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Lee Min-ho released from hospital, plans fanmeeting
by | June 14, 2009 | 45 Comments

Lee Min-ho‘s been planning his leg surgery for a while now and postponed it once or twice; now he’s finally done it. His management revealed in a phone interview on the 14th that the actor is currently at home recovering after having surgery on June 5. He was expected to spend two weeks in the hospital, but recovered faster than expected and was released on the 11th.

Lee Min-ho was in a fairly serious car accident in 2006, after which metal rods were implanted in his upper right leg and knee. The surgery was to remove the rods, which he explained were manageable in everyday life but made it difficult to take on action sequences as an actor.

Now he’s resting up and preparing for an upcoming fanmeeting (a two-parter) on June 21 at Seoul’s Dome Art Hall, which is timed to match (almost) with his 22nd birthday. (His actual birthday is the following day, June 22.) Lee Min-ho has already participated in fansigning and fan events with his Boys Before Flowers crew, but this will be his first solo fanmeeting, called “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert.”

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45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. anis_persie

    happy bec0ming birthday t0 lee min h0!!!
    h0pe you will rec0ver s0on….basha!!!

  2. sari

    I wish a great fanmeeting for him.Btw JB,why you used username ‘javabeans’?Is there any relation with ‘javanesse’?(just curious).

  3. Hallyudorama

    I’m glad he’s doing well after the surgery. Min Ho is one of the most if not the most exciting actor of his generation. I hope he chooses his future acting projects well. All the best for him on his birthday. Saeng il chu ka hae!

  4. emma

    wow that is serious
    he’s really brave!!!!!!!!!!
    anyways best of luck for him and his fan meetings <3

  5. kimchii

    Great way to take a break from studying Chemistry..
    Opening up Dramabeans and finding a nice article on (and picture of) Lee Min Ho. Hahaha. Thanks javabeans (:

  6. Nanae123

    aww… it is nice to hear that he is recovering… hope he will take part on another drama soon…

  7. otk

    these actors in Korea have too many fan meetings! something contrasting with Hollywood.

    Btw does any1 know a japanese entertainment blog website that’s similar to dramabeans…covering drama actors,k-ent industry, drama stuff &movies etc…. I have been searching but haven’t seen any with as much info or stuff as dramabeans =O

  8. otk

    I mean j-ent industry *

  9. Sonam

    I miss his curls!

  10. 10 Carolin

    Yeah, I can understand why he put off the surgery for so long. I mean it would have been ridiculous if he would have done that during the whole Boys over Flowers shooting and signings, etc…

  11. 11 jdb

    He should have taken the surgery beforehand and do it for health reason and not because of flexibility in work. That was a serious injury and shouldn’t be taken too slightly. Good his able to recover speedily.

  12. 12 dot

    mb thats why his dancing is awful in that cass beer advert??

  13. 13 anna

    Well, if he works this hard.. it won’t be long before he’s going in again.
    Are they afraid that if he won’t show his face to the public for a few weeks or months, he’ll be forgotten or something? He’s everywhere these days. He deserves more than just 2 weeks rest.

    I never get how these actor/ess endure their busy schedules and still manage to put on a smile.

  14. 14 Andromytta

    I agree w/anna! He deserves more than a couple of weeks off! How do they do it and still maintain their charm? Way to go, Lee Min Ho! Wow, that rhymed…kewl…I’m a poet! *lol*

    Let me also take a moment to shamelessly plug my fan fiction, Boys Over Flowers After Shinhwa High. Chapters six & seven are up.


  15. 15 CyNurse

    After a long much-needed rest, I hope he will be starting a new drama. He is such a fine young actor. I’d love to see him in more challenging roles.

