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Brilliant Legacy gets extended
by | June 3, 2009 | 59 Comments

A drama that performs well right out of the gate is a drama the broadcast station wants to hold on to, so it’s no surprise that SBS’s Brilliant Legacy has confirmed a two-episode extension. Currently halfway through its run, the series is closing in on 30% ratings.

Furthermore, a source from the production team said on the 4th that talks are still ongoing to add another two episodes on top of that. The drama was originally planned for a 24-episode broadcast, which means that it will now end with Episode 26, and possibly Episode 28 pending the additional extension.

The drama stars young actors (in order of photo) Bae Soo-bin, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi, and Moon Chae-won and airs on SBS on weekends.

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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. CW

    I’m not watching but I wonder if they are going to try to come up with something new for the additional 2 (or 4) episodes or will just not edit it as well. I generally find it hard to watch any drama with more than 12 episodes these days (one reason why I watch jdramas more often) so I often wonder why a story needs 20+ episodes to wrap up. But I guess their audience will be glad.

  2. goner

    Well…BL changed as 26 episodes just right before its airing, so this article means it’s going to be 28 eps, and possibly 30 eps.

  3. Jo

    Bae Soo bin makes me giggle like a maniac. He is so hot and sensitive. lol

  4. Kender

    I think BL actually managed the 30% (30.4%, I want to say) ratings this past weekend, but I’m not sure where I saw that.. Maybe Soompi?

    As long as the writer manages to keep the pacing pretty consistent the whole way through, I’m perfectly okay with the extensions. I hope it doesn’t fall apart at the end, though.. I’m really enjoying this show the way it is, and I’d hate for it to be ruined as a result of capitalizing on its awesome ratings.

    On a side note.. While I’m totally in love with Bae Soo-bin’s character and image (it’s the EYES *_*), this drama and 1 Night 2 Days are making me fall in love with Lee Seung-gi the actor/singer/man. SO ADORABLE. Kind of weird, but adorable. :3

  5. Biscuit

    At least it’s only 2 episodes more… I remember with the Queen of Housewives, although I liked the drama, it got draggy a wee bit, but thankfully ended okay.

    I hope that the ending is well for Brilliant Legacy ^^

  6. person

    it was already slated for 26 ep even before the series began. im not sure if the additional 2 ep relates to adding on to 26 to make 28 or adding on to 28 to get 30. either way, im happy and hopefully they wont drag

    and yea, it already broke 30%. it got a 33.4% last episode

  7. jo

    now I’m confused because I read it on soompi that BL is extending (for sure) to 28 episodes. yeah, the ratings last week went well over 30%(finally!)

  8. popcorn

    hmmm… I enjoy the show but I still fast forward like crazy…lol

    Will see…like coffee prince, I find things that ended up extending over the episodes plan tend to be draggy…

  9. din

    bae soo bin doesn’t look like a 30+ yr old guy in this drama. XD
    he looks like in his 20’s.. so dreamy & hot.. hihihi.
    i thought he looked like that in POTW, but this is better, since he looks younger. bwahaha.

    & my moon chae won is still as pretty as ever X3 hahaha.

  10. 10 yubikiri

    please please please….hope the extension will be worth….

  11. 11 yulan

    Wow I love this drama
    and I am glad that BL get Extended

  12. 12 that guy

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now, I’ll have to wait longer to see if Eun Sung is ever going to meet both her brother and her dead beat father, again!

    I hate you… DRAMA!

  13. 13 Ilbum noona

    Wow the rating went way up high..I’m curious about this drama seriously!!!
    I haven’t watched it but i will..Hope there will be no more additional episodes..
    Honestly, i don’t like drama with too many episodes..I’ll get bored as soon as possible..I don’t know why..It’s just too exhausted to watch drama with many episodes..

  14. 14 Kat

    gosh, i usually don’t welcome extensions. More often enough, I loose interest! lol. Meh, we’ll see.

