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Interview from the cast of Triple
by | June 28, 2009 | 39 Comments

This interview was released just prior to the airing of Episode 5 last Wednesday. Each cast member is featured, and while nobody goes terribly in depth, one gets a sense of the camaraderie between the actors, which is always fun to see (and read about).

There are a few super-mild spoiler-ish details, for hardcore spoilerphobes. (Nothing specific, but hints are made about the direction some relationships will take. Just a warning!)

“I don’t know. I just want to steal her away!”

The weather is hot enough to make one sweat even while standing still, but the view is beautiful outside the large window of Shin Hwal’s home and Bond Factory office. Youth is like that, too. Once that time passes, everything becomes difficult and painful, but watching on television, there is no more beautiful or brilliant time. Episode 5 hasn’t yet aired for MBC’s Triple, which is directed by Lee Yoon-jung, who knows better than anyone how to capture the brightest moments of youth with respect. The public’s reaction isn’t that hot yet, but mania fans are already showing a deep interest in the PD’s particular sensitive directing and unique characters. The six actors of this drama met in front of the Hongdae set location on June 24. Their careers and ages are all different, but the passion inside their hearts bubbles over in the same way; here is a new interview with the three couples.

You’re the most senior of the actors. You may not feel satisfied with the ratings.

Lee Jung-jae: I don’t really know. I think Wednesday-Thursday dramas tend to draw a bit lower numbers than Monday-Tuesdays dramas. It isn’t that the dramas aren’t entertaining, but I wonder if maybe viewers are busier doing other things on Wednesdays and Thursdays. [Laughs] For a lot of various reasons, I think viewer ratings have fallen on the whole for dramas. That’s my personal guess.

“We just film amongst ourselves without regard for the ratings”

How is the atmosphere on set?

Lee Jung-jae: That’s the problem. [Laughs] If ratings aren’t good, it’s normal for the atmosphere to be a little down, but we’re all having fun shooting amongst ourselves. In the first part, importance was given to introducing the characters and guiding the drama along. In the latter part, things get a little more serious as things progress and conflicts arise.

This is your acting debut. How do you feel?

Min Hyo-rin: Haru’s character is bright, so my voice tone is always up. I thought a lot about whether that would fit in with the other characters, but thankfully I think we mesh well. When I watch the broadcasts, I can see my weaknesses. I watch with a guilty conscience. Haru’s actions aren’t things a person can do easily. When I set fire to the house, Haru’s facial expression had to be sincere, which was a little awkward.

Ignoring that Haru and Hwal’s relationship is like that of siblings, it’s being hinted that they’ll have some affection for each other. How will that develop?

Lee Jung-jae: A direct loveline won’t happen. Haru’s still in her last year of high school. I asked the director about that before we started filming, and she said that things will develop with strong emotions. I, and others around me, are half concerned and half curious about that. Story-wise, I think it’s interesting to have a love that goes through its ups and downs and doesn’t end up together. What is this feeling that makes me squirm or flutter when she comes to sleep beside me? That’s the feeling I have to evoke, but I don’t know how yet.

If the emotions deepen from here, does this mean we’ll see a more serious side to the always-upbeat Haru?

Min Hyo-rin: When you’re younger, don’t you like your cousin oppas and such? She likes her oppa in that way, and when she finds out that he was once married, and that his wife was her coach, her emotions will show a deeper side. She’ll also wonder who her coach is — who is she that my oppa would have married her?

You appeared in the representative ’90s trendy drama Feeling. I wonder what the difference is when working with director Lee Yoon-jung, the representative trendy drama director of the 2000s.

Lee Jung-jae: To be honest, I’m not sure what’s changed. It’s like when you like somebody, you don’t really have a reason. It’s not because of a particular thing about that person — you like them because they are that person. That hasn’t changed. And I think that’s the crux of it. In Feeling, when I liked Woo Hee-jin’s character, I don’t think there was a particular reason. I think that it’s for the director and the actors to take that essential surface element and accept it and make it their own.

Looking at it, in Feeling it turned out your character was set back in love when the truth came out that you were siblings.

That’s true. Maybe it’s my fate. [Laughs]

“Hae-yoon is like the real Lee Seon-kyun, down to his temper”

How has the reaction been around you?

Lee Seon-kyun: [Yoon] Kye-sang and I look at the same messages on the same viewer message boards and wonder, “Why is there so little here?” [Laughs] I don’t think the response is that hot yet. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m married now, but my personal site has quieted a lot too. [Laughs]

This is your third project with director Lee Yoon-jung, and it seems you may keep getting similar roles. The man who clings to an indecisive woman.

