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Strike Love wraps up two weeks early
by | June 4, 2009 | 21 Comments

Aw, this is too bad. MBC’s baseball drama Strike Love has been underperforming in its weekend time slot, and is now reducing its episode order. Rather than the planned 20, the drama will now end with Episode 16.

MBC says that their agreement with the production company allows for anywhere from 16 to 20 episodes (although the initial number was 20). Given the single-digit ratings, they have decided to cut things short and end on June 21. (Its last two episodes, 9 and 10, drew in 9.1% and 8.9% — not great, but not abysmal, either.) Because this comes late in the game (there are reports that the drama has already shot its 18th episode), the ending episodes will be edited down to finish by 16.

I hope this doesn’t become a trend with kdramas; one of the biggest reasons I prefer the kdrama one-season model to the U.S.’s indefinite run is because a finite length helps pace out the storytelling. While popular kdramas regularly get extended, until recently even low-rated ones were allowed to finish their planned broadcasts. This lack of a cancellation threat made for a less uneasy atmosphere when deciding to watch shows that don’t get all the popular attention.

Iā€™m behind with this drama, but I had found the actors’ chemistry really compelling — Yoon Tae-young and Kim Min-jung do a great job conveying a sweet first love that is pure but not boring. The drama may be flawed — it’s more like familiar comfort fare rather than fresh new content — but I thought it was much more enjoyable than its numbers suggested.

In any case, the drama to follow in its Saturday-Sunday timeslot is the Friend adaptation (starring Hyun Bin and Kim Min-joon), Friend, Our Legend. It premieres June 27.

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21 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Samsooki

    If the material is worth 16 episodes, I would think that 16 would be > 20 episodes. I felt that way about Goong, Dal Ja Spring, HGD (to a very small degree), Gourmet, and a few other dramas that could have been edited to be tighter.

    But, if the material is worth 18 episodes, and due to ratings they are killing the series early, then that’s worse, as our emotional investment in a particular drama is being short-shrifted for economics, rather than due to the material.

    Still, better a 16 episode series shortened from 18 or 20, than just killing the series outright like American production companies do, even in the middle of a season.

  2. chajjye

    The reason why I like Korean dramas or Asian dramas for any of that matter is that it has a finite story, even their 100+ episodes daily dramas. American dramas…just extend all the way. After a while, it gets tiring just watching Season 1230873543. šŸ™‚ Even variety shows stale after a while.

    It’s a little worrying about this “shortening”. But I agree with Samsooki. If the story is worth 16 epis, then it’s for the better. But if it’s worth 18, aiks. It will be watching a bullet train for the last leg. And that would leave all its audience very perturbed indeed.

    Maybe all production companies in Korea should go back to the 16 episode production formula or maybe just venture into 18 episodes. It’s only recently that the regular episode numbers became 20. no?

  3. langdon813

    This is one of the reasons I’ve all but given up on American TV, and in fact I won’t watch any new American shows until they’ve made it through the first season and been renewed for a second. I’ve had my heart broken one too many times by the (cruel) premature cancellation of shows I’d fallen in love with.

    I’ve only seen the first three episodes of Strike Love but I’ve enjoyed it so far and will probably stick with it until the end.

  4. Linda

    Awww, this is too bad šŸ™

    I just finished watching ep7 of Strike Love – it seems like somehow has hit the pause button but I guess it’s okay after it has been steamingly hot the last couple episodes. Haven’t seen much of Yoon Tae Young this ep, so that’s probably why but really, this drama isn’t THAT bad to be cut short of FOUR episodes… There are other dramas currently that aren’t doing so well when it comes to ratings. But it seems like 16-epers don’t get cut down to 14 just because of low ratings…?
    It’s kinda sad that viewers actually voted on this adaption and then ended up not watching it.

    Maybe the down-to-16-eps-shortage is an advantage since dramas that get extended are mostly slow and overdone.
    Anyways, I feel really bad for Strike Love since I love and enjoy it even though it’s flawed (Boys over flowers was worse, lol, but adorable still).
    Sad, sad… I yet have to pick up Brilliant Legacy to find out what’s so great about it.

  5. mzpakipot

    I wish it’s friday, so we can have Open-thread. ^^
    This is off-topic: Anyone seen KSW and Yoona kiss for CM? What do you think of it?

    I actually cringeeeeee…..errggghhh!! I think they shouldn’t have kiss.

    edit: i’ll just wait for everyone’s comment about it tomorrow…

  6. Samsooki

    @5 mzpakipot, is the cringe due to the age difference? (never saw either actor in a drama, so I can only guess at the cringe).


