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Um. So I’ve been really bad with emails lately, folks. Well, I’m always prone to being bad with emails, but lately stuff is taking over my offline life and I’ve been really awful, and my inbox is overflowing, and I feel stressed out about that and guilty, but most emails ask for stuff and responding to requests for stuff takes time and I don’t have a lot of time these days and OMG did I mention the stress? I do have a job and a life (sometimes) and also a pretty busy blog and somehow I woke up and it was already June. June 2009. (Anyone who’s spent a number of years in the dreaded Real World knows the horror of realizing one day that not mere weeks but months or even years have slipped by, and boy isn’t that depressing.)

Also, I get a lot of repeat questions, and maybe I should just update that durned About page or make another FAQ but like I said, have! no! time! and also this site is also overflowing with too many pages and subpages already.

So anyway, I figured, I’d make a post where you could just ask me questions and I’d answer them as they came and maybe then I could alleviate some of that email-backlog burden, because face it, that backlog is more of a wasteland about now.

Let me answer a few off the bat:

  1. Are you Korean? I am ethnically Korean, but am also 100% American. I speak English. I speak Korean with the parents, but they’re fluent in English so I switch back and forth.
  2. Will you feature other writers? Maybe. Got a review/rant/recap you’d like featured here? I’m open to it! Email me and let me know what you wanna write. I’ve considered expanding this site in the past more than a few times but always ultimately ruled against it, deciding I’d rather post fewer things and be more in-depth than try to be comprehensive. Being comprehensive is a lot of work, yo! But I love guest bloggers, and if you’re a pretty good writer with something to say about dramas or cinema or pop culture, hit me up.
  3. Will you link to my site? Maybe. I hate being asked for links because it makes me feel guilty when I don’t. But I’m also pretty picky so I’ll usually watch a site for a while and if it’s cool, I’ll link it. A lot of really great sites I have linked or wanted to link have died out after a month or two. Of course, if I’m really missing out on a fabulous link — by which I mean well-written, interesting, relevant, and generates their own content — I’m always happy to be informed about it.
  4. You’re kinda pretentious, aren’t you? Yeah, well, whatchoo gonna do… I have strong opinions and the opinionator inside my brain usually works with the wordiness-multiplyer to equal very long-winded thoughts. But you know this.
  5. Can you send me the OST of __ movie/drama? If I have it, I’ll sometimes send it along. If I don’t, I won’t go digging around for it, sorry! I’d honestly like to give everyone what they ask for, but it’s that pesky time issue again.
  6. In a similar vein, What’s the name of __ guy in __ movie? Here, let me google that for you.
  7. Will you be watching/recapping [upcoming drama name]? I don’t know. I don’t ever decide until I’ve actually watched the first episode, or sometimes first two. If I say yes and I hate it, I don’t want to find myself stuck having committed, which either means (a) I’m stuck watching something I hate, or (b) I reneged on a promise to recap something. Easier just to say “I’ll wait and see.”
  8. Will you recap City Hall? No.
  9. Pretty please? It’s really good! I’ve heard that. Still no.
  10. But… No.
  11. Why not? Here’s the thing. I watched the first episode and part of the subsequent one, and was bored to tears. I know that it gets better and people are raving about it, which means maybe I’ll come back to watch it later. But in my mind the recapping boat has pretty much sailed. I never close the door to doing a “classic” recap, but thus far I haven’t had time to do any of the series I wanted to do after the fact. (Attic Cat, Alone in Love, Delightful Girl Chun-hyang…)
  12. If you won’t do it, can I? Really? Would you? Because if you can and are willing, I am open to guest recappers! (For instance, I know I won’t have time to watch The Man Who Can’t Get Married for a while…) What you need is access to the videos, decent ability to write recaps, and the desire and commitment to stick with a series. You don’t have to be Korean, you just have to be motivated.
  13. That’s kind of a big commitment. Maybe just a review then? That’s good too.
  14. I read your review of __ series. You’re sooo wrong. I’m just expressing an opinion, so I’ll stand by my review/praise/mockery. On the other hand, if you want to write a rebuttal… (refer to item above)
  15. When is the next recap coming of [pending drama]? When I have time. If I’m recapping a drama, trust me, I haven’t forgotten. Chances are I might even be more aware of the late recap than you! Again, there’s this thing called time, and it’s a limited entity… (I know and I’m sorry, Return of Iljimae!) If ever I actually decide to drop recaps, I’ll let you know.

