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Dream: Episode 2
by | July 30, 2009 | 37 Comments

Argh, Dream did it again. After Episode 1 had aired, I was on the fence about continuing the drama, but pretty close to jumping off that fence. Most of Episode 2 did little to convince me otherwise, and I was content to let this drama go on without me. But again, the last ten minutes managed to be more interesting than the first fifty combined, so I find myself dragged along a little bit longer. (Note: I don’t think I’m going to continue recapping — not unless Episode 3 is whiz-bam-bow! fantastic, and really, those odds aren’t high — just to let you know.)

The reason for my (and the public’s) lukewarm reaction, I think, is simple: When you put Kim Bum and Sohn Dam-bi together, meh. He’s adorable, she’s bland. Together, they’re boring. Then you try the combination of Sohn Dam-bi and Joo Jin-mo, but again, yawn. He’s great and she’s, again, bland, and together they are predictable.

But then you put Kim Bum and Joo Jin-mo together, as they do in this episode, and things finally wake up.


MC Mong – “나비효과” (Butterfly Effect) [ Download ]

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Poor Nam Jae-il: not only is he ousted from his high-powered agency gig but he’s also kicked out of his (agency-funded) home, and all his possessions taken back by his former employer. He’s poor, homeless, and friendless; at the first sign of trouble, his polished reporter girlfriend (Su-jin) drops him like a hot potato.

Again the Jerry Maguire influence is a little distracting because it’s so blatant; just like in the movie, Jae-il goes around to his former athletes, trying to poach them from Super Star Corp. Too bad they’ve all seen his fall from grace, which is widely publicized with Jae-il made into the scapegoat for drugging the former client with steroids. They all turn him away.

Dejected and facing a dead end, it’s fortuitous timing that Jae-il receives a call from Park Jung-chul, a top amateur fighter who is a highly prized “get.” Jae-il had been trying to lure Park Jung-chul to Super Star before his firing, and now Jung-chul returns his call, annoyed that he never got a follow-up from the agency. Jae-il is incredulous — but relieved — that Jung-chul hasn’t heard any of the rumors, as he is firmly out of the Seoul loop and doesn’t own a television.

Jae-il rushes to Busan to meet Jung-chul, but has trouble finding the exact address. He gets a tip to ask at the boxing gym, and heads over — but when So-yeon sees him lurking outside, she remembers the peeping Tom from before and accuses him of coming back. She realizes belatedly that Jae-il isn’t Jang-seok and grudgingly apologizes, but Jae-il remembers her as the bad-tempered girl from the photo shoot before, and they part on annoyed terms.

Jae-il then meets with Jung-chul, who is looking to cross over into mixed martial arts. He’s famous in the local (perhaps even national) boxing circles, but he’s poised to achieve greater success in the international scene with the right management. He’s amenable to Jae-il’s ideas until he hears that Jae-il is no longer with Super Star. Plus, he was under the misconception that he’d get a signing bonus. Jae-il explains that sports agents don’t work that way, but Jung-chul walks away — how can he sign without endorsement deals or any promising offers lined up?

Jae-il’s reason for rushing is because he knows Super Star is also hot to claim Jung-chul, as they do the next morning. A slick agent meets with Jung-chul and outlines the terms of the contract. Thing is, the contract is incredibly strict — no drinking, no partying, no womanizing — and the coldly professional business atmosphere rubs Jung-chul the wrong way. He’s a simple guy who likes to enjoy life, and wants more of a traditional wooing process (like Jae-il did, over liquor and flattery). He doesn’t sign with Super Star either, confident in his talent.

Jae-il keeps an eye on Jung-chul, observing and planning, biding his time.

Now we introduce these hard-bodied “Flower Fighters” (“flower” taken from the term for pretty boy, “kkot-minam”), which is the name of a team/agency specializing in good-looking fighters. The guys are all tall, muscular, and bear nicknames like Achilles, Narcissus, and Poseidon. Basically, it’s a pretty-boy league.

Park Jung-chul calls the manager, expecting to be welcomed, but is offended when she turns him down for not fitting the “requirements.” In other words, he’s not good-looking enough.

