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Jung Woo-sung in Rainy Season
by | July 14, 2009 | 26 Comments

Jung Woo-sung, like his The Good, The Bad, The Weird co-star Lee Byung-heon, also has a new movie in the works, a romance called Rainy Season [호우시절].

Rainy Season is directed by Heo Jin-ho of Happiness (who also directs one of the segments of Ogamdo). The film shot entirely in China and co-stars Chinese actress Gao Yuan Yuan.

The story begins as Jung’s character, an office worker for a construction company, travels on a business trip to China and happens to run into an old friend, May (Gao Yuan Yuan), from his study-abroad days in America. Back in their earlier relationship they hadn’t realized they’d been in love, and Jung’s character had a difficult time expressing his feelings. In the intervening years, they’d forgotten about each other and went on to live their own lives, but as they rekindle their affections now, they fall in love for real.

Jung’s last feature film was The Good, The Bad, The Weird, last year’s hit “kimchi western” in which he played “the good” (Lee Byung-heon was the “bad,” and Song Kang-ho the “weird”). Earlier this year, he also shot a short film with Kim Ah-joong for Good-Bad-Weird director Kim Ji-woon, titled Gift [선물].

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Nom_Kitteh

    This looks really good. I am curious: is there a Chinese-Korean collaborative wave going on? I ask because of this movie and the one with So Ji Sub with Zhang Ziyi. Hot Korean men — Korea’s most profitable export 🙂

  2. Samsooki

    Is Jung Woo-sung speaking in Chinese, or is Gao Yuan Yuan speaking in Korean? Or perhaps both speaking in English (from their study-abroad days in America) as their common language?

    Wouldn’t it be an interesting movie if neither could understand the other except through friends interpreting? That would be fun to watch.

  3. Gallivanter

    It’d be interesting, but I could see getting bored with the concept after 10-20 minutes.

  4. kitty

    Not a fan of Gao Yuanyuan, but Jung Woo Sung is sexy, and he looks like Lee Jung Jae in that second pic! Hot!

  5. Biscuit

    Seems interesting, I must remember to watch this.

    @Samsooki: I’m curious about that as well. My guess is that when they interact with each other, they’ll be speaking in English.

    I remember in Virgin Snow, Lee Junki and Miyazaki Aoi spoke their own languages while teaching other their languages. And than there’s Kim Ki Duk’s Bimong where… everyone understood each other even though they were speaking different languages -_-

  6. Samsooki

    Well, that’s very possible. I know a lot of native Koreans who understand English near fluently without being able to speak, which is true in the reverse for many 2nd gens of many ethnic groups in this country.

    It could be that they each can understand the other without being able to speak in the same tongue. A little weird, but not that unusual, considering that’s how many , say, korean americans communicate with their parents.


  7. epyc

    Great to see him in another romantic movie – he is adorable in A Moment to Remember and Daisy (I like his killer role but adore his romantic role more).

  8. Biscuit

    In Bimong, it was quite strange though. Joe Odagiri was speaking Japanese and was conversing with the Korean officer, and the officer understood him as if Odagiri was speaking Korean and replied back (in Korean) with Odagiri understanding him.

    Here’s a small clip of the film (I’m not sure if you’ve watched it already) showing an example.

    It’s sort of cool how it’s done in the films. Perhaps we could have more collabs between different countries without the language barrier.
    As for me, my Korean is only moderate that it doesn’t matter what language they are speaking since I still need my eng subs anyways… heheheh.

  9. ilovekangmae

    I love Jung Woo Sung. So this is a must see for me. 😀

  10. 10 Samsooki


    That’s kind of freaky! The Japanese – Korean thing just sounds …. different.

    But even Ocean’s 11 had the same thing. Brad Pitt’s character was talking about the casino robbery, and the Chinese acrobat / grease man character asked (in Chinese) if they could tunnel under and Brad Pitt’s character was like, “no, they have ground detectors and they would sense it.”

    So, maybe not too unusual…

  11. 11 djes

    wow, today on dramabeans is raining with real men! 😀

    Jung Woo Sung is one of my top favorite actors ( i have a long list though ), fell in love with him because of A Moment to Remember.

    I’m looking forward for this movie – even though the story sounds cliche..

    ( OH I love ajusshis! 😛 well, JWS and Lee Byung Hun are not that old, but..anyway! )

  12. 12 LadyIgraine

    I believe Jung Woo Sung speaks Chinese because in the movie “Daisy” he was working for a Chinese mafia and he was communicating with them in Chinese. However, he does know how to speak English which could be the basis for the film’s dialogue. Either way, I’m looking forward to this movie. Jung is a great actor, especially in “A Moment to Remember.”

