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Lee Jin-wook’s off to the army
by | May 6, 2009 | 47 Comments

And another actor heads to fulfill his mandatory military service.

This time it’s Lee Jin-wook, the 27-year-old actor from dramas like Air City, Rivals, Smile Again, and Someday. Still, despite a decent filmography built up since his 2003 debut as a Panasonic ad model, he’s unfortunately destined to spend the next two years or so being labeled primarily as superstar Choi Ji-woo‘s boyfriend.

Lee Jin-wook enlisted on May 6, and per star custom, was sent off by a group of fans (approximately 150 in attendance). He will first receive 5 weeks of training and serve for 22 months in active duty in the army; his discharge date is March 7, 2011.

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. B.B.

    Very Best of Luck to LJW – another gone, JB can you find some coming back news PLEASE…….

  2. Lhasa apso

    I heard that he volunteered to leave for army earlier than planned. Why in the world would you do that when you have a new gf ? hm..I wonder..
    Good luck to him and hope Ji Woo is still around when you come back.

  3. Anonymous

    wow,he left for the army exactly a month after Jo In sung enlisted(April 6)…But Jo In Sung look so much better with crew cut.

  4. evelyn168

    So what happens to City Hall now???

  5. lee

    i’m sad to see LJW go away for 2 years. i really liked his dramas Before And After Plastic Surgery and Someday, i’ll re-watch soon.

  6. all4movies

    I first noticed him in Powerful Oppenent. He exuded a sexy bad boy who then changed for the better. Besides Chae RIm, he’s the only other reason I bought this dvd.

  7. Biscuit

    aww – Doesn’t look too happy ^^;;


  8. Alvina

    Ah. I heard he was leaving but I didn’t know when. While I like his acting, I think it was his appearance on Family Outing that made me like him even more! XD
    He drove Jae Suk CRAZY.

  9. familyouting! (:

    he also comes out in “glass castle”

  10. 10 engl

    ahhaah @ Alvina.. .so true.. he was soo painfully slow at everything LOL i think he spent like half an hour or more just in the kitchen finding the right sized pots and lids. hmm…. i do wonder why he volunteered to leave so early as well..

  11. 11 hmmm...

    wow i didn’t recognize him withour his hair… he looks just like any other korean ahjushi – -;;

  12. 12 hmmm...

    Lhasa apso, Choi Jiwoo broke up awhile ago when he decided to enlist.

  13. 13 puzzle

    Lee Jin Wook has a cute face but I don’t think he’s that intelligence and needs to mature more. Just seeing him in family outing, I could tell that he’s not a street smart. He irritated the host so badly..hahaha…

  14. 14 Jo

    Ever since watching him in Rivals, I really hate this guy. I remember loving him so much until that drama. What a way to give me icky feelings. 🙁 Thats the same with….gawd I dont remember his name, but the guy from Thank You

  15. 15 cosmopolite

    I’m guilty of saying, “Oh look…CJW’s boyfriend” most of the time too.

  16. 16 bspanda

    Woah nelly – he looked so old/tired in that first pic – had to do a double take! He looks so much older than his usual self in these pics. Normally the ‘i’m entering the military’ photos makes the enlistee look different (aka crew cut) but not so aged. Feel tired for him already.

    Does dating a Hayllu Princess wear you out THAT much?! (or perhaps the constant media hounding and referencing you as CJW’s manbag does?) Will miss him though – see you in 2011!

  17. 17 Me

    His face looks different here after the hair cut. Or is it coz no make-up. He go for army early coz he can get back fast. Why must wait.

  18. 18 ellina

    If they are still dating, he might be going early to get it over with, so they can get married.

  19. 19 Anonymous

    I like him. He is a very nice guy. I don’t think he is slow . I hope everything work out between them . and good luck to him.

  20. 20 DC

    He is such a great actor. Hope he stays safe and the two years will go by fast!

    I first noticed him in Someday (amazing series by the way), but I loved his fun character in Before & After Plastic Surgery. Rivals/Powerful Opponents was a great role for him also. And he looked his absolute best in Air City.

  21. 21 Nordelm

    I’m really sad to see him go to military, but like he said before, the army is a place where any man of the Republic of Korea must go to. He entered without hesitation. As I guessed before that he’ll enlist right after he finished “City of Glass” because he received his notice last year. I’m really sad that such a good actor is not recognized for his accomplishment. I think he received newcomer actor awards in “Smile Again” & “Alone in Love.” People presumed too much that he enlisted because he & CJW broke off. I read that according to the Sports Hankook newspaper, LJW management company acknowledged that LJW & CJW are still dating like before. Ofcourse, now they won’t be able to because of the military service. I hope they continue to communicate. Two years will pass & he’ll be back to civilian life. Good luck & God bless Jin Wook.

