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Han Hyo-joo goes from Cinderella to Chuno
by | July 13, 2009 | 26 Comments

Jang Hyuk, Han Hyo-joo, Oh Ji-ho

With her hot drama Brilliant Legacy heading toward its close (and achieving a 40% rating), Han Hyo-joo has picked out her next drama, which she’ll begin filming right away. The series is Chuno [추노, or Pursuing Servants] and it casts Han in the role of a daughter to servants (sometimes translated as slaves, though there are arguments against that nomenclature) in the mid-Joseon era.

She will act alongside Jang Hyuk (Tazza) and Oh Ji-ho (Queen of Housewives), who are two actors who strike me as seeming rather “modern” for a sageuk like this (Han has previous sageuk experience, although Iljimae was really a fusion drama). However, I have to look upon this drama with a favorable eye if only for its director, PD Kwak Jung-hwan, who also did the wonderfully dark fusion sageuk thriller Conspiracy in the Court [한성별곡]. Writing is Level 7 Civil Servant screenwriter Chun Sung-il.

Aside from Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho, Lee Jong-hyuk (Crush and Blush, Rivals) and Gong Hyung-jin (I Love You, Dal Ja’s Spring) have also been cast. Okay, one WTF moment: I understand that Oh Ji-ho’s career has experienced a rejuvenation with Queen of Housewives‘ massive popularity, but he’s not really getting top billing over Lee Jong-hyuk, is he? (And in a historical drama to boot?)

The drama is produced by the company behind Level 7 Civil Servant, Harimao Pictures, and is scheduled to air on KBS Wednesdays and Thursdays in October following Please Take Care of the Lady (aka the former Lady Castle).

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. GreenFreak

    With the success of Queen of Housewives, all 3 guys are quickly picking up dramas with their new or renewed success/popularity… how strange when the drama was suppose to be base on the ladies (the housewives). o.O

    I have a hard time imagining Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho in a sageuk… will have to wait for the pictures.

  2. BellaMafia

    I always thought Jang Hyuk looks like Jung Woo Sung. When I saw the pic, my first thought.. oh.. yeesss. Jung Woo Sung is gonna be in a drama?? Is it for real?? then I read.. it’s Jang Hyuk.. gosh..probably the midnight sleepy eyes play trick on me.

  3. callisto

    I think HHJ’s agency just released a statement saying Han Hyo Joo isn’t confirmed yet, but is considering the role? Anyways, both the male leads are 11 years older than Han Hyo Joo. O_O

  4. YGfangirl

    i like Han Hyo Joo, she’s great in Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance….thanks!

  5. Hey

    HHJ is so cute.. but i’m not sure if this will interest me. Hopefully some pictures will persuade me 🙂

  6. starry

    This is a pretty interesting cast. Besides from Jang Hyuk, I’ve seen dramas with all the characters mentioned, and I have to say…..I’m really trying to see how they’ll fit into a saguek. I didn’t really like Han Hyo Joo in Iljimae, but I can kind of see Oh Ji Ho dressed to suit that era. There isn’t much information about the drama, but seeing as I loved Gong Hyung Jin’s character in Dalja’s Spring, I really really reeeeeeeeally hope it will have some comedy in it! 🙂

  7. Grace

    HHJ needs to rest.

  8. sophia

    yay! 😀 i love HHJ! hehe she really does have talent in acting ^^ as long as she remains healthy while working so hard, i would love to see her in many dramas!

    ps. i’m very sad that shining inheritance is ending 🙁

    oh, and lee jong hyuk is a lead right? because he totally deserves to be…

  9. ripgal

    It’s really kinda funny to see the guys of Queen of Housewives star in KBS dramas one after another. Choi Chul Ho is in Partners, Yoon Sang Hyun to follow in Lady Castle, and Oh Ji Ho in Chuno…

    I’m not big on the story. I like Jang Hyuk but I can’t seem him in a saguek. Oh Ji Ho looks a bit too modern. And Han Hyo Joo was terrible in Iljimae (she was so stoned and stoic thru out – due to her character. She’s brilliant in Brilliant Legacy tho…)

    But I like Lee Jong Hyuk and Gong Hyung Jin… I’ll see.

  10. 10 Lemoncat

    While I’m always excited for a new sageuk, I have serious doubts whether any of these three leads could actually carry it off. Han Hyo Joo has acting chops, no doubt about that (although she’s still in the improving/developing stages), and the same goes for Jang Hyuk. I have never seen credible acting from Oh Ji Ho, though; perhaps he was better in Queen of Housewives? I haven’t watched it yet.

    The problem is, presence of acting chops aside, none of them have shown themselves capable of pulling off a sageuk. Han Hyo Joo was terrible in Iljimae, even if you blame it on the script and the limits of her character. Jang Hyuk starred in Daemang, but that drama was laughable as a sageuk, and Oh Ji Ho doesn’t even have prior sageuk experience. All three, the two men in particular, come across as far too modern for a proper period piece.

