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Nam Sang-mi’s supernatural horror thriller
by | July 12, 2009 | 16 Comments

Nam Sang-mi‘s newest is a mystery horror film, which is literally translated to Faithless Hell [불신지옥, Bulshin Jiok] (which may not be the eventual English title it takes on). It has now fixed upon a release date in the prime summer horror season: August 13.

The film had initially been named Scream [비명], but I think the newer title is more apt for the cult-related storyline; the movie is described as a religious supernatural horror. (eep! That just happens to be the brand of horror I most fear.) Nam Sang-mi plays a woman whose religious younger sister goes missing, and the subsequent search leads her to deeper secrets and more people’s deaths.

Nam Sang-mi has starred in numerous dramas (Gourmet, Time of Dog and Wolf, Bad Family, Sweet Spy), but this will be her first lead film role. It sounds like the movie was a bit of a physical strain: while filming, she sustained injuries to discs in her back and her ankle. Co-starring is Ryu Seung-ryong (Level 7 Civil Servant, Painter of the Wind) as a police detective, and child actress Shim Eun-kyung (Legend, Hwang Jini) again flexes her horror muscles (she was in the 2007 horror film Hansel & Gretel), playing a normal-looking girl who mysteriously begins to predict people’s deaths following a car accident.

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16 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Samsooki

    The horror film genre works both in Korea and in the West, I guess. Having both cultures, you’d think that I would leap towards this, especially since I like Nam Sang Mi so much. But… I must pass on this, having no stomach for scary movies.

    I am hoping that Nam Sang Mi finds her sister alive and well, with no scary parts at all. I am hoping that the sister was just at the mall and forgot her cell phone. The “horror” is at the high prices at the mall, and both are saddened that they can’t afford everything they want. The end.

    Or maybe the sister was at Friday Night bible study and went out to grab a late late dinner in Chinatown somewhere and it was loud and that’s why she didn’t realize her cell phone was ringing. The horror element is that they didn’t realize that a group that size would automatically incur 20% tip that would be added directly to the bill, and they didn’t bring enough cash to cover the bill. And they all had to wash dishes after closing, and that’s why Nam Sang Mi couldn’t find her sister initially, but then everybody meets back up and they hug and go have latte’s.

  2. all4movies

    I don’t usually watch horror related stuff because I’m a scaredy cat, but for some reason I don’t mind when combined with sageuk. Weird, huh?

    Maybe it doesn’t feel quite so close to home to me.

  3. berrrrnadetee

    this sounds so good. of course, my korean skills suck (srsly, might as well be nonexistent, haha.) &i can never find english subs for movies i want to watch(: its too bad. i’d totally watch this.

  4. langdon813

    LOL Samsooki!

    I don’t have problem with supernatural…as long as it doesn’t involve the Devil or demonic possession, because then you can count me OUT.

    Give me vampires ANY day (except Edward Cullen. Just…no).

  5. gailT

    LOL @ Samsooki. I like those alternate plots. Religious supernatural horror also terrifies me. Especially if you’re like me and you grew up in rural Philippines and watched locally made supernatural horror since you were 5. EEEEP.

  6. Abby920

    @ Samsooki – I like your plots, we’re the same I don’t like watching horror movies because I dream of them after watching it even if I see it in daylight. So I stopped watching horror movies. But I like Nang Sang-mi a lot too.

  7. Rin

    I’m not a horror fan at all so unless this is like.. the series Supernatural or anything less horrifying than that then I’m considering it… if not then let’s just read the reviews xD

  8. Ladymoonstone

    Count me out on the horror genre especially dealing with supernaturals or demons. Why would I want to scare myself? lol

    Although I am an XFiles fan, I tend to skip out the ones that deals with that. I prefer SciFi/Fantasy anyday.

  9. amy

    I love shim eun-kyung!!! and nam sang-mi too.. hope this movie’s good.

  10. 10 D

    totally not my type of a movie. i dont even watch tv’s supernatural.. but i don’t mind anything with vampire..

  11. 11 sugarpunch

    well… horror is really really not my cup of tea cos after watching this really scary hongkong horror movie when I was 6, I still remember it vividly now. BUT this show has captured my full curiosity and attention. just hoping that there would be no shocking and abrupt twists at the end. My heart is far too weak for that. and hopefully it will not turn out like the american drama Supernatural… that will totally freak me out.

  12. 12 seohwa


    try 🙂 or (altho this is more for dramas, not movies)

  13. 13 yueyue

    i love nam sangmi!! can’t wait to watch the movie!

  14. 14 yo

    like nam sang mi and shim eunkyung. ^^

    … but i hate horror films. T.T

  15. 15 susan

    @ 14

    Me too

  16. 16 pank black


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