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Dae Jang Geum sequel postponed
by | June 3, 2009 | 28 Comments

I’d heard some rumblings for a while about a sequel to uber-Hallyu smash hit Dae Jang Geum being in the works, but I kind of figured it was one of those constant rumors. However, the production announced on June 3 that the drama project is not canceled, and despite initial plans to produce a Dae Jang Geum 2 this year, they have merely pushed it back to sometime next year instead.

On the other hand, it was also recently announced that Lee Young-ae will NOT be reprising her lead role, so I’m not sure how much of a sequel it’ll be when its title character is absent.

Attached to the project is the original series’ director, PD Lee Byung-hoon, while the scripts will be written by Yi San writer Kim Yi-young.

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28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Icarusfalls

    o_O Seriously?? This is really awesome!! *squels*
    Dae Jang Geum was the first kdrama I ever saw that lead me to my obsession with all asian dramas!

  2. selva

    yeah the news have been rolling in DC for quite sometime and I also hoped it would be a rumor!
    gosh no please don’t do a sequel! Even if they somehow managed to make it better (quality wise at least), it will NOT be a hit like the original!

  3. La Fea

    Dae Jang Geum without Lee Young Ae is not good. Will Jin Jin Hee appear? They are now re airing it in Turkey for third time. We would be really happy so see second part of show but it wont be same ๐Ÿ™

  4. jackieee

    Although I enjoyed the first go-around immensely, I have to say that I have no interest in a Dae Jang Geum 2. Didn’t the story end just fine? I just don’t see how they can continue with an exciting plot that HASN’T already covered all the bases – palace drama, medical breakthroughs, Ji Jin Hee/Lee Young-ae romance, and FOOD! (Well, I take that back. I can always use some food porn, haha). This is especially true since Lee Young-ae will not be a part of this continuation project. Imo, she IS Dae Jang Geum!

  5. Stee

    Maybe it’ll be a storyline of Dae Jang Geum’s daughter’s life? Haha it’ll pretty much be really boring if they find a replacement Dae Jang Geum because in my heart Lee Young Ae was the perfect one ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. theedie

    I loved Dae Jang Geum so freaking much, but honestly I was put off by all the market whoring they’ve been doing with the show and it’s derivatives. Having a musical, animated show, theme park and what else have you is way too much and an obvious display of milking the cow dry. Speaking of which I’ve been to the so called “theme park” on a field trip and that place sucks. It was small, empty, and overall tacky and boring. I once had an argument with somebody about how they should’ve left the show alone (with the exception of dvds and such) and he said I couldn’t dictate what other people wanted and that I was afraid that the charm would be gone. To be honest since I loved the show so much I can’t deny wanting to have seen more, but I have the good sense to know when a good thing should end and not be dragged on forever (a la The Simpsons). Still, I might give this DJG 2 a shot since I do like Lee Byung-hoon as a director (although he gets predictable at times) and I liked Yi San well enough and I know that they were probably not attached to all those other projects. But I’d say I’m leaning 92% towards having no faith that this will be any good. I’m just waiting to see if they’re going to announce a DJG cruise line or something

    oi that was long o.O;;;;

  7. Carolin

    Sometime next year? Well, that will give them some time to make sure that the sequel is good, or even maybe better than the original. I hope that the Full House sequel will also take into account that the writing needs to be good before it airs later this year.

  8. coolsmurf

    seriously, why bother with a sequel…

  9. j

    Lee Young-Ae was smart not to take it, usually sequels aren’t as good as the first. Especially in this case since the 1st just had about everything that could happen, happen rofl

  10. 10 lidge_fan

    still waiting for Full House 2………
    will all these talked about sequels air before I’m old and decreprit and too tired to care one way or another?

    For the sequel, I suppose they could have DJG’s daughter accidently causing the death of her parents. The little kid will somehow make it into the palace to be raised as a cook. When she’s grown, due to all the backstabbing, she’ll be accused of treason and sent to an island as a slave where by a coincidence, she’ll take up learning medicine. She becomes so good that she’ll eventually make it back into the palace so she can clear her name and take revenge on her enemies.

    Wait, why does this sound really familiar to me? ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. 11 Biscuit

    If she has more in her life that has not been shown in the drama, perhaps theres still more to add. But you can’t really go “if this and this happened and etc etc perhaps in the future” and make it completely fiction. Isn’t Dae Jang Geum partially/or mostly based history?