  16. 16 kimchigeol

    Hurrah! 🙂

    I hope he’s still coming over to the Philippines *dreamy sigh*

    I wonder what his next acting project would be…

  17. 17 greemzey

    that must have been scary.
    hoping for your fastest recovery.

    and advance happy birthday.

    wishing you the best.

    by the way, does anybody know what’s he’s latest or upcoming project (s)? I have read that Kim Bum’s really busy now. How about Min Ho? (Though I don’t expect him to be really on the go right now since he has just recently undergone an operation, but any pending acting projects?)

  18. 18 catcat_01

    im a fan of boys over flowers here in ph…….his great!!

  19. 19 otchosais

    Lee MinHO! 🙂 he and my elder bro have the same birthdate. 🙂 but Lee Min Ho was a year YOUNGER than my bro.. 🙂

  20. 20 fides

    ..that’s scary!..
    ..hope your now fine MinHo..
    ..by the way..
    ..advance HAPPY BiRTHDAY!..
    ..more birthdays to come!..

  21. 21 Anonymous


  22. 22 kieth_lee

    !!!yobosayo….advance happy b-day lee min ho
    ..i hope that you will recover soon…
    -kamsa hamnida-

  23. 23 su xian

    MIN HO!!! must recover!!!!! haha!!!! wish u a ADVANCE birthday!!! haha(: SINGAPORE SURE MISS U!!!! do come singapore for a trip!! haha(: have a fast recovery.. haha!! good luck at yr fanmeeting (; any way, speedy recovery!(:

  24. 24 Judith Rest

    Hi Lee Min Ho aka Gu Jun Pyo.. Do hope you’ll recover quickly… Advance happy birthday! I have seen the movie and enjoyed watching it over and over again… You and Jan Di really looked good together… Take care!

  25. 25 parmis

    hi lee min-ho
    i’m parmis & i’m from iran
    i love this movie “boysbefore flowers”
    you are the best actor in this film
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you so much
    i will be happy if one day i see you & i hope one day you take trip to iran
    i will be happy if i see my best korean actor
    my best actor

  26. 26 Sunako_Nakahara


    Lee Min Ho….

    I want to greet you a …


    I wish for you more birthday to come…


    i wish also that you will visit our country, Philippines…



  27. 27 Syncheria

    Happy birthday Lee Min Ho..
    Wish you all the best..
    when will you come to indonesia??
    wanna meet you.. >.<

  28. 28 Anonymous

    hOpe you will be happy with your birthday..this coming june 22….more birthdays to come..

  29. 29 Anonymous

    of course do you plan to come in philippines lee min ho??
    i expect it that you will come here in philippines

  30. 30 Anonymous

    here in cebu..visit us..

  31. 31 Thu Thu

    Wishing you health and happiness on your birthday and for many more years to come.

  32. 32 donna

    happy birth day jun pyo….you make my day cmplte..i hope you can come here in the philippines…i love you…

  33. 33 donna

    lee min ho….your so popularhere in the phiippines…can i be your girl..

  34. 34 Anonymous

    happy birthday to you hehehehe

  35. 35 yoyo

    Hey people, one question, does he(Lee Min Ho) actually read all these comments? What if he doesn’t even look at them? Then, doesn’t all these comments becomes nothing?

  36. 36 ddsd


  37. 37 MAY MYAT MON OO

    Jun 25, 2009
    Your are so cute in my heart.Lee min ho happy birthday.you acting is very good.
    I love you. bye bye. I meet you .I always remember you.

  38. 38 rhoxann

    Hi lee min ho..(goo jun pyo) belated happy birth-day to you..!!! hope to see you in person..!!! have a nioce day!!! goodluck

  39. 39 nimpha

    . . .min ho your so hot . ,,gosh i like the way you act in the korean drama series being jon pyo. . hmMmM.know what almost all the girls her in the philippines are totaly in love w/ you.;.bleted haPpY biRthday. . . .more power.

  40. 40 cielita

    min ho your a brave man and obvioly cute happy belated birthday i wish u have a good health take care allways

  41. 41 cielita

    someday i want to see you in person

  42. 42 Anonymous


  43. 43 lyk.minhoo

    min ho. ure so handsome! love u much!