  13. 13 Jill

    Ah my man! My man!! Fell madly in love with Yeosol the sexy slave in ‘ Musa The Warrior’..I’ve watched all his works since..!

  14. 14 janie

    I was just gonna ask if JWS speaks any chinese ‘cos he also acted with ZZY in this epic film Musa/Warrior; he was great ther
    and I love him in AMTR too, such sweet and romantic film.

  15. 15 snoopyvkd

    Jung Woo-sung is such a hottie!!! can’t wait to see this!
    so bad he only works on movies… 🙁
    It’d be nice to see more of him if he were on TV dramas

  16. 16 yvhsien

    It’s interesting to see this Korean-Chinese collaboration. Like most, I’m interested to see what common language the main characters will share and communicate with.

  17. 17 spunah

    apparently the movie will be 80% in english (what they’ll do with the other 20, i don’t know). jung woo sung’s english tutor is a college classmate of mine who had to go off to china with him for several weeks while i covered for my classmate’s other students (teaching english in korea)! i saw the script and heard jung woo sung’s voice over my classmate’s phone, but never got to meet him. =*( i’m extremely unlucky. sigh.

  18. 18 lb_tmi

    i will have to put this on my list…

    i adored JWS in AMTR, but i completely fell for him in A Sad Movie. that scene w/ the camera is THE BEST!!! i don’t think anyone else coulda pulled that scene off as well as he did.

    @ spunah, thanks for that extra tidbit!!! i can’t wait to hear JWS speak in English!!!

  19. 19 Anonymous

    JUNG WOO SUNGGGGGG! I love this man. can’t wait for the movie to come out

  20. 20 stee

    spunah, I’d say you’re pretty lucky!
    Adored Jung Woo-sung in A Moment to Remember… I will definitely want to see this!

  21. 21 Anonymous

    He is so lithe and elegant. Looks nice in a suit.

  22. 22 oyet

    wow, thanx to you spunah glad to hear that at least jung woo sung was trying to learn the english language! though we come from different countries, we all have common denominator and that’s JWS! I also got to see him in the movie AMTR and from then on i just fell madly in love with him. Yes, he’s such a good actor! definitely i would also watch this movie, rainy season, i wouldn’t really mind if he was paired to different actresses, regardless of whether she’s korean, chinese, japanese etc. i’m only interested to see how he would portray the role, no doubt this is another feel good movie of jung woo sung! Yes, how i wish he would also try korean tv dramas, hayyy love you JUNG WOO SUNG!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 spunah

    you’re welcome! i hope his english comes out well…it’s kind of odd how i seemed so close to meeting him yet so FAR from it, lol….i only know from leafing through the script a bit, but they may have changed up a whole lot of stuff while in china, so here’s my disclaimer that the situation may change at the discretion of the director and writer! but i do hope for a majority english dialogue. my korean language skills are okay, but still, i don’t want to be sitting through the movie wishing to have the subbing dream team by my side. i call my classmate “classmate” and not “friend” that he is, because he hasn’t introduced me to jws yet! hmph! 😉

  24. 24 Retta

    bring on the ‘ahjussi’s’ I say! I love Jung Sung Woo…I developed my crush with
    A moment to remember and have kept falling ever since!
    The young guys are cute but they (too me) have the bunch of cute puppies rolling around look…just so cute!
    BUT man the men…whoo JSW. Lee Byung Hun….YOW! ..ok
    sorry…but they are just so handsome and manly! smile

    back to my corner…look forward to seeing the new film and glad to see so many
    JSW fans!

  25. 25 HLO

    you might like some pics of them together, and of screen!! sizzle!!

  26. 26 Di

    Hi! I first saw you in the movie, “The Goo, The Bad And The Weird not knowing your name and the other movie which I hardly remember the title, I apologize… Then since my fave is Ji Min, right am still watching Padam Padam, (better late than never). I finally memorized your name and remembered you, cuz your performance was superb !!! Loved it, tears welled up in my eyes … Now, upon knowing your full name, I began to research more info about you. . Is your character got resemblance off cam? I think you caught my attention, because I do not watch all Korean drama’s one or two at the most… I love your romantic pairing with Ji Min, and aside from Ji Sub I think Whatever Ji Min inhibitions from her previous Drama was totally lessened and its the first time I saw that She can be so sweet :-). I think you played the biggest factor for the big changes due to your acting prowess!!! I will fell the same too!! You are just amazing!!! It’s a blast watching you<3… Be Well!' A true gentleman in a sense!!

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