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News bites: May 5, 2009
by | May 5, 2009 | 35 Comments

Philip Lee of “Story of a Man”

Must be a slow news week. I keep looking through the latest articles, and while there IS news being posted, none of it really interests me enough to write it up on its own. But that’s what News Bites are for! For instance:

  • Articles tell us that Philip Lee is sexy as the homme fatale in Story of a Man. Because we need “news” to tell us this? [Segye]
  • Speaking of which: Story of a Man isn’t drawing the big ratings, but it shouldn’t worry, because it’s so awesome. [Asia Economy]
  • Crown J has split with his management and is headed back to the States. One media source reports that “Crown J was unhappy that he couldn’t receive much of a popular response for his music.” He’s not retiring for good, though, according to other reports, just keeping his activities limited to Atlanta for the moment. [Hankook Ilbo]
  • New mom Sohn Tae-young‘s new daily drama Two Wives [두 아내] got off to a decent start with a 13% rating and a story that has both “comic and heavy” elements. It’s not as high as its predecessor, “makjang” series Temptation of Wife, but give it time. Koreans love their adultery daily dramas. [OSEN]
  • Super-talented but old-man-beating actor (not that the two are mutually exclusive) Choi Min-soo (Sandglass) is heading for Hollywood with the action thriller Serpent Rising. Who wants to bet this is a sorry waste of his skills? [Sports Chosun]
  • The F4 comparisons must die. Any drama with four of anything is being rebranded a twist on the Boys Before Flowers quartet, even these City Hall ajusshis. Come on, F4 parodies were so two months ago. [Sports Khan]

Shinee’s Tae Min, Chae Yeon, Gu Jun-yeob

  • Younha sang a cover of Girls Generation’s “Gee” and it was cute. She sang it live on the May 6 broadcast of the MBC program Music Voyage La La La as its first guest. She also sang it in a goofy rendition (Youtube) with K.Will and Sweet Sorrow. [Hankyung]
  • Sexy singer Chae Yeon‘s new album was leaked online pre-release and I guess they’re mad about it. [Asia Economy]
  • Former CLON member Gu Jun-yeob (who currently DJs under the moniker DJ KOO) was caught up in the Joo Ji-hoon drug rumors and he’s pissed. He issued a statement expressing his ire at being wrongly named and will hold a press conference on May 6. You know what would really help? If Korean media exerted itself even just a little to be factually accurate rather than jump to announce a “scoop”! [No Cut News]
  • Boy band Shinee’s Tae Min is taking on his acting debut in the MBC sitcom series Tae-hee, Hye-gyo, Ji-hyun, which centers around a group of ajummas and their teenage daughters (including Legend cutie Shim Eun-kyung and Last Scandal‘s mischievous Han Bo-bae). [Sports Khan]
  • Rain puts on his designer hat and is heading to Hong Kong in June for a fashion show of his clothing brand Six to Five. [Segye]
  • Singer EZ Hyoung is celebrating his 2nd album (“Spectrum”) with a three-hour concert on June 20 called “Live Spectrum.” I’d totally go to that. [Mk.co.kr]
  • Huh, another name change for the Friend adaptation, or at least a name tweak. First it was “Friend, the Untold Story” and now it looks like it’s “Friend, Our Legend.” The drama follows baseball series Strike Love on MBC in July. [Break News]
35 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yumi-chan

    I like DJ Koo his single ft Hana had me chest pumping all around my room until my mom caught me & told me to get a life xDDD

  2. belleza

    “Super-talented but old-man-beating actor (not that the two are mutually exclusive) Choi Min-soo (Sandglass) is heading for Hollywood with the action thriller Serpent Rising. Who wants to bet this is a sorry waste of his skills?”

    Yeah, this one has “Straight to DVD next to porn section” written all over it.

  3. Tippy

    CAUTION: Completely shallow comment to follow…

    I just have to say, I am really over the sad little moustache look that these hot dudes have been sporting lately. Now, this could be because I don’t like moustaches in the first place, but the thin, sorry excuse for facial hair ones really get on my nerves!

    *Ahem* Philip Lee *cough* cough* JJH and others (you know who you are)!

    I feel better for having vented! Sorry for the shallowest of shallow comments!!


  4. MICHY


  5. rora

    Lol at the news about Philip Lee. To be honest, I’ve never even heard of the guy (but that would probably change when I watch Story of a Man). I mean, they actually write news about him being hot? Wow. I’m at a loss for words. Just, wow. (but then, I’m not really surprised about the news on Lee Min Ho’s Benz purchase(which, by the way, is not really true. oh crap. I can’t believe I’m into the Lee Min Ho mania. anyway.), and I also can’t believe that THAT so-called purchase was even news. what the heck.)

    And oh yeah, F4 comparisons are SO two months ago. I’m still missing the BoF/BbF mania, but, I’ll get over it. Though I have to admit, those fanmade parodies (that JB initiated for the contest) in youtube are really good, makes me wish that they were the PD and scriptwriter of BoF/BbF.

