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Scenes from youth action film Bisang
by | June 3, 2009 | 33 Comments

Kim Bum and Kim Byul‘s new “youth action film” Bisang [비상] is busily filming and has been releasing stills (such as these previously posted photos of the two actors’ kiss scene).

Kim Bum plays “Shi-bum,” an aspiring movie actor whose first love is “Soo-kyung,” played by Kim Byul. The latest action stills (see below), shot last week, are taken from scenes that required wire work; Kim Bum filmed the action without a stunt double as he jumped from a building 20 meters high.

The scene results when Shi-bum and a friend are hiding in parking lot to evade a school gang; upon receiving an urgent phone call by Soo-kyung, he jumps down from the high building to rush to her.

Although Kim Byul wasn’t shooting that day, she came out to the set to cheer on her co-star and also take interviews. She explained her character, a student who comes from a tough family background, and had words of praise for her young co-star: “As we work together, I’m discovering Kim Bum’s masculine, tough side. He didn’t shy away from doing the wire action himself, and his passion is really impressive.”

Aside from the action sequences, the film features plenty of “affectionate, genuine melodrama acting” between the two leads.

Bisang is described (rather loosely) as a portrait of young people who hold fast to the tie between love and hope, and will release in September. (This means that while Kim Bum is shooting Bisang first, we’ll actually get to see him next on television instead, in his drama series Dream, which airs this summer following Ja Myung Go.)



33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. questions846

    It’s very different to not see him as a pretty boy. Looks like it might be good???

  2. Hallyudorama

    Way to go Bummie!

    I’m not sure if I’m interested with the plot but if it’s Kim Bum, then I might watch it. I’m digging his masculine, grown-up look in these photos. Thanks for the updates Javabeans!

  3. Peeps

    Not bad! Not bad, kid, not bad at all. Way to go!

  4. linz

    might have to check this movie out only because kim bum is in it! haha he looks older here doesn’t he?

  5. din

    ohmygosh.. he’s still adorable! XD esp. the picture with him having a band aid on his face! <3 and kim byul’s still pretty. 🙂

  6. langdon813

    Kim Bum is just so beautiful. I feel pervy saying that because he is REALLY young…but it’s true. He and Kim Byul make a gorgeous couple. I’m looking forward to the “affectionate, genuine melodrama acting”, hahaha!

  7. strawberryfields

    look at that..our kim bum is growing up so fast! he still looks super cute (yeah, despite the dirty look!)

  8. Ter

    Well, i cant help seeing him and thinking harry potter anyone. But anyways those two make a gorgeous couple!

  9. Taohua

    They really do make a gorgeous couple! He really looks all grown up in these stills! Definitely looking forward to his new drama!

  10. 10 otk

    kim byul is soo pretty , like It’s kinda weird she’s so pretty in the stills that I am kinda worried about the shines and the shadows of this movie, I know a lot of fangils are supporting bum but I think Byul looks too pretty 🙁 but Let’d go bummmie!

  11. 11 coollady

    this is off-topic but does anyone know if it’s true that Kim Bum dropped out of the move “71” due to his busy schedule with this movie and his upcoming drama?
    if so, what a shame! although i don’t mind Kim Byul and Kim Bum in a movie like this, i was more excited to see him act in “71” which sounds like a much more intriguing movie plot-wise. oh well, just a shame is all. also does anyone know who is replacing him in “71”?
    sorry if i’m asking too many questions. hehe.

  12. 12 cosmopolite

    Yeah I read about the 71 thing too and found it disappointing. He does have a lot on his plate though.

  13. 13 Yoo Jin

    I love Kim Byul especially in Baby and Me =] The plot doesn’t sound that great and agree that he should have stuck to 71 but hey, it’s his choice =P Main reason I’m giving it a chance is because of the two leads

  14. 14 Jihwan

    Its funny that they’re names are so similiar. I’m surprised at how mature Byul looks in these pictures. I know she’s 23 but she usually looks a whole lot younger than her age. They’re cute but she looks more like his noona than his lover…

  15. 15 Ilbum noona

    Oh boy!!! Just look at Kim Bum..He looks mature in those pictures..
    I’m hoping this movie will be great..Way to go go Bumaaa~~~

    And yes, Kim Bum has decided to drop movie “71” due to his busy schedule filming this movie and his upcoming drama “Dream”..

  16. 16 bspanda

    Kim Bum did you get a semi-parma because you were inspired by Lee MIn Ho during BOF? hehe He does seem like a talent – one to keep my eye on!

    BTW Is the role Kim Bum playing a superman? Cause why the hell would you jump from 20 METRES high? Must be major urgent phone call!!!

  17. 17 epsi

    i love kim bum and all but i still have that pretty boy image of him and i just cant stand him wearing bum-ish(if thats a word lol ) clothing. but i cant wait to see it

  18. 18 Asarako

    ohhh my!!! he looks good in a bad boy image……

  19. 19 g

    yeah, i wished Bum stucked with 71 as well. That show sounds alot more interesting than this one which is a love story ho hum.
    plus i think 71 would allow him to show more acting chops and would be a bigger hit.
    but oh well who am i to say cos people will probably be watching Bisang anyways cos of him haha which includes me.

  20. 20 kimchii

    I like the shots of them (:
    And sadly I too will be watching because of Kim Bum. Hahaha.

  21. 21 CyNurse

    Kim Bum has a beautiful face, even with tousled hair. And Kim Byul looks sultry in the last pic.

  22. 22 chajjye

    @bspanda: HAHAHA….yeah, do people not break their necks doing that? 🙂 well, kim bum’s character must be a really special person. 🙂

    love his intense look though i wished he has taken up “71”. I WANT to see him in a war-torn role. reminds me of won bin in Taegukgi…mmm.. 🙂

  23. 23 Kuini o le Pasefika

    Keep up the good work and peace out peeps.

  24. 24 jae

    He’s maturing fast! ^^ Pretty boy still though.

  25. 25 Atsirk

    He’s hot and he’s mine…wahahahaha…

    happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me…

  26. 26 Aster

    Kim Bum is very cute and cold. I wonder how he can play such role! It is wonderful!
    But i think this role will also suite for him. I believe he try hard to play this role so i want to watch this. He is not a child now and he is also our teenage actor. As for me he is my prince. I like him very much! Fighting oppa!

  27. 27 Kii

    yeah . in South Korea this movie will play on september . what ’bout indonesia ?

    i hope he’s didnt have a girlfriend now . Haha~ 😀

  28. 28 ivy

    way to go kim bum!!!! Keep up the good work and stay humble. Happy birthday!!!

  29. 29 tyas

    kerwN abiezT……..

  30. 30 oiphyo

    he looks cute in white shirt

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