  22. 22 Kelllie

    Jo (comment #14). You said you hated him after you watched “Rivals”. Well, that’s just to prove how good actor he is. He acted the part real good in “Rivals”. You should say you hate the character he played, but not him. I like him best in Air City. He had great chemistry with Choi Ji Woo in that drama. LJW & CJW look great together, a perfect couple. I hope they continue to like each other. LJW is a down to earth, devoted, honest & a handsome man. Wish you a safe military service. Your fans will miss you & will wait for your return.

  23. 23 SweetHome

    will definitely miss him!

  24. 24 blizzard

    Good luck to LJW. I hope I could see CJW going to the camp carrying a food container for her boyfriend during weekend meeting with family. I often see in the lovey-dovey K dramas, the girl will unwrap the napkin , open the food box and the boy will heartily enjoy biting the meat chunk. If CJW is still dating him she must show the fans that she respected her b/f as army personal. If not, her love can be considered just for pleasure only.

  25. 25 bleh

    LJW….is bleh…he’s not that great of an actor, just average. I can’t say that I will miss him. There are other more handsome and talented actors like…say…Lee Min Ho. The army maybe will buff him up a little bit coz he’s too scrawny.

  26. 26 lee

    LJW is a pretty good actor, i like LMH too but when i first saw the BOF promotional pics he wasn’t that cute, after seeing their acting they both got cuter but after seeing them other settings like LJW in variety shows or in LMH’s case the BOF special & interviews they both are kind of dorky, but still good.

  27. 27 DC

    I don’t know where the LJW and LMH comparisons came from, but I agree, they seem to be so different from the roles they play in real life.

    They’re both definitely more fun and goofy in real life than say LJW in Rivals or LMH in BOF. But that’s just to show how great actors they are.

  28. 28 Ruthlene

    I like Lee Jin Wook because he’s an honest, devoted, dedicated, humble & a matured person for his age. He’s really funny in real life according to Choi Ji Woo in an interview. I don’t care about some of those handsome good actors who have attitude problems. Jin Wook is a natural man, not like those metrosexual men who put to much attention to their looks & themselves. I think this is one quality that Choi Ji Woo saw on him. He started a little late in his career because he was in college. Ji Woo started in 1994 & Jin Wook started in 2003. I just hope & pray that they’ll communicate inspite of him being in military service. Good luck & God bless Jin Wook. May you have a safe military service. I also hope that the time goes by fast. Your fans will welcome you back on 3/7/11.

  29. 29 passerby

    LOL, I really laugh after reading post 25, love is considered for pleasure only if CJW did not carrying a food container for her boyfriend during weekend meeting with family???? She has a obligation that she must put on a display to show fans??? K dramas some more?? Does that means the paparazzi have to be there pounding on them monitoring again?? For goodness sake give the couple a break, they wanted to keep a low profile. Their private relationship is not a public display or k drama to be aired. They deserved to be respected.

  30. 30 Anonymous

    I agree w/#30. Ji woo can not go and visit him because of her status and the media would pounding on them constantly. I am sure they want to keep their relationship private. That is why you don’t see them together in public. The Media won’t leave them alone. So it’s better for them to keep quiet and not to parade their relationship and creat more scandal.

  31. 31 oppa

    Oh..no another oppa going to army but I rather see LJW gone than my LDG. What ..LJW is dating CJW? ewww CJW can do better! I can’t really picture them together oh well good luck to both of them. Many couples break up during the 2 year service.

  32. 32 Bolt

    #25 Blizzard: You are confusing Army Camp with Prison!! LJW is going to military service, he is not a convict. No weekend visiting for families. Hahaha….

  33. 33 blizzard

    @29, are you the same as @ 21? ^________^. If you are from the West you can have a good click with Joice too, cause same mind wavelength.

    Jin Wook is a natural man, not like those metrosexual men who put to much attention to their looks & themselves. ( copy and pasted from another place?)

    You like to bash BYJ a lot in disguise. Any problem with him personally or something wrong in your mind with BYJ? Are you in love with him? Don’t get me wrong. There are many anti BYJ female fans who are actually in love with him by adulation and yet couldn’t get attention from him in person and end up hating him. ha ha.. CJW is just an excuse. She doesn’t even know anything about your comments. She knows BYJ only as himself. Love /hate relationship is their personal problem. You never know. They might end up together, which is the last thing to think of that both side fans will drop dead for many reasons. I prefer her to marry LJW very much because.( no offense) you seem to know him too well that LJW is a NATURAL man.

    @ 30.. @31..
    Poor ms Ji Woo.. she can’t even go and meet her beloved young future husband because of the Media. Down with the Media.

    @33.. I didn’t know there’s a difference between the visiting rules with army camp and the prison cause I have never been to both places. Thanks for the information.^__________^

  34. 34 Ruthlene

    Blizzard, I don’t know what you’re talking about. How did BYJ got into the picture in my comment? He’s not in mind at all when I wrote my comment. BYJ is a great actor, I have no comment against him.