    I guess it remains to be seen whether they can pull it off this time; there’ve been a couple of impressive entries into the sageuk genre that I can remember recently, like Go Hyun Jung as Mishil (her way of speaking is far too modern, but her skills are more than enough), or Lee Chun Hee in Dae Wang Sejong and Conspiracy in the Court. Maybe these three will follow suit. It’ll be interesting once more information pops up about the actual plot.

  11. 11 peasant

    Jang Hyuk appeared in Sageuk, SBS’s Daemang. And he was not bad.

  12. 12 hhj

    hhj is good at either screaming or crying. unfortunately, i am not swayed by these 2 things to automatically say that someone’s good at acting. probably not going to watch this drama.

  13. 13 maria

    I probably won’t be watching this. I’m not a big fan of sageuk dramas.

    A bit off-topic, but…
    Oh Ji-ho is so handsome and manly! *_*
    There are to many pretty korean actors, there should be more actors with a manly beauty like Oh Ji-ho.

  14. 14 fizzle

    Oh my, I wonder if this is as close to my dream drama cast as it’s ever going to get. Wish they would cast a more reliable female lead but Oh Ji Ho is a hottie with a body, Gong Hyung Jin is hil-arious, and Jang Hyuk is a great actor with good looks to boot.

    And did I just read LEE JONG HYUK? Damn I wish this wasn’t a sageuk, but I can never say no to Lee Jong Hyuk.

    I’ve been taking a long break from Asian dramas, but this one might just be the drama to lure me out of it.

  15. 15 Jill4675

    Been waiting for Jang Hyuk to take on another drama…I’ll have to check this out! 😉

  16. 16 han cougar

    I like Jang Hyuk in Daemang.

  17. 17 bd


    “There are to many pretty korean actors, there should be more actors with a manly beauty like Oh Ji-ho.”

    Maybe you are watching too many dramas geared to teenie-boppers or follow too closely the boyband scene.

    There are plenty of “manly” good-looking Korean actors aside from Oh Ji ho like Kim Sung soo, Joo Jin mo, Song Seung heon, Kwon Sang woo, Jo Han sun, Cha Seung won, Jung Woo sung, Hyun Bin, Lee Jung jae, Kim Rae won, Cho Seung woo, Park Jae jung, Yoo Ji tae, Eric Mun, Yoo Gun, Choi Si won, Won Bin, etc.

    Not to mention “manly” actors like Ahn Sung ki, Song Kang ho, Han Suk kyu, Choi Min shik, Lee Sung jae, Jung Jae young, Hwang Jung min, etc. more known for their acting than looks.

  18. 18 nycgrl

    Oh Ji-ho does nothing for me though I do think he is handsome–he looses points because he is not a great actor. Give me CSW any day in the manly can act department.

    Not to be nitpicky but I’m not sure I would categorize hyun bin, Won Bin, Choi Si Won as manly–I think they can be considered pretty boys as well. Song Seung heon and Kwon Sang Woo are in the grey area to me. Manly but also pretty.

  19. 19 linlyy

    not a big fan of han hyo-joo but I’m a really big fan of JangHyuk… can’t wait till this drama comes out.

  20. 20 vis

    Han Hyo-joo is one busy lady! Right onto the next drama… Well the story itself sounded good, but I’m dubious about the cast… Sunny characters suit Han Hyo-joo, so if her character is like that in Chuno I think she’ll do just fine.

  21. 21 bjharm

    Shining Inheritance really get 40% viewer rating?..not sure if that make me want to see to or give it a miss..lol
    Still bit way to go to match the 42.6% for the classic Successful Story of a Bright Girl.
    Yet another historical setting for a drama..makes you think the production companies are thinking..hey we have all these costumes and stage setting in storage, may as well use them …
    Still no need to curse them before they even started, it actually amazing how different actors can look all made up with those old hairstyles and clothing.

  22. 22 loveydovey

    wow, lady castle’s gonna last til october?

  23. 23 sjsmn

    I’m so happy to hear this news. I really like actor Jang Hyuk. can’t wait. Whahahahaaa.

  24. 24 bd

    “Not to be nitpicky but I’m not sure I would categorize hyun bin, Won Bin, Choi Si Won as manly–I think they can be considered pretty boys as well.” – nycgrl


    While I can see your point, I wouldn’t exactly characterize Hyun Bin as a “pretty boy” and Choi Si won lost some of that pretty boy look by beefing up recently (which ended up filling out his face as well).

    Won Bin is a pretty boy but he’s still in pretty good shape even if he is a bit on the thin side (kind of like Brad Pitt in “Thelma & Louise”).

    As for SSH and KSW – there’s nothing prohibiting a “manly” man from being good-looking (tho I wouldn’t exactly characterize KSW as “pretty”) – Robert Redford, Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, George Clooney, etc. all had/have near perfect faces and yet, at the same time, were “manly.”

  25. 25 hahatk

    Jang Hyuk is such an excellent actor and I’m sure he’ll be doing a good job even in a saguek. Chuno will be postponed broadcasting in Dec 09. Cant’ wait to see JH in a drama after Tazza.

  26. 26 emyra

    Oh Ji Ho is a talented actor and to be pick to act for Chuno means the producer believe he is a wonderful excellent actor too…and I hope Chuno will make my point.. I am a big fan on him…

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