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Swallow the Sun preps for July premiere
by | May 27, 2009 | 13 Comments

Yoo Oh-sung

Swallow the Sun [태양을 삼켜라] has something of a puzzling name (imo), although I suppose it’s more evocative than the “All In 2” it’s been dubbed (due to the reuniting of the PD and scriptwriter from the original All In). It’s also another of the highly anticipated summer dramas (although not so much for me), and will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS.

The drama features a pretty extensive cast list (see below), headed by Ji Sung (New Heart), Lee Wan (Insoon Is Pretty), and Yoo Oh-sung (Invisible Man Choi Jang-soo), who play close friends since their UDT (underwater demolition) training days. The ladies include Sung Yuri and Go Doo-shim.

Take a look at all the actors listed in the cast:

Ji Sung (Fate, New Heart)
Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)
Lee Wan (Boys Don’t Cry, Insoon is Pretty)
Jeon Kwang-ryul (King and I, Jumong)
Yoo Oh-sung (Lump Sugar, The Invisible Man Choi Jang-soo)
Go Doo-shim (Chunja’s Happy Events, Radish Kimchee)
Jin Gu (Mother, Spotlight)
Sohn Hyun-joo (Sons of Sol Pharmacy House, A Rosy Life)
Kim Roi-ha (Story of a Man, Iljimae)
Im Jung-eun (Shadows in the Palace, Kingdom of the Wind)
Kim Jung-tae (Insadong Scandal, Open City, HIT)
Jo Sang-gu (Tazza, Gourmet)
Ma Dong-seok (Beastie Boys, Tazza)
Kim Yong-gun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy House, Temptation of Wife)
Jung Ho-bin (My Mighty Princess, Boys Before Flowers, Terroir)
Yeo Ho-min (Portrait of a Beauty, On Air)

Most of the drama is set on Jeju Island in the city of Seogwipo, where these photos were taken, and the production has been busy filming there since March. The story focuses on a group of young adults who take on a project to bring progress to Seogwipo in an attempt to make it an international city. The drama tells the story of their “challenge, ambition, and love.”

The actors haven’t been confined to Jeju the entire time, but have been traveling back and forth according to their filming schedules. Swallow the Sun follows City Hall and premieres in July.

Via Mk.co.kr


13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivuson

    Firs…Just kidding, I hate when people do that 🙂

    Sung Yuri = <3

    I’ve always liked gambling dramas ever since the King of Gamblers HK series back in the day. Hopefully this one can be as exciting and memorable as the first All-In.

  2. mie

    i’m not sure about the plot – but am looking forward to lee wan’s return to the small screen. disliked “insoon is pretty” but stuck with it for him; hope this is better.

    not too interested in the rest of the cast – though i did like sung yuri in “hong gil dong.”

    i guess it will go up against “triple”? >.<

  3. amy

    So this IS All in 2. Swallow the Sun sounds so much better than All In 2. I like the supporting cast but I probably won’t end up watching this cuz this kind of high profile dramas don’t interest me at all (I didn’t watch All In either). I did see the preview and Sung Yu-ri’s narration made me fringe. She’s cute and all, and her acting is not bad but I can never get over her annoying voice.

  4. briddd

    trailer here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g457xGp22I8

    has a very lobbyist vibe to it, eh?

  5. lonelysoul

    ya i got that same feeling too. I felt the same vibe ever since i saw the picture (the first picture on this post that is). I was like this “seems familiar . . . like the lobbyist?!?”

  6. anon

    It will be nice to see more of JeJu…I’m a sucker for the scenery of the island. Even if the story isn’t that good I guess the location could be one of the things that helps it.

  7. Reese

    This looks pretty good. I think this drama will added my summer watch list.

  8. Gracegracegrace

    Seems pretty interesting, I like Ji Sung =] He is a tad sexy..

    *Totally off topic but does anyone else think AUNTIE! whenever you see “imo” on a blog ? (if you’re korean/know the language)

  9. Biscuit

    That is one long cast…. o.o

    Though I hate it when people try to modernize country towns. I miss going to these towns in the country side, and it’s always sad when they turn it into a city TT___TT
    Which is why I might be the evil villain in the drama, hoping that their project fails in modernizing the place into a city >:)

    Sigh. I shouldnt be this mean… >.>

  10. 10 Jessica

    Looking at the trailer, does anyone else get the feeling that it looks a little too bright and clear to fit with the story?

    It feels like it should have been shot on film, or at least given that slightly grainy, movie-type quality.

  11. 11 bspanda

    @4 briddd
    thanks for the trailer link. Just watched the trailer

    Thoughts went from:
    “*giggles* Ji Sung with gun => is he now ‘Ji-Sung-Rambo’?! hehe
    A kdrama Blood diamond – no way @_@ right!?….
    Is that Sun City, South Africa? Pretty…
    yay Sung Yuri!!!….
    Those are so not diamonds, they’re lumps of rock sugar LOL….
    Ahh yes totally ‘All In’ related – it has helicopters!
    Beautiful leopard! Is it photoshopped? Hope the leopard not think to bite Ji Sung, he looks to have worked too hard for him to be bitten/eaten….
    Nice arms Ji Sung!….
    Safari men group shot!…
    I really really don’t like guns, even if it’s just in a drama and held by a hot man…”

    Based on the trailer, ‘Swallow the Sun’ looks interesting and different, very action movie / gritty – and not at all what I thought when I first read about ‘All In 2/Swallow the Sun’. In a previous thread a desciption of it was ‘The story features young natives of Seogwipo city on Jeju Island’. Has Jeju Island morphed into Sun City, SA? (jokes!) Was thinking it was going to be more like ‘All In’ in the way of ‘great looking actors. nice suits, nice (urban)locations’. Good to see they not carbon copy (well based on trailer that is….)

    @8 Gracegracegrace
    “I like Ji Sung =] He is a tad sexy.. ”

    You should check out the Lotte (or as I refer to it, Lotta Hot Men) CF. Thought him sexy there – made me check out ‘Save the Last Dance’ (still going). That CF has too many hot men, and I completely blame it for further adding to my kdrama men obsession.

    Seeing those topless pics of Ji Sung filming in the pool (previous post) made me want to check Swallow the Sun out. Then add Sung Yuri in the cast – well I am All in! (pun intended!)

  12. 12 anastassia

    Great cast though I dont like Sung Yuri

  13. 13 cutie_pixie

    Drama with many popular actor/actress reminds me of East of Eden .. Hope its better then the lousy EOE ..

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