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Kang Ji-hwan celebrates Japanese fan club anniversary
by | July 6, 2009 | 31 Comments

Actor Kang Ji-hwan (so cute!) celebrated the first anniversary of his official Japanese fan club, and recently traveled to Kobe (July 3) and Tokyo (July 5) for fanmeetings commemorating the event.

The attendance was pretty high; Kobe’s fanmeeting held 2,000 fans, while the one at Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho hosted 5,000. He sang a few pop songs in Korean and Japanese and expressed his gratitude to fans for rooting him on, writing supportive messages on his homepage, and visiting his film sets.

Aside from his drama series (Hong Gil Dong, Capital Scandal), Kang’s popularity in Japan has been bolstered by roles in his film Rough Cut and follow-up action movie Level 7 Civil Servant. Kang Ji-hwan’s next project is a leading role (with Lee Jia) in the upcoming joint Korea-Japan telecinema project; his segment is a Shallow Hal-like romantic-comedy story called The Relationship Between Faces, Hearts, and Love about a guy whose head injury causes him to see visions making unattractive women appear attractive and vice versa.

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31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Samsooki

    Back to back posts on my two favorite k-drama actors…. Kang Ji Hwan (私の!!) and my Binnie. hehe. 🙂

    It may be Monday, but today is a good day. Thanks JB for the posts!

    KJH (私の!!) looks good. Relaxed and having fun.

  2. A.

    Ah yes, I remember them doing some little telecinema thing in which you have Korean PDs and Japanese writers. I’m honestly looking forward to that, because I’d like to see how all that comes together. I know the hugely hyped one is with DBSK’s Jaejoong and Han Hyojoo in the episode that’s written by Kitagawa Eriko, who wrote a lot of big-hit Jdramas like Beautiful Life, Orange Days, Long Vacation, etc., though even as a DBSK fan I am skeptical about Jaejoong’s acting abilities… Then there’s Big Bang’s TOP & Seungri in an episode written by Inoue Yumiko, who also wrote some big-hit Jdramas, like Engine & Hotaru no Haka & 14 Sai no Haha… and even as a Big Bang fan I’m skeptical about their acting abilities.

    … I’m a little uneasy about the outcomes. Anyway. Enough ranting.

    Kang Jihwan looks so cute! I have still yet to watch Level 7 Civil Servant.

  3. langdon813

    I really covet the sneakers he’s wearing.

  4. Artemis

    Wow…he is looking soooo suave! I really wish he’d come back to the small screen – miss him lots!

    Samsooki – I think you’ll have to fight for him – 私のですね!!!

  5. Acalle

    Til this date, I still like him the most (and only) in Be Strong, Geum Soon.

  6. Samsooki

    @4 Artemis –

    LOL. I may not be able to read Hiragana all that well, but I still recognize enough to know that I am being challenged for the ownership of KJH (彼はまだ私の!!)

  7. javabeans

    みんなは間違っている. 私のだと言ったんでしょ!

  8. djes

    I saw this post on my rss feed, and I was thinking :”Will Javabeans tag his pictures with MINE, MINE, MINE again??” 😀

    and what I saw? very creative. really.

    He’s really cute and he deserves a full July as my PC’s wallpaper. 😀

    And I really like his flowery shirt! Mwahahahaa.

  9. birdscout

    @7 Hey, Javabeans, Samsooki and Artemis…No fair! I can’t read Japanese at all!

    Can you translate? Pretty please?

  10. 10 Samsooki

    @9 birdscout:

    Okay, first I said KJH (mine).

    mine = 私の. This is in Hiragana, rather than Kanji or Katakana. Hiragana is reserved for Japanese writing. Kanji is Chinese pictographs that are used by Japanese and Koreans (called Hancha in Korean), and Katakana is used for foreign words as sound place holders. You see katakana alot for billboards and ads where its a foreign name being used.

    Then Artemis said

    私のですね!!! = He is mine!!!