  6. GreenFreak

    My sister was really impress with Phillip Lee’s english too in Story of a Man….
    no accent!!!…perfect english!!!…

    Then I told her he went to school here in the U.S…. LOL

  7. MEIKO**** ^-^

    @2 BELLEZA
    “Yeah, this one has “Strai’ght to DVD next to porn section” written all over it.”
    LOL! No comment!!! Best wishes!

    I just started watching A story of a Man, I havent seen the “homme fatale” yet… but the story is getting better! and oh, i didnt recognize Park Ki Woong here….

    BOF who?! (over and done with it) hehe!

  8. Yoonjee

    I am just finishing my first year of law school, and I DVRd BbF on KBS via satellite… so I’m now just on episode 7. I love this drama! It’s definitely flawed (as you point out, dramabeans) but for some reason it really draws you in. But I’m with all the old comments. Why is Jandi drawn to Jihoo, when Junpyo is so clearly the better choice?

    Sorry to be so behind the rest of the world, here. I just don’t have another outlet!

  9. Me

    * Isn’t that Crown J same co as MC Mong. Oh, he popular coz of his WGM not for his music. So sad.
    * STY drama is much higher rating than his hubby. Yeha, all KBS morning drama I watched sort-off have adultery theme from young couple to old ajumma.
    * Younha is cute. Is so sad when the song been better off sang by good singer. Another good one was by Kim Tae Woo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEeojIQ2DPc
    * Poor Chae Yeon but I’m so excited for his comeback
    * Same goes with DJ Koo. Come one give people a break.
    * Wah, Rain all out for his clothes. 😀

    Thanks for the news

  10. 10 MEIKO**** ^-^

    Ooopps! Just saw the Homme Fatale!…..what pouting lips he has…. *giggling* ey, was a Bostonian too….!

    ok, back to watching…..

  11. 11 Nom Kitteh

    I saw the opening pic of Lee on your post and my heart skipped — it screamed: Dramabeans has posted a recap of Ep 9 of Story of a Man!


    And then…

    and then —

    searing depression.

  12. 12 engl

    lol @11, thats what i thought too! i just finished watching it and it was tense…can’t wait to read what others thought of it ^_^

    and i agree with the little moustache thing.. though i think some guys can pull it off quite sexily.

  13. 13 EndlessxBliss

    it might be a bit of a wishful thinking, but It’d be actually interesting if Sohn Tae Young’s drama actually receives higher ratings that her hubby’s.

  14. 14 asianromance

    “The F4 comparisons must die. Any drama with four of anything is being rebranded a twist on the Boys Before Flowers quartet, even these City Hall ajusshis. Come on, F4 parodies were so two months ago”


    thanks for the newsbites!

  15. 15 Samsooki

    @8, Yoonjee:

    If you aren’t done with your first year of law school, then how come you are on Ep 7 of Boys Before Flowers?

    This is for your own good. Stop with the dramas, finish strong, then come back when your last exam is done. First year of law school is your most important year of law school, and can determine how the next 5 years of your life after you graduate works out for you.

    If you still have your contracts exam left to take, just remember that all of contracts can be boiled down thusly – there are X number of obligations, and with each type of obligation, there are one or more remedies if the obligation is not fulfilled. Got it? Match the cases with the obligations, memorize which remedies the judges attached to which obligations, and contracts is now dduk.

    But if I see you loitering around dramabeans before your exams end, chatting about Jandi or this or that, YOU’LL be dduk.

  16. 16 n00b1kenob

    Kind of random but I just read about something called a “Real Name System” that would require Koreans who post online to use their real name instead of an alias:


    I thought it relevant in the face of the many celeb suicides (usually due to netizen slander) that you’ve covered.

  17. 17 Jill

    Dang!…the men are all hot in Story Of A Man..That Philip Lee is mad sexy like hell (apart from So JiSub..)..and i can whisper naughty wishes to him ..at least he understands..hehe..

  18. 18 belleza

    “Kind of random but I just read about something called a “Real Name System” that would require Koreans who post online to use their real name instead of an alias:”

    Wow, not sure about that one. But who knows? Maybe it would reveal that Samsooki is the Real Hyun Bin? 😉

  19. 19 chasen8888

    FYI – on Phillip Lee

    I’m not surprised that he speaks English well because he’s Korean American. I believe he’s 2nd generation. His family migrated to America when he was a child, where they made a success in the technology field and all the kids including himself has 2 degrees (BSc. and MSc.) from a prestigious US college. Legend with Lee Ji Ah (Korean American) & BYJ (2007) was his acting debut, although he did not speak much, his impact was made due to his hotness and role which was the strong, silent, mysterious and loyal type persona. Before that he was modeling, it was like he was just coming to Korea to make a mark. To me, he has really grown from the debut 2 years ago. His acting career starts now with Story of Man. Wish him all the best.

    Most of this information and more is at soompi.com. Check it out.

  20. 20 Danielle

    I so wish I could go to EZ Hyoung’s concert too. I love his music.

    Oh yeah, and Phillip Lee is amazingly hot. I want to watch the drama Story of a Man now

  21. 21 zero2303

    Yah, Philip Lee impressed me more than overrated BYJ in Legend.

