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Partner: Episode 1
by | June 25, 2009 | 72 Comments

Partner got off to its start this week, and it was kind of like I expected: flawed but fairly entertaining. Not a fabulous story, and there are some pretty big plot holes, but the acting keeps it afloat. I hadn’t realized just how much I’d missed Lee Dong-wook — but he is SO enjoyable.


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Kim Hyun-joo is Kang Eun-ho, a lawyer who works in her father’s small firm in a small town. She worries that her father, formerly a famous judge, drinks too much; she also has a cute but mischievous young son, Jae-dong, whom she raises on her own after her husband passed away.

Eun-ho also has a great affection for the neighborhood youngsters who are prone to delinquency, and has taken up a weekly boxing session as one way of keeping them out of trouble. She tells them to feel free to take out all their aggressions within the ring but leave them there, and not act out in their real lives. Some of the young boys are harder to get through to than others, but when Eun-ho leaves for Seoul to pursue a job offer with Lee Kim Attorneys, they all see her off and wish her luck.

Lee Dong-wook shows off some of his comic chops as Lee Tae-jo, a slick womanizer who might be a decent lawyer if he bothered to care about his cases beyond finding the easy way out. (Think of him as Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men, always eager to settle for the fastest solution to avoid hard work.) He’s also the “Lee” of Lee Kim Attorneys, a firm made up of a motley group of lawyers, as you can see below.

Tae-jo dresses in fancy suits, drives a fancy car, and generally lives to enjoy himself. He flirts with any pretty thing that walks by, and has a flippant attitude with a lot of the judges and prosecutors at the courthouse, whom he knew from his student days. (For instance, in Episode 1, he steps in to speak on behalf of a racing model at court, and then deals with his own case — public urination — with a careless ease that shows his knowledge of the law, but also demonstrates his irreverence for it.) He’s intelligent, but he’s just not that interested in applying himself.

There are hints of depth to Tae-jo’s character — daddy issues, for one — but every time emotion starts to creep up on him, he slaps on a big grin and lightens the mood with a joke.

Here is the cast of Lee Kim. The first man in the bottom row is Kim Yong-soo (Lee Won-jong), the other partner in the firm. Although he and Tae-jo are the two names in the title, Yong-soo is the real boss and CEO, and is the one to offer the job to Eun-ho. The request had come from her father, who was a judge that Yong-soo greatly admired back in the day.

However, the other employees all grumble at this, such as Yoon Joon (Kim Dong-wook), who’s the newest lawyer to the office. Choi Soon-yi (Shin-yi) is the eccentric office manager, while Byun Hang-ro’s (Park Chul-min) forte is dealing with clients.

Meanwhile, Honey Lee makes a rather impressive television debut (though it’s not her acting debut) as lawyer Han Jung-won, who’s sharp and professional, and always rebuffing Tae-jo’s advances. (She has quite a natural charisma and portrays her character’s sophistication and sexiness well.) What nobody around the office knows is that Jung-won is having an affair with a lawyer on their opposing team, Lee Young-woo (Choi Chul-ho). Young-woo is cold and hard and boasts a perfect win rate, and belongs to the large-scale fancy law firm Hae Yoon. (Lee Kim, in contrast, is a modest firm.)

Young-woo isn’t just a top lawyer at the Hae Yoon firm, he’s also the son of the head attorney. (And married, according to his profile, although we haven’t yet met his wife.)

Oh, and Young-woo and Tae-jo are brothers. There’s some tension there, either because of or resulting in Tae-jo’s taking up shop at a different law firm rather than joining his father and brother — which I’m sure would bring him more money and more prestige. Despite the fact that most people would consider Tae-jo’s to be a pretty successful career, Young-woo and Daddy Lee look down on him disapprovingly, seeing him as a frivolous, wasteful kid who needs to wake up and be a grown-up. There are elements of truth to that because Tae-jo often does act like a feckless child, but I’m sure the familial strife is as much a contributor to his behavior as it is a result of it.