  35. 35 blizzard

    @ 35.. ha ha ha ha.. I fell off from my chair. Bless you for your reply.

  36. 36 haha

    wahahaha…I think #21, #22, and #29 are the same person..but hahahaha..I am laughing reading some of the comments here. Choi Ji Woo and Lee jin Wook are surely lucky to have fanatical fans like some posters here.

    @20 – IF Ji Woo can’t see the person whom she loves very much for two years because of her celeb status and fear of media intrusion in which their dating relationship is already out in the open anyway, THEN in my opinion she doesn’t deserve Jin Wook afterall or maybe she doesn’t love him enough to make sacrifices. We are talking 2 years not 2 months. I why would she need to care so much about concern over potentially “putting display for fans & media”? Many celebs are dating in public who cares what other think unless you don’t really love the person.

  37. 37 haha

    #37! You are right in some way that she and him should be out in the open . However, In my opinion, I think Ji woo is an ambitious woman, she does not want to give up what she has yet ! she cares too much for her career, I mean she is already a stable actress and gained enough faime . I wish she should consider more about her love life. She is 34 years old already , time for settle down and have family like other her friends. Unless, she does not care about getting marry or has find Mr. Right? I agree w/ you some points what you are trying to say. Me too, I love her, but I want her to settle down and have a familly of her own. You are right that if she really love him then may be she should not care what people talking about their relationship. But then again, because of her career , and her status. If she parade her relationship , then the media will cause a lot more locomotion for them to deal . Jin wook did say that it’s very hard to have a relationship because they are public figures. The media has too much attention on them, and It’s very hard to deal . So it’s hard for them also to be out in the open like other celebrities. Plus Ji woo is a private person, She told the press, she wanted a relationship where nobody watch every step they made.

  38. 38 Ruthlene

    I think Blizzard & haha is the same person.

  39. 39 passerby

    I agree with #39 Ruthlene. Too obvious…LOL

    Well, you know CJW and LJW personally?? Wow you are so intrusive and extremely interested in their relationship??? You made so many personal speculations on CJW har?? SO LJW does not deserved her also when he share the same thoughts that he hope to enlist quietly and earlier?? Who knows what is going on behind the scenes?? Just because you didn’t to get to “see” things that you wanted to so much?? LOL

    Wow hahaha, been photographed by paparazzi once that means no more privacy and high profile with every move should be in public display?? Why are you pounding on CJW alone?? The hot couple can’t safeguard their relationship by keeping a low profile ?? LOL so all celebrities couple that don’t date openly don’t really love each other??? FUNNY..Well for sure there are far many more celebrities that keep their relationship private to protect their relationship than the minority that date openly. Celebrities are also human beings

  40. 40 ricaa

    CJW never admitted she is GF of this guy!!
    it’s so funny some comments here!!

  41. 41 passerby

    #41, ricaa says something that many just tend to overlook even I made a mistake in my posts, they are just dating but not a official COUPLE yet.

    CJW did claimed that they have know each other for 2 years but just begin to date recently, their relationship is in a very early stage, just dating of 2 opposite sex, not a confirmed and stable relationship yet. But the media and many fans have began to overrate the relationship.

    LOL, people like Blizzard/haha is one of them, not only overrated their relationship, also shows chauvinism here.haha, keep pounding on CJW and expect her to do stuffs for media/public display, really very FUNNY. Totally forgot they are just only outsiders, not even fans of them. They don’t know LJW and CJW personally but like to made personal speculations. LOL
    Paparazzi and speculations hurts all relationship. All human beings need privacy.

    LJW is already in the army and that’s it, blessings for him and only time can tell what lies ahead in the future.

  42. 42 Any

    We can speculate whatever we want, but at the end, JW-JW is the only one whe know what is going between them. So I think we should wait and see after 2 years when he come back. Good luck to him and be safe. We wait for your return.

  43. 43 enough said

    Anyone can post on the web, no identity behind a PC/laptop blabbering speculations. It’s the internet involving curious and intrusive human nature. No responsibility for their posts unlike celebrities.

    LOL..at the end of the day, whoever and whatever that is post via the web here and anywhere will still be personal speculations as you are not LJW or CJW. Good Luck to LJW for his army life and CJW for her management company.

  44. 44 Julie Sandar

    hate his gfChoi Ji-woo

  45. 45 Is***e Ja***ni

    Hello !

    I’m sad for you lee =’)

    I love you..

    And Good luck !!^^

  46. 46 aya

    wow…it like yesterday tht he off to army n only for few days more he will discharge…cant wait to see him acting again…. \(^^)/…

  47. 47 Trangb

    Anyone is still reading this now? I love LJW !!!!

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