Lee Seon-kyun: You can see it that way, since the character is someone hurting in love. However, I think Han-sung (Coffee Prince) and Dong-kyung (Taereung National Village) were more passive and patient, while Hae-yoon has an immediate reaction to things. There’s a definite difference. If they feel similar, I think it may be that the PD has a similar style of directing.

There are a lot of people interested in Sang-hee and Hae-yoon’s cool relationship. How will things develop?

Lee Seon-kyun: In the episodes airing today and tomorrow [5 and 6], I fall for her. She [Kim Hee] tries to appear cool, but I get sulky. According to the script, I even propose, and because of my deepening feelings I have some trouble. But I don’t know how things will turn out in the end.

The character of Sang-hee stands out with her free spirit. Was it difficult to understand her character?

Kim Hee: Sang-hee’s and my sense of values are very different. I can’t go from friends to lovers and back to friends, so it’s difficult to completely immerse myself. Still, maybe it’s her laid-back ways, but I have many similarities with Sang-hee, too. I try to put whatever I can of myself into Sang-hee as I act. If I don’t, it becomes too difficult.

As a rookie actress, you’re pretty natural with your acting.

Kim Hee: I think I owe [Seon-kyun] oppa the most. In acting, isn’t it most important to be in rhythm with each other? I’m getting more than 90% of my help from oppa. He’s somebody who makes his partner look good. [At this moment, the men actors hoot in amusement] Also, the director reflected the hair, makeup, and style that I usually have for myself in the character of Sang-hee. I think it becomes more natural because she makes it so that I can act comfortably.

This is a childish question, but which character is closest to your own ideal type?

Lee Seon-kyun: Sang-hee. I like women who can make me laugh. She makes the real me seem cooler. [Laughs]

Kim Hee: I’m always stuck with Jo-kun [Hae-yoon], but I like that he’s a person who treats the woman he’s with as a friend and family and looks after her. Even if he does go overboard scolding sometimes. [Laughs] In the drama, Jo-kun nags a lot, so oppa says he feels like an ajumma. But he’s like that because he loves her.

It seems like there are a lot of similarities between Hae-yoon and the real-life Lee Seon-kyun.

Yoon Kye-sang: They’re the same! He’s that person. Even his temper. [Everyone laughs]

Lee Seon-kyun: You, what are you saying?!

“I don’t know about love, but right now I just want to steal Su-in away”

Now that the drama has aired, how do you feel?

Yoon Kye-sang: It’s so entertaining, why are the ratings low?

Lee Hana: For the first part of filming, it was really difficult for me because I was doing Lee Hana’s Peppermint and the drama, a movie, and skating practices all at the same time. I wasn’t able to perform to my satisfaction, and I think I improve as things continue.

How is the reaction around you?

Yoon Kye-sang: Till now, I’ve done mostly heavier projects, so people like that I’m doing a lighter role.

Lee Hana: They say the men characters are all so handsome, and that they want to work at that company too. [Laughs] Really. Even you, the reporter in front of me, are nodding along.

Yoon Kye-sang: Ah, you’ve relapsed into your hosting disease. I told you not to act like you’re doing Peppermint. [Laughs]

On the whole, the drama is bright and upbeat, but Su-in is the only one always crying. It must be harder to get into it.

Lee Hana: Naturally, there are a mix of emotions in the drama. In that case, somebody has to take that role, and if I’m in that role, it’s my job to do that well. Of course, there are some scenes where people might see her crying without feeling sympathy for her, which is disappointing. But since there’s more story to come, I want to do a good job.

Although it’s difficult emotionally, it seems that the characters themselves have very complicated love relationships.

Lee Hana: I did worry a lot about how much the viewers would accept it. The director said that although Su-in is a depressed and dark character right now, later on she’ll fly like a phoenix, so I trust in her words. [Laughs] She’s not such a complicated character, and after love has left her, she comes to count on her friendships as coach to Haru and her athletes.

Hyun-tae seems to share a lot of similarities with Yoon Kye-sang’s usual image.

Yoon Kye-sang: It’s similar. I’m playing to my heart’s content. Because Hyun-tae is a bright character, rather than thinking I have to prepare myself, I act by adapting myself to Hyun-tae’s circumstances at each moment, playing freely without worries. The director also said at the time I was cast that Hyun-tae is similar to me.