    Then JB steps in and says,

    みんなは間違っている. 私のだと言ったんでしょ! = “All are wrong. Kang Ji Hwan is mine!”

    This last part is only my guess. And since I am guessing, one guess is as good as another’s, so I am going to assume that JB wrote:

    “Samsooki is right, everybody else is wrong, KJH is Samsooki’s.”


  11. 11 Aiko

    I’m with all of you!! Kang Ji Hwan is truly one handsome, charming, charismatic hunk! I first saw him in BSGS and thought what a charming and handsome guy…. who is he?!

  12. 12 jinkzz

    thanks for the article translation JB…Ji Hwan looks good in the recent pictures, more relaxed and the recent Japanese fanmeet ( his 3rd) was a success.

    …looking forward to his telecinema segment as well his new project – a 20 episode Japanese travel program which will air in MNet Japan and premiere around September of this year until next year…. Press conference will take place on the 8th ( i think ) of July.

    here’s more pictures from the recent Japan FM:



    … love the half-opened shirt…hehehe

  13. 13 hjkomo

    yes, very creative, JB. 😀

    *still shaking head at Samsooki*
    한심한 놈 … 😉

    @ jinkzz – “… love the half-opened shirt…hehehe”


  14. 14 hanjanman

    He he…. JB noona sure knows how to tease me out of my hiding place.

    Alright everyone, pay good attention. KJH ‘mine claiming rights’ goes like this:

    1st JB noona
    2nd hanjanman
    3rd bspanda
    4th hjkomo

    Others, join the end of the queue. Otherwise, just pogihae!


    Yup, hansimhan nom indeed.

  15. 15 birdscout

    @10 Samsooki

    Thank you…LOL! Love your “creative” translating;)

    This is another reason why I love this blog. I’ve learned something new & interesting about a language that’s totally foreign to me. It’s not all fun & swooning (although I love that part of this blog, as well)…but there is also varied & intelligent discussion on a wide variety of topics… KJH being one of the more popular topics!

  16. 16 Tippy

    I really don’t think he can get any more adorable…

  17. 17 paula253

    a moment to stop and *appreciate* 한국 남자 (korean men) in general for the way they wear jewelry. and in particular, KJH’s incredibly cool watch, bracelets, and necklaces. sure shows the muscles.

    @16 Tippy, uh, nooo, i don’t think he can get any more adorable. ^^

    @12 jinkzz omo omo thanks for those extra pics ::swoon:: and to JB for a great Monday!

  18. 18 wananie

    @ 10 Samsooki
    the 私 in 私の is kanji. only the の is hiragana. heh.

    kang ji hwan = SEXONASTICKKKKKKKK

  19. 19 Ngie

    Acalle @ #5 I share your sentiments exactly.

    Pict. #2 – He’s wearing a earring? I prefer that he doesn’t wear earrings.

    I hope he dosen’t change too much…I like the gentlemenly, unassuming KJH

  20. 20 Samsooki

    @18, you are right about the Kanji and Hiragana mix. I was being lazy. LOL.

  21. 21 Annie101

    smexy. haha

  22. 22 jinkzz

    @ 19 Ngie…yes, he is wearing earings…he also wore earrings at Lotte World StarAvenue opening on the 30th of June… if i remember correctly, he used to wear earrings when he was in Youth! Fly to the Sky drama also.

  23. 23 JAM

    all right, Samsooki ,JB and the rest of the fan club, if i want to be part of the admirers, which show is a good one to start?

  24. 24 djes

    @JAM :
    actually “Be Strong Geum Soon” is the one that made me fall in love with him.
    but it’s a daily drama, 163 episodes, so.. I suggest you try the shorter one, “Capital Scandal.”

    Or if you’re more into saeguk, you can try “Hong Gil Dong.”