  15. 15 anna

    As if 24 episodes aren’t enough!
    Even with the high ratings, it doesn’t seem to get as much buzz around here. I’m not one to watch a drama due to high ratings ..most of the time it’s overrated (heh). The storyline just doesn’t seem THAT interesting. I’m kind of curious though.

  16. 16 onyna

    i love this show! yay yay ya!!! bring on the romance now between the 2 ahhh cant wait!

  17. 17 Rong

    actually i’m watching it now, at eps 3 and i don’t really see the appeal. but i have to say eun sung reminds me of song hye gyo. i’m not sure why but her smile is really pretty ya? and i like seung mi too cos she’s not as evil as her mum. well, we’ll see how it goes ya? since it’s gonna go up to eps 26, i should just take my time and slowly watch. haha…

  18. 18 Angela

    As much as I’m liking this series, I really wish they’d stop will all the show extensions, and leave well-enough alone. I don’t think I’ve watched a series yet where its benefited from extended episodes: it always seems to drag towards the end. Hopefully, this will be the exception… though I doubt it.

  19. 19 KOK

    26 eps were by far enough, extending it so much will just hurt the pace, something I’ve liked about the drama. The drama isn’t draggy to me at all right now, but if they’re gonna start stretching the storyline then it’ll be a pain. 28 eps is just silly.

    And yeah sunday’s broadcast hit 33% average, something even BOF didn’t do so quick, hopefully this means BOF’s “era” comes to an end.

  20. 20 mishane

    Okay, for a drama with a simple storyline where you don’t hear much buzz about, is it strange for it to be getting such high ratings?

    I mean, I thought I was the only one watching this drama! No one else really seems to talk about it. But I guess it’s a favorite?

    Which makes me happy because I’m loving it so far and I’m so upset that everyone is already on episode 12 while I’m still waiting for episode 7. 🙁 Dammit! I really need to understand Korean right now!

  21. 21 Meru

    I love this drama so I’m happy about this! Hopefully it doesn’t drag.

  22. 22 Aki

    Yayy .. Im actually happy… I feel too sad when a drama ends. Are other people watching it? There really isn’t much news about it. And I’m stuck on ep 8 because I can’t find subbed episodes (no fault of the subbers though). Is anyone doing recaps? Just so that I know what is happening. I’m going to study more korean … need to be good enough to understand dramas.

    Anyway why am I thinking about this now …. History and Chemistry finals tmrw … (why in the world would they put those on the same day?? :S)

  23. 23 KOK

    The videos of Shiing inheritance were taken off and so Viikii is re-uploading the subs of the first 10 eps, hopefully all them will be up soon.

    Eps 11/12 were lost in some server problem and the subs will be have to be done again by Viikii so the wait goes on, I still haven’t seen the eps and 10 had such a good cliffhanger too:(

  24. 24 mishane

    Wait, subs are out for episodes past 7? I didn’t know that!

    I’ve been going to d-addicts for subs, there is someplace else I can look for them?!?

  25. 25 HeyCitrus

    Since I am incapable of writing my thoughts in coherent paragraphs…I’ll make a list…

    – I’m also hoping the extension won’t ruin the series. So far, the pacing is perfect.

    -JB, from what I’ve read of your previous reviews and such, it seems like you might not like it in terms of the storyline, possibly? Then again, if you can deal with BOF, then you can definitely deal with this drama. I’d say give it a try, if you’ve got nothing else to do, but you definitely need to watch more than 2 episodes to get into it. 🙂

    – I am ridiculously addicted to this drama, more so than BOF (which was an okay drama imo, but nonetheless addictive). I constantly check for updates every Saturdays and Sundays…and even watch it without the English Subtitles….and then watch it again.

