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Jang Geun-seok cast as murder suspect
by | June 4, 2009 | 33 Comments

Actors Jung Jin-young and Jang Geun-seok worked together in the 2007 Lee Jun-ik film Happy Life, and are re-teaming for a new film, Itaewon Murder Case [이태원 살인사건].

The story unfolds after a university student is found dead from a violent stabbing in the restroom of a fast-food restaurant in Itaewon, a shopping district in Seoul with a lot of American and non-Korean presence (due partly to the U.S. base nearby). Two Americans are brought in as suspects in the mystery crime thriller.

Jung Jin-young plays a prosecutor determined to dig into the case to find the truth. Baby-faced Jang Geun-seok transforms into a cool-headed roughneck for his role as one of the murder suspects.

The film is actually based on a real-life incident that occurred in an Itaewon Burger King on April 3, 1997. The case sparked outrage when one of the two teenage Americans was able to leave Korea after an early prison release, and returned home despite authorities’ intentions to file more charges against him. The other, a Korean-American, was ultimately acquitted.

Itaewon Murder Case began filming in May, and is planning for a September release.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. twreckx

    Based on the actors (whom I all love) this looks all sorts of awesome. Can’t wait!

  2. Biscuit

    Seems interesting and might check it out 🙂

    But… what happened to JGS’s baby face >:O

  3. sG

    He’s got cornrows! That is hot!!! Normally I don’t think people with hair that texture can carry them off and perhaps it’s just the angle of the shot and how cute he is, but he looks great.

  4. asianromance

    sounds like an interesting movie!

  5. Sonam

    I find his intensity very sexy!

  6. finland

    Thanks Javabeans for movie information ! I’m looking for English translation or understanding the case . I hope the movie won’t turn in the case of anti American sentiments . I hate it when without clear information, people just blame Americans for everything just like the case of false rumors about mad cow disease 8 months ago .
    Otherwise, I love all the casts and want to watch it !

  7. popi

    his image and all reminds me of shia lebouf…

  8. Samsooki

    One of the more scary events in my life happened in Itaewon, when I was there with some “friends” (mostly, other random kids my age who got to go to korea for fun for a summer), and we are all just stupid kids getting drunk in various bars. This was back in the early 1990s, so things are completely different now, I imagine.

    But we were all underage, all being stupid and thoughtless and running into bars and trying to pick up tables of women with our limited korean but unlimited cash and just being ignorant of everything, and then one of the natives started yelling at us in korean, telling us that we were going to die and get beat up and one of the guys we were with (Gene C., from CalState-something – Gene, if you are there, dude you almost got us all killed) just told him in pretty fluent korean to go suck someone, or something like that, and then at that moment, a tear gas cannister exploded in the place and then I found myself being unable to breathe, basically being trampled on by natives. Then we got dragged outside and other people joined in the fighting and I saw a guy with a bloody shirt who was cut up and other people who had all sorts of cuts on their faces.

    In the fight outside, it was so surreal because as people were yelling at each other, they were using jon-deh-mal (formal language, used between strangers or a lower person to a higher person), even as they were kicking and each other.

    It was the oddest thing, hearing jon-deh-mal being used by a guy beating you up. My last trip to Itaewon. When we were there, Itaewon was a pretty dangerous place….

  9. selva

    OMG my Jung Jin Young is in this movie *happy dance*
    I missed him a lot since “Kingdom Of The Winds” and now he’s returning in a movie that sounds so interesting! can’t wait! aja aja… but oh my he looks so thin T.T
    I love this intense look on Jang Geun Seok’s face!

  10. 10 Beatrice

    because all murder suspects need cornrows. geesh, talk about a no brainer.

    but seriously, this actually looks quite interesting

  11. 11 travp16

    Humm…looks promising.

  12. 12 naomi

    i have read about this news, the ending is very disapointing.

  13. 13 Carolin

    From the stills it reminds me of all the great film noir movies that I love. I will definitely be looking out for this one. From what I can tell from the cast and the story I think that they are going to do a better job than many of the U.S. released films right now dealing with actual crimes.

    …Let’s just hope that the plot doesn’t vear too far from the truth.

  14. 14 Crys Arri

    I can’t freakin’ wait to see Geun-seok play a tougher role.

  15. 15 Ilbum noona

    Let’s see what Geun Seuk can do with his new role..
    His acting in various dramas and movies recently was quite good..

