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Kim Jung-eun prepares for a Kimchi Battle
by | June 19, 2009 | 17 Comments

It was announced a while back that the 2007 hit film Le Grand Chef (which spawned the successful drama series Gourmet) would be coming out with a sequel, which has been cast with a new set of actors.

The original film starred Kim Kang-woo, Im Won-hee, and Lee Hana; the sequel, Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi War, stars Kim Jung-eun (Forever the Moment, General Hospital 3) and Jin Gu (Mother). It wouldn’t be Le Grand Chef without main character Sung-chan, who has been portrayed by two different actors already, Kim Kang-woo in the film and Kim Rae-won in the drama. Jin Gu will give the character his own spin as the third Sung-chan.

Interestingly (to me, at least), despite being one of the main leads, Kim Jung-eun hasn’t been cast as Sung-chan’s love interest but rather his older half-sister. The two were entrusted with differing kimchi-preparing techniques by their separate mothers, and as you may know, kimchi-making can be a fiercely competitive thing (the older the ajumma/grandma, the fiercer the pride, it seems). Sounds like a simple plot, but both the drama and film were able to find success for its lovely execution, so perhaps Le Grand Chef 2 will prove to be enjoyable, if not strictly necessary.

To prepare, Kim has been busy with cooking lessons; she explains that she enjoys cooking as a hobby, and is fairly comfortable with her way around a kitchen. The film begins shooting in mid-July, and is aiming for release later this year.

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17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. that guy

    Dang… she’s oozing with beauty in this photo.

  2. Biscuit

    The sequel sounds fun! I watched both drama and movie and enjoyed them both, so I hope the sequel will be fun as well.

    Btw, Kim Jung Eun looks SO much better with longer hair. She’s beautiful.

  3. water melon

    WOW! Congrats KJE.

    So soon she”ll be on the big screen.

    She”s becoming more beautiful and beautiful.

    She has recovered finally. Thanks God.

    Love,love you.

  4. Carolin

    Not too sure this will find success as an entire series. Don’t get me wrong I like Kimchi, but it will take a certain level of talent to make this a good sequel.

  5. all4movies

    While she isn’t one of my favourite actress because I don’t care for her plastic look in the past, she looks amazingly lovely here.

    Please don’t tell me it was because of touch ups.

  6. mere lin

    all aside..i cant wait to see jin goo in this =)

  7. Me

    The plot is something like ‘Marrying the mafia 3’ movie. Can’t wait to know more about this.

  8. Cee

    Usually most of her photos look like a ghastly aftermath of plastic surgery, but like everyone said up above, she looks stunning here.

    Glad to see that she’s somewhat recovered and is now making further progress.

  9. DC

    KJE is awesome!!

  10. 10 jdb

    I missed her. I never watch gen. hospital 2 and I don’t intend watching it. Though she’s one of my favorite stars together with Cha Tae Hyun (My Sassy Girl), there’re just some exceptions. The mere mention of hospital cracks my brain out… that’s over the top but really, I hate hospitals and much more in kdrama plot. Truthfully I fine sadness in the pic, is she trying to smile or just being modest.

  11. 11 anna

    JIN GU!
    I should do more research on him rather than just crushing on his pictures.

  12. 12 seriously!

    #10 jdb,

    KJE’s eyes are naturally sad. according to her ex-bf, that was what he liked in her. she was acting comic and yet her eyes were sad. which i concur myself. that was how i started becoming her fan. when i watched ALL ABOUT EVE, after hearing so many good reviews of the series from Chae Rim and Jang Dong Gun fans, it was her who caught my attention. Apparently, I never became a Chae Rim fan watching the series, instead i started knowing KJE that made me searched for her in the net and led me to LOVERS IN PARIS on that same year i watched AAE. anyway, if i were a man, i would also fall for her eyes…eyes are my weakness in a man. her eyes sparkles with mist but sad. thus it is hard to tell if she really is happy or not or has recovered or not of the break-up. that even during the time she was with LSJ, she sometimes showed sadness in her eyes, just from pure observation.

    obviously, KJE is getting older and i hope she will welcome aging with open hands and would not resort to botox and other surgeries. she has done plastic surgery already which unfortunately requires maintenance like a car. She does look pretty and fresh based on her recent photos, could be because she enjoys being back to school. I am glad she is back to big screen and the plot of the movie is not sounding comic to me, more like “THE BEST MOMENT OF OUR LIFE.” she is not into love story obviously as she and Jin Goo are half-siblings in the movie. i remember Jin Goo when i watched the start of ALL IN…he is a good actor to me.

  13. 13 adelaide

    Love her. she’s perfectly kind and honest. She will definitely stay long in the world she is moving around. I’m excited with this movie.

    Good luck to her. She’s lovely.

  14. 14 beautiful girl

    WOW! I’m happy she has a new movie. I would want to see her again in a movie.

  15. 15 happiness

    yes, she’s beautiful. Stunning. Gourmet the drama was a nice one. I know KJE will make a good comeback with this movie. So excited with this movie.

  16. 16 psimon

    Beautiful and I love her.

  17. 17 tamu

    kim jung eun and chae rim are good friends

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