And so on. Ask away!

179 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. amykins

    Just out of curiosity … what kind of job do you have? Do you enjoy it?

    • 1.1 kent

      Hi javabeans!
      I usually don’t comment a lot in dramabeans but lately I bean catching up with some movies that I pass across. I watched several movies that are released early this century and came across The King and the Clown. I watched it more than few times and I still don’t get the premise of it. I think I read it in one of your post about it hitting the box office in South Korea. It just wouldn’t leave my mind that why is it recommended by many ppl and it just I don’t have specific confusion, it just I am not sure what am I suppose to catch in this movie. I get the relationship but not the motive. So if you ever come back to this section, please leave few words on my curiosity.

  2. seri

    when you get to watching ‘the man who can’t get married’, will you give us your opinion on it? Not a recap but maybe a short review on your first impressions.

    I just finished watching a bit of ep 3 and I’m quite enjoying it even though it has it’s irky moments.

  3. MEIKO**** ^-^


    JavaB, “some”- funny funny questions and anwers!

    Looks like a great idea….!


    Will this be posted weekly too, like your friday thread?

    *GRINNING AT THAT CUTE LITTLE POSTER ON THE LEFT UPPER SIDE* (what do you call those anyway?)

  4. chelsea

    i’ve always wondered about the same thing. what DO you do? i’m trying to imagine what kind of job you would have and i have no idea what so ever. in my head you just split your time writing for the website and doing a crazy assortment of mysterious things that you aren’t allowed to discuss in mixed company… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. coco

    Yeah! Where do you find the time? Tell me I’d like to know as just watching dramas and reading this blog consumes a major part of my day and I need to find those extra hrs as well. Don’t know how you do it all and people still expect more.
    I appreciate all you do and thank you for it.
    Guest reviewers are a good idea. The resent post for Accidental Couple was great and I’ve just started to watch it. So far so good.
    Just an aside, your twitter regarding eating ice cream while lunch is cooking reminded me of my Grandfather saying it doesn’t matter what order you eat things in as they all end up in the same place anyway, while my Mum and Grandma where trying to get me to eat sprouts! I was holding out for the ice cream!

  6. javabeans

    LOL at the “crazy assortment of mysterious things” — maybe I should keep up the mystery? Let’s just say I mostly freelance and usually have time to blog in between my work except when it gets super-busy and then I have to learn how to juggle. I am very bad at juggling.

    The cute little images on this post and open thread posts are avatars. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was thinking this would be a one-off post to catch me up on emails, but hmm… if I continue getting lots of the same questions maybe I’ll pop up with another post. i’m just playing everything by ear.

  7. carolf

    along the same line…of “what do you do for a job? ” — “what do you do for pleasure?” of course, my escape is to watch dramas BUT i’m married w/kids and old! yikes!

  8. emeldy

    Everyday we get to see some new post, do u have anybody assisting you in maintaining the site. I am amazed by how you time yourself with schools now jobs.

  9. javabeans

    What do I do for fun? Normal people stuff, I guess? Nothing exciting: I watch TV, I hang out with friends and chat, I read a TON. I love to read. And they don’t even have to be good books. I like mixing up literary novels with biographies and trashy pulp fiction.

    I do most of the stuff myself. It can feel like a lot of work sometimes, but it’s also a lot of fun. You’ll notice I DON’T post about a lot of things (like kpop – all those idol groups all sound the same to me) and that’s because I just don’t have that interest.

  10. 10 angryparsnip

    wahahahahahahahahahah…. you go girl !

    It’s your site and doing us all a humongous favor. . . (thank you for Story of a Man)

    You should do what you want and say what you want it is your site !

    I don’t know where you find the time but I am THANKFUL ! that you do so I say . . .

    PEOPLE there is something called GOOGLE…. use it !

  11. 11 Tammy

    No question here but just wanted to tell you that you’re hilarious and I love your dry humor. Your site is awesome and I visit here at least five times a day, every day of the week, every week of the month… you get the point. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. 12 Samsooki

    Oooh, I love Q&A’s.

