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I happened to think of Cibo Matto this week, which made me think of how much I loved their video for this song, “Sugar Water,” which has got to be one of Michel Gondry’s masterworks. You don’t really understand what’s happening until halfway through, but when you do, it’s like mind = blown.


Cibo Matto – “Sugar Water” [ Download ]

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  1. crzycpl

    Been a weird weather day here in London. Bouts of rain and now sunshine. Heard Lee Min-ho might be in town for a photo shoot. Hope it’s not outdoors :)

    Have finally finished Cain & Abel. Not sure what to make of the ending. All I know is that I don’t need to watch it again.

    Have been enjoying Job Well Done. I really like the two main characters.

    Have a good weekend all. :)

  2. mishane

    Cibo Matta is amazing. I will always remember ‘Sugar Water’ from that Buffy episode. It’s a also a really sexy song that I’ve yet to play during my ‘sexytimes’. But it is on my ‘sexytimes’ soundtrack.

  3. mishane

    I got my plane ticket to Spain!

    So excited. I haven’t been there since I was 16 and I didn’t really appreciate the sights then so I’m definitely planning to take advantage of my camera (dirty, dirty!) and snapping lots of pics. It sad that I’ll only be there for a week though. :(

    How’s everyone doing? I don’t have any interesting or thought provoking questions this week so hopefully someone brings one up and I can watch the comments fly by!

  4. hjkomo

    Love Michel Gondry’s videos. The one with the choreographed dancing of different people acting as different instruments (can’t remember the title) is cool, too. Kids are fascinated by it.

    Mmm…home-roasted Yemen….now I can start waking up.

  5. spuf

    Just completed my registration for the Fall semester. One of my courses is being taught by a reputable ass, but it works wonderfully in my schedule so I’m not quick to complain just yet.


    Enjoy Spain. I hear it’s lovely.

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone know whatever happened to the second installment of the Boys over flower’s 5 years later thing?

  7. mems

    Damn…it’s already Friday? My mind is still stuck in those 200+ posts of the last Open Thread….

  8. mishane

    Being skinny + Coffee overdose + Cold office = me shivering like a crack addict.

    Not cool, office, not cool. Turn the heat on! I can barely type!

  9. Samsooki

    We’re watching Dal Ja’s Spring right now.

    We are watching it slowly because my wife falls asleep around 11 p.m. now, which means we can only watch a maximum of two episodes per weekday night. That means that it will take 2 weeks to finish this drama or thereabouts. We are watching it slowly because wife really likes it and doesn’t like it when I fast forward through scenes. I like it too, but the story is not told from a gender-neutral standpoint and I feel a little bit like I’m being criticized as I watch it.

    I am watching Temptation of Wife, sitting on the edge of the bed, after my wife goes to sleep. This story, although it is about a woman seeking cold revenge for the tragedies of her life that were caused by malicious and evil people, I feel like this story IS told from a gender-neutral standpoint. Even though one of the two very worst people in Temptation of Wife is a guy, I never feel like the guy is the problem. It is his awful character, his selfishness, his cowardice, his maliciousness, his pride and greed, that are the problems. And you can be male or female and be evil.

    But with Dal Ja’s Spring, I have the feeling that I am being targeted, and when my wife says, “I really like this show,” then does part of her like it because she agrees with the drama’s indirect criticism of… me?

    I will think on this a bit more, but Dal Ja’s Spring, as good as it is, is a little bit subversive, and somehow I feel like I am being made to be the scapegoat.

  10. 10 a.lice!:D

    where do you get the music player? o.o

  11. 11 b020

    Yay – happy friday everyone!!!!

    Dbeans – thank you so much for the love for Cibo Matto!!! I was first introduced to them in the first epidsode of season 2’s BtVS. I had to know who was singing at the Bronze and was blown away when I heard more stuff from them. Like all the great bands that I like, they’ve since disbanded:-(

    As for drama’s – I was wondering. I have a large collection of Eng. subbed drama’s that I’ve purchased(the k-family video store that I buy them from actually just sell burned copies from the original box set) and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in exchanging?

  12. 12 stella

    hey everyone, happy friday. im excited for this weekend. tomo is the korean music festival @ the hollywood bowl which I will be going to for the first time. hopefully it will be good times. then its mother’s day when all restaurants will be crazy busy. hahah looking forward to it.

  13. 13 heejung

    oh yeahh FRIDAY!! i plan on blowing my [read: my mom’s] money on clothes tomorrow. ap test week is OVER. but the sad truth is that i have two korean tests, a physics test, and a major english test all within the first three days after the weekend. and i think i failed both my ap tests.

    but i’m going shopping tomorrow!!! YAY

    and that was one cool video… am still untwisting my pretzeled mind.

  14. 14 invisibelle

    Amazing video. I’ve actually never heard much of Cibo Matto’s more chilled-out type stuff, I like it.

  15. 15 ames

    i must be dumb cuz i did not understand what was happening…

  16. 16 shinhyesungluv

    I watched the mv, but I still can’t understand what’s going. I know that one side is going forward and the other is going backward, but what’s the meaning of that? Can anyone explain?

  17. 17 Samsooki

    @15, @16 –

    The video is a dream told like a palindrome (you can watch it going forwards or backwards), working from both sides.

    Basically, you can watch the story unfold from either point of view. Don’t watch them both at the same time. Watch one story, and then go back to the beginning of the video and watch the other story. That should give you a good idea of what’s going on.

    One showers with water, the other showers with sugar.

  18. 18 mishane

    Something I was wondering about today:

    Is there a preference between a j-drama or k-drama (or a tw-drama)?

    Is there something you get out of one that you don’t get out of the other?

    I know that if I want heaver substance, more angsty I usually turn to kdrama.

    If I want something cracky and light and fun, I turn to a jdrama. I haven’t yet watched a jdrama that is angsty though.

    The production style is the same to me (one reason I can’t watch tw-drama’s that much is because their production is usually pretty bad. At least not as good as a k/jdrama).

  19. 19 Nom Kitteh

    Mindy Kaling (writer of and actress in The Office) just inked a 7 figure deal to write, produce, star in her own show. She will also be a comedy writer for other shows as well. I think this is the first time an Indian woman has gotten this kind of mega-deal on American TV!

    I love her joke about online piracy:

  20. 20 budsdiana

    I started watching Kdramas 2005 but not regularly compared to others in this blog. My interest was peeked again when i discovered dramabeans late 2007. Funny thing happened in the office sometime late last year when the global financial crises (GFC) started happening. I work in a hotel and about 20-30% of our market are Korean tourists, specially honeymooners market who always travel wearing matching clothes, the couples I mean. This is quite a funny sight at times because their get-up are sometimes quite tacky. I don’t know why this is prevalent on Korean couples only. My Korean staff usually says when she gets married she will never go on a honeymoon with his future husband wearing matching outfit.

    There is this big Korean travel agency Hana Tours which have a 30 rms daily allotment in our hotel. Whether they have bookings or not, they pay for the rooms every week in advance. Thats not a problem because business was good. When the GFC hits the tourism industry, I noticed that the TA was having a hard time filling up their allotment. So sometimes they sell the rooms locally to other smaller Korean TA and if still they can’t sell enough they just let the Korean guides (illegal no complete working permits) use the rooms instead, at a lost for the TA.

    As part of the hotel’s SOP we need a rooming list on the day of arrival. One time I was getting bored in our daily meetings and I happened to glance at the rooming list of one of the Korean groups. I noticed that half of the names of the “tour members/guests” were names of popular actors/actresses. Ex: Jang Dong Gun was sharing a room with Kim Tae Hee, etc.!! I am sure the Korean guide just invented the names so us to fill-up a rooming list that he can give to the Registration Agent. I was laughing alone and my seatmate was asking (who is clueless about Kdramas) what is so funny.

    Sorry I was rambling, just thought I might share this. They have since not renewed their allotment with the hotel since March of this year, the TA I mean. Business is really bad.

  21. 21 MEIKO**** ^-^

    It’s Friday! and am working!!!! Urg! am supposed to be lounging by now!

    anyway, JAVA-B, Love the song. I havent heard of CobiMatto. Thanks to you, now i got to know. I have been learning so many things (kmusic, kdramas, some other interesting serious issues…) since i started checking out your site! THANK YOU JAVA-B!!! MMMWWAAHHH!

    Am addicted to this site! This is like cup of tea in the morning, afternoon and night. Not to mention my bags of juicy news, humurous ranting and raving (like really LMAO), and sad news…


  22. 22 Jadielaw

    I need some advice please.

    I’m going to start watching the Drama Boys Over Flowers soon.
    I’m really looking forward to it after reading all the hype on this site.

    My question is: which way do you think I’ll enjoy the drama better:
    – to go at a fast pace (4-5 episodes a day)
    – or to take it more slowly (1-2 episodes a day)..

    Thanks in advance ^__^

  23. 23 Peeps

    Yeah! Yet another long weekend!!! Monday’s off from school for me! KaChing!
    Hmm… I’ve been writting a story and have been posting it online for some time now. I wonder if it’s really good at all. Oh wells. I do hope that someone can help me ‘dissect’ it to tell me the good, the bad and what needs to be improved… but… meh.

    Hey! I was actually looking forward to Samsooki’s story telling! Are there anymore, PD Samsooki?