    It seems that he improves his acting through another different role..
    I believe he could be one of the greatest actors in Korea in the future..

  16. 16 Marres77

    Jang Geun-seok looks great in that pic. hmmm….yes, i’m interested to see what he does with this role.

    @8 Samsooki

  17. 17 Nom Kitteh

    Oh man, Itaewon. Expatriate communities generally tend to consist of pretty dicey characters (don’t get me started on expat communities in Cambodia–half of them should be in prison for pedophilia), but Itaewon seems to be a world of maladjusted and angry onto its own. Maybe the proximity of the army base has something to do that — like Japan, maybe Korea should move the U.S. army base into a more remote area — but there is something not right with the ferriners there. I think the practice of hiring young, professionally inexperienced, and fairly immature college grads with yellow fever to teach English there also contributes to the atmosphere. And then there are the strangely isolated tiny communities of immigrants, mostly refugees, there, mostly from Africa, it seemed…

    I am interested in watching this movie. I have always thought that a movie based on Itaewon would make for some good viewing. That and Jang Geun-seok, who seems to have gone from a pretty young thang to…an interesting looking guy. Still hot, though.

  18. 18 momo

    ugh, this sounds like a recipe for anti-waegookin sentiment.

  19. 19 annie-1

    man, jang geun suk does the craziest things ever. sky bleached pants for etude cf, the goon joon pyo hair, elvis-wannabe hair in baby and i. “the joker” in a magazine. the guy is just wearing everything!

  20. 20 chajjye

    @annie-1: don’t forget all his wigs and ponytails in the awards last year! 🙂

    at first i read the title, i thought jang geun seok was a murder suspect. i was like…”WHAT?!” then i read the word “cast”. :S

  21. 21 heejung

    itaewon is so funny .. there’s so many foreigners and they’re all like, “come to our shop~” shopping there is not that great tho…

  22. 22 jinjoo

    I love Jang Geum in all of his projects past & present – future — he’s a great young actor & i look forward to seeing this movie as well! thnx javabeans for update in what’s going on in the entertainment industry in Korea!

  23. 23 shang

    I love Jang Geun-Seok! hahaha=P I’m so glad that he’d have another movie since I’ve been waiting for some updates about him^_^
    and about the picture.?

    dang! he’s steaming hot!!@_@

  24. 24 gizelle

    Yaii.. I can’t wait! The baby faced Jang Geun Suk

  25. 25 CyNurse

    Hmmm….he looks good every time.

  26. 26 CeceliaS69

    Baby face or not Jang Geun Suk is so cute haha I can’t wait to see this…he’s superb
    I like his acting….doesn’t look too fake…OMFG but a suspect? oh well~JSG hwaiting!!~ <3~ supporting Jang Geun Suk always~ <3

  27. 27 CeceliaS69

    Oh Man~ so Lee went to jail when he wasn’t the killer? Damn that sucks big time!! That’s hell…omfg does JGS play Lee? That would so be bad!! XD murder mysteries
    are scary thrilling and scary more scarier than horror films o___O

  28. 28 African-American Deaf Friendly Girl

    OOOOH…………It seem very interesting……..mmm. ((smirking))

    Wow, I’ve been reading this when Jang Geun-Seok had explained his curiousity about mystery and unsolved crime — it REALLLY remind me of watching that BEST 2009 drama “SlingShot” as “A Man’s Story” — but it was so HOT, FREAKY AWESOME ever! Lolz! I love watching kind of movies, like, mystery, action, thriller, and other — it’s very cool. LIKE, It’s kind of cool stuff like CSI and dark scene as same as “A Man’s Story”, too.
    I’ve watched him in that movie “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” — it affected me to become so slowly…to… fall in love with Jang Geun Seok, but I don’t understand why, lolz. It was so great movie, mm! He look so handsome and good-looking as a young man! I hope I will be watching this new movie soonnerr till in Sept, of course!
    KEEP IT UP! ** Thumbs-UP**

  29. 29 mingli

    where can i watch?

  30. 30 aesthetica

    -the movie is great and JGS did a great job

  31. 31 JGSkucayank

    Jgs act pretty good here and he’s english not bad,but i still confuse with the ending…

  32. 32 Riisa

    The movie was pretty good. I had to watch it twice to understand it. Jang Geun-Suk and the other guy are really good actors!

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