    – The plot– It’s no doubt filled with cliches. It has your evil stepmother, spoiled rich brat, and wise, rich grandparent. However, I don’t think this drama overdoes it. In the later episodes (ep 6? 7?), you get a hint why Lee Seung Gi’s character is the way he is (and it’s a pretty legit reason). Plus, you see his better side with Moon Chae Won. You also understand why the grandmother spoiled him. The evil stepmother…is well…pretty evil–but I don’t think her character is too extreme to the point that its ridiculous. Her manipulative actions just tend to have a snowball effect…but you do tend to hate her with every episode. Moon Chae Won’s character is great as well–she’s not a bad character but just conflicted and misguided.

    – The acting– The acting is good. Han Hyo Joo improves with every episode. She may seem maybe slightly over the top with the first two episodes, but definitely in the later episodes, she conveys her emotions well. Lee Seung Gi as well acts decent. I don’t think he’s too bad. Sure there are one or two moments where you try to figure out what exactly his blank facial expression could signify…but nothing cringe-worthy. I don’t think I’ve cringed so far like I did multiple times in BOF. Overall, he’s convincing–nothing to complain about. The actor who plays Eun Sung’s brother, who is autistic in the drama, is just simply amazing.

    -The romance– Okay at first, I was rooting for the better looking guy, BSB. He plays the sweet, charming guy, who’s not at all boring because he can be funny and mischievous. Thus, its fun to watch HHJ together with him. However, the two main leads definitely have chemistry…which makes the BSB and HHJ relationship a tad pale in comparison. When you see the interactions between HHJ and LSG when they’re forced to work together, the story just gets more exciting. So I found myself suddenly rooting for LSG and hoping for him to change. I mean the acting can’t be that bad, when you start to root for the spoiled brat over the sweet guy, right? (I guess it’s a bit like BOF…). Also, LSG makes it clear that he thinks of MCW as a friend only…which I think is a definitely plus. Dramas where the lead is in constant conflict over two women/men just irks me because if he/she can’t act well, I’m left with the feeling that he’s/she’s in love with both, or just faking feelings (if that makes any sense…).

    -Besides the romance, HHJ’s search for her brother is exciting. It’s suspenseful. Also, the way that everyone is somehow connected without being aware of it…is suspenseful as well. So basically, every episode, I wait for some secret to unravel and it does, and it just gets better.

    -Eh I wrote a lot. I apologize for the wall of text, any misspellings, confusion, and such. Anyway, it’s definitely a good drama even though it appears like your usual k-drama.

  26. 26 Acalle

    I haven’t started watching this yet, rather wait for all the subs to be available. I do like Bea So Bin in his historical roles. This would be the first time I’ll see him in modern drama. I’m excited and looking forward to that.

  27. 27 Carolin

    You know- I’m reaching a point with this drama that I feel like it has already made so many jumps in the story I can’t even imagine what else they are going to do with the characters if indeed it does go up to 28 or 30 episodes.

    —oh and by the way you should be going on viikii for episodes if you haven’t been able to find them anywhere else. That’s where I have been watching them. Also mysoju.com (I’m surprised that some people still haven’t found this site).

  28. 28 Yinnie

    I adore this drama but why extend it? Why fix when its not broken? haha It’s an amazing drama and extending it will not make it any better than it already is. Sigh.

    Can someone tell me the make and colour of Han Hyo Joo’s contacts/
    I’m actually tempted to get her hairstyle. Shame I don’t have the face shape for it.

  29. 29 KOK

    Unfortunately Viikii seems to be the only one with eng subs for shining inheritance so you’ll have to wait a few days, the subs were complete but due to the original videos being taken off the timing was screwed up, once its sorted out all 12 eps will be re-uploaded, just wait a couple of days.

    And I agree about the chemistry between HHJ and LSG, Bambi eyes Oppa is great but the scenes involving HHJ and LSG are more interesting.

    And I really like the relationship between her and her brother, the scene where she was thinking of suicide, and then her brother looked to her and told her how much he loves his “noona” was really touching, to me it was anyways…

  30. 30 Yinnie

    Also, I can see where the story is heading already.