Eun-ho leaves her small town behind to start a new job as an attorney with a Seoul firm, which is a big step up for her from working in a small office with her father.

When she arrives, Tae-jo mistakes her for a client and takes her into his office, where he immediately gets to work flirting with her. I don’t even think he’s particularly interested in her; he just sees a pretty woman and his playboy instincts kick in. Tae-jo counsels her with false concern that getting a divorce from her cheating husband is the best for her, and talks over her protests.

When it becomes known that she’s the new hire, the rest of the firm holds a meeting and protests this. Some reasons are petty (Joon doesn’t want a newer lawyer to be older than him; it upsets the order of things, I suppose) but Yong-soo, the boss, insists he is the one in charge and he can hire who he wants. After all, the request came from someone he used to really look up to (Eun-ho’s father).

However, he’s not completely comfortable with the situation, and hits upon a compromise (or rather, the coward’s way out). He entrusts Eun-ho with a case, and tells her that if she wins, she can stay. He doesn’t add that it’s an unwinnable case, and therefore he sees it as the easy way to get out of this situation without ruffling feathers. Yong-soo assigns Tae-jo to work with her on the case, overriding his protests with the reminder that he is the one who pays Tae-jo’s salary. (The implication is also that if Eun-ho loses, things will return to normal, so it’s in his interest to stick with her anyway.)

The case involves a young man named Jung Jae-ho, who has been charged with murdering his stepsister with a jagged piece of glass to the throat. The evidence seems incomplete but points to Jae-ho being the murderer, although he doesn’t speak in his defense — or at all — to his new lawyers. He remains silent and unresponsive.

Eun-ho, having experience with troubled young men, asks for his handcuffs to be removed as a gesture of faith. However, Tae-jo ruins things by starting off accusing the guy of a bad attitude and demands outright, “You did it, didn’t you?” Naturally, this does not go well and only angers Jae-ho.

We see some of the brotherly tension when Lee Kim’s team faces off against Hae Yoon’s team in a different case (a money battle between a rich woman and her ex-daughter-in-law). (Sexy Jung-won and cold Young-woo head the arguments for their respective teams, and their professional iciness covers up the fact that they’re actually quite cozy behind the scenes.)

After the meeting, Big Bro talks to Tae-jo separately, telling him to give up the murder case because it’s a lost cause. Tae-jo knows this, but I suspect his brother’s dismissiveness will actually make him want to defy him and attempt to win the unwinnable case. Seems likely.

Eun-ho and Tae-jo visit the accused’s mother, and they deduce that even mom doesn’t believe her son is innocent, but she cleaned up the crime scene (the broken glass surrounding her stepdaughter’s body) to help him. She asks the lawyers if they can handle informing the girl’s father, her husband, who has been out of the country.

Tae-jo leaves Eun-ho to take care of that and heads off on a date, so Eun-ho has to meet the girl’s father at the airport and tell him the news. Devastated, the father asks to visit his stepson, and starts out by asking sadly, “Did you hate me that much?”

Jae-ho is genuinely startled and uncomfortable to be facing his stepfather, who then loses his temper and starts to yell at him. This sets him off, and after his stepfather leaves, Jae-ho starts to yell and scream in the empty room and throws a chair. Police officers start to rush in, but Eun-ho feels she may have a better shot at connecting with him and yells at them to stay back.

Eun-ho tries to subdue Jae-ho, but he’s nearly hysterical and lashes out uncontrollably. He pushes her to the ground, and sobs while the guards restrain him. Eun-ho makes eye contact with him, feeling a strong connection to him.

After this, she becomes convinced that Jae-ho is innocent, and pesters Tae-jo to take another look at the case and help her. He considers his job to be fulfilled by getting his clients reduced prison terms, not defending murderers without supporting evidence. Eun-ho sticks to her belief, even though the only reason she can offer is, “I could read it in his eyes.”

