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Jung Tae-woo’s vintage-style wedding photos
by | May 5, 2009 | 75 Comments

Now, THIS is how to take an eye-catching, memorable wedding photo.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the standard types of tux-n-white-gown photos we normally see, but these vintage-style shots featuring actor Jung Tae-woo and his fiancée Jang In-hee are beautiful and interesting, as well as being out of the ordinary.

The 27-year-old actor of dramas King and I, Dae Jo Young, and Great Inheritance marries his (non-celebrity) bride later this week, on May 8, at Seoul’s Shilla Hotel.

Take a look at several more photographs from the couple’s wedding album, which features Jang in hanbok and groom Jung in a 1920s-inspired (’30s?) suit.

Via Mk.co.kr

75 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lil

    @_@ @_@ These are definitely gorgeous. SAVE SAVE SAVE to play with Photoshop!

    Congrats to the couple!

  2. Asarako

    WoW thats cool….. Vintage photos! their extremely perfect with those shot as if their to be for a very long time ago….

    Best Wishes and Congrats to the Couple..

  3. hjkomo

    Great pictures! Definitely, the road less traveled.
    Though you can hardly tell from these shots, Jung Tae Woo has some of the most facinating eyes.
    Best wishes for them both!

  4. asianromance

    beautiful!!!! i wonder whose idea it was!

  5. Tea

    Gorgeous and inspiring (I think I now know what I want to do for my own pictures, should I ever get married!), but whose idea was it to leave that huge LCD TV/DVD player in the background of the last picture?

  6. Susan

    I remember watching Jung TaeWoo as a kid in some sageuk a really long time ago, hehe, how time flies….
    these pictures are gorgeous, best wishes to the happy couple =)

  7. Marres

    oh wow! how lovely!

  8. Kez


  9. AJ

    ….These are soooo beautiful. I wish my wedding pics could be like that tooooo!!! Love the clothes.

  10. 10 Taohua

    Wow! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! ! I love the mood that they evoke~
    Best wishes to the couple!

  11. 11 irugnotmis

    wow very pretty!

  12. 12 K4Ice4Thu

    Oh these are very lovely! I love the old school/vintage look – definitely not the usual wedding photos (which are always lovely to see)

  13. 13 belleza

    Beautiful, beautiiful!! The violet and jade hanboks truly flatter her. Her last picture, from her bob cut and sheer, is a perfect blend of classic and jazz-age.

    “but whose idea was it to leave that huge LCD TV/DVD player in the background ”

    That isn’t a LCD TV. It’s the Monolith. Jumong found it one day while surfing and used it to find the kingdom of Goguryeo. (Choi Wan Kyu rocks!! 😉 )

  14. 14 din

    these pictures are so pretty! that’s so creative of them 😀
    i like the contrast of the colors too! from the dull back ground colors being contrasted with the colorful hanbook & in some pics, JTW’s suits too! 😀
    sighs. so magical 😀 in a sense where there’s like a time travel to the past thing.
    haha, so romantic too :p

  15. 15 kellie

    Aren’t they lovely and interesting—these photos? And a lovely and interesting couple too. Thanks, Dramabeans, for covering it. The wedding too, maybe?

  16. 16 jlee

    wow, what an adorable couple. anyone know where these photos were shot? I want to live there. or is it a stage set?

  17. 17 Kender

    Wow, these are gorgeous! Props to whoever thought of this concept.. It’s unlikely they’ll get bored with these.

    *files away as an idea for her own future wedding album*

  18. 18 Anu

    Wow the pictures are beautiful, it makes me so jealous 🙂

  19. 19 Samsooki

    That last hanbok in the last picture…. that’s so pretty. That and the green one are my favorites. She looks so happy, so elegant, so awesome.

    This brings me to an immediate criticism. How come Korean hanboks for women are so freaking awesome, but the guys’ stuff is so lame? What’s with the MC Hammer pants and the weird hats and so on?

    And I can’t say I’m a fan of Jung Tae Woo’s satorial presentation in the above pics. Either fill the clothes properly, or get smaller clothes. Something is off, the clothes don’t fit him that well (and he shouldn’t have been in a bow tie). Finally, his poses are a bit awkward, which brings me back to my own wedding and the Korean photog making stupid suggestions like, “smell her hair!” and “act worried!” (Half of our photos ended up being useless because I didn’t look worried, I looked confused, which of course, I was.)

    Great idea, good execution, nice style, just wish that JTW didn’t have a vest and a bow tie. A nice fitted shirt with slender tie would have made him look longer and more put together.

  20. 20 petals

    She looks like Sandara Park.

    I love the pictures – especially the 4th one. <3

  21. 21 wananie

    has a very Capital Scandal feel to them. cute cute 🙂

  22. 22 es

    I love the feel to these pictures. Very vintage, but with hints of modern. Like that picture where the bride shows off her shoes.

