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From the office of President Jang Dong-gun
by | July 20, 2009 | 69 Comments

Ooh, now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Jang Dong-gun plays a president in the upcoming film Good Morning, President [굿모닝 프레지던트], as we can see in these (many!) behind-the-scenes shots taken at the film set. The production opened the Kyunggi province shooting location to a press conference on July 20 and gave the media a glimpse of the crew and its universally liked lead actor (really, Jang Dong-gun has among the fewest anti’s — if any — in the business, which is remarkable given how incredibly famous he is).

Good Morning, President follows the stories of three different presidents; aside from Jang, there is also the lauded, elderly president played by veteran actor Lee Soon-jae, and Korea’s first female president as portrayed by Go Doo-shim. Han Chae-young plays the spokeswoman for the opposing (minority) party who becomes the president’s (Jang’s president, that is) love interest.

Not only does is it the public eager to see Jang as a dapper young president, it is also their first chance to see Jang back onscreen in four years. His last released movie was a China-Korea co-production in 2005, director Chen Kaige’s The Promise. His last domestic production was the action movie Typhoon, and in recent years he’s remained out of the domestic spotlight as he worked on his Hollywood debut, The Warrior’s Way (which still doesn’t appear to have a U.S. release date).



69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rabbit Rabbit

    Ohh looks like it could be good! I’ll be keeping an eye out for it!
    haha! first!

  2. djes

    OH MY GOD.
    Which country does he lead? I want to move there, like RIGHT NOW.

    He is definitely MINE. 😉

    Absolutely gonna watch this! I MISS HIM!!!!!!
    ( ok i should stop now before i wet my keyboards..and close my mouth. )

    And he better doesn’t have any kissing scenes with Han Chae Young, that girl!!!!!!! :))

  3. Anonymous

    gosh,he looks so young

  4. chula

    wai, hello there mr. president! jang dong gun *melts*

  5. GeeNie

    He looks really good….Yum…

  6. ....

    doesnt look any older than when he did all about eve and the series about the doctor brothers… still as gd looking as ever!!! hahaha

  7. kitty

    Not a JDG fan, but he does look dapper in these new photos! Can’t really see a JDG-HCY love match though.

  8. tuswit

    I’ve been a huge fan of JDG ssi since the All About Eve days then the other blockbuster ones like Friends, Taegukgi, Typhoon etc. and it’s so very nice to welcome him back after his four-year hiatus! I agree with Javabeans that he’s got fewer antis & the only thing i could hear among them is that he’s a very nice person, very accommodating to his fans, etc. If I’m a Korean citizen i wldn’t mind having JDG as president (smile)…dashingly handsome, looking really a good typical president at that! I hope JDG makes more projects as i noticed since AAE & Medical Brothers he mostly did films or movies I can only guess he’s not into long term shootings? Anyway, welcome back JDG & I’ll surely wait till this film is released aside from the Warrior movie from Hollywood. More power to you & thnx javabeans for this nice article & photos!

  9. sari

    Finally JDG!!!The most actor who talk about in kdrama (CH,Gangster Kid*with the mask*,CP.that i can only remember).Definetely watch!

  10. 10 s hee

    wow he’s looking really great! so happy to see him again after so many years! me too i’d like to move to Korea if he becomes president …. btw…. does he have any girlfriend yet? lucky is the girl who wld capture JDG’s heart for sure! he doesn’t look his age…he looks much better now than the photos i’ve seen a few yrs ago. in typhoon he was very thin & looking haggard, i guess it called for his role perhaps but with these photos….it just paints a thousand words! can’t wait to see this film! welcome back Jang dong ssi!!

  11. 11 andy

    i love Han Chae Young

  12. 12 oreos

    It’s hard to not like him as an actor once you see one of his works.

  13. 13 Jen

    LOL, is that the crazy (ex) wife from Dal Ja’s Spring? She was so hilarious in that series!

  14. 14 hanneebuff

    Finally, JDG has another project. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him in the big screen, more so on television.

    But even so, I’m happy that he’s using his superstar status to help his countrymen genuinely.

    Vote for president JDG!!!