    Please answer the following (the odd questions are appropriately odd) questions:

    1. If you were an alarm clock, and YKS needed to be woken up, how would you wake him?

    2. Everybody gets to dump on what you say, daily. What about you? Do you have any wishes, complaints, rants, critiques of commenters, whether in general or specifically?

    3. If Lee Dong Wook, KJH and Binnie were standing around bored, and you could only invite one other person to a scary but romantic movie, who would you invite?

    4. Can you really sustain the pace you are going? I find it incredible that you haven’t burned out yet. Do you have a wishlist that might help with this website?

    5. What did you do with Belleza and Sere and a few others that haven’t been around? Is their disappearance have anything to do with off-topic commenting and the scary men in sun glasses and black suits that have been following me home lately?

    6. Last question – I’ve always wanted to know. What is your favorite k-drama? I guess that is a little bit personal, so, you don’t have to answer this last one.

    Thank you for answering!

  13. 13 alyssa

    hey java! sorry i know this is random but i’ve been trying to find your post of “G.O.D” songs that you’ve made into a story with BOF. now i can’t find seem to find it. do you think you can show me where?

  14. 14 aquarianunicorn

    i just want to let you know that i go to your site everyday!
    i value your opinions on each drama that airs.
    i originally wanted to a site just like yours, but i figured you’re so on top of the Kentertainment news, that my blogs would just be considered late.

    i do would like to do guest reviews of some upcoming dramas that you decide not to blog about – just to make your site really on top of almost all the dramas that airs….

    i understand how busy you are – i’m a single mom with 2 kids and a full time job – lol
    sometimes i take a day off just to sit in front of my computer to do a marathon of a drama that i missed….lol!

    keep up the great work – just know that i’m a HUGE fan of your site!

  15. 15 Penn

    Blogging is really time consuming. I have no idea how you keep it up unless you NEVER sleep. I do love your blog and read it on a daily basis since your first recap of Coffee Prince. For all your hard work, thank you a million times.

  16. 16 questions846

    How do we send you banners? not like I have time – but someday I might fine sometime to make you banners,

    I kinda want to do reviews on k-dramas, like The Perfect Neighbor was actually somewhat intresting, the two leads didn’t end up together which was different from the usual drama equation but when are dramas too old for review?

  17. 17 Snikki

    Do you have friends IRL who comment here?

  18. 18 cosmopolite

    Uuuu I like this thing! Maybe you should do this monthly or something lol.

    Well, feel free to reject my question (no offense taken), but I’m curious about your age range. My vibe is that you’re in your mid or late twenties (I want to guess 26 for some reason). If my vibe is completely off and you’re older or younger, then I completely apologize. I know this isn’t the most polite of questions, especially for a woman! ^^;;

  19. 19 javabeans

    G.O.D. song-title post! Ah, now I want to listen to G.O.D. again.

    Seriously, guest reviews and guest recaps are welcome. I am toying with having an open call for Partner — I kinda want to do it myself (if I like it), but I’d also like to catch up on some stuff and doing it may be too much. @aquarianunicorn — any specific titles you’re thinking about? you can always email me as well.

    Banners also welcome! Dimensions of the images are 825 x 200 pixels.

    A drama’s never too old for some lovin’.

  20. 20 cosmopolite

    Oh wait oh wait…I actually am more curious about something else! hahaha sorry this randomly JUST popped into my head right after I posted.

    Do you share your kdrama and kpop love with any friends or family? I’m pretty sure you might talk with your parents or something but do you have any close friends or relatives that you chat a lot with about interesting shows or news you find? In other words, is this blog (or the internet in general) the only place you discuss your kpop culture interests or do you do it offline too?

    Ah…I feel kinda silly but thanks for entertaining my curiosity. ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. 21 jindesu

    do u watch dramas that are cliched? Right now I am watching Brilliant Legacy and I think it’s quite entertaining if not substantial lol

    and b/c I always read ur recaps it SEEMS like you are just interested in dramas that have complicated/unusual plots.

  22. 22 javabeans

    If you were an alarm clock, and YKS needed to be woken up, how would you wake him?

    You want the G-rated answer, right? Lol, I’d probably just watch him sleeping all adorably. But Bridget Jones-style, not creepy vampire stalker style.

    Everybody gets to dump on what you say, daily. What about you? Do you have any wishes, complaints, rants, critiques of commenters, whether in general or specifically?

