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Lee Junki 2009 in Japan for Splendor
by | July 19, 2009 | 25 Comments

As announced, Lee Junki was in Japan over the weekend to perform for fans in Kobe and Yokohama for another series of fan concerts that seated 8,000 attendees.

This event was called “Lee Junki 2009 in Japan for Splendor,” which follows his last series of fan concerts called Episode 2: “The Mask.” Neither title makes a whole lot of sense, but hey, it’s Lee Junki, and a Junki who made perfect sense would be boring.

In addition to songs from his single album “J-Style,” he also sang songs from several of the OSTs of his dramas: in Kobe on the 18th, he sang “Foolish Heart” [미련한 가슴아] from Time of Dog and Wolf, and on the 19th he performed Iljimae soundtrack song “Flower’s Message” [화신].

Apparently, Lee Junki came to the Yokohama concert dressed in a yellow bear costume (er?) and arrived at the entrance an hour prior to the concert’s start, where 5,000 fans waited to enter. Along with one other person, he took photos with the fans as though he were an amusement park character. It wasn’t until later when he came out in costume that fans realized he’d been the one they’d taken photos with. Not too surprisingly, the whole idea is credited to Lee Junki himself. Oh, wacky, weird Lee Junki, never change!

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25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. missthiri

    I think the whole bear costume idea was rather predictable but cute.. oh my junki anyways.

  2. GreenFreak

    As weird as he is… he’s still adorable.
    Liking the new hair.

  3. sue

    ahahhaa he’s too cute!

  4. Reese

    Man, his hair is perfect for him; it looks amazing. I think that first picture is my favorite of him…I too hope he never changes.

  5. MEIKO**** ^-^

    ……….*sighing dreamily*……….

  6. asianromance

    he looks like an anime character- especially with the hair! i feel like he’s been doing a lot of fan-related-things since iljimae. is he joining the army this year?

  7. alison

    that’s the same thing john mayer did a few years ago. he went around in a bear costume (i think) and made fun of himself in front of fans before his concert.

  8. Atsirk


  9. Ladymoonstone

    He is soo cute..as always.

  10. 10 junkified


  11. 11 selva

    oh gawd can he get any cuter than that!!!!! ^_^
    aja aja oppa and I hope you never change mwah mwah

  12. 12 Miss_Sandalettes

    what’s with the hair ? :s
    still, he is photogenic

  13. 13 ....

    im in yokohama!!! why didnt i hear about him being here!!! waaaa….

  14. 14 kaynn

    I noticed he wears a different outfit in every picture 😀

  15. 15 linz

    the bear thing made me laugh haha

  16. 16 natureii

    hahaha junki is just adorable, lovable,
    ahhh just love him ~.^ ^.~

  17. 17 Andromytta

    Ok, this dude drips hotness….but I have to say, I’m not digging the hair. Doesn’t matter, though, he’s still scrumptious!

  18. 18 chipsdale

    oh god, he’s such a cutie.

  19. 19 April

    gotta love lee jun ki 🙂
    im not a fan of his new hair style though :/

  20. 20 Jelin

    Jun Ki is so amazing…JIA YOU !!!!

  21. 21 khin theint theint soe

    Hi junkioppa I am ur real audience I always dream u.


  22. 22 Rizza lee

    Oppa i miss you so.kamsa hamneeda oppa for doing another korean drama series i will surely watch it promise.sarangheyo oppa….AJA…fighting..God bless you always…pupu…( :

  23. 23 jenny

    Lee Jun Ki the Best !

  24. 24 auvi

    Like his new hair. Love always LJK. Wish him all the very best !

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