up..and support her..either you like her or not…keyfets…..maasalammmmmmmmmmmmma..

  93. 93 rheababe

    what ever i do like everything for her…i really love her.. how simple person maybe you didn’t notice it right? fighting hye sunna.just smille for those critisizesm huh..you just continued your good oppurtunity…like just once in your life time. atleast you can do better/best compared to the other….there’s nothing but to you know…ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

  94. 94 CryZtaL_06

    that’s amazing…
    i’m also into arts and i think that her drawing is fantastic…
    it has so many meanings….

  95. 95 Maggie47

    I think that they are far from being doodles. The fact is that art means different things to different people, its most appealing and anything that keeps her in the spotlight is okay by me. If she encourages one person to try their best at what they love, her job is done.

  96. 96 ms.curiosity

    i think there’s an artist in everyone.It’s a matter of whether or not people choose to focus on it and make it their expertise.
    Like her,I’m no professional artist.I draw for fun.
    So I don’t really have the right to criticize her on a ‘professional level'(quote)
    But personally,I really like her imagination.
    Her sketches take me away.
    It’s a matter of opinion.
    Whether or not her sketches impresses people,just remember…creativity is really not that easy to put into paper.
    So please give her some credit as a person who draws for fun~

  97. 97 fairandsquare

    I like her art. Too many say it isn’t at a professional level. I wonder if those that say that are professional artists themselves. Art is subjective. It’s a way of expressing oneself. Anyway, most famous artists weren’t recognize in their era. Perhaps those that can really decipher the real beauty of her art are yet to be born. As what John Denver’s song sings in his song Vincent : ” But I could have told you Vincent, this world is never meant for one as beautiful as you…..” I say the same thing to HYE SUN. You’re such a beautiful human being, and so is your work.

  98. 98 toothpastemon

    @88, shaz –
    I think when javabeans described her pictures as doodles, she wasn’t talking about their quality but about how they had nothing to do with the actual book. The book was about a girl and her relationship problems, and these drawings are, well, not about a girl and her relationship problems.

    Some of her drawings seem pretty common, like the eye in the shard of glass/piece of paper. Not too special.

  99. 99 Ari

    I Believe Goo Hye Sun will be unforgatable Artist in Korea, why ? Because She is the real artist, the real artist who ready get crtisim about her art works. And it will make she learn agian again n again……until maybe 5-10 years more all of the people will give standing applause to her all art works.
    Like she said in many intervew, “It needs 7 years to me to get people attention that i’m an actrees, and maybe it will need 7 years more to get people attention that i’m a director”
    The smart people will take the learn fromGoo Hye Sun live, that is about a SPIRIT in spend live, and the ***** people just envy to her. How poor are they.

  100. 100 babo!

    I honestly don’t understand how there can even be a level of mediocrity in art of all things. A novel I can understand, but art? Art is an expression of emotion, how can anyone say that one’s expression of emotion is lesser than another?

    I’m not saying that I love her art, but as a decent person I can appreciate it. Not “deconstruct” an honest example of art.