He scoffs instead that people aren’t good or bad — everyone’s a criminal, either literally or mentally or just waiting to happen. That makes Eun-ho wonder, “Were you lonely as a child?”

Their meeting with the judge and public prosecutor in charge of Jae-ho’s case is not particularly successful, which doesn’t surprise Tae-jo. Still, he makes their case, or at least tries to.

However, he’s on familiar terms with both men, and makes a few of his careless jokes with the prosecutor, who does not share his sense of humor. When they run into each other in the bathroom, the prosecutor reminds him that Tae-jo has never won against him — not as a lawyer, not back in university, not back in high school.

This encounter cuts through Tae-jo’s joking exterior, and when he rejoins Eun-ho, he’s absolutely seething.

His reaction to the prosecutor suggests he has new motivation for winning this case, but he still doesn’t agree with Eun-ho’s idea — that if they can’t win over a judge, they have to find a new way to defend Jae-ho. Like a jury trial.

That is a very undesirable idea to Tae-jo, who shudders at all the work and expense in a jury trial, not to mention the unpredictability of winning. Eun-ho persists all the way back to the law firm, where their debate explodes into a full-on shouting match.

Eun-ho: “Why, do you lack confidence? You act so cocky but I guess you’re unsure of yourself.”
Tae-jo: “You just want to win so you can stay here! That’s why you’re doing this! Why pretend you’re doing it for someone else’s behalf?”

Tae-jo says that in trying to get the defendant off as completely innocent, she’ll lose. They could have pled guilty and gotten him a lighter sentence, but if they lose now he might die.

Eun-ho: “You acted tough but you’re a coward! You don’t think you can win against that prosecutor so you’re running away! You’re giving up before you even fight!”
Tae-jo: “Ajumma!”
Eun-ho: “What?!”
Tae-jo: “Get your stuff out of my office NOW!”


I enjoyed Episode 1 and laughed at several parts, and was entertained throughout. It wasn’t until I had finished that I thought back and conceded that it wasn’t really such a great episode. The acting was a lot of fun to watch, but the story is kind of rough.

For instance, it’s a simple enough case so I can’t see it taking up very much time, and the drama has not done a very thorough job of showing us why this is so “unwinnable.” We’re told it’s tough, we’re told he’s probably guilty, but we’re not really shown why. This falls into the category of “Stuff you’ll just have to close your eyes to and let slide while you enjoy the characters’ chemistry.” Also, Eun-ho is willing to stake this job on “a look in his eye”? From the audience’s point of view she’s absolutely right (I’m assuming) in thinking the defendant is innocent, but from a lawyer’s point of view, it’s a foolish move. Eun-ho may not be in the fancy law-firm league, but she should still be smart.

Another question is Eun-ho’s hasty flight to Seoul — why does she absolutely have to take and keep this job? It’s not like she’s unemployed or starving in her hometown. I can see why she’d appreciate a step up in her career, but this is another point that’s glossed over to get her at Lee Kim quickly and bickering with Tae-jo asap. The scenes switch without smooth flow so the tone is often scattered — one moment jokey, another moment grave and dire. Hopefully this is a result of the hurrying the drama into production after Magazine Allo fell through and will smooth out in subsequent episodes, otherwise we’ll be suffering from emotional whiplash.

So why watch Partner, then?

Lee Dong-wook is positively hilarious, and I’m sooooo happy to be seeing his comic side come out — and it does, in spades. He’s has Kim Sun-ah levels of comedic presence in this, which is to say, a little over-the-top but super endearing, and he can switch his emotions around on a dime. He’s playful, but already we can see that his character harbors pain that he keeps locked up, which we’ll probably get to see emerge slowly. I kinda feel that he’s the only actor working below the surface, which isn’t necessarily the other actors’ faults — I think the script is flat and the others are doing their parts with what they’ve been given. It’s just that he’s managed to work with a mediocre script and inject it with energy.