    I understand my online voice is somewhat loud… but really, it’s just one voice. So it would be nice if sometimes people remembered that I’m not trying to speak for someone other than myself. If you disagree, cool. But don’t take me to task for doing more than just writing what I think.

    If Lee Dong Wook, KJH and Binnie were standing around bored, and you could only invite one other person to a scary but romantic movie, who would you invite?


    Can you really sustain the pace you are going? I find it incredible that you havenโ€™t burned out yet. Do you have a wishlist that might help with this website?

    Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have long-term goals, I just take things on a day-by-day (or sometimes week-by-week) basis. I’ll stop when I’m out of things to say or burnt out, I think. I’m a little amazed I’m not burnt out yet, too. I’ve gotten close a couple times, but a good (private) rant does wonders.

    What did you do with Belleza and Sere and a few others that havenโ€™t been around? Is their disappearance have anything to do with off-topic commenting and the scary men in sun glasses and black suits that have been following me home lately?

    Not me, I swear!

    Last question – Iโ€™ve always wanted to know. What is your favorite k-drama? I guess that is a little bit personal, so, you donโ€™t have to answer this last one.

    I don’t have one definitive favorite. I have special places in my heart for a bunch of them, but I’m not sure, because what I think is the “best” doesn’t necessarily have the tightest emotional grip on me. Let me think about it.

  23. 23 javabeans

    A couple of my IRL friends know about this site but I don’t encourage them to drop by. LOL. I like to keep things separate. My mom asked for my URL a couple days ago (again) and I told her NO WAY.

    I’m in my late twenties, although I swear I’m an ajumma at heart. (Get off my lawn!)

    I talk dramas with my parents but usually it’s only “What do you watch lately?” My friends don’t really watch much korean stuff, so all my deeper thoughts and analyses are poured out here. This site has helped in that I don’t force extended conversations about kdramas on friends who aren’t interested.

    I ABSOLUTELY watch dramas with cliches! You can’t really escape them. I also have very odd taste in dramas — I really like the clever, well-written, high-quality dramas, but I can’t watch only those. My brain would hurt. I’ve absolutely enjoyed crappy dramas too because they’re fun. All things in moderation.

  24. 24 KOOKy

    I know this will probably annoy you but any chance of giving Shining inheritance a chance? i would love to see your views on it.

    And thank you, if it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t have watched A man’s story.

  25. 25 Samsooki


    JB, it was a trick question.

    I believe Lee Dong Wook is the answer you were looking for. (I’ve decided to give KJH to hjkomo and bspanda, which leaves Binnie for me).


  26. 26 questions946

    I’d do partner, I don’t speak Korean so it would be pending subs, but I’d do Partner!

    It’s the first drama I’m actually climbing the walls to see. Oh excited excited!

  27. 27 bird

    dbeans, i volunteer my services for city hall! i’ve been looking for an excuse to rewatch the drama anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰ where can i get good screencaps though? i watch the drama via online streaming with mandarin hardsubs. i suppose i could freeze-frame viikii if i credit them, but the video quality’s pretty LQ..

    also my recaps may be slightly biased toward cha seung-won.. hehe (: let me know (are you able to see my email address?) and i’ll get my first draft ready for you!

  28. 28 cosmopolite

    Oh woah thanks for the quick replies! I love how I sandwiched one of your responses :p

    I particularly like how you completely separate your online and offline life. It seems like you don’t want anyone you know to read this blog! LOL. Are you afraid they will find out just how crazily obsessed you are with kdramas? ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for your parents, do their tastes in dramas differ significantly than yours? Are they the typical older viewers who like daily dramas or does the crazy kdrama analysis gene run in the family? haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. 29 mรผge

    “If Lee Dong Wook, KJH and Binnie were standing around bored, and you could only invite one other person to a scary but romantic movie, who would you invite?”

    OMG! of course Lee dong Wook! a bit disappointed ๐Ÿ™

  30. 30 goodbyeluv

    Ever pondered writing a book? I think you’d write something that I would like to read!

    What did you study in college?

    Will Jae Hee ever be in a good drama again? Rhetorical question, but *sigh* I remember your comment after WYH about how he so deserves to be a superstar…I completely agree.

