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New figure skating drama Can’t Lose with Moon Geun-young
by | July 7, 2009 | 18 Comments

I’m a little surprised at this, but not in a bad way: Rumors are swirling that Moon Geun-young will take the lead in a new figure-skating-themed drama series, Can’t Lose [질 수 없다]. (Her management confirmed that she is considering the role but hasn’t made a final decision yet.)

I’d heard about Can’t Lose back at the beginning of the year as part of the crop of sports dramas this year, but at that point it had been another skating-related drama, Triple, that drew more attention. But it seems that Can’t Lose may be more sports-focused than Triple (which I find charming, but not particularly keen on the sports angle). Can’t Lose is prepping for a late 2009 broadcast and is sure to experience a sharp rise in visibility as it heads into pre-production. It will be directed by Hwang Jini‘s (drama, not film) PD Kim Chul-kyu.

I’m curious to see how well Moon can pull off a skating character. Min Hyo-rin spent nearly a year of intense skating training (up to 9-10 hours a day) to pull off her role in Triple (which I think she does a pretty good job at), but I haven’t heard anything about Moon’s skill level. It’s also known that she is taking acting roles sparingly and filming only during breaks from school (she’s studying Korean literature at university), which is how she filmed last year’s period drama Painter of the Wind, for which she took home a Daesang Award (the grand acting prize) at the SBS drama awards.

Can’t Lose has been in the works for a while; the writer Kim Byung-sae (not the actor) had begun meeting with figure skaters two years ago and studied the sport in depth. The drama doesn’t yet have a slot on a broadcasting station schedule, but with these names attached (if Moon confirms, that is), I’m sure it’ll find one in no time.

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18 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mzpakipot

    ohhh!!!! I’m sold! I love, love MGY! I think she can pull it off, she’s very determined to do 110%for her role. She did a lot of ballroom dancing for her movie, Innocent Steps so she won’t have problems practicing. Thanks Javabeans, i hope she’ll confirm.

  2. asianromance

    i agree with mzpakipot! She danced really well in Innocent Steps (though the movie was HORRIBLE!) it’s great to see drama trends. first Sageuk, now sports and fashion.

  3. Penn

    Awesome! Moon is so cute. I can see her as a skater.

  4. coffee princess

    ooh if she joins im so gonna watch, her acting in painter of the wind had me totally hooked.

  5. kate

    i will watch it for sure…love her..

  6. Jae Young

    This is unrelated to the post, tho yay for more Moon Geun-young shows, but was randomly surfing youtube when I found this


    This is The Blue doing a re-recording of their hit from your fave OST, 그대와 함께. It only sounds like they slightly reworked the instrumentation. (and if you see the additional clip and some of the shots, I think they re-recorded another song, 너만을 느끼며 with two of the girls from SNSD.)

    I enjoyed the cover, but I honestly love anything from the 90s, aka high school, when music was life. Their voices have changed but do not seem to have totally deteriorated, a v. likely thing given how much Koreans smoke and drink, aka murder to your voice.

  7. tsktsk

    ah, i will try this out definitely w/ moon geun young’s name under the belt. i hope it’s good

  8. bjharm

    Not sure why you always get these runs of themed drama..be it fashion with ‘style’ and co or now sports and at that the same sport in Korea with triple and now Can’t Lose, you think someone going to have to miss out and I would have thought it too much of a gamble on the production comp part . I mean didn’t one sports theme drama come to a bad end, that baseball one.
    Of course if they do score Moon Geun-young as the lead, the drama would have to be pretty bad not to do well, so any risk is lessened.
    Moon Geun-young as stated above has done dancing in Film and there was the MV for her song she did, plus she is small in size so she has the basics already.

  9. Jo

    She took on a skating movie once. remember? her famous one where she had the chinese korean accent. Darn cant remember the title name.oh yeah! Innocent steps? That movie was fun.

  10. 10 Rev

    Perfect timing with another sports drama. Since the Vancouver Olympics are just around the corner.

    Now we just need a drama with CURLING!

  11. 11 saranga

    somehow i don’t think career-themed dramas take off very well. i loved kim myung min in beethoven virus but that was about it. i have a musical background, so i was very familiar with a lot of the things that they dealt with in that drama… and it was just so exaggerated and ridiculous. i skimmed beethoven virus, which probably caused me to miss a lot of high points of his acting.

    and i adore moon geun young, but i hope for her sake that this drama is a success. maybe it’s just me personally, but i’ve never been a fan of career-themed dramas. triple works because the skating is almost a sideline thing. it doesn’t figure centrally into the storyline. plus, i used to figure skate, and i’ve adored the sport since i was 10, so i hope they don’t botch something i love/am familiar with… most notably, for me, beethoven virus. lol

  12. 12 cc

    I didn’t really like Triple…watched 5 episodes of it…and dropped it.