    Very awesome. I’m loving the Capital Scandal feel ;]]

    Congrats to the (extremely cute and happy looking) couple!!! xD

  23. 23 Jasmine

    Ooh! Me Likey! it reminds me of “Capital Scandal”. The last hanbok fusion dress is SO pretty! ::dies::

  24. 24 belleza

    Hey Sarah — any information on that last dress or the dresses in general? Like who designed it, etc.?

  25. 25 nike

    My first reaction was wow with my mouth wide open….

    Good job… love it… especially love the last dress…

  26. 26 Blakey

    Oh my goodness so gorgeous and beautiful!!! I absolutely love it, and I’d love to find the photographer who did them!

  27. 27 Anonymous

    @ Tea lol… you are very observant. noticing the big flat screen tv.
    lol so out of place with the theme. Props to you lol

    But WOW these photos really make some beautiful pictures.

  28. 28 Jasmin

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these wedding photos. Looks like they really thought out the concept of their photo shoot rather than doing the normal wedding photos. The hanboks are absolutely beautiful. It’s a great mixture or western and korean wear. Their a good looking couple.

  29. 29 sunshine

    that’s it, I’m so going to Korea for my wedding pictures when I’m getting married…

  30. 30 Me

    Wah, so pretty. I think unless it was not drama. I only see bride wearing hanbok.

  31. 31 =)

    These look like CF stills, especially the last one!
    I mean that in a refined, professional sort of way.

  32. 32 ruthie

    the last hanbok is sooo pretty! i want thAt!

    tae woo…i could still remember those good old nonstop series. he does still look the same to me.

    i think this is my fave part of having a weding. wearing those pretty clothes and posing for the camera. *sighs* im getting old TT_TT

  33. 33 miumiu099

    love love love love love the 4th picture, where the bride wears a green hanbok. daaaaaaaanggg~

  34. 34 casie

    Really lovely. the background make the color of the hanboks so vibrant.

  35. 35 Dele

    I really like the one where he is holding the suitcase and she is getting off the train for some reason.

  36. 36 subi

    These are just l o v e l y !

  37. 37 Biscuit

    Yes! They really are beautiful!

    It’s different from all the other fancy wedding photos, but these are really gorgeous ^o^

    I also laughed at this mega big screen tv XD It’s still a nice picture, but it would have been better without it. It takes away the focus from the couples.

  38. 38 ichaichaparadise

    the first 4 photos are nice… but then the last pic ruined it all.. since when in early 30s a flat plasma tv do exist??? geez.. they should think more about the detail too if they decided to shoot a thematical photoshoot.. but i’m not complaining tho, just wondering…. 😉

  39. 39 anna

    Vintage-y sweet.
    I love the feel of this.

    He’s 27? He looks like he could be my kid brother and I’m 21.

    Congrats to the couple.

  40. 40 snoopyvkd

    These photos sure looks nice! but it feels a little bit unatural for wedding memeories? they look like some ads.

  41. 41 bspanda

    WOW. Lovely AND classy wedding photos! While I have no idea who Jung Tae-Woo (and his fiancee) are – congrats on their upcoming wedding as well as the good taste to hire a photographer that can bring ‘freshness’ to wedding photography. Not an easy task – when ‘cheesy’ poses are often mistaken for expressions of ‘love’. 😛

    The shots with the trams – the green hanbok ones – reminds me of vintage postcards. So lovely! Simltaneously nostagic but timeless. Classic. Only word for them.

    These photos seem like they won’t ‘date’. The TV was a bit of an oops – but given there was some very nice shots, perhaps a quick photo shop session couild help. (Bet the photography studio probably has a queue a mile long now…..LOL or that other studios ‘borrow’ their ideas ASAP)

  42. 42 cosmopolite

    I must check out this Shilla Hotel one day….every celebrity wedding is poppin’ there!

  43. 43 deeta

    ooh, the bride reminds me a bit of Han Go Eun. Pretty pretty pictures! Wedding pictures seem to be a big thing in Korea, I’d love to get my wedding pics over there, they have great setup.

  44. 44 kamee

    that is such a CUTE concept!!!

  45. 45 Angela

    I love these! So pretty!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of celebrities totally copy this concept when it comes time for them to marry! ^_^

  46. 46 Yoo Jin

    at first o thought it was Capital Scandal lol But the photos are gorgeous and hope they live happily together =]

  47. 47 Orchid

    Beautiful. Especially love the hanboks she wears.

  48. 48 tea party

    so beautiful. love the last photo, it’s got a wonderful film noirish quality

  49. 49 Sere

    Oooooh nice pics! Love the style. And all of her hanboks are gorgeous!

  50. 50 sippycup

    I love the last dress.

    I am curious though as to why koreans take these pre-wedding photos.

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