    Granny dies. [noooo!] it’s so cliche, if it doesn’t happen, I’ll eat my foot.

  31. 31 sidney

    I wonder if the Sat./Sun. slot has anything to do with the higher ratings in Korea. In any sense, I would watch this drama over “Good Job, Good Job” which is on the same days but an hour earlier. I started watching that (Good Job) but it was so boring; and what was the casting director thinking when s/he chose the lead men? One is a middle aged man practically and the other is, well – no comment.
    Lead men draw in women viewers. What were they thinking?

    I like the pacing of Brilliant Legacy and the story development. But I feel the relationship between EunSung and Hwan really hasn’t developed, although the drama is nearly halfway through.
    And I agree that the actor playing the autistic brother has been doing an excellent job.

  32. 32 amy

    I hate it when my favoriate drama gets extended.. it tends to affect the overall quality by making it draggy.

  33. 33 Kim

    this is such a good drama!!! I just got into it yesterday and already at ep 6! lol this is the fastest i’ve watched a drama XD

  34. 34 onaclearday

    i like the acting of the autistic brother, the wicked stepmother and the hapless stepsister.

    lee seung gi looks like he’s slowly improving as an actor. hhj’s acting is painful. if she’s not screaming, she’s crying. her favorite facial expression is constipated.

    i’m looking forward to the day when k-drama plots grow up and make sense.

  35. 35 Vivianna

    I don’t mind the extension. The drama has very interesting storyline and I hope the PD and the scriptwriter can add more plots to the additions.

    Again, I would not mind to say I don’t like the acting of both leads. Yes, I stay to watch because of Bae SooBin. But I got attracted by the other characters– the evil stepmother, the stepsister, the autistic brother and the wise grandmother. They are a bunch of great actors contributing to the high viewership ratings. On the weekends the boardcasting company cannot rely solely the young fangirls watching their idols in the show. They need support from the adjummas and occasional male audiences too. It is the prime time for family entertainment.

    I love how the plot develops with the evil stepmother keeps telling lies. She covers her old lie with the new one and eventually she is the one suffers the most from the result. Every episode can see how she fails from her wicked attempt and then she gets on to the next one.

    Another character who is worth watching is Moon ChaeWon. Her facial expression is superb. She started as one innocent stepsister and then follows her mother’s route to evil deeds in order to sustain the relationship with the rich BF. From her, I can see the ugly side rooted in the human being. Her image is totally different from the one in the “Painter of the Wind”. I wish she could win another award from this drama!

  36. 36 yvhsien

    24 episodes is more than sufficient for most of these dramas. I agree that in most cases, when they extend the episodes, it just gets draggy. I haven’t watched this drama yet though it’s on my list to. I’ll wait to see any comments regarding the effect of extended episodes on this drama.

  37. 37 umee

    Each and everyone has their own impression regarding this drama and for me I like it so far…I can’t hold my tears really with HHJ and his autistic brother scene… I don’t know why but the child’s acting was soo good on this drama… anyone should try watching it. This is the present drama that I followed-up out of curiosity, again, I don’t know the casting since Queen of housewives ended…

  38. 38 hongki love

    this drama is amazingg.. so funn and addictive!
    no surprises that this drama is well over 30% and extensions..
    means MORE HOT GUYS! hahaha…. =) geeze i swear.
    this drama has 2 amaazingly hot guys .. =DDDD.
    and han hyo joo’s decent acting. she’s not amazzzinggg, but she’s pretty good.

    this drama just makes me laugh, cry,,,, on the edge of my seat.

    AND DID I MENTION how much i love eunwoo?
    his story adds the little spice onto the show.
    he’s really sweet and every scene with him makes me cry.

  39. 39 hongki love

    you guys need to think in the prodcution’s and the writer’s point of view.
    they’re enjoying really high ratings and popularity right now.. obiously, they want to continnue it.
    it’s beating out all of the weekend dramas and some of the other popular dramas like city hall or cinderella man..