    Are the parents badgering you about getting married yet? (Considering that you’re in your late 20’s and well, Korean parents are just like that lol)

  31. 31 invisibelle

    Heh, I’m irritated that someone called you pretentious (to the point that I started to amuse myself re: how irritated I got). FWIW, I hate true pretentiousness, but you don’t even show up as a blip on the radar. *huff*

    Pretentiousness implies that the substance isn’t there to back up what’s on the surface; that’s obviously not the case at all, here. Someone somewhere pays you to write (I’m guessing), because you do it well. So we should be thankful you are doing it for us for free!

    For my part, I’ve been nothing but genuinely impressed by your insight and appreciative of your willingness to essentially donate your time to those of us who understand English better than Korean.

    And yes, I agree, it’s def. gotta be Kang Ji Hwan.

  32. 32 javabeans

    Screencaps. Ah, that’s the tricky thing. If you don’t make them yourself (you’d need to download the HQ video), you’d probably have to scavenge for photos. However, we can also strike upon a middle ground where your recaps aren’t as image-heavy as mine typically are, and I could help find photos. @bird and other volunteers who express interest, I’ll email you.

    It’s not (just) that I don’t want friends to see my obsession, it’s more that I’ve found that knowing that real-life people are reading makes me think about them and can influence what/when/how I write… and i hate that. I just want to write what I think and leave it all out there, and keeping my online/offline lives separate helps to get rid of that constant awareness. On one hand, it would be cool for my mom to see what I think of things, but on the other hand, I would most definitely (subconsciously?) filter myself more if I knew she were here.

    My parents are the typical casual TV viewers. Korean dramas air nightly in LA so they just catch what is on. My mom has general similar taste as I do, but mine is more picky/critical. My parents liked Beethoven Virus, for instance, and thought it was easy viewing. On the other hand, they liked White Tower too, which is a more intense show, and my dad loves sageuks (mom doesn’t). They didn’t like East of Eden and found Cain & Abel ridiculously crazy. Mom thinks You Are My Destiny and Wife’s Temptation are the worst shows ever made but she was totally addicted to both, and her favorite drama ever is Winter Sonata. (Which… is not mine.) I’ve told her how much I love Story of a Man but didn’t necessarily push her to watch it, but she’s going to go out and rent Queen Seon-deok.

  33. 33 kitty

    LOL, interesting! This may come out weird, but I’ve always been curious about names. You mentioned you’re Korean, so do you mind revealing your Korean name?

    And if you could direct a drama, what plot would you come up with and who would you cast? (You’re not allowed to cast Kang Ji Hwan XD, but others like Kim Kang-woo are very welcome, XD).

    Also: do you like animals?

  34. 34 jackieee

    Do you have any pets?
    Where is your favorite vacation spot?
    Do you read other blogs? (CUTEOVERLOAD!?!?)
    What is your favorite classic Disney cartoon?

  35. 35 javabeans

    Writing a book is on my list of things to do before I die. Nanowrimo, here I come! Maybe this year I’ll finish.

    Will Jae Hee ever be in a good drama again?

    Siiiiiigh. Maybe he needs new management after he gets out of the army, which will push him to do more Kim Ki-duk movies and go for a more diverse drama career rather than silly fluffery. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jae Hee doing fluffery, but he needs one hard, edgy piece like Lee Dong-wook in La Dolce Vita, then he can come back and do all the rom-coms he wants.

    Parents are totally bugging me to get married, and they think they’re being so sly and clever BUT THEY’RE NOT.

    Dream drama cast? Hmmm. Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myung-min, Uhm Tae-woong, Go Soo, Yeh Ji-won, Ha Ji-won, Jung Yumi, Park Bo-young, Lee Min-ho?

    I’m addicted to that crazy cat-cheezburger site. I want a cat.

  36. 36 javabeans

    What is your favorite classic Disney cartoon?

    The Little Mermaid! Wait, does that count as “classic”? Only, I saw it again last year (after not watching it since I was a kid) and… uh… it was maybe not-so-good. Maybe so-bad-I-laughed-through-it-all. Maybe a little embarrassing to sing along to, although I did remember all the words to all the songs!

  37. 37 Auntie Mame

    I agree with kitty #33.

    It would be really interesting to read a drama that you have written. Included would be any preference and/or instruction regarding the directing, casting, lighting, sets and music for the soundtrack.