Now we meet the other person of interest: Maeng Do-pil (Kim Woong). So-yeon’s father, Park Byung-sam, runs the Dream boxing gym and trains a few fighters who also live with the family. One is the older Kwang-pil, on the right, who is married to So-yeon’s aunt and is frustrated with his lack of progress.

The other is the younger Maeng Do-pil, on the left, who is a rising talent and the Korean K-1 champion. However, Byung-sam may be a good coach but is lousy at marketing, which partially accounts for his fighters’ lack of large-scale success. Do-pil is the other fighter that Super Star has its eye on and plans to sign.

Determined to win over Jung-chul, Jae-il sets a plan in motion using the only tools he knows how to wield: trickery and lies. First, he sets a trap employing a pretty young woman, who catches Jung-chul’s eye on a morning jog. She flatters his ego by recognizing him and saying she’s a huge fan, and flirts enough to get him to ask her out for drinks. She calls out a few more pretty girls to keep him happily occupied at a bar, and slips a drug into his drink.

In the morning, Jung-chul wakes up groggy with no recollection of what happened. So when he gets a phone call from the woman’s “oppa,” he has no defense against the claims that he took her home and beat her. The man sends Jung-chul cell phone photos of the woman with a bloody face and threatens to go public unless he hands over 100 million won.

Jae-il to the rescue! He “happens to” run into Jung-chul and offers to help him, seeing how upset he is. He swiftly takes charge, looking at all the “evidence” and calling a cop friend for some backup. Jung-chul, who is convinced he’s doomed and his career over, can only watch in bewilderment as Jae-il handles the troublesome blackmailer, accusing him of plotting the whole thing to entrap Jung-chul in a scandal.

To Jung-chul’s shock, the man is arrested and carted away by a cop, and Jung-chul blubbers his gratitude, promising to sign with Jae-il and stay with him forever. Naturally, he can’t know that everyone was hired to act their parts by Jae-il — and we might recognize the cop in particular as Jang-seok’s not-father, the man who raised Jang-seok to be a petty thief.

Jae-il uses this to his advantage to begin his climb back to success. By now he has figured out that Su-jin was more interested in him when he was a hotshot agent, but he comes to see her with a business proposal.

He knows that her TV program is planning a tournament of mixed martial arts fighters. If he manages to officially sign Park Jung-chul, he wants her to promise to give Jung-chul one of the slots. This would be good for both of them, since Jae-il would get exposure for his client and Su-jin would get ratings. She knows that Super Star wants Jung-chul and doubts that Jae-il can succeed, but promises that she’ll bump a rookie and give the spot to Jung-chul — IF he signs him.

Su-jin had known that while she was dating Jae-il, President Kang Kyung-tak was also interested in her. Now that she’s ditched Jae-il, she goes out with Kyung-tak, and subtly fishes for information about Jung-chul and Jae-il.

Kyung-tak is confident that he can sign Jung-chul, and admits that perhaps his swift punishment of Jae-il was prompted in tiny part by jealousy of his protégé. It’s apparent that he’s not going to let Jae-il best him, even though he already knows about Jae-il and Su-jin’s arrangement.

Meanwhile. Jang-seok needs a job, so he finds a buddy working at a nightclub, who hooks him up with a position as a server.

Unsurprisingly, the coincidence fairies bring So-yeon to that very same bar for a fun night out with some girlfriends.

And yes, another coincidence brings Jae-il and Jung-chul to a private room at the very same bar, where they sign the contract and celebrate their partnership.

Jung-chul wants to party, and the waiter is instructed to bring them some pretty girls for company. (This is known as “booking” and is different from bar hostessing, because the women are customers who are persuaded — sometimes dragged — to the tables of men patrons who buy them a drink. Think of it as aggressive matchmaking. A bit barbaric, perhaps, but the women are free to get up and leave after a drink. Sometimes booking is initiated by enthusiastic waiters seeking nice tips from the men.)

Anyway. Soo-yeon is not willing to go along, but the overzealous waiter forces her to follow him by grabbing her purse. In the room, she recognizes Jae-il and accuses him of stalking her, then storms out in a huff.

Some time later, both Jung-chul and Jae-il are totally drunk as Jang-seok comes by to refresh their table. He recognizes Jung-chul — and his knowledge of boxing probably explains his fascination with the boxing gym — and exclaims in excitement. He introduces himself as a huge fan, and asks for a photo.