    I’m a fan of Moon Geun young! So definitely looking forward to her new project if she picks it!

  13. 13 Lucid

    Thanks javabeans for the news. Like you said, this has not been confirmed so I’m planning on waiting for the final word from Moon Geun Young’s management company before getting my hopes up/down. Personally, I hope Moon Geun Young doesn’t take this role in a figure skating drama. According to the news article, if the drama comes out at the end of this year, that’ll mean that she’ll literally have to practice night and day to prepare for this drama. I hope she’d instead just choose a nice, quality ro-co (romantic comedy) for her next project with someone her age once, instead of someone 10-20 years older. I mean, I know she can definitely pull off a ro-co well, and it’s been so long since she’s been in one.. the last one I can think of is is probably her only, “My Little Bride.” But, that’s more comedy than anything really romantic. I hope to see her in a sweet mellow now that she’s a fully grown woman now. I mean, she’s no longer Korea’s younger sister anymore. I want her to act in a drama like Lady Castle with someone like Yoon Sang Hyun, or preferably someone younger. I mean I know that she likes to take challenges and learn new things from each project, but sometimes I’d rather her take the less hard path.

    For some reason, I feel like the producers for this drama have leaked this information to the press so that they can get press coverage and use Moon Geun Young’s image, and show that she’s at least read, and is considering this drama for her next project. I really wish the press would make sure that everything’s finalized before jumping the gun.

    Also, based on what I’ve seen from DC figure skating gallery fans, the majority of them have been against the production of this drama from the beginning and do not want another figure skating drama coming out especially during the prime season for the figure skating season, which is also right before the 2010 winter olympics. Also, I’m not very sure, but from what I’ve read, apparently the writer for this drama is also problematic, so I’m really hoping Geun-Young would think this over hard before she finalizes anything, especially since she only does projects sparingly due to her schooling (since unlike other college “ghost” students, she actually goes to school). However, if in the end she still chooses to stick with this drama, then I’ll follow her decision and she can count me in as a viewer. I really really liked her in Painter of the Wind as Shin Yoon Bok, so I’ve been waiting patiently for her next project for quite a while. She’s a very talented actress and, personally for me, has the star quality that separates her from the rest of the other stars.

    BTW, thanks again javabeans for the all the drama related updates. I’ve been out of touch lately due to work, so it’s always nice to just come here to quickly get up-to-date with the latest news 🙂

  14. 14 Lucid

    PS. I know she’s a very smart girl, and doesn’t do anything haphazardly without thinking long and hard about it, so I’ll follow whatever decision she makes. As a fan of both Moon Geun Young’s acting and her as a human being, I only wish the best for her. After reading what I wrote in my above post, I think I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself and worried a bit more than I should’ve. Who knows maybe ajummas will tune in to watch it^^ Too bad the ratings for triple aren’t better. It sounds like a good drama based on your reviews javabeans, although unfortunately I haven’t been able to watch it yet.

  15. 15 cherdigan

    I think MGY is going to be right for the new drama Can’t Lose. She really has the grace of a dancer. I watched her film Innocent Steps where she portrays the role of a young dancer in an international ballroom dance competition and she did it really well. Truly, she keeps on improving. I have yet to see her in an all-out comedy role like Song Hye-Kyo in Full House 1. I just hope that she does not get type-cast in dramas where dance is involved.

  16. 16 cutie_shasha

    Oh my!!! I’m totally thrilled .. She is very2222 good in Innocent Steps.. and I believe she won’t have any problem with ice skating as well ..

  17. 17 Elaine

    Getting a daesung for her POTW was not shocking but getting one at her age is. I’m so psyched at this news and I really hope she does take it on! I’ll def. look forward to it if she does ♥

  18. 18 Annio

    hiya dramabeans. i was hoping you could confirm something. i’ve done some research, and none of the korean portals says anyhthing about this and you haven’t reported anything about this either. on wikipedia, it says that moon geun young’s coming out with a new drama called “my cute girlfriend” starring her and her autumn in my heart co-star choi woo hyuk. is it true? i’m super confused. i know not to always trust the internet, but this one’s got me suuper hyyped up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Cute_Girlfriend if you could just help me confirm if it’s true or not.

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