    It would be your ideal drama. Your Utopia. Your Heaven. Your Eden.

    Since I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning, I am also amazed at how you keep up with everything, for so long. It is such a delight to read your recaps, comments, etc.

    As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    I just read about the parents and marriage. Are they going to sign you up with a match-making service. Tell them to use “Romance Zero”. I like that group! They’re hilarious! HAHAHAHA

  38. 38 lovenyc52

    i don’t currently have any questions for you (i think a lot of people already asked them anyway! haha) but i just wanted to say thanks for creating and maintaining such an awesome blog. It’s amazing how you find time to do what you do. I check it multiple times a day and when open thread friday comes around it’s like i don’t work at all haha..

    I only recently got into participating in open thread friday and now i can’t wait for it haha. I love that it allows us to pretty much talk about anything, kdrama related or not, and nobody is on our back for getting off topic ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve watched sooo many awesome dramas and discovered different musical artists because of your site – keep it up. I love reading what you have to say about whatever is going on in kdrama and kpop culture and also enjoy the discussions your posts inspire. THANKS JAVABEANS!! =P

  39. 39 dakotawest

    Have you read The Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris, or seen True Blood? If so do you like them?

  40. 40 langdon813

    Hi JB, happy to join the list of those singing your praises today!

    Here’s my question.

    We all have certain actors or actresses with whom we’re convinced we’d be great friends if only they had the chance to get to know us. Given the opportunity, who would you like to spend a day just hanging out with, getting to know better?

  41. 41 Dele

    Okay, Javabeans what kind of character would you want to be in a Korean drama? What is your favorite song and why? What to you is the best thing about Korean culture?

  42. 42 joelle-marie

    โ€ขare there any american shows that you love & obsess over as much as kdramas? & i think it’ll be pretty awesome if you had a compare & contrast post betwen kdramas & american shows.
    โ€ข& have you heard about the boys before flowers2 announcement? im confuzzled
    as to if it really has been confirmed or not because some sites says it has been while other sites says its not. it’ll be cool if there will be bbf2 but it doesn’t seem inevitable. the ending though was not as bittersweet either, maybe just a pinch of sweetness & a handful of damn confuseness.

  43. 43 12Dose12

    How far behind are you in emails? What’s the date of the oldest one?

    You said, you keep your online/offline life separate? Isn’t that like having 2 personas?

    By the way, “Ask Javabeans” is a good way to de-clutter your mailbox but it seems like the more answers we get the more questions pop up!

    If this isn’t online stardom, I don’t know what it is!

  44. 44 dramaprince

    After I started recapping episodes of Brilliant Legacy on my blog I really learned how hard they are to do. Kudos to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. 45 amalai

    hi there!!!!

    Thanks a million for your effort!!!

    I think it would be great if you could do a list of the songs featured in Triple just like you did with Coffee Prince and Soulmate.

    I’ve only watched the first episode but so far so good.

  46. 46 B.B.


    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into the site. Along with my coffee and dramas is dramabeans, part of each day.

    Hope that your book will be under the pen name Javabean, so we will be ‘first in best dressed’, for a read. International is a must, not all of us are from the USA.

    Have you an all time favorite script writer, so you know that the dramas/films written by them are a must see.

    Random flash – re: Parents marriage push. After all the dramas/films and books you must have seen almost all the plots, ploys and pushs that parents can think of along those lines. Maybe a few not thought of yet, lol.

  47. 47 Iranian Espresso

    Hahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you Javabeans, be strong, God bless you.
    Ok and what are you doing now?

  48. 48 dramaprince

    Also if you’re ever looking for someone to guest recap BL on your blog, I’d be happy to share recaps ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. 49 spuf

    As a non-Korean (specifically West Indies/Other), I want to say that I’m fully loaded with questions about Korean dramas, but I’m proving myself wrong by being unable to materialize any at the moment. . .

    . . .But here’s a couple that I’ve had for some time now: What Korean stereotypes most commonly portrayed in Korean dramas drive you mad? And which ones in particular can you vouch for?

  50. 50 Angela

    Just curious… but are you a Twilight fan, an Anti. or one of those people who just don’t care? I know it’s not really a drama-question… but your stalkerish comment kind of made me think you were taking a swing at Twilight (and if you were, I’ll respect you all the more for it).

    Anyway, love your blog!!

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