  40. 40 Vivian

    Whoo yeah! Shining Inheritance is awesome. I only recently learned about the whole rating system from The World They Lived In (Another drama I’m watching). XDD
    I need to catch up on the episodes.

    I guess you still won’t tune in Javabeans? He he. ^^’

  41. 41 meister

    i just watch this drama yesterday. it is such an interesting drama. i dont know why.. i think maybe because HHJ’s smile is very pretty. i can sit alone and watch her smile the whole hours. haha XD. no. JK. the story itself is quite addictive.

  42. 42 ftLOVE

    YAY!!! The drama is soo good so far!!! As long as the writter keep it going this way, there would be no problems!!! It’s probably one of the better dramas playing on korean TV nowadays~~~

  43. 43 abovo99

    I’m following this drama but I really dislike the lead actor. This is the first time I dislike the lead actor. He is ugly!!!!

  44. 44 Maddy

    I’m actually really hurt that BSB is going to end up alone. I find his passion and his self worth to maintain his own path so admirable.

  45. 45 thay

    i’m hooked to this drama! I cant wait for the next episodes,.and i really like HHJ and Lee Seung Gi,.they’re so good together,..hahaa,.i really like the scene when they are together,.
    if you want to watch the drama,you can watch it at dailymotion.com since viikii is not working,you may search under ‘S2I06.1’ (this for episode 6 part 1),and you may continue to watch another part by changing the number of episode and part that you want to watch,it has english subtitle,.but dailymotion only provide until 10th episode,.
    I’m so excited when i find this episode on dailymotion becoz i was so sad that i cant watch it on viikii since it’s broken.I hope u enjoy watching this drama,..

  46. 46 ambs


    i totally agree that brilliant legacy tops bof anyday, esp in the acting department. i think one flaw of korean entertainment is that they always have these multi talents that sing act model. then again i’m chinese and seeing rainie or w/e and those other 3 girls that all act in like 20 dramas each for taiwanese drama is just PAINFUL. also wth is up with taiwanese drama always going for the corny humor- it’s just not funny and i never watch t-dramas. like please not everyone is meant to do all three. aka kim hyung joon who i loooved in wgm but he is not a drama actor. the real life scenario in wgm shows his real wit and personality.

    the show does take an episode or two to grow insanely fond of but it is totally addicting. for bof in the end i was chugging through just to see how it would turn out. i remember skipping through most the episodes after the first 8-10. for brilliant legacy i have watching every minute of every single episode and i have love love loved it. as much as i think the leads together, if they gave bsb lsg’s part with his lines who WOULDN’T think they were a damn finee couple D:

  47. 47 melindatabula

    next episode please i cant wait longer

  48. 48 melindatabula


  49. 49 Babydoll

    Aigoo dramabeans if you don’t watch Shining Inheritance it’s like missing half of your life! Such great acting you seriously don’t want to miss. Hahaha yeah, it’s that good. It’s reached 40% this weekend. DAMN. It’s up there along with Coffee Prince/Hana Yori Dango.
    Trust me, it’s not as cliche as it sounds (:

  50. 50 Deborah

    I absolutely admire this Korean drama. I am a Korean speaker so I don’t need subs. I think that Lee Seung Ki and Han Hyo Joo matches more. I love this drama. I am on episode 22 right now. They already had a kissing scene. Both of them are very bad at kissing. I mean…AWKWARD!!! I like the romance though. It was so sudden though. I guess they gradually fell in love. I like this drama because it is not so nonsense like some other dramas that I watched. Lee Seung Ki is so cute in this drama. I can’t wait to see the last 6 episodes. Oh yeah… The sister, Seung Mi, is so evil now. I hate her. I feel bad for Jun Se. I hope that Eun Sung and Hwan falls in love so that the evil sister can learn her lesson. I LOVE THIS DRAMA……….!!!!!

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