    But I’m not too familiar with the history of Dae Jang Geum so I don’t know what else is there left after she gets married and has a daughter.

    It’s not really the same if the lady who played Dae Jang Geum is some one else…. >.>

    And I don’t think Lee Young Ae wants to only be known as Dae Jang Geum forever. Perhaps the long hiatus could be so people can forget about her roles as Dae Jang Geum (perhaps not though.)

    If it was the King and I, I could imagine a sequel easily since it was also a historical drama, but the drama continues even after the end of the King and Queen’s life story. After they introduced the son, who has a notorious history himself full of much drama that has enough to write a 50+ ep drama, I almost thought there was going to be another 20 more episodes about the son since theres so much more to show. But meh, they didn’t (and it’s not really about the son in the drama). But if they did do the son’s story, it would just end up being another drama about another historical King. Not really a continuation of the original plot since all the original people died >.> (Unless it went back a few years when the son was still reigning and wanted to payback his enemies for his mother -_-)

    Before I go ranting on and on and getting off-topic: leave a good drama that ended well alone.

  12. 12 cosmopolite

    What’s the point without Lee Young-ae….hm.

  13. 13 mojadora

    dae jang geum without lee young ae is like life without colors…

  14. 14 diana

    NO LEE YOUNG-AE???? not sure whether i’ll be watching it………………

    well, if i were lee young ae, i wouldnt reprise my role too..
    sequels often fail big time… remember the matrix or speed or even goong S??

    not too mention without the lead role, lee young ae herself, this series might as well be cancelled……

    anyway, are there any stories left to tell?? after all, dae jang geum pretty much has a resolved and completed ending, no cliffhanger or whatsoever. so, i figure if they insisted on making a sequel out of it, it should’ve been something like the daughter or son of dae jang geum?????

  15. 15 chajjye

    but why? DJG is pretty much over. unless it’s about her life in the “retirement”…then she has this crisis which she has to come back, cook and save the new king again. *cues heroic song

    reminds me of the hong kong historical drama about this bobby au yeung character who’s a nobody to a forensic scientist. and they had a sequel to that as well though the first looked completed. the story of the sequel? they killed off his wives because of revenge and he had to start from the bottom again.

    but. still.

    i only watched DJG at the final leg of the episodes. too long. and it was dubbed. ugh.

  16. 16 invisibelle

    Bummer. I would so love to see Lee Young Ae on TV again, especially in a role like this. The Jesus-like perfectness of Jang Geum really fit her image.

  17. 17 frlin

    i know its not going to be as good as the 1st, but im so EXCITED. i just love dae jang geum TOO MUCH. its a perfect story that’ll never be forgotten in my life. I’ve already think that I want my future children to watch this series too, since it has so many positive effect to seek knowledge and moral values.

    since LYA will not lead this drama, i think this sequel is about her daughter? OMG I cant wait!!

  18. 18 meister

    I also think, the sequel will be about her daughter…The production team surely is smart enough to think about all those stuff u guys mentioned. Who are we talking about, its PD Lee Byung Hoon who made this uber successful drama. He must be smart because he is the one who produce such that GREAT drama dae jang geum.

  19. 19 Keren

    NOOOO! You can’t do that!
    DJG without Lee Young Ae and Jee Jin Hee won’t be the same!
    Don’t do it! It will ruin the good impression I have on the drama…
    Please, don’t do it! Don’t make a sequel. Not every great drama as DJG must have a sequel!

  20. 20 Someone

    Don’t do it!
    A legend should be remained as a legend!

  21. 21 Joeffril Joesoef

    I still hope and insist LYA should play as DJG in the sequel,no matter when the project will be produced. Why not the writer & director arrange the story as the continuation of DJG-1, the new adventures of DJG at her later age. It really fits with LYA’s present age. In order to more attractive let add DIG’s daughter will be already grown up & have love affair, agree? She should be played by the actress who supposed to replace LYA. I wish Ji Jin Hee will still on the role. Frankly speaking I WILL HOPE & INSIST LYA still play the role, otherwise I ( and surely all her fans thruout the world) will be very disappointed and will boycott the serial played by any other actress! You will imagine the serial will become a floppy disaster !

  22. 22 netinho

    trasa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. 23 RaMaN

    I’ll also write here. Where’s its continuation? I’m missing it ๐Ÿ™ with the original character.

  24. 24 naim Ysupov


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