Kim Hyun-joo is pretty good, so far. Nothing spectacular, but it’s her warmth and charm that works for this character, and I know she can be good when the drama calls for it, so no worries there. Choi Chul-ho is playing a mean bastard, which means we probably won’t get to see him being funny (alas), but I am curious to see if he’s given more of a personality as things progress. Honey Lee is absolutely gorgeous, but the surprise is how natural she is at acting — she has a great voice (I’d love to see her do a sageuk) and commanding air.

Let’s see what Episode 2 has in store…


72 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KOOKy

    First one to say Kawai overload!!!! Wookie looks too cute there, I wanna take him home and feed him grapes>_>

  2. Super Noona

    I miss Lee Dong-wook & feeling happy that he’s on the telly once again! Oh yah!!!
    Thanks for the song! Went to the airport last night to see the arrival of FT ISLAND. Must say Hong-Ki looks cute! Welcome to Sunny SIngapore!
    The Fans in Singapore: KRAZZZZyyyyyy!

    PARTNER gonna be my best frens soon no matter how the plot turns out!

    Once again Thank you HOSt! You are brilliant!

  3. GreenFreak

    OMG!!! It started… can’t wait to see it…

    “The scenes switch without smooth flow so the tone is often scattered — one moment jokey, another moment grave and dire. Hopefully this is a result of the hurrying the drama into production…”

    Hopefully not another BBF… even though BBF was amazingly enjoyable.. 😀

  4. Chen

    SOOOO exciting!

  5. Chen

    Does anyone knows where to watch it with english subtitles? 😀

  6. cheekbones

    Thanks, javabeans ! Let’s hope the drama is good and entertaining enough for you to keep recapping….

    I love and miss Lee Dong-wook, too. And I’m glad we’re seeing his comic sides. I didn’t watch his last drama, the storyline was depressing. The fun Partner seems more like my cup of tea. ^____^

  7. yumi-chan

    Did anyone scream “MY CHAN” when they saw Kim Dong Wook?
    God it’s good to see him again on TV, he has so much presence.

  8. hjkomo

    Wow! You’re busy!

    I actually thought Kim Hyun Joo was the best part of the episode.
    Lee Dong Wook was entertaining, but the lack of smooth transitions made his character seem a bit…well, lacking. I, too, hope this improves in future eps.

    I was a bit surprised how well Honey Lee fit the cold, femme fatale role.
    A sageuk…now, that’s an idea!

  9. MEIKO**** ^-^


    Thanks JavaB for the music too!!!

  10. 10 fizzle

    I’m happy to hear that Honey Lee is good. Out of all the summer dramas that have/will come out, I’ve been looking forward to Partner the most.

  11. 11 Alvina

    Lee Dong-Wook is absolutely adorable in this and I know right now that for the rest of the drama, when I have time to watch it, I will be on his side and hating everyone that’s against him.

    Including the lead actress lol.

    Honestly though, I can totally see what he means in this case; although he might be lazy and from the idealistic audience’s pov, not motivated, he raised really realistic points in his arguments. I really can’t wait to see what’s in store and what his backstory is all about.

    There are some characters that just interest you from the onset of the drama and it has nothing to do with their looks (yea REALLY!). Right now, Hyun-Joo as the righteous do-gooder who tries hard in the new work environment isn’t really capturing me.

    Maybe if she had the same vibe Kimura Takuya did in Hero, I’d be more interested?

  12. 12 queen bee

    Haven’t read your recap yet but I want to thank you Javabeans for doing so!

  13. 13 raevangeline

    thanks javabeans for recapping this!
    lee dong wook is so adorable here. so funny =)
    I MISS HIM!!

  14. 14 Ladymoonstone

    Thanks for the recap javabeans. And now, if I can only find this with english sub (which I know I can find later). For now, I truly enjoy your recaps and looking forward to this.

