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Lee Jia’s got Style
by | May 7, 2009 | 35 Comments

Newish actress Lee Jia of Beethoven and Legend is taking on her third leading role in as many acting jobs with SBS’s upcoming drama series Style [스타일].

The drama is based on a novel of the same name, and has been called the Korean Devil Wears Prada. The bestselling book depicts the life of the main character (Lee’s role) who has worked at a fashion magazine for eight years, and deals with the power struggles, fierce competition, and romantic relationships that come with it.

Directing is PD Oh Jong-rok (Working Mom, Daisy, Hello My Teacher), while the writer is In Eun-ha of My Tutor Friend 2, Love & Marriage, and Goong.

Cast opposite Lee is Ryu Shi-won (meh); the Wedding actor will play a plastic surgeon and restaurant owner. I don’t hate Ryu, but his casting, coupled with an actress I’m generally on the fence about, means I have a hard time mustering excitement for the project. What is has going for it, though, is an existing world and audience, being an adaptation of a popular novel. Also, while I don’t think either Goong or Love & Marriage were brilliantly written dramas, they were series I watched till the end and enjoyed for the most part.

Style will air on weekends after the new series Beautiful Legacy ends in late July.

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35 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. fizzle

    WHY does Lee Ji Ah get cast as the lead actress in every project she does? I…I just don’t get it. I couldn’t finish the first episode of Beethoven Virus because of her acting.

  2. belleza

    “WHY does Lee Ji Ah get cast as the lead actress in every project she does?”

    BOF baby. 🙂 Casting Ryu Shi Won means that this is another Hallyu product.

    The real question: who’ll play the “Devil”? If Choi Ji Woo wants to revamp her image (as well as give us CJW-RSW, Part 3), this is a plum project for her.

  3. KOK

    Never liked Legend at all. Her acting seems fine, not much worse than other mediocre Korean actresses out there really.

  4. selva

    I agree with fizzle >.<
    @ belleza:
    “The real question: who’ll play the “Devil”?”
    that would be interesting if CJW played that role!

  5. all4movies

    “Lee Jia’s Got Style”
    From the looks of it, she’s also got one arm missing. LOL.

    I might have stuck with Beethoven too if they had cast a stronger lead actress.

  6. Biscuit

    Everytime I see Ryu Shi-won, he always has that soft character that makes me bored of him. Or maybe I just haven’t seen that many roles of him :/

    I guess theres just something about Lee Jia (I mean, her first role was a lead with BYJ o.o) that gets her the leads :/

  7. yilin

    i felt her performance in Legend was remarkable for a newbie.

  8. joicy

    I could not finish Legend and esp. Beethoven Virus (though I like JGS and KMM a lot). I don’t like LJA’s acting and style lol It’s bad that this is the coming back project of RSW’s after 3 or 4 years but I may not watch it.

  9. asianromance

    What’s with Lee Jia being casted opposite such older male leads? Yeah, the drama doesn’t sound too interesting. About Lee Jia’s acting, she was amazing in the first 20 episodes of Legend, and then she fizzled when time passed and her character grows up a bit and becomes more subdued and domesticated. Maybe she’s better playing wackier people? I think she can do justice to a good role. However, if the material is mediocre, she lacks the talent to turn it into something more awesome than it actually is. So for her sake, i’m hoping the writing is good.

  10. 10 azzuri

    For some inexplicable reason, Ryu Shi-won reminds me of the Pillsbury Doughboy. He is nice, soft, harmless and warm. 😛

    Unfortunately, these qualities don’t do much for his acting. He should stick to hosting and singing.

  11. 11 jeshjeshjesh

    i actually read the book and both the leds are far from my image of them…
    i actually like the female character of that book, a really modernized ciggarette smoking female and i can’t image leejia pulling off that character…
    &ryushin is sooooo not right… ahhh… i actually liked the book style and i feel like the drama is going to go the other way….

  12. 12 Kender

    Having not read the book, and having no idea who Ryu Shi-won is (what’s he been in?), I have to say I’m not feeling anything one way or the other about this drama. Lee Jiah is adorable, but Beethoven Virus didn’t really convince me that she’s leading female material.

    I’ll probably give it a try anyway, though. Who knows, maybe it’ll be awesome. Or, y’know, at least acceptable.

    (And I’m SO GLAD someone else thinks Goong wasn’t worth the hype. Sooooooo sloooooooowwwwwwwww..)

  13. 13 Gemma

    I liked LJA’s character in Legend and thought her acting was okay for a newbie. Unfortunately, she didn’t improve in Beethoven’s Virus so she really needs to prove her acting chops in this drama. As for the male lead, I only saw him in Wedding and thought that he was…mellow. I’m willing to give this drama a try because I liked The Devil Wears Prada but something tells me I might not be able to finish it if the writers and actors don’t step up their game.

  14. 14 hmmm...

    That thing she’s wearing makes it look like she has only one arm.

    I think i’ll watch the drama since it’s about fashion although i’m not too excited about seeing Ryu Shiwon.

  15. 15 nickynisa

    not that i hate ryu shi won, but… there are lots of others actors can be paired up with lee ji ah.. lee ji ah is one of my fav actress..

  16. 16 MEIKO**** ^-^

    I kinda like LeeJiAh, she’s very pretty, but her acting is just ok. But I did like her in Legend with BaeYongJun. They looked cute together!!!
    BaeYJ looked young on that series, so I assumed the series was an old one. I was wrong! Legend was much newer than Winter Sonata where he looked older and mature….

