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Hon’s content rated too provocative for teens
by | July 31, 2009 | 12 Comments

Ooh. Looks like MBC’s horror drama series Hon (Soul) actually IS as creepy as it looks, because it just got slapped with a 19+ viewer rating, which means that it is not recommended for viewers under the age of 19.

Given that this is a regular prime-time broadcast television series (and not, say, cable television, which is where the more risqué offerings usually reside), it’s rather unusual for a drama to be rated 19+. Another recent case is the Hyun Bin series Friend, Our Legend, which also received a 19+ rating for violence and ended up cutting and covering up some scenes.

Hon‘s production will be taking some last-minute editing steps before the show’s premiere next Wednesday. Producers explain that they attempted to fall within the criteria for a 15+ rating, but were unable to given the drama’s subject matter dealing with serial killings, its violent and provocative scenes, and use of profanity. They will also be curtailing the number of murder-related scenes and editing them, but because they would like to preserve the fright factor — it IS touted as a special summer horror series, after all — they won’t be changing too much.

Furthermore, reruns that air earlier in the day will have to be edited down to meet the more viewer-friendly “age 15” rating. Hon stars Lee Seo-jin and premieres August 5.

Via Yonhap News


12 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Liz

    ooh! i just want to see it even more now! im all for the creepy thrillers

  2. fizzle

    Girl on the far right looks crazily like Kim Tae Hee.

    So…..will they be censoring all the violence in this one too? Blurring out the blood? Bleeping out the screams?

  3. Andrea

    Really? Oh NOW I’m interested. Before it looked sort of cheesy and low budget.

  4. vis

    GAH! Spare me those ugly “cover-ups” attempts! They’re just awful and ruins the whole mood! I seriousy hated what they did to “Friend, Our Legend”! URGH~ >____<

  5. c_gunawan541

    I’m really interested in this, seems excellent and the main girl has somekind of charm that really attracts me. Before from those pictures released earlier, it already looks good because of the atmosphere.

  6. Bradamante


    I totally agree with you, vis.

  7. Kobe

    This is fantastic news. I’ve always wanted regular k-dramas to venture into more risqué territory.

  8. otk

    They better not censor anything, IN EoE they censored knifes and bats -.-, I hope HON doesn’t become too affected by the rating.

  9. le

    MBC’s Before And After Plastic Surgery also got that rating, it was a little gross but not too bad. but that is kind of nutty how they censor knives and other weapons in other dramas i’ve seen, shouldn’t people know it is fake.

  10. 10 Ariel

    What! Another Lee Seo-jin newest drama…just can’t wait. Hopefully the drama will reached Brunei a little bit sooner. Just missed Lee Seo-jin in Yi San.

  11. 11 sarah

    i’m so excited for this mini series!
    since i’m a horror fan and a tiara/t-ara fan!

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