  15. 15 questions846

    I’m finding that it’s a check your brain at the door drama. It’s an overachever wanna be drama with a little bit of everything but not quite making the mark.

    I’ll continue to watch it because I love the cast (exception being Honey Lee – something about her character grates on me) but I do enjoy it so far. I wish the transitions were smoother, if it could find a way to move flawlessly from the dramatic to the humor and back to the dramatic it would be a winner. The problem is that it tries to achieve both without being particularly able to hit the mark on both without resorting to childish humor.

    So far, I really do see LDW as the stand out in the drama but I have a feeling that the little boy is going to steal the show. Hopefully it doesn’t fall too far into the K-drama predictability with the love triangles, etc.

  16. 16 anna

    Me too! I was so surprised by Honey Lee. She seems really natural. Maybe it’s also due to the fact that she’s already gorgeous and sexy ..so this must come easy to her. We haven’t seen much of her, but so far she seemed promising.

    I don’t really like her character that much though. Something about the way she tries to act sexy makes me uncomfortable. And I’m not really fond on the “other woman” either.

  17. 17 lilcrash

    So far I’ve only seen Ep 1, and gotta say that Honey Lee’s acting was a total surprise!

    Btw, Kang Eun-ho is a lawyer who worked in her grandfather’s (Cho Hyung Rae) small firm. It wasn’t her father’s.

    No idea what happened to her parents…

  18. 18 huatzelei79

    another ldw drama..
    thanks for sharing summary!!

  19. 19 tough

    am glad to read a lot positive comment on LDW’s acting in this drama.

    unfortunately this drama did not do well in terms of viewrates in both episodes so far. hope things will get better even though viewrates might not mean much …

    cheers !

  20. 20 deeta

    In all honesty, the first episode was pretty blah. Despite my love for LDW and the joy of seeing him again in something that is not so depressing, I gotta say that I didn’t find the first episode to be all that entertaining.

    Yes, I’m psyched to see LDW in a comedic role, especially a trouble maker/playboy/smart ass type of role. It’s just so refreshing to see this new side of him, compared to the straight laced characters he played in My Girl and Strongest Romance, or the suicidal guy in LDV. He can switch his emotion, just like that, but to me, that presents a problem in a sense that the switch of emotion, thus the switch of vibe of the drama, needs to have better transition. Worst case scenario is that he can come off bipolar. His acting is good tho, I gotta give him that.

    I agree with hjkomo, Kim Hyunjoo was the greatest one so far. She’s subtle and controlled. Tho I am hoping that her logical lawyer side will be shown more, instead of this whole ‘I know from his eyes’ crap.

    BTW, I swear to god, I was SOOOOO thrilled to see my Wang Hweng Bo in this drama, a contemporary one too! Where he doesn’t have to walk sideways. And his voice is actually normal!!!

  21. 21 Biscuit

    Haven’t watched it, but seems fun. I want to see Honey Lee’s acting! To hear you say she is natural at acting makes me curious, as I had a very low expectation. Hopefully the drama will pick up later in story, because although it seems fun (and I LOVE LDW’s expressions! LOL), the plot really isn’t exciting me.

    @Alvina: “Hyun-Joo as the righteous do-gooder who tries hard in the new work environment isn’t really capturing me. ”

    I agree. Perhaps I’m not fond of characters who are like always the heros by the end of the day who are all about justice. I dont mind characters who want to do the right thing, but maybe it’s the fact she found the guy innocent by looking at his eyes, which unless she had physic powers, made me sigh. And than she’s gonna be the newcomer whose a hero and gonna win the case that supposedly “impossible to win” and proves everyone wrong.

    It would have been nicer if the man had done something or said something that would have sparked her interest (SOME kind of logical gesture), but since he didn’t, and she only guessed by looking into the eyes, I wasn’t able to understand her. Maybe it’s some physic intuition -.-

    And than of-course she’s gonna win and stay and…. yeah.