  24. 24 MEIKO**** ^-^


    Jdramas and kdramas, I watch them both. As long as i see that the dramas or movies are interesting, i watch them. Kdramas tend to be more melodramatic than jdrama. Jdrama, seem to be reserved and conservative. But either way, as long as the dramas are good, theyll be on my list to watch.

    Tdramas…., I think i watched 2-3 dramas. They tend to be very long!!!!And tend to prolong the series by doing nonsensical or cheesy scenes over and over again.
    And, I still have to get use to the high-pitch chinese language.Production…. yeah, not really as good…

  25. 25 Peeps

    @22: Fast. With those really crappy parts (Which are quite a bit.) Hey! I just remembered something! BBF is showing in Singapopre this MAY! WooHoo!

  26. 26 Cecee

    tired, it sure has been a very long long greuling week.exhausted. when will there be a break? I guess when I read java’s recaps and blog.

  27. 27 Wasabi

    It’s been hotter these days in southern Cali :( But it’s nice 😀

    I can’t bring myself to finish Boys Over Flowers. It seems like a chore -.- The show is so draggy (I’m on episode 21).

    I can’t find any updates on when Jaejoong’s (from DBSK) little one episode thing is coming out :( Do you know anything about it javabeans?

    Have a good weekend ^.^

  28. 28 MEIKO**** ^-^


    I dont know how your habit of watching kdrama is. If youre having a busy day or night but still want to catch up on your BOF, you can try to watch 1-2 eps. But if youre not busy, why would you limit yourself to a certain number of eps? Are you afraid youre going to get hooked and wont be able to get off from watching?! Hehehe! I think everybody here experiences that, especially if the series is very interesting…

    mmm, you know what, just make sure you dont have something important to do before watching a good kdrama! and oh, make sure you have your yummy snacks and comfy sofa and pillows, and a small soft stuffed toy(just incase you wana throw something at the screen later on)….

    Have fun!!!!

  29. 29 mishane

    @ 24 Meiko

    I agree that Korean dramas tend to be a lot more melodramatic. Also, pretty predictable. I can usually watch 2-3 K-dramas in a row before I get tired of them and then I switch to a J-drama.

    Actually, I try to watch a J-drama as I’m watching a K-drama, so I don’t get overwhelmed by either.

  30. 30 MEIKO**** ^-^


    Really! dont you get confused with the scenes after awhile. I tried doing that a long time ago, and when i was trying to retell the kdrama story, i would now and then make a mistake by putting in some of the jdrama scenes that i was watching at that time too. ^-^ mmmm… but then i have such a bad memory! ^-^

    When the scenes get too heavy, i would usually stop and browse the internet for awhile… like checking up what JavaB has put on her site…..or looking up some music….^-^

  31. 31 b020


    I love jdramas for comedy and mysteries – can’t get enough mystery dramas! Loved Trickx3, Gokusenx3, Mop Girl, etc. They usually hit just the right balance between funny/drama, drama/mystery/resolution and sometimes they hint romance but its not the main focus. I haven’t found a romance jdrama that I can really like, let alone love. Hana Yori, Hana Kimi, all just fell flat to me.

    So, if I’m in the mood for romance/drama/angst, I go Kdrama. The thing about kdramas, they all tend to be very romance focused. And while it can be great, sometimes it falls really really far from great. And the daily dramas tend to be really too idealistic/morally preachy for me. (The last one I watched was High as the Sky/Wide as the Earth and I thought to myself, WTH??? with the Hae Jin being pressured to donate marrow? kidney? to his biobrother by the mother who abandoned him and started a new life without him, or even mentioning him to her new husband. And the bio-uncle was incredibly jackassy!!!)

    I like variety but, unfortunately, kdramas don’t fulfill that. The Devil, Mixed Up Inquiry Agency were two unusual & pleasant exceptions. One of the reasons why I will probably watch Story of a Man is because romance isn’t the main focus.

    As for C-dramas…I admit that I don’t watch them that often because I find the language tones to be difficult to listen to at times. I got through Meteor Garden & Devil Beside You because there was a long stretch of time between the two.

  32. 32 xiahkixiri

    Hey, all! Happy Fridaying! Agree with #1, London weather odder than normal, and that;s saying something. You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no… I don’t know how to dress!!

    Regarding k/j/tdramas~ too much of one type really does become overdose quite quickly/easily. Usually I watch more kdramas, esp if I want something romantic and cute. Jdramas are a lot more varied and less predictable which is a plus, but I get turned off by the typically dark colour palette, and often they’re too short to get fully immersed in it. And the recent thing about short dramas and then specials later is starting to bug me. Can’t we get closure for the damn series at the end of the series?? I gotta add, sometimes jdramas seem a little too polished. Twdramas are underappreciated~ the bad ones are bad, the good ones are absolutely fantastic. *shakes fist* I can’t believe people don’t like the Chinese tones! They’re so cute and expressive.

  33. 33 b020

    @18 “I haven’t yet watched a jdrama that is angsty though.”

    Though not romantic angsty, these drama’s made me cry:

    Tengoku no Daisuke e
    1 Litre of Tears

  34. 34 mishane

    @ 31 b020

    You wrote a very interesting, spot on comment.

    I still find it strange that I watch k-dramas. When it comes to books, I HATED romantic books. The only thing I ever read as a child and currently was mystery/suspense. I dislike romantic comedies and romance-based movies. So it’s weird that I watch k-dramas.

    –The thing about kdramas, they all tend to be very romance focused.–

    Yes, that’s so true. One of the reasons that I’m also enjoying Story Of A Man, because it’s not only romance focused. It’s part of the story but it gets pushed to the side for the main plot. The problem with romance focused dramas is that there’s only so far you can go. Which is why 16 episodes of pure romance-storyline just becomes. . . boring. I read javabeans recaps of A Stars Lover (without watching the show) and I could understand her frustration with it.

    Another problem with romance focused storylines (and I’ll focus most of this problem on the Korean drama ones) is that the audience knows how it’s going to end up already. I mean, unless it has the angsty feel to it (and the main character dies), usually ALMOST POSITIVELY the main characters will end up together. Which, since there are SO MANY romance k-dramas, if the particular drama isn’t done differently, can just get boring. (Which is why I usually watch a couple of dramas at a time, because I can get bored with watching just a romance drama.)

  35. 35 MEIKO**** ^-^


    “Twdramas are underappreciated~ the bad ones are bad, the good ones are absolutely fantastic. *shakes fist*”

    LOL! Well, i did watch the meteor garden… and i like it… i like vic zhou!!!! I watched two more where he was also in it!

  36. 36 mishane

    As for TW-dramas, I can’t really fit them into a category.

    The first thing I notice about them is the SOMETIMES crappy production budget. Sorry, I’ve been spoiled with shiny TV shows and movies. If I can see the mike or there’s other noises when you speak, I’ll turn it off. That’s the main reason I couldn’t get through MARS or why I won’t watch Meteor Garden. It’s just too much of a distraction.

    And the acting isn’t the best either. There’s a lot of overacting done in some of them and I attribute that to them hiring ‘idols’ instead of actual actors.

    That said, Why Why Love is actually my number 2 favorite drama ever. It was sufficiently shiny, with pretty actors and the awesomest OTP ever.

  37. 37 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @34 mishane

    You are right. But there are quite handful of good non-romance kdrama-movies to watch too. ^-^ mmm… these are some that i have watched: The Devil, Time between a dog and wolf, Fate, Antique, DirtyCarnival, LeGrand Chef, Resurrection, …mmmm..hehe…actually most of them are movies…. but they are the kind that are not really mushy-mushy… you might like to watch some of these, if you havent watched it….

    I also watch Historical dramas, so far, i havent seen any with too heavy(crying, blah here, blah there) or mushy scenes…

  38. 38 thisiswhyi'mbehindonmymastersthesis

    I just picked up two shows, tell me if I should invest, Get Karl! and Spring Waltz?

    i understand…concerning DJS I mean. I watched the show last year and though I am not a guy, I was of the same mindset. Unlike Samsoon, I spent the majority of this show angry at the female lead for being a woman. It reminds me of American TV shows where i always hate the women and love the men. I don’t know what it is but I can never fully identify with them no matter how much I am supposed to.
    Also my friend just watched this show and has decided that TaeBong is her ideal man…something to think about.

    @Story of a Man viewers
    Have you noticed the play on honesty, truth and the genuine in this show? Shin is blunt and to the point and Do-Woo is subtle and straight (but seemingly sneaky). They are characters that tell the truth the majority of the time. The great difference is the nature in which the truth is told. When Shin speaks its abrupt because his candor is rare but genuine, and good natured. In comparison, Do-Woo tells the truth as well and at times with more candor than expected but his delivery of truth is vastly different. Though he’s being honest, whether its with Shin, Jenny, Eun Soo or his dad, you never get the feeling that he’s being truthful. At times you think its a blatant fabrication or a ruse but if you listen, he’s actually relaying facts that are based in reality.(Now of course his character isn’t going to give all he has away but the only person from the list that I believe he purposely deceives [through words, not omissions] is Eun Soo and well…that’s another post!) To me this is something that is the most frightening and interesting about the characters. Makes me need to want watch and fascinates me the layers that are found in this show. An analytical mind’s dream!

    jdrama/ kdrama?
    I usually i agree wholeheartedly but I just watched the first episode of M. Jun’s latest and I don’t think I’m going to be buckling over with laughter. There is no said “angst” but definitely tragedy and trials(emotional and literal). So there are hard hitting dramas in every genre. I think you just have to find them. I find the thing with K-drama is that no matter how funny, light and entertaining it is, there is going to be a sense of melancholy at some point. Something drastically tragic that will have you stunned for an ep or two.