However, the words “huge fan” and “photo” trigger very bad memories for Jung-chul, who’s just recovering from his recent scare. He refuses, but Jang-seok doesn’t take him seriously and snaps a photo happily.

Drunk and belligerent, Jung-chul grabs Jang-seok’s phone and stomps on it. Not understanding his reaction, this pisses off Jang-seok, who talks back and threatens to tell the whole internet what a jackass he is.

In frustration, Jung-chul takes a swing at Jang-seok — who swiftly evades the punch and strikes back. Both guys land a fist on each other’s face, and Jung-chul passes out on the couch.

Jae-il looks up in shock at Jang-seok, who’s pissed off and injured, but still standing.


What works: Joo Jin-mo, hands down, is the best thing about Dream. He’s the only person who inspires actual emotion, though I think Kim Bum has the potential to do so in the future. They’ve shared about two minutes together so far, but already I look forward to their interactions as the highlight of this drama.

What doesn’t work: Sohn Dam-bi. She’s not actually bad, and her acting is better than some other singer-turned-actor debuts. But she’s just really boring. Kind of forgettable, really. I don’t see much chemistry between her and anyone else — Kim Bum, Joo Jin-mo, Do-pil, or even her father. I really wish they’d cast a stronger actress, particularly since Choi Yeo-jin is not doing it for me, either. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a better actress, but the character is a cold bitch who isn’t very likable, which means that this drama has no appealing women characters.

I’m not sure yet how the story is going to turn out, because Episodes 1 and 2 were extreeeeemely predictable (thanks to a combination of clichés, plain writing, and Jerry Maguire), but we’re finally starting to move away from that. How will Jae-il turn Jang-seok into a top fighter? Will he also sign Do-pil, rounding out his stable of talented but rough-around-the-edges athletes? Is this going to be an ultimate underdog story that pits his Mighty Ducks against the Flower Fighters and Super Star?

All this could be interesting, but this drama tends to feel slick and cool without much heart. I’m not saying that the situations are heartless, because there are some emotional beats, like the flashes of Jae-il’s vulnerability when his sick mother is mentioned. But generally speaking, I don’t really feel this drama. A story doesn’t have to be emotional and melodramatic to have heart or inspire feeling — Story of a Man, for example, was sophisticated and polished but had a lot of emotion behind it — so I’m left a little cold with Dream. It’s not quite fun enough to be mindless entertainment, but it’s not serious enough to be an intense action piece (unlike, say, Mazzang), either. It’s sorta riding that middle ground, and that’s why I’m hesitant to stick it through.


37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. standbyU

    Woah, give Son Dambi a chance man. I don’t know how you should classify her as bland when the scenes she has been in haven’t called for much emotions or excitement? Plus the interactions between her and the two male leads are just mere fighting to start off with, how interesting can these fighting be? I think we can expect more when the 3 of them actually have interesting and proper interaction.

    She’s not bland I feel.

  2. asianromance

    thanks for the recap! i thought hong ah reum was in this drama too? so she hasn’t shown up yet?

  3. pinksoysauce

    “How will Jae-il turn Jang-seok into a top fighter? Will he also sign Do-pil, rounding out his stable of talented but rough-around-the-edges athletes? Is this going to be an ultimate underdog story that pits his Mighty Ducks against the Flower Fighters and Super Star?”

    Ahh this drama sounds so interesting through your recaps!

    The Flower Fighters reminded me of the F4. I wonder if they adapted that name because of the popularity of the F4? Guess these guys are the FF…Or the F^2. 🙂

    Javabeans, have you ever considered writing your own drama? I think you have a lot of potential and who knows…maybe we’d see it on the screen someday. 🙂 -winkwinkhinthint-

    Thanks as always.

  4. thelorax

    i have to agree with you on this one, javabeans. son dambi is way too boring for my taste. sure she’s got a great bod and all, but she really lacks personality. Not even in this drama, I think she’s just a boring person. She was a guest in family outing too and i have to say it was so blehhhh even with yoo jaesuk trying to put in some laughs.

    i just finished watching episode 1, and i’m not to eager to continue. However, i’d like to say that i really like joo jinmo in this drama so far. I’ve only seen an episode, but I’ll assume he’ll be the one to keep this drama afloat.

