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Jeon Ji-hyun at Chanel couture show
by | July 12, 2009 | 27 Comments

Jeon Ji-hyun (or Gianna Jun) received an invitation to the Chanel haute couture collection in Paris, which she attended on July 7.

The invitation was extended by Chanel’s head designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld; Jeon hobnobbed among some of the event’s elite, which included royalty, Chinese actress Zhou Xun, and French actress Anna Mouglalis, a Chanel muse who also played Coco in the 2009 film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. Jeon arrived wearing a black chiffon Chanel dress; her Paris trip will be featured in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea.

Too bad what she really needed to boost her international profile was a better reception for her now-released action film, Blood: The Last Vampire, which has been largely panned by critics — it has only mustered a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 28% on Metacritic.

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27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ter

    She’s freaking gorgeous!!

  2. hee-yoon

    she looks really good here, but a tad skinny~

  3. MEIKO**** ^-^

    ooooohhhhh!!!! Lucky, lucky, lucky her!!!

    and, isnt she pretty! Am I so poud or what!

    I havent seen the movie, but ill definitely watch it! and koyuki is in the cast, i love her too!!!

    btw, why didnt Chanel invite Koyuki??!! mmmm….

  4. mzpakipot

    yeah, the movie was terrible! I still Love her though. I hope with her exposure internationally and/or hollywood will give her more opportunities to do other movies with a very good director and a good script!

    She’s so gorgeous and tall..I never get tired of her.

  5. MEIKO**** ^-^

    @4 mzpakipot

    really, that bad….aaawww…. ill still check it out…,probably a bad directing?

  6. sue

    she’s looking beautiful!

    coco chanel and stravinsky have a connection? did not know.. o_O

  7. CC

    jeon, zhou xun AND danielle steel.

  8. Budi

    She is tall and elegant, and her personality seem demure kind ( i dunno, just guessing he he)

    going to holliwood and play in one of significant character should be very challenging and entertaining as well. hope u better life gianna jun! 🙂 aza aza fighting!

  9. waimee78

    she’s so tall! and gorgeous!!!

    the girl beside her really looks like my friend.that’s………ah!ok…….without the very red lips.

  10. 10 Aries

    Look at those long limbs, I’m so envious >_<

    Ooh, that's Danielle Steel?! I only recognised Zhou Xun.

  11. 11 bd

    Jeon does look pretty good here, even if a bit skinny (she seems to get her skinniest when she has to do a shoot for 17 Tea).

    I had a feeling that “Blood” wasn’t going to be good when its release was delayed again and again (usually not a good sign).

    Don’t have high hopes for Jeon breaking through to the Western market since fluent (nearly unaccented) English is a must (her English-speaking has gotten better, but it’s not quite there yet) and roles for AF actresses (esp. actresses from Asia) tend to be limited to stereotypical roles.

    (The Chinese actress sitting next to Jeon has some wierd eyes.)

  12. 12 Bolt

    Hehe…Karl Lagerfeld and Paris Hilton of Korea (JJH), not a bad combination!! ^___________^

    How nice if Karl Lagerfeld can stand side-by-side with Michael Jackson and Nina Wang. Guess, the picture will consider the art of the century!! ^__________^

  13. 13 Snikki

    So pretty!!!

    I was gonna watch Blood regardless of the bad reviews but after reading mzpakipot’s comment (in the Open Thread) I decided to convince my boyfriend not to watch it anymore. If she thinks it’s that bad and she’s a big fan of JJH, then it must really suck big time!

    I hope JJH redeems herself on her next project.

  14. 14 Samsooki

    “16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes”

    How much of that is because most of the critics that are counted by Rotten Tomatoes are Western critics? (Btw, for those who don’t know, Rotten Tomatoes’ ‘percentage score’ (aka Tomatometer) comes from just counting all their approved critics. If the critic gives a positive review, that’s a “fresh’ and it is a negative review, then that’s a “rotten.” They count them up and then divide by the total.

    16% rating means that only 16% of reviewers gave a positive review. That’s “Freddy Got Fingered” territory… and not a good sign at all. Still, Roger Ebert of the Suntimes gave the movie 3 out of 4 stars…?