    Think that’s it for now.
    Happy Friday…and praise God my Master’s is complete! I am finally done and ready to chill for (the rest of my life)…ok maybe just the summer:)

  39. 39 jacq

    Friday finally! My last day at my current job. Will be starting a new job on Monday. I’d better get caught up on my k-drama this weekend! I’m behind on Story of a Man but am currently up to date on That Fool (Six Months–so good!), daily drama Two Wives, & weekend drama Beautiful Legacy. I haven’t finished BBF either (just been reading Java’s recaps since ep 12). I decided to pass on City Hall & Cinderella Man. But maybe later when (if) I have free time I might try to watch them too….too may drama, too little time………

  40. 40 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @36 mishane

    “If I can see the mike or there’s other noises when you speak,… ”

    LMAO!!!! I have seen a few fluffy microphones above the screen and it always made me laugh! And some additional sound effects too! ^-^ funny funny funny!
    But I did watch the series of MARS….hehe!!!

    “There’s a lot of overacting done in some of them…”

    and high-pitched voices…sometimes its too much. ^-^

  41. 41 MEIKO**** ^-^


    On Story of A Man…that’s a very good description, and you’re on the right note. ^-^ JavaB also said the similar thing… no wonder this series is interesting….DoWoo…very creepy….

    OK, OFF TO WORK I GO…..Have fun peeps!

  42. 42 xiahkixiri

    @ Meiko/mishane: LOL, am I just oblivious? I don’t think I’ve ever spotted any fluffy mikes!! =p *snigger* Yep, Meiko, I love Vic too, he’s gorrrrgeous. Although, mishane, I am slightly traumatised at the fact that you couldn’t get through Mars, I think it’s amazing. <3 And… I hated Why Why Love! It started off good but I detested it by the end. I know Devil Beside You was more cliched/overacted and whatnot, but I thought it was infinitely better. Not to mention, I adored how quickly they accepted their feelings and just got on with it. But, yeah. My first proper drama, so everything was sooo shiny.

  43. 43 Kender

    Friday already? Wow, it feels like Wednesday. o.o

    My grades for last semester: 3 A’s and a B. I’m really pleased, considering I expended less energy for those four classes than I have in any other semester. Now we’re in May term, so I only have one class to worry about!

    My university has a weird sort of schedule where second semester ends in April, then we devote the month of May to one specific course. There are a lot of random things you can take.. In the past, I took Physics Of Sound and Cross-cultural Communication (US & Japan). This May, I’m taking a course on classical Indian dance. We’re learning the Kuchipudi dance form, which is tons of fun. However, I’ve realized that I’m not very flexible.. There’s no way I can do the half-sit (I think it’s a plie? I’ve never really danced before, so I’m not sure of the terminology) the way my professor can.

    But anyway, we have a performance at the end of the month.. I think we’re doing a performance about Krishna and the gopis, which is good since there’s exactly one guy in the class. I’m really looking forward to wearing my costume and dancing on stage..

    On the subject of dancing, a few friends and I have also decided to make it our personal project for May to master the dance for SNSD’s “Gee” (which is harder than it looks when you have to modify things to accommodate only four dancers). Then we’re probably going to move on to the “Thriller” dance, and then maybe DBSG’s “Mirotic.” We’ve finished learning about a third of “Gee” so far, which is good since we’ve only spent like four hours on it.

    I started watching Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance the other day. It’s pretty adorable, although not very deep at all. (I know this because I could understand most of it even unsubbed, and my command of the language really isn’t that extensive.) I’m still not quite sold on the idea of Lee Seung-gi being Primary Male, though. His character’s fine, but Lee Seung-gi always struck me as the adorable friend rather than leading man material. I am, however, mildly in love with Secondary Male, played rather adorably by Bae Soo Bin. I’ll gladly take him off the main girl’s hands if she doesn’t want him. :3 I’m still waiting to see how the still-living father plays into things, though. (He supposedly died in a fire, but he’s alive and well and is hiding out as a hobo for various reasons. And he totally ran into Secondary Male at a soup kitchen, which I can already tell is going to lead to magical things.)

    Now I have to finish watching Which Star Are You From (one episode left! It’s also a lot better than I was expecting, although nowhere near perfect), 101st Proposal (Lee Moon Shik is adorable!), and Ms Kim’s Million Dollar Quest (which I’ve enjoyed but forgot about during finals week). I’m also downloading Winter Sonata at the moment, just to see what all the fuss is about. There’s got to be some reason all the Japanese housewives became so obsessed with Yoon-sama, right?

    Oh May term.. I love this month so much, you have no idea. So much putzing and drama-watching to do! <3

    And on the subject of Kdramas vs Jdramas.. I prefer Kdramas, because I like the culture more. 😡 Also, even though I’ve taken three years of Japanese, I still find Korean easier to understand (with no formal Korean lessons). No idea why. *shrug*

    @ mishane – My (now graduated) roommate’s going to Spain, too! I think she leaves tomorrow, and she and her friend are going to spend a couple of weeks floating around the country. I’m jealous.. I’ve never been anywhere. :/

  44. 44 linz

    I agree with alot of the people talking about TWdramas…

    When the production is too cheap the whole drama just sucks. But the ones that aren’t cheap are actually some of the best dramas I have seen! For example:

    It Started With a Kiss
    Devil Beside You
    Why Why Love

    I love these dramas!!! And everyone have a great Friday :)

  45. 45 mishane

    @ 42 xiahkixiri

    Yeah, I watched the first 4 episodes of MARS but like I said, I couldn’t get through it. I do really think it was a combination of no real interest and the fact that it wasn’t, like I said, shiny, that did it for me.

    You didn’t like Why Why Love? I thought it was SO much better than Devil Beside You. DBY was so cutesy and cliche’d that it annoyed me after a while (however I did a rewatch and I laughed more, it’s pretty cracky). I thought Rainie did so much better in WWL and I absolutely adored the relationship between her and Mike He in that one.

    But I can’t say too many bad things about DBY because if I hadn’t seen that first, then I would never have seen WWL!

  46. 46 AnitaLotti

    Give the new T-drama Black & White a try! I really love it, it’s unlike every other t-drama I have watched. It’s a cocktail of Tango & Cash, new Miami Vice and CSI with a spritzer of mystery/intrigue. And it has Vic Zhou, of course.

  47. 47 Sere

    Ok, gotta ask. Has any of you watched A Frozen Flower? If so, did you like it? And speaking of movies whose plot may be more or less centered around BL, which Kmovie would you rec?

    I asked this because I stumbled upon a few articles written by Huso Yi and…many things about Korean society and homosexuality clicked into place. It’s just so sad! Linkies:

    @mishane Re: Jdorama or Kdramas?
    I watch both (and I even tried a TW… Mars *coughs*) and I like them for different reasons. When I need my fix of romance, I turn to Kdramas…when I look for something a little more diverse, I turn to jdoramas, but all things considered, I really do prefer Kdramas

    PS: My sis is in Spain right now. Wheeeeeeee

    @Sarah. You rock my world! I loooooooove Gondry!
    I think I’ve posted this a number of times, but it never showed up, nor did I get the message saying it was in the moderated queue. So, um, if you do get double posts, sorrysorrysorry!

  48. 48 mishane

    I absolutely LOATHED It Started With A Kiss. And I don’t like saying that because I like to give dramas a chance and I hate giving absolutes.

    But yeah. I couldn’t stand the female character, she got walked all over and for some reason the show/director/writers LOVED showing her as a stupid bumbling girl. I don’t mind female characters who aren’t smart as long as they can stand up for themselves or if they are strong in any way. But she was the weakest female character I’ve ever seen, who only lived for a jackass boy and had no backbone and UGH, I’m sorry I’m ranting but there was nothing redeeming about her character at all. I’ve always gravitated towards strong female characters and she was the opposite from that. I can’t recall one episode where she ever stood up for herself.

    Rant over.

  49. 49 crzycpl

    Always bring a coat and umbrella with you when in London :)

    I haven’t seen Get Karl, but as for Spring Waltz … I don’t know why but I kinda liked this kdrama. It wasn’t great … far from it. But I think what got me was the scenery. It was shot in Vienna, Salzburg (two of my favourite places) and the Korean countryside. I think if you don’t have any expectations, then you can get through it. As always, just ‘look’ at Daniel Henney. :) And Seo Do-young’s red eye might get a bit distracting but it goes away. :) There are a lot of bright colours in this show and the white might get a bit blinding … but I think that represents ‘Spring’. Enjoy!

  50. 50 Sere

    @ 38 thisiswhyi’mbehindonmymastersthesis Re: Spring Waltz
    If you manage to get past ep 2, 3 and half of 4, you’re good to go. Goodness gracious, those eps were killers…and not in the good way. Took me like weeks to watch just these 3 cos I could only watch 5 minutes before I dozed off. It’s not a work of art, but I liked it. It’s your typical average kdrama so expect lots of the usual clichés.