  17. 17 bjharm

    Ryu Shi Won I am pretty sure his last staring Korean role was in Wedding with Jang Nara..witch was also her last K-Drama also. He played a very emotional repressed person in Wedding.
    If you not heard of him it because he Very popular in Japan, much like Nara is in China. He made three or four Japanese dramas, but is known there more as a singer. He returned to Korea saying he wished to take on acting roles rather than be a singer, I am rather surprised he could land a leading role so quickly.
    Lee Jia, well I never seen her in Beethvon, but liked her very much in Legend, her character was perfect to lighten up the drama, with all the dark and heavy action going on. If towards the end of the series she became more sombre, that was because of her being the phoenix and then having to look after and protect her sister child.

  18. 18 omo

    No. Not Ryu Shi Won again. I die a thousand times whenever I watch a drama with him in it…from boredom. Not going to watch another drama with him in it.

    Wasn’t he the original lead in City Hall….THANK God he pulled out. He traded for Style which is suppose to lend him a hand at a directorial debut, no?

    @6 Biscuit : Yes, I can’t understand what this Ryu Shi Won hype is all about either. Totally not impressed with Lee Jiah.

    @ 12 Kender : Ryu Shi Won was more popular back in the late 90′. More notable works are Wedding with Jang Nara and Beautiful Days with Choi Jiwoo. I thought his popularity waned in Korea and he turned to the Japanese market and made a few dramas there in the last few years. Perhaps he is still popular there.

  19. 19 zero2303

    RSW & LJA are not a very strong lead casts, hence the script had to be good to pull it thru.

    Hopefully the 3rd male / female lead may be the saviour.

    Probably LJA may get her first screen kiss finally…..after Legend and BV.

  20. 20 Sere

    Huh. I think this is the first drama I’m not interested in at all. *shrugs*

  21. 21 Bina

    i love what she’s wearing! she looks nice :]
    but it seems like she’s missing an arm :O

  22. 22 jiawern

    yes, Lee Ji h again

    I liked her very much in the legend

    but y is she had to be paired up with Ryu Shi Won.>< ?

    i dont like him……
    i like Lee Ji Ah

    Can someone change the male lead for me?

    Please let lee ji ah pair up with someone else…

    And i doesnt wish that LJA will get her first kiss in this drama…no with RSW

  23. 23 jiawern

    yes, Lee Ji h again

    I liked her very much in the legend

    but y is she had to be paired up with Ryu Shi Won.>< ?

    i dont like him……
    i like Lee Ji Ah

    Can someone change the male lead for me?

    Please let lee ji ah pair up with someone else…

    And i doesnt wish that LJA will get her first kiss in this drama…not with RSW

  24. 24 jiawern

    yes, Lee Ji Ah again, my idol

    I liked her very much in the legend

    but y is she had to be paired up with Ryu Shi Won.>< ?

    i dont like him……
    i like Lee Ji Ah

    Can someone change the male lead for me?

    Please let lee ji ah pair up with someone else…

    And i doesnt wish that LJA will get her first kiss in this drama…not with RSW

  25. 25 ning

    i do not like Lee Ji Ah pairing with RSW.

  26. 26 rock

    yay. i like lee ji ah but i dont think its a good pairing with RSW.

  27. 27 toshi

    I love Jiah specially in Legend. She caught my attention. Average acting , what do we expect for a newbie?.. But I wasn’t able to finish the whole Beethoven series.. got disappointed with flow. It started with her fuzzing for the orchestra then 1/3 of the series towards the end – the focus turned to two lead male characters.. And her character was lost.. Story goes on without her. Seems like the pd and writer forgot shes still in the story.

    I hope this project will pull her through. And prove to everyone that she deserves the attention and lead roles she got.

  28. 28 goldlilys

    I agree that whenever Ryu Shi Won is on screen, he bores me to no end. The dramas I’ve seen him from are Beautiful Days, parts of wedding and parts of propose. Why I never finished wedding or propose is because he’s the main lead. I would have liked to see Jang Nara’s comeback to Korean drama, but casting him just ruined Wedding for me so I dropped it. I find him plain and boring. And his acting doesn’t help his career either nor is he attractive. How did he ever become a star?!! Aahh wait, I did love his songs on Beautiful Days though (if he really did sang them).

    As for Lee Ji Ah, I loved her role as the cheery, energetic girl in Legend. It’s not really her fault, but for some reason I just can’t get passed ep3 of Beethoven Virus (why oh why must they pair her up with the maestro so early in the drama when he only treated her and everyone else like dirt)

  29. 29 loramae

    come on, fizzle !!! be objective. I’ve seen her act. Well… good enough. Your mind must have fizzled… thats why you couldnt finish watching it.

  30. 30 Ruume

    She can act well, but kinda overact sometimes.
    Overall is good, I like her role as suzni in legend.
    I meant, as a newbie, she is good.

  31. 31 Sarah

    AGH! Why does people hate how ejiah acts so much???
    jeez, i loved all her dramas, and maybe the reason why she got all the main charcter for all her dramas, is probably she’s got a good sense of acting and the directers like it. GOD, If you dont like how she acts, then just quit watching the freakin’ drama!!!!!

  32. 32 ChLo3

    Yis!im very love lee ji ah’s sh0w is nice oohs!!but in webside i saw many ppl say her until verii bad ==ll dunoe why they all no like her!!!wan see yet wan say==but 4 me i feel lee ji ah’s show all funny and nice !!^^ Jys Lee Ji Ah!!

  33. 33 amin

    i’m from iran and i watch lee ji ah series beethoven virus and she play very nice

  34. 34 tichtac

    The only reason people complain about her is because they are jealous. They think she not deserve yet to be leading lady, but to me she’s deserve, who can play better than her in The Legend as Suzini? She bring the fresh air to the Drama. God, just love her. The more anti-fans she has, the more she’s popular, don’t you guys no that? Keep bashing her and then someday you will just have a heart attach

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