  15. 15 Anonymous

    Obama inspired? City hall writer seems very inspired by Obama election too. Looks like Obama has made politics very cool.

    No one could not like JDG. I always think he’s like a real prince because not only is he so good looking but he’s so refined and elegant.

  16. 16 Porcelain

    Agrees with #2!!! I wanna migrate like NOW too to whichever country he is leading!!!

    OMG… This is the handsomest president ever… ok minus my crazy crush on Hugh Grant in Love Actually… seriously JDG never looked better… he look really young… its like he didn’t age…

    It’s long overdue to see him in a local production… The Promise is ultra painful and no dates means I am not having confidence for The Warrior’s Way (so guess they aren’t using Laundry in the title, should be… I thought its pretty weird as well)… so am really glad to see JDG in this!

  17. 17 LadyIgraine

    Don’t really like him, I prepare Lee Byung Hun!

  18. 18 panda

    is it only me or he looks like the younger version of Taiwan’s President, Ma Ying Jeou?

  19. 19 asianromance

    wow! he’s too gorgeous to be president!!

  20. 20 Janie

    I want…. I want!!!

  21. 21 grace

    OMG!!! He is still so beautiful!
    All About Eve got me started on K-dramas and I never looked back.
    I think my heart just skipped a beat and I’m an “ajumma” !

  22. 22 Jill

    Not a big fan of JDG (but also not a hater) but he looks fine with a nice suit and a tons of power hehe… he looks a little bit older since All About Eve and thinner.
    I think I’ll watch this one. The reason he doesn’t have many antis is because he’s been avoiding the spotlight and public life for a long time. Out of sight out of mind kinda thing. I still remember when he was rumored to be married to Choi Ji woo, which immediately denied by both parties.

  23. 23 grrly

    OMG!!! I’m already melting from these pictures! This sure will be a great movie just ’cause JDG is in it!

    He’s one of the actors that never ages or should I say, he looks better as he ages! *sigh*

    Agree with #2! haha…imagine if he’s our president, we’ll all be following his orders! we’d be hypnotized by his handsomeness!!

    #21! me too! He is the reason (and ChaeRim) why I got hooked in korean drama! He was dreamy in All About Eve

  24. 24 JO

    I think people dont really have anything bad to say about him because he doesnt grovel for the lime light by creating scandals and gossip, or hogging tv shows like those c-list actors do. He doesnt have time for that cause he is a PROFESSIONAL.

  25. 25 JDGLEGRA

    Woooooooooooooooow, big WOW for Mr Jang Dong Gun..
    Can’t wait to watch the movie…
    Keep up the good work
    Don’t touch Han Chae Young, why should it be her ? Why don’t pick Lee young Ae ? I think she is a better suited for him…

  26. 26 Snowy

    I can’t see the chemistry between JDG and HCY but prove me wrong. He needs to be paired with a more experienced actress. Yes, Lee Young Ae wouldn’t be a bad choice.

  27. 27 Jacq

    Love love love him!!!!! He’s as handsome as ever!!! I will be sure to watch him in this movie!!!

  28. 28 Biscuit

    I’ve always seen Presidents as unappealing, old guys, people who make too many promises, and etc. Never fond of them. But I must admit, I’d be so happy if JDG was President XD He is one good-looking president… heheh.

    I shall be at the theaters when the film is released -.-

  29. 29 dunlop

    I have a question. How does an actor or actress not have any antis? In an article a few months ago, you mentioned that Jang Dong gun and Yu Je Suk were the two that you knew to not have any antis. I think i can understand why YJS could not have any, but it really surprises me that JDG doesn’t. I don’t know this actor too well, and I was just curious. Because I know that actors/actresses who are really good at acting, but they still have antis. Same with those who have the sweetest personality off-screen. Even those who are not popular always seems to have them. So what is it about these few that makes everyone like them so much?

  30. 30 leek

    Jang Dong Gun<333 He's so gorgeous.
    The concept reminds me of Change (The Japanese drama).
    Well only cause the guy who played the lead was hot as well (Kimura Takuya <3).

  31. 31 soon2soon

    han chae young … noooooooooo!!!

    (sorry, not a fan)

    @29 – JDG: all the guys want to be be him, and all the girls want to be with him.