    Here’s a bit of a blurb from his website (rogerebert.suntimes.com)

    The movie is surprisingly entertaining. It’s an international hybrid: Filmed in Hong Kong and Argentina, set in Japan, mostly in English, with a French director, a Chinese writer, a beautiful Korean star (Gianna, known in her homeland as Jeon Ji-hyun), a Japanese villainess (Koyuki as the evil Onigen) and an otherwise American cast, it has a plot that conveniently explains why this is: The Council has assigned Saya to an American military base where the vampires have been focusing their attention.

    This isn’t a great movie. But it’s sincere as an entertainment, it looks good, it’s atmospheric, and I will perk up the next time I hear Gianna is in a picture. There probably cannot be a sequel, however, since in this film she seems to be putting herself out of a job. Oops, I gave away the title.”

  15. 15 LadyIgraine

    She’s very tall! Korean people are tall aren’t they! She definitely put justice on that dress.

  16. 16 Sonam

    She looks fantastic.

  17. 17 Jem

    Yahoo user reviews gave it A-. One review said it’s like a rip off of the movie Blade. I like Blade so I would like Blood: The Last Vampire (2009). Unfortunately, it’s not showing in my city. Critics gave Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen a very bad review and I really like that movie. I thought it was entertaining. It’s not meant to be thought provoking movie but it’s just a great action movie.

  18. 18 sureyya

    aww she’s so pretty !! heheh karl looks like my yoga instructor XD <3

  19. 19 bd

    “Hehe…Karl Lagerfeld and Paris Hilton of Korea (JJH), not a bad combination!!”

    Paris Hilton?

    I don’t think so…

  20. 20 silvia

    jeon ji hyun!!!
    she looks so good in these pictures.
    not her fault that her movie’s doing badly, hope she chooses a better script next time.

  21. 21 Vivian

    She looks really pretty.

    Life is full of hits and misses and Blood: The Last Vampire was just one of those misses for her. Better luck next time. =\

  22. 22 Mamacat

    She looks really good but looks like she also has a real diva attitude. She came over to Singapore for a promo trip but came across as difficult, haughty and snobby from encounters reported in the media here – and that was reported not just from one newspaper but from at least one other magazine as well. Given my current interest in K-stars, I was naturally happy to read about her visit but I didn’t get a good impression based on what I read.

  23. 23 mzpakipot

    @mamacat, maybe she was under a lot of stress. I can actually tell from these pictures here. Poor Ji-hyun….. 🙁

  24. 24 travp16

    Well she looks nice.

  25. 25 bd

    @mamacat –

    Well, that was one incident and we all know how aggravating the paparazzi can be.

    Who knows if JJH is really a “diva” or not – but if she really is, her diva-like behavior would likely have leaked out to the press, but thus far, on film and CF shoots, there haven’t been any scuttlebutt as to that type of behavior.

  26. 26 Mamacat

    @23 mzpakipot

    yeah she could have been tired/stressed – think it was a one-day visit at most.

    @25 bd

    think singapore press is known to be ‘tamer’ than most paparrazi? I’ve attended these press cons before and there is none of the badgering or in-your-face sort of behavior. Usually a very civilised bunch. 😉

    Gianna Jun did a shoot for a magazine and it was then that she came across as difficult/indifferent. One-on-one interviews also came off as ‘cold’ etc.

    Just wondering if this could also be becos the audience in singapore/south east asia was deemed less important? I can understand the lack of diva behavior on home turf in Korea since any diva behavior gains you a rep you don’t want and may affect work coming in. But in a foreign country that is deemed not so important (after all, Singapore is not Japan, or Korea or the EU or the US), maybe she felt it was okay to be the diva here.

    I don’t know her but she caught my eye from My Sassy Girl, so I was a bit taken aback to read about her diva behavior.

  27. 27 Bolt

    No.19. Please see some of the You-Tube clips before she got famous, pretty wild, and it is quite obvious from the clips that she made those clips either for funs or for money!! It is an irony!!

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