    Kim Bum hasn’t really done anything to capture my attention yet, so I’m just waiting for him to really show his acting chops. I really thought he did well in EOE and his character in BOF wasn’t that much of a hard and deep character…

    I think I’m gonna stick with this drama though, see if i like it or not. Still too early for me to make judgements and i can see lots and lots of room for improvement.

    **Btw, this is totallllly irrelevant, but whatever happened to the drama city of god with song seung heon and kim hyun joo? Is that drama totallly gone forever now?

  5. Andromytta

    Ok, it’s getting harder and harder for me to ignore these recaps! I’m waiting for Dream to get subbed before I watch it! I haven’t read anything….yet….but the pics look great!

  6. marie*

    I agree – Joo Jin Mo was really the main reason why I watched the two episodes. He’s very absorbed into his character. Kim Bum just didn’t have enough scenes to make the drama more interesting..

    I think I’ll be on the lookout for this drama.. I really must say though, I love the gorgeous scenes in Busan!

  7. Vivianaaaa

    i really wanna like this drama cuz of kim bum and son dambi but its kinda boring, but im willing to keep on watching it incase it gets better :]

  8. sondambifan

    I just don’t understand where you are coming from, Javabean.

    You state that JJM is good but the drama is bad…this is strange since JJM has been in about 80 percent of the scenes thus far. I agree that JJM is good and thus the drama is interesting and fun for me.

    You state that Dambi is bland but I am not sure what you want out of her character thus far. She has been on the screen for like 15 minutes. I am not sure what character development can occur in 15 minutes.

    You claim that KB-Dambi’s chemistry is poor but they only had one scene together which was about a minute in length and included two lines (a scene which I actually thought was fun and interesting). Dambi and JJM has interacted three times for a total of maybe 5 minutes and they involved fights arising out of misunderstandings. Again, I am not sure what you are looking for during those interactions.

    Finally, you state that the KB-JJM interaction saves the drama for you but they don’t actually interact at all. The only interaction they have is when JJM looks up at KB at the end of the episode.

    I know that people will likely dismiss me for my moniker but I wanted to be honest about who I am. I am not saying the Dambi is a great actress by any stretch but to judge her at this point is completely premature. Judge her when she actually gets some substantial screen time and has time to develop her character.

    The first two episodes are clearly to set up the bigger picture for the drama since sport agents and MMA are not familiar subject matters for most K-drama audiences. As you admitted, the last ten minutes were good…I hope you stick with the drama. If not, I think we will just have to agree to disagree.

  9. pabo ceo reom

    I’m with you on the “middle ground” feeling. Totally understandable if you decide to drop this. I’m going to stick with it for onnnnne more episode (and I better not live to regret it) because I still think the drama has some potential. We’ll see I guess.

  10. 10 standbyU

    @ sondambifan I agree with you about dambi’s part but I think Javabeans just expects a bit more out of the drama I guess. And I don’t think she/he is wrong to expect much out of a drama that has so much hype. It’s just her/his personal opinions and expectations I guess.

    I’m just a little amused to that people associate dambi’s tv personality with her acting efforts. Haha I mean if she is boring on FO, what was Hongki man? Hongki didn’t even have much screen time on FO when he was on it, but was Hongki a boring person? Definitely not! It’s different for each one of them for the different variety shows they are on.

    I mean I think dambi is just kinda quiet and reserved and if she tries too hard to be interesting, people will bash her for being fake. If she let herself be herself, people will bash her for being bland and boring. LOL. It’s tough being the IT girl man.

    I think it’s just kinda sad that people quickly assume she is bland and boring without giving her much chance and then go through the show with such a mindset. I mean if you keep thinking she’s no good for the role, I don’t think you will really enjoy her even if she starts to improve.

    I hope episode 3 will be more interesting! (:

  11. 11 cecee

    Totally agree with Java, Son Dambi is very very BORING and BLAND. I have seen her in WGM and FO and she was boring in those too! She is pretty but she does not exude any charm or personality. Not to offend any Son Dambi fans, but it is true. She can not act. Perhaps she can improve over time but as for now and in the past, she is BORING to me.

