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Itaewon Murder Case features “psychopathic” Jang Geun-seok
by | July 31, 2009 | 24 Comments

Check out the teaser poster for Jang Geun-seok‘s newest movie, the murder mystery based on a true story, Itaewon Murder Case [이태원 살인사건].

In the movie, Jang plays one of two Korean-American teenagers who are the main suspects in a killing occurring in an Itaewon fast-food restaurant. Both young men point the finger at the other for the killing a Korean university student, and the thriller unfolds as a detective (Jung Jin-young) tries to uncover what really happened. This casting differs slightly from the true case upon which the movie is based, which occurred twelve years ago in April of 1997 and has never been entirely resolved. The real case involved 17-year-old American Arthur Patterson and 18-year-old Korean-American Edward Lee, who were let go after a “bungled prosecution,” after which Patterson fled to the U.S. and Lee was acquitted by the Supreme Court.

According to a source with the film production, this story differs from other murder-thriller movies like Memories of Murder or Voice of a Murder in which authorities pursue an unknown killer. In Itaewon Murder Case, the two suspects are already in custody, and police must decide which is the true culprit.

Itaewon Murder Case also stars actors Shin Seung-hwan, Go Chang-seok, Oh Kwang-rok, and Triple‘s resident cutie Song Joong-ki. It is planning for a September release. Meanwhile, Jang Geun-seok also recently announced his next television role in the idol drama You’re Beautiful.

Via TV Report, Chosun (English)


24 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. langdon813

    Whoa, that poster is seriously creepy. And seriously cool. I think I might have to watch this!

    It kind of gives off a Hitchcock vibe, doesn’t it? It reminds me of “Psycho”, when Norman Bates says “I think I must have one of those faces you can’t help believing” in that oh-so-innocent voice.

  2. michi

    JGS is seriously busy, eh?
    I didn’t even know that he filmed this movie after Beethoven Virus!

    And this is slated for a September release?
    Wow! So the two Kang Gun Woo’s from Beethoven Virus are releasing their movies in September!
    (Kim Myung MIn’s “My Love By My Side” is set to be released on Sept 24!)

    Anyway, looking forward to JGS’s movie as well!
    He’s one of the best among the youngsters 😉

  3. xiaoSxin

    psycho movies really creeps the hell out of me

  4. asianromance

    wow he can really pull off the psycho look!

  5. Kender

    JGS can be a creeper when he wants to, can’t he?

  6. findland

    The poster scares me, especially the smile. I hope JGS will be in some Sci-fi movies somedays. I like watching horror thriller movie, but Sci-fi makes me turn into a fanatics.

  7. Sonam

    I love his eyes. There’s something so sexy abut JGS.

  8. linh

    omg!! this looks amazing ahah but creepy too..
    jgs i love you so much, you can pull off every role you want..
    i bet your role as a murderer will be outstanding.. haha
    tho i hope you are not the culpit c.c

  9. nika

    i love JGS, the psycho look still hot

  10. 10 lilly

    My fav young Korean actor…

  11. 11 CyNurse

    This, I have to watch! 🙂

  12. 12 nano

    I watched it and holy crap it was good!!!!

    Jang Geun-seok is amazing and I am waiting for more of his acting!!!!

  13. 13 Mingli

    where to watch it?

  14. 14 mingli

    where to watch it ah

  15. 15 hien

    You can watch it here at

  16. 16 vvk

    he’s my fav korean actor. now, I’m obsessed with him bcuz of his role in You’re beautiful. He can fit in any role well. That’s why I like him. His eyes in the above poster scare me^^

  17. 17 Rizzy

    I am planning to watch this movie as well. I am currently watching You’re Beautiful and Jang Jeun Seok’s acting is really fantastic. I am pretty sure that I will love his acting in his other dramas too. He is really one of Korea’s young gems.

  18. 18 Chiculita Mihaela

    ok ,I watched the movie …SPLENDIT….BREATHTAKING…..BUT WHO IS THE KILLER? I could die if I don’t find out the answer….. it’s just bugging me

  19. 19 Belle

    WOW!!! dat good huh!? me yet 2watched… ya bz-ing. was actually wondering how Pearson fares as a bipolar…hehehe

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