    FYI, the music is awesome! the drama let me know and appreciate Yiruma

    @49 crzycpl

    LOL Yes, the red eye. How could I forget? But you know, whenever I saw it, I was like, why didn’t give Seo Do-young time to recover? I felt for him. And thank you, i thought I was the only one who watched this and didn’t hate it instantly.

  51. 51 nycgrl


    I am so surprised how many people found Cibo Matto on Buffy. I love their song “Birthday cake”.

  52. 52 Nom Kitteh

    @Kender : “My university has a weird sort of schedule where second semester ends in April, then we devote the month of May to one specific course”

    Kender, How do you like this kind of one month focused study? My university is thinking of implementing this in another year, and after countless meetings, I am slowly warming to the idea but I am still iffy on it. The advantage is the tutorial style teaching that a one-month semester would allow but the disadvantage is the lack of depth — what can one absorb in one month?

    Your uni sounds cool by the way — it sounds like it has a strong Asian studies program.

  53. 53 Gallivanter

    I have to say, Friday’s are excellent over here. People have been getting into the most interesting discussions of late!

    One my favorite, and most frustrating things about jdramas is them dancing around the issue. It doesn’t matter what it is, cancer, homosexuality, affairs, etc. etc, they always look at the issue from every angle. They talk about the positives and the negatives, and the consequences of taking or not taking action. So you’ll end up with a REALLY well thought out discussion, and you’ll feel like your opinion on whatever the issue is has changed, BUT in the drama itself it’s rarely resolved. *headdesk*

    I’m frustrated at one of my language TAs. He decided yesterday that our usual online weekly quiz was going to be in class. Of course, 20 minutes after he said this, I found out my only other class on Friday was cancelled. So, if it wasn’t for the stupid quiz, I wouldn’t have had to travel 1 1/2 hours to get to school today. Blerg.

  54. 54 omo

    Oh, how am I suppose to feel? Disappointed? Frustrated?

    Rant : On

    Cinderella Man (CM) vs That Fool (TF) vs City Hall (CH). All sharing the same time slot on Wednesdays and Thursdays. All that anticipation and excitement dissipating somewhat. Grrrrr! *0* “pout”!

    1. CM : Gave up after ep 2. I honestly don’t know where the story is going and I just cannot watch Kwon Sang Woo’s cutesy facial expressions anymore. I swear it’s not because of his ahjusshi status but he does it so often that it is sickening to watch. Yoona’s acting is not that bad here…well, least it’s better than I expected. Overall, poor chemistry among lead actors. Poor, poor KSW, all that pleading and bribing to get CM’s ratings up.

    2. TF : Seriously, of all the titles chosen, I think CM, as someone suggested (sorry, I have forgotten whom), would have been the most apt for TF. Poor, poor HJM, he is overacting to compensate for KAJ’s lack thereof. KAJ, please inject some life into the character…the story itself is already sooo weak. I don’t see any chemistry here either. I will keep an eye on it for another week before I decide either way.

    3. CH : Story is just unfolding. As Belleza mentioned in one of her posts (and I trust Belleza as crazy as she may sound but so knowledgeable), the WHAM will kick in around epi 6. To be honest, I have found this drama the most promising because of the fantastic chemistry between KSA and CSW. Quite hilarious but slapstick at times. Writer is ok for now. Director and editor(s) need to step up though. However, the saving grace is that I am falling in love with the OST. Check it out if you wish. Don’t know what it means but sounds inspiring.

    Oh well, if this frustration continues, I would be forced to chop off my finger…..not the middle one but the index finger. I am on fast forward mode so often that I am afraid I’ll bust it. And that is a scary thought.

    I know a lot of smart people reading this blog. Please advise if the TNS media ratings on these dramas, found at dramawiki, any good or trustworthy.

    Such a windbag this week.
    Rant : Off

  55. 55 MEIKO**** ^-^


    ^-^ I loved Spring Waltz actually, mainly because of the picturesque backdrafts they had! I did love when they were speaking in… was that German.., SeoDoYoung and Daniel Henney.

    There was a scene that showed SoeDoYoung needed a major manicure… but i got over it after a few minutes…. LOL!

    I fell in love with SDY there, red-eyed and all! LOL!


    I have been trying to buy that FROZEN dvd, but right now, it’s available only for region3. That movie seems interesting, more than the King and the Clown (although i havent watched that either) from the reviews i read. I have to check the link you posted, am curious….


  56. 56 mishane

    @ 54 Omo

    See, I was intrigued by Cinderella Man but I’ve been jaded by too many k-dramas lately to think that it would unfold any differently. I might have watched if they chose a different female lead. Sorry, but Yoona? I’ve seen her in one other thing and her acting in that was so painful to watch. And KSW is just not enough to get me watching a drama.

    I feel kind of the same way about That Fool, but at least with that one, I’m willing to watch a few episodes to see how it is. It most likely will be mediocre at best (same old storyline, anything new?) the only thing that might save it is HJM, but if you say that KAJ isn’t shining, then maybe I’ll wait to watch it.

    City Hall? I haven’t really heard much about it. When I first heard of it, I thought it was a serious drama, but all I see in promos are funny scenes, so . . . I don’t know.

  57. 57 funniebones

    Last Friday of this horrid semester and I am spending all night at the hospital. >__<

    I started watching Six Months/Just Looking/ That Fool. And I find that Dong-baek really delivers — he’s very endearing. Like you said, not really outstanding, but good so far.

  58. 58 nixxochick


    there are some parts of the drama which, in my opinion, require you to speed through them because they lag or are just pretty bad
    but then there’s other parts where i would have to re-watch because i loved them so much….so i think you’ll have to be the judge of which parts to speed up and which ones to slow down and repeat :)


    i think it really depends on the person and what they want out of a drama…i really like kdramas but sometimes, not very often though, they get on my nerves. they are either tooooo long, have tooo much drama for my taste, or the acting/directing/writing isnt so great.
    jdramas on the other hand i always find entertaining, i have yet to watch one that truly got on my nerves or was entirely dumb…but like i said, it really depends on a persons style

  59. 59 Sere

    @55 MEIKO**** ^-^ Re: The King and the Clown vs A frozen flower

    They’re two completely different things. The only thing they have in common is, 1)they are historical movie, 2)the BL theme. That’s it. I cried during both, but I’m not reliable about these things anymore (I’m too emotional these days so really, don’t consider my opinion all that objective…I don’t really think they’re tearjerkers by nature).

    The king and the clown was more…poetic, if you pass me the term. A frozen flower had more of an action thing going on, but both deal with love, sex and betrayals in two different contexts. I have to say I was shocked by how graphical AFF was. Seriously. I didn’t expect so many sex scenes and, explicit sex scenes at that. I’m…not quite sold about that, actually. I liked the BL one, but there was just too much het sexin’ going on for my tastes. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like love scenes, esp when they’re beautifully filmed, but in AFF there were at least a couple too many. Know what I mean?

    FYI, I loved both! I’m still flailing thinking of AFF, but that’s because I watched it yesterday and I’m still processing it. I think it’s waaaaayyyy more layered than I actually thought during my first viewing. I need to mull over some things a LOT more. LOL

  60. 60 Sere

    oh and I was very very very veeeeeeery impressed with ALL of the actors of both movies. I didn’t expect Joo Jin Mo to be as good as he was in AFF. Also? He sings so well! How did I not know this?

  61. 61 xiahkixiri

    Out of all the pretty recently started kdramas, Story of a Man has me most excited, but there’s no way I could stand the episode wait, so I’m waiting til it’s all finished.

    @ mishane Oh dear God, WWL descended into crap, I couldn’t stand it by the end. Pointless melodrama out of nowhere, I could barely take it seriously. Right on Rainie, though, with the ‘I’m going to die!’ ‘We’re ALL going to die!’ – THANK YOU!! Regarding her in DBY, I can’t be too objective because like I said it was my first drama, and I thought EVERYTHING was so wacky and OTT… but I adored it for that. In currently airing ToGetHer, she’s the most reserved I’ve ever seen her, and she does it surprisingly well. I think she’s awesome. ^^ And yeah, people either love or hate ISWAK, my friend agrees with you, but I worship it. This seems to be a perspective issue; I didn’t think she was weak. She was pretty dumb, but I liked that even though she was lacking (sometimes so much you wanted to kill her), she had her own strength. And I loved that Zhi Shu tackled the fact that her whole life revolved around him and tried to force her to do something for herself. Like the nurse thing, once she got around to it, she could do it well, sorta… but then she comes back to Zhi Shu. I gotta admit, I did hope they would pay more attention to that, but… for the most part, it’s awesome. And I don’t think it’s possible to have more chemistry between 2 leads~ didn’t Joe say his parents have already accepted Ariel as their daughter-in-law? =p Cuuuuuuute.

  62. 62 MEIKO**** ^-^


    THANKS FOR THAT INPUT…appreciate it!!! I dont know about the too many sex scenes but if both films made you cry.., sounds interesting…if you say it is well done and with good actors… ill probably take the chance. LOL! thanks!

  63. 63 mishane

    @ 61 xiahkixiri

    I agree about WWL getting really really crappy near the end. When I do my rewatch of it, I think I only watch until the 11th or 13th episode. After that, it just feels like a kdrama.