You’re a character who steals his friend’s wife. Is it hard to understand him?

Yoon Kye-sang: Now that I’m past thirty, it’s harder to love. If Hyun-tae likes her enough to express it to that extent, I think he truly cares for her. Ah, I don’t know. Right now he just wants to steal her! [Laughs]

Lee Jung-jae: Eh, you jerk!

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39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dramaworld

    I’ve adored Yoon Kye-Sang ever since Who Are You? and I like Lee Seon-kyun, but I find Lee Jung-jae very ugly(yes, I’m shallow:) by k-actor standards and unfortunately I think this is one of those dramas which gives the impression(at least to those who haven’t seen it) of dimming each of its high-powered stars’ charisma/fame instead of increasing each one’s. If that makes sense.

  2. funniebones

    Thanks for posting this up!

    I don’t know how you can manage an update with the move and all, so I truly appreciate this!

    So far I am really getting into the groove of this drama…a lot quicker in comparison to BBF and That Fool, just because it feels so light and trendy and more relatable…

  3. kitty

    Um… now I’m a bit worried. I can understand why Haru would like her oppa that way, and I can see why Hwal might find her bright personality refreshing after that fiasco with Su-in, but… I really can’t see Haru and Hwal together. I just can’t see that. Something about them together just doesn’t strike a chord with me, and I’m not squick about their age difference or anything, they just don’t do anything for me as a couple (or even as a hint of such a relationship). I’d rather Hwal not end up with anybody if that’s the case.

    @1 Dramaworld:
    I’m the opposite of you, heh. I’m not fond of Yoon Kye-sang and don’t find him attractive, but Lee Jung-jae is awesome. You should watch him in Il Mare (with Jeon Ji-hyun), he was wonderful there.

  4. deeta

    Ohoho,, careful, JB might bite you for saying LJJ is ugly.

    I personally love all three guys (and all 3 girls too actually) even if I don’t necessarily follow all their projects, previous or future. So far tho, my affection weighs in more on Haeyoon/Lee Seonkyun. He’s just got this sincere and natural vibe about him. Lee Seonkyun reminds me A LOT of singer Kim C for some reason. And well, I heart Kim C too, hehe..

  5. Icarusfalls

    I’m watching this now – It’s quite interesting. Hope it doesn’t become too sad later!! =(

  6. LadyIgraine

    So…there’s a possibility of a Haru & Hwal relationship! I’m actually excited how this one will turn out. Am I the only one rooting for these 2? Remember in Coffee Prince, Han Gyul has that male temptation because he’s falling for Eun Chan, but that’s because he thought he was a guy the whole time. And he’s questioning his sexuality…but we all know that Eun Chan is a girl. Well, just think of it that way. Haru & Hwal aren’t related by blood and people are concern about the age gap, Hyorin is 23 years old in real life I believe.

  7. E

    Hmm it seems to me that Hwal and Haru won’t end up together even tho I want it to happen~~~….

  8. xiaoSxin

    it is very nice to know that the actors really enjoy being with each other even when the cameras are not rolling. like they are also friends on the set. it is a good feeling because it adds the charisma and realism to the characters they play.

    i liked yoon kye sang in the melo drama Crazy for You. that drama made me his fan.. when he cries, i cry too. But in Who Are You, I loved him in that role!!!!!

  9. Beatrice

    I dunno why exactly but I LOVE Kim Hee’s hair in this drama

  10. 10 Taohua

    I finally watched the first episode of this and I’m really looking forward to catching up and watching as the series progresses. I’m a fan of all three actors, so this was a drama that I was seriously looking forward to.

    That’s awesome that the cast seems so comfortable with each other. It’ll only improve the onscreen chemistry between everyone (I hope!).

  11. 11 Icarusfalls

    I’m rooting for a Haru Hwal relationship too – but it’s sad they won’t be ‘together’ in the real drama! I love yoon kye sang but not sure how his relationship with Coach-cheater-nim will work out! Finally I absolutely LOVE the final pairing – they are too cute!!

  12. 12 KOOKy

    Its on my list for now, I’ll watch it once it ends, I find waiting for episodes of dramas too annoying esp with Shining inheritance.

    Oh and bloody hell I just found out that SI hit the 40% in viewing figures, looks like the next Korean wave drama has landed.

  13. 13 hjkomo

    Thank you, busy bee! Hope the elves have made their way back. πŸ™‚

    I like seeing aspects of the real Lee Seon Kyun in this drama, and I don’t think this role is very similar to his previous ones at all. That’s just me, I guess.

