Kim Jung-eun prepares for a Kimchi Battle

It was announced a while back that the 2007 hit film Le Grand Chef (which spawned the successful drama series Gourmet) would be coming out with a sequel, which has been cast with a new set of actors.

The original film starred Kim Kang-woo, Im Won-hee, and Lee Hana; the sequel, Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi War, stars Kim Jung-eun (Forever the Moment, General Hospital 3) and Jin Gu (Mother). It wouldn’t be Le Grand Chef without main character Sung-chan, who has been portrayed by two different actors already, Kim Kang-woo in the film and Kim Rae-won in the drama. Jin Gu will give the character his own spin as the third Sung-chan.

Interestingly (to me, at least), despite being one of the main leads, Kim Jung-eun hasn’t been cast as Sung-chan’s love interest but rather his older half-sister. The two were entrusted with differing kimchi-preparing techniques by their separate mothers, and as you may know, kimchi-making can be a fiercely competitive thing (the older the ajumma/grandma, the fiercer the pride, it seems). Sounds like a simple plot, but both the drama and film were able to find success for its lovely execution, so perhaps Le Grand Chef 2 will prove to be enjoyable, if not strictly necessary.

To prepare, Kim has been busy with cooking lessons; she explains that she enjoys cooking as a hobby, and is fairly comfortable with her way around a kitchen. The film begins shooting in mid-July, and is aiming for release later this year.

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