  64. 64 Two Cents

    Whatever happened to the F4 Afterstory Parts 3 and 4?

  65. 65 mie

    just started “story of a man” and am rewatching “resurrection” as well. i really have a thing for revenge stories (fave book is “the count of monte cristo”). am in revenge story heaven. these are the best k-dramas because there’s never a dull moment and the plot is always barrelling forward.

    especially loving the dream team of “story of a man” but am so on edge that dong-wu will screw things up! i’d much prefer the dream team to mess with everyone b/c they’re one step ahead, but i guess the IQ 180 man is gonna prove to be a handful…

  66. 66 djes

    I’ve seen Frozen Flowers without subtitle, which is a major mistake for me. Since I don’t really understand the story, I think I can’t really appreciate it properly.
    But most of my friends who had seen it, they were all ranting ( and shyly enjoying ) the loads of sex scenes.. 😛

    I read about this movie long time ago, and kinda anticipated with the sex scenes, but, HELL, those were (too) many, and I do curious how Koreans took this movie.
    and it was a box office movie, so they were watching it because of the quality, the story, or just the hype of two real famous idol actors are kissing each other?

    I am not hating this movie, just……..surprised. And, IMO, the homosexuality is not the main focus of the story. The betrayal is.

    Re : Dalja’s Spring, I just remembered when I was watching it along with my friend, she kept telling me that Dalja has so many similarities with me. Her attitude, her worries, and her (little) craziness. So I always have soft spot with the drama. But Tae Bong isn’t my ideal type of BF, though.

    Re : Get Karl and Spring Waltz………….should you choose between those two? why don’t you look for another drama?
    those are okay, but not something that I personally would recommend to my friends…except they’re looking for something light, with eye candies…if Oh Ji Hoo or Daniel Henney is your type.
    Spring Waltz used only 2 colors for its theme……….green and yellow. I know it’s supposed to be spring-y, but I was sooo tired to see the main actress wore anything yellow or green..all the time.

    Re : Taiwan Dramas, I used to love them before i know K-dramas. But recent TwDramas are either full of crap dialogues, or full of over the top acting.
    But when I look for something real fun, something you don’t need to use ur brain to watch, I will turn to T- idol dramas. I enjoyed It Started with A Kiss 1&2, but hated anything with VIc Zhou post Meteor Garden.
    I’ve seen the Black and White’s trailer, and my first reaction was: “oh they’re trying to make something like Miami Vice? and would Vic and the other guy only wear white and black in the whole episodes?”
    I like HK dramas more. Five Tigers, anyone? ( i feel so old now )

  67. 67 Sere

    @62 MEIKO
    Wow, I’m glad you trust me so much. I’d say wait till others say their opinions. The people I know who’ve watched The King and the clown said they liked it, there aren’t any yet who’ve watched AFF. But oh, I must warn you, The king and the clown is about farcical actors so…ummm, IDK how you might take that. Their farce is, well, is a farce…well maybe more of a satire…but anyway, there’re sexual puns etc so it might be everybody’s cup of tea, then again, you have to think about the context of the movie. Hmm.

  68. 68 Sere

    @66 djes

    “I am not hating this movie, just……..surprised. And, IMO, the homosexuality is not the main focus of the story. The betrayal is.”

    You’re totally right. Did I say that? Ahah, sorry, my memory sucks. I hope I worded my reply in a decent way cos it wasn’t my intention to say that homosexuality was the main theme.

    Definately wayyyyy too many sex scenes. I’m not used to all that skin on screen anymore. LOL

  69. 69 Kender

    Just watched the last episode of Which Star Are You From. OMG, THE CHEESE. Seriously adorable show. Much better than I was expecting.. I’m glad I actually gave it a shot. Plus, now I appreciate Kim Rae Won a lot more. (The only other thing I’d seen him in was My Love Patzzi, and my intense dislike of the show made me dislike him by association, although I’m pretty sure he was the only reason I was watching it after awhile..) Also, Jung Ryeo Won is ADORABLE. I dream of being so adorable. :3

    @52 Nom Kitteh – I really enjoy it. The classes offered during the May term are so out of the ordinary that I feel like I’m missing an opportunity if I don’t take it. (We get a lot of visiting professors or tenured professors who feel like teaching something random.) There are also several travel courses you can go on during May term (there’s a trip to Hiroshima/Nagasaki this May that’s learning about the Japanese side of the nuclear bomb.. I really wish I could’ve gone, since it sounded interesting.), and a lot of people go on those. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in one month, though. May term classes are very focused areas of study, so you don’t go too in-depth on the surrounding history/theory or whatever. It can help to get your feet wet, or let you try out something you might not want to spend a semester on (classical Indian dance, for example). A lot of people use May term for Gen Eds like lab (which is what I took Physics of Sound for) or something, which is nice because then you don’t have to rearrange your other important classes around Gen Eds during the other semesters.

    Plus, the cost of May term (both lodging and tuition) is already rolled into the fees we pay for spring semester. So, basically, since it’s already paid for, I feel like I’m wasting my parents’ money if I don’t stay for May.

    Our Asian Studies program is really what you make of it. We don’t have ANYTHING related to Korea, unfortunately, and it’s only recently that they’ve started to add more courses on India. It was pretty much China-centric until the year or so before I started.. Now we have a Japanese minor, though, so there are a lot of Japan-related courses available, and the head of the Religion department has a serious thing for India/Bengal, so he teaches a lot of courses on India. I just finished my junior year, and I’ve pretty much exhausted all of the really interesting course options, although if I were interested in the religious aspects of the area there are still a lot of classes I could take in that department. I didn’t do study abroad, though (my parents would’ve made me pay for it myself, and I’d rather save my money for life after graduation), which is what a lot of people do to fill out their International Studies quota.

    My university only has 2500 students, though, so our Asian Studies program is exceptional for our size. We’ve also recently added a Chinese language program (just finished my first year!), so they’re working on expanding the department. I keep badgering the head of the department about adding Korean-related classes too, and he agrees with me, so they’ll probably be adding some of those as well in future years. (Too late for me, but incoming students will appreciate it.)

    Are you university faculty/staff, then? My mother works at a university which also has a May term (it’s not my university, it’s one in my home state), and I think she knows more about it than I do. I just know what I’ve experienced, and to be honest I don’t really pay attention to how much I’m learning; I only notice how much fun I’m having and how glad I am that I got to focus on learning one thing that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do during the regular semesters. 😛

  70. 70 djes

    @68 Sere : No, I don’t think you said that. It just I took too long to write my comment, so I missed some of your previous comment.
    I said that because, FF was promoted as Korean “Brokeback Mountain”, or movie with homosexuality issue. But as the matter a fact, homosexuality was only one of other issues in this story.

    The sex scenes were too distracting, you know? On one local forum here, the commentators mostly only discussed about those, and wondered why well known already actors were willing to take part in a movie like that. I was kinda pissed reading their comments, because some of them are truly retarded, for example, they were complaining that the gay scenes between Jo In Sung and Joo Jin Moo are not ‘hot’ enough compared to other Asian gay themed movies.
    COME ON PEOPLE. Seshhhhh.

  71. 71 Jasmin


    After years of having a love affair with K-dramas and K-Pop I finally am going to the source of if all. Trying to figure our schedules and good times to go with my friends has been sorted out and the date is set. Totally excited although it’s not until February 2010. Have to give myself more time to save and gain more PTO’s. But I am totally excited. My very first venture to Korea and my mind is totally going haywire trying to plan everything.

    My friends and I will be there for a total of 2 weeks and we already have the major attractions on our “to do” list. But we need more ideas for places to visit that might not be as popular but totally gives us a more in depth look into Korea and it’s culture.

    So I’m asking you my fellow dramabeans readers if you have any suggestions for places to visit. Also, suggestions for places to eat would be wonderful too. I’m definitely looking forward to eating at street food stalls and having bottles and bottles of soju (such a typical scene you find in dramas).

  72. 72 Sere

    @70 djes
    First off, can you point me in the direction of the movies they meant? cos either I’m unlucky and always get the movies that end in tragedy and, on top of that, that there’s no much lovin’ going on or the commentators and I have completely different views on what is BL and what is “hot”. FYI, I’m not complaining. Just genuily curious.

    As a general rule of thumb, I don’t mind love or sex scenes. I don’t need to see one to get how close the characters are…I definately don’t need them to feel a connection with the characters, IF the movie is written/directed/played well and AFF was imho. For example, much as I liked the Joo Ji Mo/Jo In Sung scene (and I liked it! I may even have rewatched it a couple of times *coughs* I swear for the longing stare the King gives Hong Lim during it!), I felt their connection even before that scene. As for the Queen and Hong Lim, I get that a few were needed to show how their relationship progressed, but…I may have done without one or two.

  73. 73 mishane

    @ 71 Jasmin

    –’m definitely looking forward to eating at street food stalls and having bottles and bottles of soju (such a typical scene you find in dramas).–

    I AM TOO!!

    Except, my stomach isn’t looking forward to it. I find that there’s so many good tasting things out there, that my stomach just hates 30 minutes after.

    Also, I think I’m going to have to literally OPEN UP MY MIND when I think about the food there. I’m very “normal” in my food habits. I eat beef, chicken, fish and occasionally shrimp. Eel, octopus and all the other “questionable” stuff? Hmm . . .you’ll probably have to get me sufficiently tipsy to eat.