    His lips is so yummmicious…. lol

    Gonna get myself to watch “Story of the Man” since it is so highly recommended by dramabeans.

  22. 22 hsinya

    I wonder if there are any updates on the Joo Ji-hoon case?

  23. 23 cosmopolite

    Yeah this IS some slow news day. Nothing of interest whatsoever…

    Thanks for the write up though.

  24. 24 omo

    @18 belleza

    “Wow, not sure about that one. But who knows? Maybe it would reveal that Samsooki is the Real Hyun Bin?”

    Ya! And then he tries to pass himself off as Lee Min Ho with that new hairdo. kekeke

    Thanks belleza. You made me crack up for a good 5 mins. It’s such a humdrum day until I catch up with QoH and Story of a Man tonight.

  25. 25 ellee1812

    phillip lee. i love him since i saw him in the legend. no surprise there that he speaks english very well since he’s a korean american.

  26. 26 djes

    Of course we need news “to confirm” that Phillip is sexy! Haha.
    Maybe this way will give interests to everyone who hasn’t watch Story of A Man.
    Oh, I love tall guys. And I don’t mind with his messy look. Makes him hotter. 😉

  27. 27 Sere

    “But who knows? Maybe it would reveal that Samsooki is the Real Hyun Bin? ”

    Ah, well, whether it’s Hyun Bin in incognito or not, he must know how much we love him 😉

    BTW, what’s up with Joo Ji-hoon? Do we know how things are looking up for him?

  28. 28 Samsooki


    SamSOOKi is the stuffed pig! Binnie is SamSHIKi… and of course the lovely Kim Sunah is SamSOONi…don’t you guys know that? If I were Binnie, wouldn’t I have a dramabeans handle like Samshiki? To see all three, click the pic below:


    BTW, for those playing along at home with the Dramabeans (TM) home game, the quote in the above picture says, “oo ri yuhn-ae han buhn hae-bol-gga-yo?” with an insert for the word “ha-nun chuk”. basically, “shall we try courtship” with the insert literally meaning, “acting as if” (fake). This pic is practically the entire drama in a nutshell. Awesome picture.

    As for Joo Ji Hoon, I believe the phrase is “Joo Ji Hoon… who?” It is a shame. But, so be it. Hey JJH, man up, take responsibility, smile at your fortune of being young and alive, and move on. Life is too short to search for lost time. If there is one lesson to be learned in life early, it is that life is too short to search for lost time. You can waste lifetimes trying in vain. Whether you are JJH or a fan of JJH, it is better to eat a madeleine sexy cookie instead and just move on.

  29. 29 omo

    Real cute, Samsooki. A new hairdo with a pink bow to go with it. What will you think of next?!

  30. 30 Samsooki

    Well, honestly, since January (when I randomly got into k-dramas and discovered that Korean guys are good looking and cool after all):

    1. I’ve grown out my hair a lot. And for the first time in my life, tried a Korean salon (Sook Hui, Palisades Park NJ – highly recommended) for styling. And so I learned about not fighting the hair’s natural direction. That, and learning about cold air styling has made all the difference in the world. Lee Min Ho hair baby!

    2. Added more color to my wardrobe, added better fabrics and better clothing, and wearing things more fitted and looking at outlines and shapes. Phillip Lee without the frilly ascot velvet scarf thingies!

    3. And now I care about how I look, not just because I’m my wife’s accessory, but because I am trying to see that I am good looking too. Way back when I was in college and visiting Korea, I visited my mom’s sister and she was like in Korean, “oh, wow, you are so good looking” but I always thought she was just saying the typical auntie thing. Now, I actually feel it, and I actually smile when I pass by mirrored windows on the street. Binnie attitude!

    4. Oh and instead of bourbon for a bit of the taste, I’ve switched to chamisool soju. Instead of mainly western style food, we’ve started making k-food at home, and that goes well with the chamisool.

    The hair, the clothes, the attitude, the soju/food. check check check check. hehe. A few wrist grabs and misunderstandings later, and I’ll be well on my way to being a k-actor wannabe. hehe! 🙂

  31. 31 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @ 30SAMSOOKI

    i just cant help but laugh!!!! LONG LIVE SAMSOOKI, aka hyun bin, aka leeminho, aka philip lee!!!!! Hot! Hot! Hot!

  32. 32 Sere


    Oh my, my, Samsooki, if you keep saying things like that, you might end up with a Samsooki fan club very very soon and I don’t know how your wife will take *that* 😉

    “And so I learned about not fighting the hair’s natural direction.”

    So true! And yet, if I don’t fight it, my hair looks more like a birdnest than, you know, hair.

    PS: that pic is one of my favorites! \o/

  33. 33 kb

    hahaha…. add me to samsooki’s fan club. mrs. samsooki doesn’t have to worry, i’m a dude.

    gotta try out that cold hair styling. gotta get me some kms hairplay. now, if i only lived in new jersey, maybe sook hui can take my hair to the next level, samsooki style.

  34. 34 Sumaiya


    what pic? i wanna see!

  35. 35 taeminnieeee

    taemin-ah!! <3

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