    I’m sure LJJ will do well with Hwal’s character. No worries there.
    (LJJ ugly??? That’s sacrilege! πŸ˜› )

    As for Hyun Tae & Su In…
    I’m awaiting apprehensively for what PD Lee’s going to bring about,
    in order to convince me of this pairing. I’m not sold on it yet.

  14. 14 langdon813

    Finally getting started on Triple tonight, I’m looking forward to hearing The Voice again!

  15. 15 Danielle

    does this mean haru and hwal don’t end up together? aww.. i’m so bummed i wanted to see them get together…

  16. 16 Jane

    I agree with you…I am not very fond of YKS ( I think that is because he is protraying HT in this drama), but LJJ is just too awesome to be ugly.

  17. 17 Piano4112000

    I don’t think it means they won’t end up together but I think LJJ thought it would be sweet or bitter sweet if they didn’t end up together, what will happen we still will not know so keep on watching πŸ™‚

  18. 18 djes

    Lee Jung Jae is ugly? hahaha. You come to dangerous territory , dramaworld, because there are so many his fangirls ( and ajuhmas? πŸ˜› ) here!

    In my opinion, three of them are not the ‘oh so handsome i want their posters on my wall” type, but they have charisma, presences that you just can’t deny.
    and me,ajusshis’ lover, find them really really attractive. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for translating the interviews, hope there are more to come, because I think all of the casts are interesting actors and I really want to know their take on each roles.

    Ah, I can’t wait for Wed and Thursday to come!

  19. 19 Z

    I finally found subs for this and I’m almost caught up. I can see why ratings are low only because the show’s been a bit mopey so far. The pacing and the emotion and even the story are awesome but it’s just not as fun as Coffee Prince (and I know it’s unfair to make comparisons like that but I can’t help it). I think part of it is the quality of the subs I’ve found (decent but I can tell when the context of the translation doesn’t fit with the context of the acting) and part of it is just what’s necessary to set the dimensions of the plots and relationships. I haven’t seen episode 6 yet but I have a feeling that the overall tone picks up a lot around there and we’ll start having some fun this week!

    PS. I agree with whoever said that falling for each other despite a huge age difference is understandable; and falling for each other despite being sorta-kinda-but-not -really related is understandable; but falling for each despite having a huge age difference AND being sorta-kinda-but-not-really related is just a little bit icky. For that reason and that reason only am I rooting for a Hwal/Su-In reconciliation. I seriously cannot handle the alternative.

  20. 20 Piano4112000

    LJJ said there won’t be a direct linked so does that mean that there might be a jump in time like 1 or 2 years to show Haru older and out of high school. I so want to see episode 7 and 8 right now.

    For me I don’t want Hwal to reconcile with Su in for the mere fact that I don’t think Hwal would be happy. When someone you love betrays you like that you can never trust them ever again. You will always wonder. She did something that if it was me I could never forgive. I would have a hard enough time forgiving them for kissing someone else let alone sleep with someone else. I hope he kicks her to the curb.

  21. 21 Z

    By the way… does anyone know if Lee Seon-kyun speaks English? If not, how do you say “Forget about your wife; she’ll never love you like I do” in Korean? You know, just in case I bump into him sometime…

  22. 22 Piano4112000

    Who thinks this line that LJJ talks about in the interview ,”Story-wise, I think it’s interesting to have a love that goes through its ups and downs and doesn’t end up together. ” is referring to him and Su in and not Haru.

  23. 23 sue

    AHAHA lee jung jae’s last line just cracks me up!

  24. 24 limee

    hm.ive been thinking that haru would have her crush on hwal until she finds out about his marriage…then she’s over him & falls for poong ho’s adorableness(: ok, so, a little bit of wishful thinking on my part, just because i LOVE haru&poongho together, haha.

    i dont know, the only problem i really have with haru/hwal relationship is the character age difference.. because i thought that hwal & his friends were in their early 30s (unless i misunderstood.. dont get me wrong, my korean sucks so that isnt uncommon.) and haru is in high school still (meaning she’s between 17 and 19ish…) and i dont know. hwal is like, twice her age, almost… THAT would be the weird aspect for me, but i dont know. it could work, i guess…

  25. 25 Cha

    I felt sad when I read that there will be no direct loveline for Hwal and Haru πŸ™ I love spoilers but I definitely not liking this one πŸ™