    I think when I go to Korea (to live there for a year, oh my!), I’m going to employ the “Do not ask” rule when it comes to food. Just place it in my mouth. No questions. It could be bull testicles, ant poop, cow intestines. I’m not going to ask. I’m just going to close my eyes and swallow.

    (Take your minds out of the gutter!)

  74. 74 A.

    @ mishane

    Jdorama or Kdramas? Actually, interestingly enough, I was discussing this with a friend of mine, and we have classified a lot of the dramas with “one-word” adjectives/nouns:

    Jdramas = insightful
    Kdramas = escapist
    Tdramas = … over-the-top
    Cdramas = realism
    HKdramas = drama queen

    I feel like Jdramas, though some are very so lighthearted and silly, are geared toward giving a general insightful life message. The lighthearted and silly ones are actually the ones I usually avoid, because I know they’re going to end up flat and just… meh [the only exception is Nodame Cantabile]. But even in these silly Jdramas, you get the feel that the entire drama is centered around some sort of message – be it friendship or whatever. Somebody mentioned watching MatsuJun’s new drama, Smile, and yeah, that is not silly or lighthearted at all. It’s a serious drama that deals with prejudices and trials and tribulations.

    I’ve always thought that the lighthearted and silly ones were pretty rare in Jdramas – I feel like the “normal” Jdrama story is one that is less romance centered [or silliness centered] and more concerning regular lives and regular concerns and the insights that people gain from them. In that sense, they’re actually a little inspirational – like MatsuJun’s new drama. Or Aishiteru, which is actually really dark and serious. Or the other “stock Jdrama storyline” involves mystery or whatnot. But I find that with Jdramas, it’s easier for me to cry about ordinary people and their ordinary lives. For Jdramas, I cry with the characters’ problems.

    Korean dramas are much more angsty and romance-y. For Kdramas, I cry because I’m heartbroken along with the characters. I’m a romance sap, so I watch Korean dramas to get the high-tensioned romantic factors. Although, lately, I’ve been getting into other types of Korean dramas, ones that are much more serious and darker [usually things that I watch for in Japanese dramas]. But I like the escapism feel that Korean dramas give. I mean, I don’t give a damn how unbelievable and frustrating the twists are, but I like the feeling of immersing into part of these circumstances. Korean dramas do a good job of drawing you into the circle of drama. It’s like you’re allowed to take a break from your boring life and take part of another life, which is never made dull with intricate twists.

    I used to watch Taiwanese dramas. But I have since moved away from them. The more I watch, I find, I usually get more irritated. The over the top has got to stop. I’m tired of the “stock” dumb girl character. I’m done sympathizing with stupidity. The problem, I find, is that there aren’t enough of good actors and actresses in Taiwanese dramas – hence, in Chinese, it’s usually referred to as “idol dramas” because it’s like another outlet for idols to promote themselves, even if they might suck at acting or whatnot. ISWAK worked on my nerves – I couldn’t come to like the girl character at all. Other dramas weren’t too great, but I did like [I’ll admit] Fated to Love You. I feel like I only watch Taiwanese dramas when nothing else really good is going on. There’s too much overacting or too much of “cuteness.” I feel like too many of Taiwanese dramas fall back into the same safe, “stock” storylines that are full of cliches.

    I’m actually pretty limited in watching Chinese dramas [unfortunately]. The only Chinese dramas I used to watch were only the historical ones [or the ones with like the martial arts stuff going on], which is far from realism. But now I’ve opened up to other types of Chinese dramas, and I have to say – there is a definite different feel to Chinese dramas than to the other types of dramas. It’s a feeling of realism. The characters face real problems. The situations are real. Even if the storylines are from being realistic, the general feel of everything is realistic. The thing is, though, that most Chinese dramas are not what I’d classify as “idol dramas” and are not exactly targeted to as wide of an audience as the others are. Thus, they’re also not as popular.

    I’ve only recently gotten into HK dramas, so I can’t say much about them either. But, from what I’ve gotten, they are FULL of drama. The entire focus of many HK dramas seem to be all about the twists in fate that occur in the storyline, be it a police drama or stories about sisters trying to achieve different goals in lives by marrying some of the richest men in HK [like in Gem of Life]. On the other hand, their daily dramas are actually very cheerful.

    Wow I feel like I’ve just written an essay. Actually I need to write an essay for my English class. Wonderful.

  75. 75 mishane

    @ 71 Jasmin

    –My friends and I will be there for a total of 2 weeks and we already have the major attractions on our “to do” list.–

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s on your list? Only because I was looking at tourism sights and it’s overwhelming, I don’t even know where to start.

    I do know that I want to spend a weekend in Jeju Island and see if it’s as nice as My Girl or other dramas claim it is.

  76. 76 shinhyesungluv

    @ 74. A.

    Wow, those one-word descriptions of the different asian dramas are really accurate, especially about chinese dramas as being realistic. I love cdramas, but they’re geared towards an older audience, so sadly the best shows haven’t been subbed. I don’t like TWdramas at all because it’s always the same “poor girl meets rich guy story” with a lot of overacting.

  77. 77 Jasmin

    @ 73 Mishane

    Yes, my friends and I are probably looking forward to eating and drinking at the food stalls. Mainly because it is such a staple scene in korean dramas but also whenever we see it in the shows we always say “wow, whatever their eiting looks scrumptious”. The different foods won’t be a problem with us since were all from different asian cultures and are accustomed to “different” foods then what most westerners eat. I’ve actually never had live octopus before but I’m sure if I can stomach eating different kinds of raw fish, oysters and other seafoods then I think I can handle a squirmy little octopus.

    What one of my friends was really wondering about was if we buy DVD’s of k-dramas there, would it come with english subtitles? There are a lot of shows that we want to add to our collection but have a hard time to find. I’m sure pirated and fake ones are easily available on websites such as eBay but we like to have originals with good picture qualitiy and subtitles.

  78. 78 mishane

    @ 74 A.

    Oooh, your comment was insightful!

    First off, the only j-dramas I’ve watched are the “crack” ones, which means I’ve gotten a very one-sided view on them. I haven’t seen the real life with a message one (actually, does Attention Please count? That one was kind of a growing drama). I got the impression that Japanese dramas were all just cracky or severely angsty. One thing I do have to note is that I don’t think you can find the same character in a j-drama. Every one is such an individual, if you know what I mean. They don’t have what you would call “stock characters” or cliche’s. I haven’t seen a j-drama that felt similar to another j-drama. But then again, I’m still pretty much a newbie to them so maybe I’m wrong.

    And therein lies my problem with k-dramas. I feel like if I’ve seen one, I’ve kind of seen most of them. I think k-dramas have a lot of recycled storylines and recycled characters. There’s always going to be that secondary girl who gets insanely jealous, the totally nice secondary guy who never gets the girl, the feisty poor girl who warms the heart of the cold-hearted son of a mogul/business man/doctor. I mean, the characters are all the same, the storylines are all the same and it just feels over done to me. I can basically predict the general flow of the drama and what actions the characters are going to take. Of course, I’m generalizing but I think out of every 5 k-dramas I watch, 3 will carry the same kind of plot with the same kind of characters.

    I don’t have much to say about tw-dramas except I think they try to overplay the cuteness. Yeah, we get it. The girl is cute. And sweet. And maybe a little dim. Move on.

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen any HK or Chinese dramas. I would like to.

  79. 79 djes

    @72 Sere : Actually they only mentioned one title, it’s “No Regret” ( ). I’ve never seen it so I can’t confirm is it true this movie is gay themed.
    They said that this movie has many ( and more explicit ) sex scenes.

  80. 80 mishane

    Also, is Korean barbeque considered “high class” food? The only time I ever see it in dramas is outside underneath a tent, served by an ahjumma, along with a bottle of soju.

    Yum, I might have BBQ tonight. Although I’ve never tasted soju, apparently there are flavors?? I might drag my friend to Queens this weekend to have some.

  81. 81 A.

    @ shinhyesungluv

    Yeah, it’s unfortunate that most are geared towards the older audience [like my parents ages]. I’m actually watching one that is totally geared towards them, called “Lurk” which is really good. They’ve got a LOT of really solid, strong acting in them, but it’s just that the audience is really narrow. It’s unfortunate.

    @ mishane

    Isn’t it interesting that Jdramas are all sort of unique and yet are sometimes about usual lives and usual ordinary people? I think it’s fascinating. Attention Please, I guess, counts. LOL. I enjoyed watching that very much and yes, it was geared towards growing up as a central theme. [A little embarrassed to admit, but I started crying when Ueto Aya’s character wasn’t allowed to become a flight attendant.] Of course, there are ones where the storylines are a little cliche or whatever, but there are those in any type of drama. I mean, lately, there’s been an infiltration of crack dramas where it seems just like a huge mob of pretty guys and a huge mob of pretty girls and put them in a blender and see what happens sort of thing – like Hana Kimi, and recently the Mei-chan butler drama.

    On the other hand, Korean dramas, though they do seem to follow the same general plotline at times, are still enjoyable to watch. Which is, well, an interesting insight for me. LOL. Even though sometimes the dramas are full of cliches and you know who’s going to end up with who, I still get hooked on them. It’s that element of escapism – the storyline might be cliche in Korean dramas, but it still makes it extraordinary and exciting for me to, well, “escape” into.

