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New face Hong Ah-reum joins cast of Dream
by | July 17, 2009 | 11 Comments

SBS really is aiming their upcoming Dream at the youth market, isn’t it? Which is too bad, since Joo Jin-mo is the best actor in the cast and he’s getting passed over in news and attention for his younger colleague Kim Bum (not that Kim Bum isn’t adorable).

With only a little more than a week left till it airs, Hong Ah-reum is the latest addition to the cast as Kim Bum’s love interest. The 20-year-old actress appeared not long ago as a young single mother in the KBS weekend series My Precious You, sporting an unfashionable hairstyle and Saturi accent. Her storyline depicting the conflict between her love for her son and her first love earned her a year-end nomination for best new actress.

In Dream, she goes in the opposite direction, portraying a bright, cute Yuri character who falls for Kim Bum’s Jang-seok, and thus begins their romantic loveline. She follows him around everywhere to cheer him on, and uses her father’s money to become a strong supporter and sponsor to him and sports agent Jae-il (Joo Jin-mo). Since love geometry is an essential kdrama component, she finds out that Jang-seok likes So-yeon (Sohn Dam-bi) and sizes her up as her love rival.

With Ja Myung Go ending next week, Dream is poised to take over the following Monday, July 27.

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11 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. wananie

    whoa. she looks a LOT like min hyo rin.

  2. Abby

    That’s waht I was going to say…. I thought she was Min Hyo Rin. Why do every actress in Korea look the same these days??? Stop with the plastic surgeries!!

  3. tb01

    Why do every comment on Korean plastic surgeries look the same these days??? Stop with the lobotomies!!

  4. cecee

    Dream cast seems to be filled with alot of good looking people. great eye candy. I wonder if that is what they are aiming for. If so, poor JJM and KB.

  5. asianromance

    I guess they have a very superficial resemblance, but I always thought Hong Ah-reum looks pretty distinctive-especially when she smiles. she’s like more angular- maybe higher cheekbones. i think this studio photo just makes her look like every other celeb- having her pose so softly and with her lips closed. the resemblance might not be plastic surgery but just that there are people with a certain type of face. Hong Ah-Reum and Min Hyorin, IMO, also look superficially similar to Hwang Ji Hyun (from 9 end 2 outs) and Koo Hara (from the girl group, Kara). I’m not sure if I’d watch Dream but i’m cheering for Hong Ah-reum!

  6. sunshine

    Abby, would you mind not posting ever again? Thanks.

  7. Andromytta

    She is really cute! I hope she has good chemistry with my Kim Bum! I think this is going to be a fun show to watch. I love things with martial arts.

  8. kbuyue

    well..,, she s a bit weird, i dont know why.
    still cling with my soeul mate!!
    always the best!! soeul<33

  9. ripgal

    I like Hong Ah Reum… she was really good as the pregnant mother in My Precious You. Didn’t know she was THAT YOUNG! 0_0

    I’m not big on SoEul or anything, so I’m looking forward to seeing her pair up with Kim Bum..

  10. 10 Mags

    I saw Hong Ah Reum on My Precious You for a few episodes. I think she was cute and did a good job in the role. I’m really looking forward to Dream. I hope it’s a good drama for Kim Bum! I’m not sure about Sohn Dam Bi’s acting skills but the rest of the cast looks solid. I can’t wait for Dream to start!^^

  11. 11 ayay

    why don’t they put Kim So Eun???
    *Seoulmate mode on

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