    I hope LJJ is just bluffing πŸ˜‰ naah, I’ll still watch it to find out! hah! πŸ™‚

  26. 26 lot2x

    @ 1 dramaworld :

    I agree with you too ,i also like YKS as hyun tae here ,it’s because he proves
    to it how to win the woman and i don’t find him he is a kind of stealer …they don’t
    even have a relationship (Thaah!!!!) .But the best thing about YKS that he looks so young of his age and he can pair to a young star that you don’t even notice
    and also in crazy for you the girl was older than him but they seems that they have the same age .. maybe in episode 7 haru knows already that her crush
    is a married man …ohhoh she so upset… however, who’s haru loves in the end
    absolutely i like the 3 of them …but she choose only one !!!

  27. 27 loveydovey

    i actually want yoon kye sang’s character to end up with min hyo rin’s character..partly beause hyun tea’s wacky personality would be so cute and funny with the young and cute haru and partly because i love kye sang the most and i really want him to be in the leading couple…plus he’s much better looking then hwal =]

  28. 28 le

    thanks for the interview. lots of good spoilers, i’m really enjoying Triple, can’t wait for more episodes. love the cast, YKS is really too cute in this drama.

  29. 29 SH

    i’ve always admired these three actors — i can’t wait to watch this drama! Yoon Kye Sang always looks younger than his age! If i didn’t know how old he is, I’d say he’s in early 20s, no kidding! good luck to your new drama guys! aja

  30. 30 joicy

    Frankly speaking, I think the show’s rating is not high because MHR is not acttractive enough to the audience. I nearly lost my interest on the show (did not try to watch it right after airing time) because I see her a very so-so character. I don’t know why you guys hyped up for her, LJJ is very cute but still, I like his movies much more than dramas (besides Feelings). I think Eun Chan and Han-Kyung in CP were super, and I set my expectation too high for this drama. So far, only the atmosphere is very good, it’s the PD’s trade mark, but the main couple did not attract the viewers enough and that’s their problem.

  31. 31 jelly

    Actually the rating is not so high, maybe because the sequel or the content of the storyline was not yet into satisfaction. The atmosphere in the previous episode was not yet fully identified that who’s the real pair .In the senses of our excitem-ent is the pairing cast that will make us a happy viewers and contented.For me
    i’m too excited to the development of each ralationship and the temperature of
    the couple and bestfriends turn into lover. Clearly, if i’m not mistaken i’ve notice
    that HT and HARU will be pair in the end ….There’s a rivalry between the two…

  32. 32 kay

    i LOVE this show – it’s my latest drama obsession – my patience has paid off! i loved the princes in coffee prince but these guys have that authentic dude-bro feel. and haru is adorable, i had my doubts but she won me over in episode 4.

  33. 33 Peggy

    I have not seen this drama yet. Some things take forever to get to California. I can’t wait to see LJJ again especially after that patchy drama about the airport or whatever it was called. He did not go well with Choi Ji Woo. She is not the type for him. He definitely is not ugly!!! I love the way he looks. He has great sensitivity and if you ever saw him in that film ‘An Affair’… my gosh !! you would never think of him as anything but a gorgeous hunk. Talk about powerful sex scenes and male charisma…

    Hope this Triple will be good.

  34. 34 kinky

    The progression of the story that make me confused though the pairing seems
    really hard to predict who’s the real couple but in episode 7 a little bit have some
    quite a reconciliation between hwal and su in ? That will make both HT & HARU
    getting hurt so much .It’s better for them and they both have two relationship

  35. 35 snoopyvkd

    Thank you so much for translating these interviews and share with us!!

  36. 36 bubbles2323

    thanks for the post! i started watching this drama two days ago and now i’m HOOKED!! i looooooooooooove it! it definitely have a Coffee Prince feel to it! i really wish it will get higher ratings.. i will def. continue to watch and support this drama! =)

  37. 37 ellen

    i don’t like the the haru-hwal pairing. it’s too much, a may december affair. looking at it objectively, in th eu.s. hwal would have been accused of child molestation. it really gives me the creeps. if the scriptwriter was responsible enough he would think of the consequences of that pairing. making haru th eother woman?! an 18 year old girl with a lot of promise throwing away everything just to satisfy her love.

  38. 38 irene

    Hi everyone its a great show ,love how it came together,unfortunate for me would have liked too seen a better ending then that and also too the storyline for me was way to many story lines for such a short series..
    overall its great skating and music love that..

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