    I find that I have an interesting viewing pattern [and I should probably try to document myself to see if this is accurate] – usually I start out with Korean dramas, then decide that the venture is too time consuming and switch to Japanese dramas, then decide that this season of Japanese dramas isn’t that great, and move onto HK dramas [I watch Chinese dramas during dinner every day, LOL, because it has become sort of a family event]. And then the cycle turns again.

    The other problem with Japanese dramas is lately, there are a lot of storylines/premises that have the potential to be great and REALLY good, but end up flopping. Like, because of not-so-great acting. Or because the scriptwriting isn’t that great either. So, not all Japanese dramas are good. You’ve got to look for the good ones. I know the last season of Japanese dramas, I started out watching like 5 of them, but ended up only watching like 1. This current airing season of Japanese dramas, though, I might actually end up keeping up with all of them.

  82. 82 xiahkixiri

    I think A’s generally pretty spot-on, too (with slight reservations about Taiwanese. ^^). I do think kdramas have begun to move away from their super-rigid formula. You can generally expect an Other Girl and Other Guy to pop in, but it couldn’t have lasted forever, people would get tired of it… the same way they moved on from super super emo dramas. The thing is that even though it’s predictable and you couldn’t survive on only that forever, romance just doesn’t get old. Of course some people get annoyed with it but most people are saps when it comes to the romance and eat it up. So these things, if done well, original/wellmade/good cast, something that makes them unique, will pretty much carry on. People will find a new way to do it, but continue to do it they will.

  83. 83 Sere

    Watched it. I…don’t remember it having that many sex scenes. There was one for sure and one of them cuddling? Something like that. It was more about the main characters’ backstories and how their past affects their relationship and their lives rather than sex. It was a nice story though.

    BTW, Kim Dong Wook played a small role in that movie and I loved him in that. And yes, it is a gay themed movie. It also deals with prostitution among other things.

    Anyway, I thought the scenes between Jo In Sung and Joo Jin Mo were pretty good.

  84. 84 A.

    @ xiahkixiri

    I really don’t know how I feel about TW dramas. I mean, there are good ones, but the fact that the majority of them are like “crack” dramas, in which I really feel like I’m losing brain cells watching, makes me really question this huge range of quality within TW dramas.

    I feel like the only TW dramas I watch are ones where I can guarantee nice quality from the actors/actresses – like stuff that Chen Qiaoen is in, because I know she can actually act.

  85. 85 Jasmin


    Some of the places we already have in our “to do” list is Namsan Tower and Park, 63 Building, Olympic Park, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul National Museum, Deoksugung Palace, Lotte World, Cheonggyecheon and a few others places. Jeju would be a great place to visit as well but I think it’s still going to be too cold to visit “Korea’s Hawaii”. Maybe this summer if my boyfriends business trip is still a go to Busan than I might have to tag a long with him for the few days that he will be there. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s still planned.

  86. 86 Kender

    @ 78 mishane – “There’s always going to be that secondary girl who gets insanely jealous, the totally nice secondary guy who never gets the girl, the feisty poor girl who warms the heart of the cold-hearted son of a mogul/business man/doctor.”

    Haha, I knooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww~ And it’s always Secondary Male I fall in love with, too. There are a lot of dramas where I watch them and think to myself, “That chick is insane. How could she possibly pick Primary Male over Secondary Male? Give ME Secondary Male! *grabby hands*”

    I’d like to see a drama with normal characters. Normal, average people, with no birth secrets/tragic pasts/family-owned companies/other drama cliches. Normal people who might, actually, be boring. Or at least not 100% entertaining all the time. Feisty is cute, but it gets old after the 30th drama. :/ Also, as much as I love my stone-hearted/playboy chaebol characters, they get old. Something new and different would be nice. (How about a drama about hobos? Hobos who find love with each other! I think that would be adorable. And there’d be no chaebols! And their main conflicts would come from which bridge they want to sleep under that night, or where to go to beg for food/money. Or possibly a rival hobo trying to move in on their turf! XD Yay for being different!)

    It’s been so long since I’ve watched Jdramas consistently (I think I’ve only seen three in the past three years, as opposed to my 20+ Korean dramas in the same period of time) that I don’t know if I can accurately compare them with Kdramas anymore. They definitely have a very different feel, though, and I agree with #74 [A.] who said that they have a message. Kdramas don’t do the message thing so well, I’ve noticed.. Whenever they try, it usually comes off as too heavy-handed and makes it seem like they think I’m an idiot or something for not being able to pick the message out on my own. *looks pointedly at World That They Live In*

    As for Twdramas.. It’s kind of hit-or-miss with them. ToGetHer, for example, is adorable and hilarious without being too ridiculously over-the-top. Sure, the premise is cliche (famous celebrity loses house/job due to scandals, ends up living with shy, otaku-esque girl, they both grow with their love for each other), but the execution is surprisingly well done. Also, the cartoonish-ness is a lot less than in other dramas (i.e. Smiling Pasta, Wu Di Shan Bao Mei, Rolling Love). Which isn’t to say that I don’t love Smiling Pasta and Wu Di Shan Bao Mei in some corner of my heart (mostly due to the adorableness of Nicholas Teo, who manages to pull off RIDICULOUS lines with flair), but I prefer my dramas to have some basis in reality. (Although it kills me EVERY TIME in WDSBM when Nicholas Teo’s character is talking to a portrait of his father, because it’s just him in a moustache. I know it’s not supposed to be funny, but OH MY GOD. *dies*)

    Other Twdramas I’ve enjoyed are Devil Beside You (mostly due to Mike and Rainie’s insane chemistry; also my first Twdrama, so it has sentimental value), Rolling Love (Jiro Wang AND Danson Tang! Also, Genie is pretty adorable.), Corner With Love (This show redeemed Barbie Xu in my eyes. Somewhat cliche, but still adorable.), ISWAK (never saw the second season, don’t feel compelled to), and Hana Kimi (up until the very end, anyway). I DESPISED Mars and Meteor Garden, and to this day I can’t recall why I watched Prince Turns Into Frog. I also watched Romantic Princess (AWFUL!), and the only reason I continued beyond the first episode is because of George Hu, Calvin Chen, and Wu Chun. Yes, I’m a fangirl. I’m okay with this.

    Does anyone here have any experience with Thai dramas? The only one I’ve seen is Oom Rug, which is seriously cute. One of the Thai restaurants in my town has a TV on which they play (unsubbed) Thai dramas during the lunch hour, and I always get really absorbed even though I don’t know what they’re saying. Kind of like how I always get sucked into unsubbed Bollywood films at the Indian buffet. XD

  87. 87 mishane

    @ 86 Kender

    I didn’t even finish reading the rest of your comment. You want normal nice characters with no crazy tragic secrets?!?! Something refreshing and not like your every day angsty, cliche’d k-drama?

    RUN DO NOT WALK RUN RUN RUN to 9 Ends 2 Outs.

    I watched that drama after being so overwhelmed with the typical k-drama plot cliches.

    This drama is honestly in my top 3 dramas of all time. Like I said, if you are tired of the usual k-drama, watch this. I don’t care what anyone says, I loved it. It’s about a guy and a girl who have been best friends for 30 years and have to live together and it’s a love story but it’s not shoved in your face. It’s very realistic and HONEST. One of the things I HATE most about dramas is that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS. It all gets ignored and everyone keeps secrets and it gets so frustrating but in this drama, the two are so open with each other and are such good friends. It’s just a good good good drama. I can’t gush enough about it. I REALLY CAN’T. I don’t even have coherent words for it.

  88. 88 mishane

    @ 86 Kender

    You bring up a lot of good points in your comment.

    –Haha, I knooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww~ And it’s always Secondary Male I fall in love with, too. There are a lot of dramas where I watch them and think to myself, “That chick is insane. How could she possibly pick Primary Male over Secondary Male? Give ME Secondary Male! *grabby hands*”–

    Yeah, I do fall for Secondary Male. What I hate though is that the writers usually build up Secondary Male so much in the first half but then to justify the Main Girl getting with the Main Guy, they make the Secondary Male do things that are so out of character. So it’s like, “Oh this guy is so nice and awesome and sweet, she’s crazy for not being with him OH MY GOD HE JUST RAN OVER AN OLD GRANDMA HOLDING A CAT!”. All of a sudden, our nice Secondary Male turns into a psycho or evil guy. You can’t have the Main Girl pick Main Guy just because she likes him better. Noooo, it has to be because something is wrong with Secondary Guy. That irks me.

    My favorite secondary guy is Prince Yul from Goong. I ended up disliking everything about Goong, except for Prince Yul.

  89. 89 Samsooki

    Man, I’m evolving quickly.

    So, I started with a “korean guys can be pretty” phase ala Lee Min Ho vs. Binnie, and now after watching a Pia music video, I think I’ve moved on.

    My new look will be far far from the Binnie-tastic pop idol going kclubbing to Oakenfold READY STEADY GO. Now, I think I am going to try “I’m a sad Korean gangpae and/or just different from others but I gotta be me” ala Fallout Boy / My Chemical Romance…with a tinge of Staind.


    I know I am late to the Pia crowd, but this is SeoTaiji advanced evolution, this is what happens when Nu Metal Meets Angst-Ridden Korean Musicians Who Fail College Exams.

