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Iris gets a slot on the KBS schedule
by | July 17, 2009 | 25 Comments

News of Iris has been a little quiet lately, even as its star Lee Byung-heon readies for his Hollywood debut in the upcoming action flick GI Joe.

The 20 billion won production ($15 million) of KBS drama has finally been given a concrete slot on the schedule: It premieres following the Yoon Eun-hye drama My Fair Lady (aka Please Take Care of the Young Lady) in October.

Iris has shot in Japan and Hungary, and this latest announcement spurs the production into gear for its shoots at home. Originally, KBS had planned to air the Han Hyo-joo/Jang Hyuk drama Chuno in this time slot, but as they are still working out the details of Chuno‘s run, they have instead moved Iris forward.

The drama stars a bevy of high-profile stars, including Lee Byung-heon (The Good, The Bad, The Weird), perennial CF favorite Kim Tae-hee (Love Story in Harvard), a surprisingly badass-looking Jung Jun-ho (Last Scandal of My Life), sexy Kim So-yeon (Gourmet), Kim Seung-woo (How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor), and Big Bang’s TOP.

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25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Reese

    I totally forgot about this drama! And it was one I was actually looking forward too! Too bad that we have to wait until October, though I can be glad its not another drama to add to the summer watch list.

  2. maeko

    this drama was originally lined up for the Monday/Tuesday slot.
    But i guess Seonduk scared the pants off of the 15 million dollar budget.
    i guess its a good move. Lesson: don’t mess with MBC’s sageuks.
    I wonder which drama KBS will be sacrificing for their Mon/Tue lineup against Seonduk now.

  3. yumi-chan

    Why does Kim Tae Hee look so weak holding gun?!
    Girl get fierce and shoot a couple of people XDDD
    It’s true JJH looks super badass and sexy :]

  4. Linda

    that really is a collection of high-profile/top entertainers o_o

  5. MEIKO**** ^-^

    JJH and T.O.P.!!!! this looks like it’s going to be a good one…..^_^
    love JJH in the Last Scandal! I wonder what this Iris is all about….
    mmm….ill search for this series….

    @ yumichan

    re: kim tae hee…. LOL!!!!!

  6. bspanda

    Damn Lee Byung-heon is hot! Thanks JB for posting the frequent updates recently. He actually looks younger in that pic. Hiis hair reminds me of Ji Sung’s in the Lotte CF. Now if they had LBH in that CF my PC would have melted…phew lucky they didn’t!

    Gee in these pics Jung Jun-ho and Kim Seung-woo look like they would be siblings! Did not realise that Kim So-yeon was the same actress from Gourmet. Lucky her – having worked with Kim Rae Won she then moves onto LBH. What a way to spend your working day…..

    OK before I go further. Disclaimer: Not know much about T.O.P. or Big Bang (i know one of their songs) – so Big Bang fans please do not be offended/and or hunt me down to kill me……..

    But WHAT is with T.O.P’s eye brows??? Are they normally/naturally like this or is it just for this role? He looks so very Spock. Asian Spock.
    (as I said pls don’t hunt me down for these comments…only asking out of genuine curiosity)

  7. kayl

    I dont know why this mediocre actress Kim Tae Hee keeps getting paired with high profile actors. he so doesn’t deserve to be acting with them. There are much better actresses out there. I will not watch it cause i can’t stand her acting.

  8. lidge_fan

    still haven’t forgiven LBH for stealing CJW from RSW

  9. MinT

    LOL….Asian Spock…..omg had to show my kids that…they are like wow for real so spocky.

  10. 10 ade

    to #6
    TOP is one of the hottest and most popular stars in korea. what’s wrong with his eyebrows? just because YOU don’t like them doesn’t mean they aren’t “normal” or “natural”
    so buzz off with your hater comments. please and thanks.

  11. 11 le

    that’s strange, i thought it already aired since i saw the press conference on an entertainment show. but i haven’t heard anything else about it so it makes sense. don’t dramas have their press conference usually after it gets picked up with a confirmed air date? its confusing.

  12. 12 linz

    haha i LOVE TOP but i really did laugh when i saw that picture….cuz he does look like an asian spock hahaa. love him <3

  13. 13 Yay

    Wowowow. How many years has it been since Kim Tae Hee has been on the small screen? Looking forward to this one.

  14. 14 Meagan

    YES! I’m so glad I have KBS on my TV!

  15. 15 mzpakipot

    well, this is good news for Han Hyo Jo, she needs rest after briliiant legacy (that reminds me, i need to check it out soon as CH fever goes down!). Hmmmm…can’t say much about this drama, except I’m loving the 2nd lead guy and the 2nd girl. I’ll still check it out to see if Kim Tae Hee’s acting has improve.

  16. 16 Taohua

    Surprisingly I am looking forward to this (though I’m glad this is airing later since there’s been so many entertaining dramas lately, and I’m behind on so many series)…it sounds pretty interesting and it has been a long long time since I’ve seen anything with LBH. And JJH really does look bad-ass!

  17. 17 MEIKO**** ^-^


    *wondering…tapping my fingers…..*

    ……..i wonder what they mean by spock??……….


  18. 18 MEIKO**** ^-^

    LMAO!!!! My housemate just shared his great great (rolling my eyes..urg!) knowledge on SPOCK!!!

    ….and i was like…. “ok, ok, ok, got it….geez!!!”

    anyway…. well, T.O.P. …looks a tiny bit “spocky” (as they say here) but still HOT!!! hehehe!!!

    but…JJH seems hotter here! *staring dreamily at his pic*

  19. 19 BellaMafia

    @17.. Spock was one of the characters on Star Trek

  20. 20 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @ 19 bellamafia

    LOL!! ahuh… you’re right…thanks…my housemate gave me quite a long description of him and the star trek….

    obviously, am not into star trek…lol!!!!

    i thought spock is one of those made-up words/slang words kids are fond of making up…

  21. 21 CyNurse

    Wow…Kim So-yeon looks hot here! I always thought she had a nice figure but I never thought she can be this sexy.

  22. 22 din

    “a surprisingly badass-looking Jung Jun-ho”


  23. 23 Aries

    Wow, Jung Jun-ho and Kim So-yeon’s pics look GOOD! Love JJH’s specs and KSY’s sexy look. Totally different from her Gourmet image, which is where I first saw her.

    Yeah, Kim Tae Hee looks weak holding a gun! Even though she’s pretty, she doesn’t look good in this pic. Her expression looks weird O_O

  24. 24 Laura

    Whenever there is a drama staring LBH-sshi, Im there! In my opinion… let me say this again, because it seems there is a lot of fans of the supporting role actors, but very few fans of LBH-sshi (maybe a lot of younger people) In my opinion, LBH-sshi is one the best Korean actors out there.
    I personally like him best to any other, but hey! thats me. I love how he can play any character and give you exactly that. I mean, lots of people talk about how good other actors are and stuff, and I’m not saying they aren’t. But LBH-sshi has this very special talent of getting so deep into his characters that when you watch, say, All in and then you watch A Bittersweet Life (where he plays more or less the same type of role if you know what I mean; thug, ganster, guy that gets into trouble and then comes back for revenge type of character) you know is actually actor Lee Byung Hun playing both roles, but it is almost impossible for you to associate them with one another. He is able to be his character (even when they are similar in some aspects) a 100%, and give you someone completely different each time he goes into character.

    One actor who can do that as well, Leonardo Dicaprio. Can you tell is the same guy playing both, Blood Diamond and The Departed? No, yet you know it is. Same goes for LBH-sshi, thats how excellent his acting skills are.

  25. 25 GeeNie

    TOP looks scary. What’s with his hair???

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