  32. 32 Micheru

    JDG is always a charismatic actor… but i never find him attractive. in his younger days, he was good-looking, but nowadays he looks kind of like a bug. his eyes seem to bulge out too much. i know there will be millions of knives thrown my way after i say this.

  33. 33 Bolt

    Come on! He is a pig right? So, he is 38 this year and he looks older than his age. I am also a pig, and I am definitely looking much younger than him. ^_________^

  34. 34 Acalle

    JDG is super elegant and handsome. He might be too good looking to be a president. However, I still prefer Song Il Gook in this role 🙂 .

  35. 35 nomad

    wow! he still looks good. ‘Can’t wait for this movie 🙂

  36. 36 ud0ng

    waah he still looks super goodddd
    he seriously doesn’t age

    i actually thought he looked more like a bug in the past. haha ^^;;

    i agree! TOO GOOD LOOKING to be president! but he’d be be one heck of a charismatic president! just smile and we’d all melt! 😛
    altho i love song ilgook i think JDG has the better image. he’s got the “all-american boy” look.. but not american. hahahha ^^;;;

  37. 37 maestra

    JDG! At long last…I miss this guy. *melt*
    Her still looks handsome and yes…yummy…!
    He is one of my fave Korean actors! Will definitely watch this.

  38. 38 diana

    he’s so handsomeee. i think he’s back to his all-about-eve-looks! i prefer this looks than his other previous looks which seem like a ruffian

  39. 39 lippo

    Handsom and wholesome guy. He has a good image and is a very good actor. So excited to watch this.

  40. 40 KP

    Very clean. Nice to have a president as good-looking as him. hmmmm smells good.

  41. 41 True

    Wrinkles quite obvious it goes with the age.

  42. 42 maple

    I don’t get it why many people gogo gaga over his look because I never find him attractive. He’s obviously not ugly and I can understand why a lot of Koreans find him attractive because of his big eyes. There are a lot of people with big eyes in my country so it’s no biggie. I personally find his eyes are a tad too big, almost bulging out hehe.sorry…he’s just not my taste. I prefer the small eyed Korean men.

  43. 43 yvhsien

    He sure has the Presidential look in these pictures – charismatic, powerful and stoic. And definitely quite good looking for a President. I am actually interested to find out more about this drama.

  44. 44 meimei

    I’m so excited to watch this movie because of JDG, hope it will be good.

  45. 45 Ranl


    He’s never out of the Korean public’s mind!
    Even though he hasn’t really been showing himself except in very few occasions,
    he’s almost always #1 or at least in top 5 in polls on likeability, awesomeness.
    It’s really amazing. ^^


    Omgosh right on! Medical Brothers is my all time favorite kdrama.
    I’m gonna be terribly heart broken if he and Lee Young Ae don’t get married LOL
    Mr. JDG and Ms. LYA for the win! ! !

  46. 46 kate

    This movie looks good, so excited to watch it.

    JDG is popular in Korea not because of his looks but because he’s really a good actor and really a very nice person. He’s very humble and a very down to earth person that’s why Koreans like him so much

  47. 47 omo

    errr…is this the Korean version of The American President? I thought some angles of JDG looked like Mike Douglas. I might give it a shot…I’m hoping to see improvement in HCY’s acting skills.

  48. 48 Gita

    I’m definitely seeking a new nationality!!! with a president like him, I’ll be the most obedient citizen, and I’d probably seek my way into politic (thing that I HATE the most!), the thing about JDG is not only his unbelievably pretty face but also the charisma ooh…Swoooon….Hotness overload!!!!!!

    I don’t know about other women but he’s a definite eye candy for me…. though it took me almost five episodes of All About Eve to fall in love with this dude.

  49. 49 cherdigan

    …yes, i’m guessing it would be a bit similar to The AMerican President…but Han Chae Young is relatively younger than Annette Bening’s character…looking forward to this series

  50. 50 Jill

    VOTE JDG FOR PRESIDENT!!..but seriously the man is never into politics…LOL..
    But yeah..he makes the most gorgeous President ever..cant wait for this romantic comedy..JDG’s last few movies were wild and tragic..

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