    Now, I don’t care about my hair. Forget the KMS Hair Play and the cold air blow-outs. I will just over-gel it and let it get dirty and sticky gelly. I’m going to make my own braided leather necklace, get baggy painter jeans, and a long sleeve shirt 2 sizes too big for me.

    Peace out, boys and girls…. / \ (for those who don’t know, that’s my V sign upside down, because that’s being real is all about, that’s what a frown is, a smile upside down.)

    I gotta be me!

  90. 90 xiahkixiri

    @ A: Chen Qiao En is awesome sauce. I remember reading that when she was little she used to go to graveyards and count how many had the same surname. ^^ And watching her torture Ethan in Fated To Love You’s BTS was so much fun. Yeah, it’s true the crack dramas are irritating – tried to watch Miss No Good – OH. MY. GOD. OHHHHH. MY. GOD. I’ve never had such a headache.

    @ Kender: You didn’t like Prince to Frog?? O___O

  91. 91 mishane

    @ 86 Kender

    Last comment reply, I promise!

    –(Although it kills me EVERY TIME in WDSBM when Nicholas Teo’s character is talking to a portrait of his father, because it’s just him in a moustache. I know it’s not supposed to be funny, but OH MY GOD. *dies*)–

    That sounds crazy and exactly like a TW-drama. ELOHEL!

  92. 92 mishane

    @ 90 xiahkixiri

    I only got through Miss No Good because I was a Rainie fan. I ended up fast forwarding the whole thing. Oh man, that’s the absolute worst thing I had to put myself through.

    Did you watch the BTS for Fated To Love You? The one where they were filming them rolling around on the bed? And how Joe Chen (?I don’t really know her name) was eating a meat stick the whole time? It was completely adorable and the actress is pretty cute and seems funny. I haven’t seen her in anything else though. I’ll admit that I didn’t find the male lead attractive at all (Ethan Ruan, I think) and the episodes got a little boring and draggy so I did some FF’ing through those as well.

  93. 93 Kender

    @ mishane – Haha, maybe I will, then, if you loved it so much. ^^ Actually, I probably will, once I get some more space on my hard drive. (Ran out of DVDs to burn dramas onto. ^^;)

    “One of the things I HATE most about dramas is that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS.”


    I want to be a relationship counselor for Kdrama leads. And my main piece of advice would be “COMMUNICATION = GOOD.” And they’d listen to me, and their problems would be solved (or at least lessened), and then they’d pay me ridiculous amounts of money for helping them out, and I’d be filthy stinking rich. XD

    “So it’s like, “Oh this guy is so nice and awesome and sweet, she’s crazy for not being with him OH MY GOD HE JUST RAN OVER AN OLD GRANDMA HOLDING A CAT!”.”

    This comment made me snort my Diet Coke up my nose. XD But YES. OMG, I HAAAAAAAAATE that. HATE. HATE HATE HATE.

    That’s one reason I liked How To Meet A Perfect Neighbour, though. The show had way too much going on, but the guy I was convinced was Secondary Male actually got the girl in the end, and the main character ended up alone, and I was SO HAPPY about that because I was hardcore in love with Secondary Male, and although he was a bit of a jerk at times, both guys ended up being decent human beings.

    AND I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT MISS NO GOOD. I actually really liked it, once I got used to Rainie’s voice. Although the last ten minutes of the last episode were ridiculous and out of place and should have been cut. :/

  94. 94 omo

    @ 56 mishane :

    So far, CM, TF and CH have aired 8, 4, 4 epis respectively.

    1. CM : I am not a fan of Yoona’s acting. But I was just comparing her character in YAMD vs the one in CM. Her improvement in CM can be measured by a hair’s width.

    2. TF : Nothing new yet…very cliched after 4 epis. HJM is not the problem. KAJ’s expressions are all so contrite. I can’t understand it so I won’t even try and explain it. You can watch the 1st epi on viikii and you will know what I mean. They have eng sub till epi 2, I think.

    3. CH. Do give CH a try. So far, all the 1st three epis that I have watched are soooo funny. Epi 3 being the funniest from beginning till end. There are a few small little whams so far. Waiting for the big WHAMs. The thing about CH is that it’s 20 epi long. I do believe the other 2 have 16 epis only. So with 20 epis, I am almost afraid the writer might go over the moon with the storyline. Story appears normal but interesting…I am trying not to give away too much.
    See for yourself at viikii too. Subs are also out till epi 2. Many more tongues are wagging on CH than TF though.

  95. 95 Samsooki

    @85 Jasmin –

    “Some of the places we already have in our “to do” list is Namsan Tower and Park, 63 Building, Olympic Park, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul National Museum, Deoksugung Palace, Lotte World, Cheonggyecheon and a few others places. Jeju would be a great place to visit as well but I think it’s still going to be too cold to visit “Korea’s Hawaii””

    If you have time, I suggest taking a day or two and just doing normal everyday activities that people who live there do. Spend an afternoon shopping at a local shopping mall, going to a local no-reh-bang, eating at a dive, then snacking and drinking at an outdoor cart. Go to an indoor golf range, with computerized courses (you hit into a screen that makes you think you are playing outdoors). Go to an internet cafe and play games with dozens of random ppl.

    If you have the time, spend it like you are on a one-day holiday for people who live there, and I think you will really, really enjoy it.

  96. 96 Kender

    @ 90 xiahxiri – It’s not that I disliked Prince Turns To Frog, it’s just that I can’t remember anything special about it. It started out cute, but by the end I was like “Why isn’t this over yet?” It was one of my first Twdramas, though, back in high school, so I hadn’t learned the art of patience yet. I might have to give it another try, though.. I might appreciate it more now. (This seems to be the case with a lot of shows.)

    And on the subject of Fated To Love You, I couldn’t get through it. D: I tried, really, but I got to episode 4 and just didn’t care anymore. My Chinese professor told me it gets a lot better towards the end, but even she admitted that it was pretty boring towards the middle. XD

  97. 97 xiahkixiri

    @ mishane: I’m a Rainie fan too, but… I watched, like, 3 eps and I felt like stabbing myself (despite other guy’s pretty, pretty eyes!) and Rainie and Wilbur Pan being rather cute in the BTS there, too (I can’t kiss him, he’s like my brother!!! AHHHH!!!!).

    Joe Chen (Chen Qiao En) is honestly a blast. Both her and Ethan got drunk to film that. =p She’s also in Prince Turns to Frog, and Ying Ye, with Mingdao, who is the Mike to her Rainie. I liked Ethan’s character a lot because he wasn’t the typical cool chaebol, he was dorky and childish and faintly annoying. ^^ I loved FTLY because you could see how wrong they were for each other at the beginning, he was too selfish and immature and she was too much of a doormat – and then BIG SWITCH UP, she turns her life around and he… stays rather immature but learns how to think about someone else. LOVE. <3 Fanfreakingtastic. I loveddddd Father Dylan though. And I LOVE Baron Chen for volunteering himself and Ethan to swim nekkid if they broke ratings, and then jetting off to film a CF and leaving Ethan to do it himself. ^^

    @ Kender: LOL, most of us are more patient towards the beginning of our drama-watching career. =p Ahh, but I spent an unbelievable amount of time staring at the other girl’s hair. o__O FTLY I think is really worth it. It does slow down near the middle, but there’s a point to it!

  98. 98 cecee

    @mishane I absolutely LOVE Love LOVE 9 ends 2 outs! It is super cute! The storyline is different but yet it stays within the borders of Kdramas.

  99. 99 mishane

    @ 94 Omo

    I will try the first few episodes of That Fool. It looks mindless enough to entertain me until I get annoyed.

    I might catch the first episode of City Hall, but I don’t know. I never was a big fan of political stuff but if you say it’s comedic, then that’s a plus.

    Thanks for breaking it down!

    (Yeah, I’ll probably never watch Cinderella Man).

  100. 100 mishane

    @93 Kender

    YES. HONESTY IS THE KEY TO A GOOD RELATIONSHIP. And I hate the bullshit about keeping the secret for the sake of your boyfriend/girlfriend. WTF. And it annoys me even more because as the audience, we see what dipshits the characters are being and I just want to reach into the screen and bang their heads together.

    So yeah, 9E2O is the total opposite of that and is made of awesome and I want Hyung Tae as my boyfriend forever and ever.

    –AND I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT MISS NO GOOD. I actually really liked it, once I got used to Rainie’s voice. Although the last ten minutes of the last episode were ridiculous and out of place and should have been cut. :/–

    Yeah, if I ignored the ridiculousness of Rainie’s character it wasn’t that bad. Honestly, I think that show was a little schizo. I felt like it was trying to be cartoonish but Rainie was the only one in the cast acting that crazy, so it felt out of place. I did think Wilbur Pan and her chemistry was FUN and I watched all of the BTS and it always cracked me up to see them film the kissing scenes (and for once, Rainie had normal kissing scenes! I felt like she kissed like a cold fish with Mike and the others but with Wilbur they actually kissed. I was kind of amazed).

    Aw, How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor. I’ve always wanted a drama where Secondary Male gets Main Girl but I want one to surprise me with that ending but I never knew how to request it. Like, give me 3 dramas to watch and one of them has to have a surprise switch couple ending?!