  12. 12 sondambifan

    @cecee..I believe that it is completely fair to comment on Dambi’s acting abilities with respect to the 15 minute that she has been on screen thus far in Dream. If you thought she was boring and bland during that time, that is a perfectly legitimate opinion (although in my opinion, premature).

    Your discussion regarding WGM and FO, however, is irrelevant and off-based to the discussion of whether Dambi can or cannot act. They were both reality shows…there was no acting involved. Personally, I loved her on WGM because she was real and got involved with the series…she did not try to be controversial or “act”. Heck, she actually wore the ring that Marco gave her during the entire time the show was filming (even when she was not on the show). But that is a matter of opinion.

    No, she is not controversial or crazy…rather she is reserved and shy. She does not try to stir up the pot. I think a lot of her fans and even non-fans will tell you that Dambi is at her best without makeup and natural. I know that’s true for me. If an “interesting” and “unique” personalty is essential to being a good actress then Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Madonna should be perpetual oscar winners. BTW: Has anyone ever considered that Dambi was reserved in FO in order not to upstage Hyori?

    Again, I am not saying that Dambi is going to be greatest actress in SK. I am just saying it is complete premature at this point to judge either way, good or bad. The one person I can judge so far is JJM and he is pretty good.

  13. 13 standbyU

    @ cecee Hey i think its nice that you actually give dambi a chance to improve in the future (:

    @ sondambifan EH I think you are not very clear how variety shows in South Korea works. There is confirm acting involved in WGM or FO. They have to make it interesting, both shows confirm will be scripted to certain extent. However no matter if it is scripted or not, dambi was doing fine inside. (: So chillax!

    Some people just prefer bubbly, loud, funny and super open tv personalities like Hyori and Hwangbo I guess, maybe that’s why they think dambi is boring lol. But oh well some of us like reserved, quiet people like dambi, so we think she is good (:

  14. 14 cecee

    I have been watching Dream due to JJM and KB but I am not too sure if I will continue watching this. I will be reading any recaps from Java if there are any.

  15. 15 sondambifan

    @standbyU..I understand what you are saying about the reality show but I think that’s more an editing deal than a scripted deal (it’s really no different than any other reality shows…see big brother, apprentice, or the earlier stages of American Idol) But I will chillax 😆

    We will see how how Dambi is when the drama gets more focused. If she does not do well, I will be here to take the shots. 😀

  16. 16 Amber

    Could I second thelorax’s question? Any news on City of God?

  17. 17 dambiisboring!!andiknowugonnaquotemeandblahblahblah

    this is javabeans blog and this is her drama recaps

    she can state any opinion all she wants you the one who come across and read it and get all up because you are dambi fan is kind of lame…because i think javabeans just say it as how she feel it..and i think the only way you can feel that dambi is not way too boring,you’re gotta be her fan only..(just like you)
    because if you’re just Kdrama fans(like me) watching drama with no positive or skeptical to it…90% will find dambi boring…

    i knew she’s ever so boring since when she went to family outing and reality in WGM which is show that she’s infact boring in reality
    and the charecter she played fun,sporty,and blah blah.. she can still manage to make its boring still…



  18. 18 sondambifan

    @17: It’s your opinion and you are welcome to it. Just as it is my opinion that I posted and Javabean’s that was posted. I just happen to disagree and laid out why. I think Javabean does a great service to do this blog but obviously she wants others to comment or else she would not allow commenting. I don’t believe I attacked her in anyway, just about what she posted. People debate all the time about whether a drama, movie, musician, etc… is good or bad…this is simply a discussion.

    BTW: Just because I am a fan of Dambi does not mean that I cannot enjoy thing that does not involve her. I do watch K-Drama on occasion and enjoy quite a few.

    As for your statement about the audience reception, most of the reviews coming of Korea shows that Dambi has been a pleasant surprise. Do I buy that? No because it is too early.

    As to your comment about not skeptical or positives to judging Dambi’s acting skill, I think your comments have made your bias very clear.

  19. 19 Biscuit

    “this is javabeans blog and this is her drama recaps”

    If you respect Javabeans, than let’s keep Javebean’s comment section nice and respect the opinions of others ^o^


    I mostly watch it for Joo Jin Mo (I’ve never been able to be a fan of Kimbum, even after the hype, and I’m so-and-so with Son Dam Bi), but I’m mostly like JB, wheres theres something that happens at the end and you want to find out… so you watch the next episode.