    Please avoid “Exhibition of Fireworks “, even though KJH did a good job there, but he’s the only reason I was able to finish the drama……..so wait until you reach the die hard fan level, when you practically will like everything that has KJH in it, the you can go watch it. 😛

    BUT! If you’re looking for movie to start, I recommend ” A Movie is A Movie / Rough Cut”

    Actually, by looking at his pictures, you already can start become his admirer! 😀

  25. 25 retsnom_Adedekutsu

    “Samsooki is right, everybody else is wrong, KJH is Samsooki’s.”


  26. 26 xmerokox

    Woah, what the heck was I doing on July 5th when he came to Tokyo?! >_<

  27. 27 xmerokox


  28. 28 Ngie

    JAM @#23 I strongly recommend Be Strong Geum Soon, I think it is his best work. These are my favourites:




  29. 29 Atsirk

    SO HOT 😀 SO CUTE 😀

    I miss him…

  30. 30 bspanda

    God this has been the best day. Woohoo!
    My visit to dramabeans was late today – so did not see the Kang Ji Kwan post till after I read the first 2.

    This has got to be one of my fav posts (in a long list of fav posts from this site….)

    OMG I scroll down the yummy pics – he looks well rested in the pics. I continue to scroll and get stunned that MY KJH had bright green pants! I literally stopped mid scroll. First thought was ‘Kermit green? WTF?’ The top half was hot (as expected). After a few perves..I mean looks…I actually love the whole look. Yes even the Kermit green pants! On any other person I would probably protest – but holy power of KJH! I love it! And those shoes – so cool!

    Then I notice Samsook was first post….
    Seriously Samsooki stick to Binnie OK? Remember the numerous warnings that you have had…sheesh you like to live dangerously!

    @8 djes
    I too have KJH as my wallpaper! Ever since the Lotta Hot Men campaign started. The last few months have been very good to look at! 🙂 Clever Lotte Duty Free to keep up the monthly hotness. KJH is probably the only man to wear an all pink suit, still look so damn fine that I would consider, let alone have, as my wallpaper. But then again I can flip to the other one if I get pink overdose!
    Turning on my PC has never been such a joy! 🙂
    (FYI if you KJH wallpapers and other goodies – check out the KJH Soompi thread! Soompi people are so lovely, just like the Dramabeans gang!)

    Re: Japanese Mine frenzy (samsooki, JB, Artermis)
    Thank goodness for the translation! The power of KJH – I get to learn a different language to claim him!
    (btw Artermis…you are not THE boy criminal mastermind are you?)

    @12 jinkzz
    WOW – i saw your comment
    ‘love the half-opened shirt…hehehe’
    and stopped reading and clicked away.

    You have made my day! A million thanks.

    That 1st pic he looks so vunerable – like he is waiting for ME to hug him (and perhaps for me to keep him warm…..must remember to keep this PG, PG, PG… ) 😛 I thought that was a super fine shot – but no the 2nd one was more supernova hot! Ohh lah lah! Those 2 pics are high up in the nose bleed territory

    @13 hjkomo
    Really Samsooki still has not learnt has he? Tsk tsk He likes to live life dangerously.

    @14 hanjanman
    Thanks for the rank of 3rd! (would prefer 1st but totally see how I am never gonna dethrone JB! Would never dare try!) Perhaps we can have a time share for 2nd?
    You have always been kind and helpful (along with hjkomo) in keeping a pesky someone *cough Samsooki cough* away from KJH. hehehe

    @23 JAM
    Totally agree with djes about ‘Rough Cut’ as a great intro (you even get So Ji Sub – TWO hot great actors in one movie! Bargain!). And yes avoid ‘Exhibition of Fireworks’ as your intro to KJH. He really was the only reason to watch – the rest of it (the female casts esp) makes you hit the fast foward button. Try Hong Gil Dong. So lovable!

    (Hmm this is probably the 1st time I have completely stuck to the topic of the thread! KJH Power! hahahaha)

  31. 31 Debbie

    JH is so sexy in the Japanese pics… He is almost wearing sleeveless shirt in all the events! And look at this arms, so big now… I just wonder why he likes to shave his armpit hairs… It’s so off for guys…

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