    Hmm… Saturday Sunday – Friend, Our Legend (starring Hyun Bin and Kim Min-joon), premiering June 27…

    That’s four saturdays from now… getting a little bit excited actually. Binnie is coming back! Normally, I don’t watch dramas as they air or soon thereafter, because my wife and I can’t watch together (computer desk is too small, and hooking up desktop computer to the TV is a hassle), but if it is really good, then it will be hard to stay away.

    …must buy a laptop that has HDMI output…

  7. B.B.

    @ 2 chajjye.
    Said, the tail end of the story speeds along at a tremendous pace. Rather like a good book, that spends chapters setting characters and the build up story, only to wrap up in the last 4 pages. We have all had dramas that finish with an unsatisfactory feeling….what happened to ?, why did ?, etc.

    A thought, just struck – bling, lightbulb over head thing.
    Wonder if this is a subtle move toward the admired 11 episode faster paced
    format of Japanese drama. An increasing amount of cooperation in production between Korea and Japan of late.

    @ Samsooki.
    ”What ” no remark on the following drama ‘Friend, Our Legend’ with Binnie !!!

    Edit – in that short space of time while comment written, Samsooki comes back with his Binnie in action…. LOL

  8. B.B.

    @ Samsooki.

    Could do what I did, get a BIG, TFT monitor. Makes it easier for two to watch, keeps the S.O. close.

    Wonder if we can get a double computer chair ????

  9. Samsooki

    Hehe, you didn’t think I would ignore a Binnie sighting….

    I’ve been trying to keep on topic, and I must be respectful of the topic of the thread. JB puts a ton of work into making individual threads, and I have to do a better job of keeping myself on point.

  10. 10 aquarianunicorn

    awww that’s too bad – i like this drama especially the ost.
    i’m one of those people who likes to watch dramas not based on ratings.
    – but what can i do? i’m just a viewer right?

  11. 11 Yoo Jin

    wow that sucks. I’ve only seen like the first 4 episodes but the actors are great and have great chemistry. Even though i haven’t been watching it recently it is sad that it is shortened just because the ratings are to low.
    That same thing happened to the American show Veronica Mars, which was phenomenal! The cast had great chemistry and the plot was unique but despite the praise and awards it got it was cancelled after its third season because of low ratings. I hope people start to realize that ratings don’t show the quality of the drama/show.

  12. 12 amy

    It could be better for this drama afterall to shorten it to 16 rather than leaving it at 20 episodes.. it’s problematic when they try to shorten a 16-episode drama to like 12 episodes when they’ve already aired 10 episodes. I wish they made Resurrection into 20 episodes.. it would’ve been much better that way. I heard Time between Dog and Wolf was originally planned to have more episodes but ended up being made into a 16-episode drama, which turned out to be really good. I really liked the pace of it, it was never draggy nor did it feel rushed.

  13. 13 parkerlewis

    the main actor injured his knee and might need surgery.

    this news to go along with the shortened season makes for bad news

  14. 14 Day

    i don’t care much for this drama. I have seen 4 episodes, and granted the chemistry between the leads is awesome, the plot just seems so tedious. You can see the ending miles away..yawn yawn yawn

  15. 15 That Guy

    I wished BOF would of been 16 episodes then maybe they could of ended the series with the kidnapping arc and expand the storyarc with the model, a little more. I’m sure they could still had the ski trip in episode 12 and the maid storyline somewhere in there.

  16. 16 dotori

    i hope that the 13th will be online tomorrow x)
    ive just finished the 12th episode šŸ™

  17. 17 David

    I’ve seen the last 16th episode. What a disappointing ending! They need to air the last 2 week’s episodes, because this ending doesn’t make sense. How are you going to let viewers watch a story line all the way to this point and have an ending like that? I need to see the full story line ending (overseas version). I hope they put that version up online to view…

  18. 18 Eunice

    they arent ending with epi 16.
    because i just watched it. and it wouldnt make any sense if they just end it like that.

  19. 19 Lancer05

    What I want more episodes, saw epi 16, the story could still continue, although it is predictable, loved the drama though.

  20. 20 tncdel

    Why not just wrap it up at 18 episodes, without cutting it down to 16? Why is it “engraved in stone” that, if it isn’t 20 episodes, it “has to be” 16? Why not make this a unique series, by letting it be the only 18 episode Korean series? Does it break a Korean law to vary from the 16, 20, etc. format?

  21. 21 tncdel


    You can buy the COMPLETE 20 episode version here:


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