    You can’t just skip to the end, or else you have no clue what happened and theres no point in watching -_- So you end up watching the whole episode, with some hope it will pick up XD

  20. 20 javabeans

    Actually, most of the reviews have given Sohn Dam-bi mixed response, with a bit of tentative praise for taking on a role that fits her existing image, but critique for lack of expression, emotion, and actual acting skill.

    I’m sure she’s a nice person, but I’m not judging her personality here. I don’t really have an opinion of her outside of Dream. I’m judging her as one part of the overall product, and to me, she is a noticeably flat component of this drama. She’s pretty and like I said, she’s not a horrible actress — but she does lack screen presence.

  21. 21 sondambifan


    Hope you haven’t taken any of my comments personally…like I said it’s just a discussion. 😀 I like your blog and respect your opinion. That is probably why I am posting so much.

    As for the show, I totally get where you are coming from with the cliches and Jerry Maguire comments…I thought the same thing when I was watching the first episode (especially the opening). JJM’s acting is what saved that episode for me. However, the 2nd episode got a little more interesting. I really think that the next few episodes will make or break this Drama. The interactions of the three major characters will be be the focus.

    As for Dambi, I still am taking a wait and see approach. I personally thought that she has been fine and not overacted. She is new and probably tentative about her skills and that may account for some of the “screen presence” issues you talks about. Trust me, Dambi’s presences alone is not enough to keep me watching a drama…only the plot will.

  22. 22 Unnursvana

    Like always, I love reading your recaps <3

    I really like this drama so far ~ but I have only watched one episode so I can't really judge..

    I haven't watched this episode yet, but I liked the first one. I don't know why but I really like this type of drama ^^ … I am watching this because of Kim Bum and I love his character in this drama, I really do, it is so different from BBF and I like this character better then his character in BBF for some reason… he was fine but I sometimes wanted to punch him and Kim Bum needs to stop shouting some of his lines but still I am a huge an of him…

    But Son Dambi is just not doing it for me that much – I am gonna give her a change since she hasn't been on the screen for a very long time and I liked the scene with her and Bummie <3 but I have to agree with someone, she is a really boring person in real life, when I saw her on Family Outing I was just like … blahh, but that is just me…

    I am gonna continue watching this drama since this is my type of drama and Kim Bum is in it ^^ but still if this drama gets boring I will drop it, even if Kim Bum is in it… but the story sounds interesting and I wasn't bored through the first episode but I haven't watched this one so we will see how it goes.

  23. 23 fobulous

    @sondambifan…i don’t think the problem of son dambi’s lack of chemistry is due to her minimal screen time…you either have it or you don’t. she may have 2 seconds of screen time but if she’s engaging then it’s going to make me want to see more of her…but if she ain’t got it then no amount of screen time will give it to her! which sucks b/c i was looking forward to this drama too!

  24. 24 City of GOD

    Can someone response to Amber and Thelorax question, Does someone know what happen to “The city of GOD” with Kim Hyun Ju?

  25. 25 mindovermatter

    Firstly, Thank you Javabeans for the recaps. I truly enjoyed your recaps on Story of A Man, Superb! I’m a bit disappointed that Dreams recaps maybe dropped. So far the 1st 2 episodes are developing, too early to halt. Hope you reconsider.

  26. 26 gphoenix

    I wish SBS didn’t have to cut short Ja Myung Go for this disappointing Dreams, at least with the ratings. They really butcher up the ending. I missed Ja Myung!

  27. 27 gphoenix

    I wished SBS didn’t have to cut short Ja Myung Go for this disappointing Dreams, at least with the ratings. They really butcher up the ending. I missed Ja Myung!

  28. 28 minoo

    that was so good
    please continue…

  29. 29 Andromytta

    So far, I am really enjoying this drama, although it is lacking in the Kim Bum field! *lol* Even if I didn’t like the story, I would watch this show for the eye candy alone! I didn’t really think the eye candy would do much for me, since I’m all about my Kim Bum, but I have to say, Kim Woong as Do Pil, is quite the hottie.