  22. 22 Auntie Mame

    Although I don’t understand the Korean language, I thought the Tae-jo character reminded me of James Spader’s character in “Boston Legal”. And, the eccentric office manager character reminded me of a the secretary in “The Practice” and the secretary in “Eli Stone”.

    I’m also enjoying this drama. And, the instantaneous mood swings don’t bother me much because that can happen in a real life office setting. As I’ve told my staff, sometimes you just have to laugh (at the absurdities) of life. If not, you’ll end up crying.

    Thanks for the recap and I hope you will continue to recap the drama.

  23. 23 javabeans

    @17, I’m pretty sure she worked for her father’s firm? She calls him “grandfather” because it’s his title in relation to her son. You’ll notice the son also calls him grandpa. (Like how wives sometimes call their husbands “Dad” because that’s who he is to their children; obviously they didn’t marry their dads! lol)

    Oh, I just checked on the website profile, and it’s her surrogate father who basically raised her after she lost her parents.

  24. 24 asianromance

    thank you so much for the recap! I loved that screencap you made of the cast (with the main characters looking shocked/outraged and the secondary characters on the bottom).

    Partner has a great cast (even that guy playing Jae-ho is good) and i love the fun poster for it. And Ahn Suk Hwan!

    At the moment, the story seems to have two settings: fluff and cliche. Maybe i was just expecting too much. I was hoping for something witty and off-beat. What a coincidence that LDW’s character has daddy issues (don’t they all?) and that Choi Chul hoo is his brother/rival.

  25. 25 lilcrash

    Ok, thanks for clearing it up! ^_^

  26. 26 Anonymous

    HELP! does anyone have an idea of where I could watch this with english subtitles?? thank you very much!

  27. 27 Goong

    Thanks for the recap! Yay! Haven’t read it though since I want to watch it first then I’ll just read the recap after if there are scenes/parts which I can’t understand. Anyway, anyone here who have an idea of where I can watch this WITH english subtitles? Please oh please? 🙂

  28. 28 bluefire

    yes!! Partner is out!
    Thank you so much for the recap, JB! Love them all! ^^
    Can’t wait to see this with subs! Hopefully WITHS2 will sub this since it’s in the possible projects list. Really can’t wait! (wish I was totally fluent in Korean so I could DL and watch this now).

    ps: LDW and Kim Hyun-joo are marvelous to watch. Missed him! And I love seeing her in a new production/role! Honey Lee looks gorgeous (of course!). Hope LDW will have more projects out besides this before his army time, or it’ll be really sad^^.

  29. 29 theedie

    for anyone who’s asking for subs, all I gotta say is be patient. The show just premiered, give some time for those subbing groups out there. Either check drama threads at forums or d-addicts for soft-subs for news of when subs get out.

    haven’t watched the ep myself yet, but from reading the summary, does anyone else think of Phoenix Wright ?

  30. 30 haezi

    thanks for the recaps. i actually like the switch between the dramatic and humor…though you’re right about the plot holes and lack of transitions. lee dong wook is also my favorite part of the drama. as another reader mentioned, honey lee is better than expected, though the charisma was laid on a little too thick…she’s definitely a promising actress and your suggestion that she do a sageuk is appealing. all in all, the acting will likely improve with the coming episodes.

    i hope i don’t get too annoyed with kim hyun joo’s character and her “because of his eyes” underdog mentality. i’m sure they tried to develop her character by making her a past troublemaker but it seems forced. i want to like her, though, but i feel her character would have been more believable and likeable if she was a little more street smart (country bumpkins are endearing but they need to show that they can be as intelligent as they are emotional). maybe the plot will take a surprising turn, though, and she learns not to always trust her gut feel (though it would be a little left field based on how the case has developed).

  31. 31 yvhsien

    @ asianromance, 24

    Haha…it’s so funny about how all the male leads have daddy problems. It is absolutely true! I guess it just adds drama and a different dimension to the characters?