    I do, however, have to agree with javabeans that, so far, there aren’t any interesting female characters, and one of my favorite things about KDramas are the strong female leads. I can, however, get past that if the story is engaging and the guys are nice to look at (ie, Time Between Dog and Wolf. Was I the only one who thought Ari was an annoying airhead? And am I the only who was amazed that she didn’t get Soo Hyun killed? But, the story was very engaging, and well, Lee Jun Ki…need I say more?) I have the “dream” that Dream will be able to over come the lack of strong female characters with a good storyline and, um, hello, KIM BUM! 🙂

    I am very interested to see what happens next. I can’t wait to see how Je Il turns Jang-seok into a fighter. I know, I said this before, but I have to say it again: MARTIAL ARTS + HOT BOYS = SHOW I WILL WATCH!

    Oh, and Javabeans, while I hope you continue to recap this series and will be disappointed if you don’t, as I love to read your thoughts, I want to say that I understand if you don’t. There are a lot of great shows out there, and you shouldn’t have to commit yourself to something that doesn’t grab you! 🙂

  30. 30 emeldy

    I really hope javabeans can continue with the synopsis. I really think episode 3 and 4 is getting better. Well i am desperate am totally dependent on vikki with no sub. Please .

  31. 31 NT

    Anyone know what happen to City of God with Kim Hyun ju and SOng Seung Heun? I saw in CrunchyRoll Library “the city of God” is listed under So Ji Sub for 2009. If this is true I hope is with Kim Hyun Ju.

  32. 32 Stylish~

    hmmm i actually didn’t think that Sohn Dam-bi was boring i thought she was annoying -.-… i thought she will be tough and cool. i mean instead of being childish she could have respond to jerry with the same lines in a different way.. and why the hell she was sooo insisting to give the water to the player.. i tried to understand as a fan but i will be embarrassed if he refused the water after couple of times.. meh i think that is what happen when they try there best and the result is over reacting.

    and yup let’s hope that it will not happen to kim bum because i’m feeling he is going in the same way.

    Joo Jin-mo is the BEST out of them. i was expecting to see a tough guy but was surprised at first how weak he was in front of his boss.. but he was tough in front of his juniors.. so he did really well for the character. it just reminded me y i liked him in Queen of the game.. although i’m trying to forget the scenes from frozen flower =.=

    i’m liking Lee Hoon haha 🙂 he reminded me of the mafia guy who help the lead in man’s story and liked his sister in law.

    and i thought Lee Ah Hyun was good also.. i’m worried she well be the only female that i will like in the drama.

    let’s not forget the eye candy.. maaan that’s a lot of candies in 1 drama haha

    finally someone else disliked Ari.. haha i didn’t like her either.

  33. 33 jn

    i like KB and JJM, but for this drama i think main lead needs to be medium buff to play the role more convincing.

  34. 34 Gally

    Thank you so much to Javabeans for the recaps one and two.

    I love to read its and your comments as well. You commented as true as what you saw in these episodes. Your opinions are mostly consistent with others.

    I’m much expecting to read your recaps 3, 4, 5,………… and your opinions and comments regarding with this great drama ” Dream”.

    Please continue………….

  35. 35 Anonymous

    I thought Song Seung Heun is supposed to be in City of God. What happen? I’m sure all his fans around the world are very very very disappointed. Can’t wait to see him again on the silver screen.Really love his acting skill. I should say he is the king of drama and action film as well. He’s so good in East of Eden. I’ve watch ’em over and over again.

  36. 36 wind

    I finished watching Dream recently.

    Dream is not soapy or melodramatic. The setbacks, struggles and tests that both agent Nam Jae-Il and his sportsman Lee Chang Seok had to deal with were not overly long drawn. In fact there were some good humor, great lines and generally positive energy throughout. Quite inspiring.

    Joo Jin Mo was great in his role as agent Nam. I particularly like how he cuts fair and win-win deals with his business partners.

    Unfortunately the drama did not received high viewership when it first aired in Korea, probably because of bad timing.

  37. 37 Jasmine

    If you are debating whether to watch the drama or not, you should watch the drama! I agree that the first few episodes aren’t great but it gets better! This is not a romantic drama and the two men with the main girl lead is defenitly not something I would ship. But do watch it cuz it gets better and KIM BUM Is in it and he looks super cute and super adorable at the same time hot. This character surprisingly suits him well!

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