  32. 32 ruthie

    i should probably watch this too…while alternating with city hall. ahahah ive been staying a lot at home lately…so i need something really entertaining.

  33. 33 jdb

    I think i like this better than tripple….

  34. 34 bluelily

    The early screenshot of Kang Eun-ho leaving her hometown makes her look like G- Dragon of Big Bang. Sorry, that is all I could think of for the first half of the recap.

    This is the first K- drama that reminds me of Law & Order. So far I could see myself watching this each week.

  35. 35 sue

    oh seriously! honey lee in a sageuk sounds perfect!

  36. 36 linly

    I will watch because I like all the cast… especially because of Choi Chul-ho.

  37. 37 meeshx3

    yeah, i agree with linly; i’m gonna give this one a shot just because of the cast :p

  38. 38 lidge_fan

    I like KHJ’s character. I admire her tenacity for life, to fight for justice and be the voice for the underdogs. To live each day to the fullest, to know that sometimes what you’re doing is impossible but you still do it anyway, especially when you have nothing to back up your instinct except blind faith. There’s not many people like KHJ’s character in the real world, and that’s why I always find myself rooting for them, whether it’s on TV or in real life.

    As for Wookie, still as adorable as ever!!!! He really suits the romantic comedy genre! *drools*

    Thanks for the recap, jb! I know doing these recaps take a lot of work and hope you like Partner enough to continue to the end.

  39. 39 sleeplessinwgtn

    Agree with you, missed Ha-Rim of CP. i love his character there, a bit shallow with the girls most times but turned out to be a caring person to EunChan. i hope he has a meaty role here.

  40. 40 maria

    thanks, for the recaps! I TOTALLY caved in and read on even though i vowed not to spoil myself. YOU’RE ADDICTIVE!!!! lol!

    anyways, also yeah,… LEE DONG WOOK, thanks for–like– EXISTING. I <3 YOU. LOL

    too late to call it? … MINE!!! 😀

  41. 41 Raquel

    I really should stop reading your web! It makes me wanna watch all dramas you make comments *________* Sometimes I get to scape, but this one I guess I cannot! hahaha Thank you for your frsh recaps! I love it!

  42. 42 unknown

    I finally watched Partners from Viikki – Personally, I think Honey Lee looks sooo old, especially whenever she appears with Lee Dong Wook – He is like her younger brother. Her acting is okay but she has too much make-up; however, she and Choi Chul Ho are great together – maybe because his wife is a turn-off. Choi Chul Ho is hot, as usual…

  43. 43 koreansister1

    thanks for the recap javabeans. it sounds interesting. . . have to watch it ^___^

  44. 44 gossip_maniac

    hey! how bout the recap for episode 2? seriously, i’m just waiting & wishing right here…. =D

  45. 45 Goong

    I just finished watching episode 1 and I’m loving it. I can’t wait for episode 2 to be fully subbed. 🙂 Anyway, Lee Dong Wook as a lawyer and a player is funny. He pulled it off! His antics were really funny. :))

  46. 46 engl

    after seeing lee dong wook and ur comments i decided to give the drama a try although i usually dont really like law dramas since they always throw so many terms out there and its always so serious.. this is different and i must say i like i like! i havent seen anything of lee dong wook’s after my girl since it was just more serious characters.. even though this one is sort of as well, as you can tell he has a lot of past issues, atleast we get to see a playful side of him… for now.. im just watching this drama solely for lee dong wook ^_^

  47. 47 Goong

    How about the recap for Episode 2?

  48. 48 maojunying

    Keep on making the reviews! GREAT!

    And so is Lee Dong-Wook! Woohoo! I don’t care about the plot, though it is novel for me considering that in the RP, they don’t make law drama things like these.

  49. 49 japsy

    can you recap the next episodes of partner please?

  50. 50 PhuongThanh

    ThanksTHANKS thanks for recap! I´ll definitely try to taste this drama..who would resist Dong Wooooookiiiie?

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