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245 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. starry

    omg it’s finally FRIDAYYYYYYY 😀 there’s still so much uni work to do though 🙁

  2. Anonymous

    Friday agayn….. I am so behind the kdrama world, who recommend any good new drama!

  3. shinhyesungluv

    @2 anonymous

    be sure to watch Story of a Man and Brilliant Legacy

  4. starry

    @Anonymous: Shining Inheritance is really good 🙂 It’s just finished, I think, so you can watch it all in one goooo X)
    Triple is not too bad either, a light and fun drama with not so many heartbreaking, agonizing issues.

  5. alodia

    @2 anonymous
    can you define what’s “new” to you? do you mean currently airing dramas?
    but i’ll take “I am so behind the kdrama world” as a cue… so I recommend *drum roll please* — CITY HALL!
    I won’t explain why (I’m sure other Cityhallers will do a better job in that department). But take note that I don’t usually recommend dramas because i’m afraid that my taste might be totally different with the person i’m giving my recommendation – but with City Hall – I was never afraid to recommend it. ^_^

    Happy Friday everyone!

  6. mishane

    So . . .

    Who’s going to the dramafever launch party in NYC?

  7. tuswit

    happy friday to all!
    @anonymous — i enjoyed Queen of Housewives along with Taebong character, Yoon Sang Hyun; A Man who Can’t Marry is quite good too.

    Btw: this is to javabeans and others here — have you heard or know of BB cream which I heard a lot of celebs in Korea (and which originally from Germany but popularized in Korea) use? I heard of this through a friend who also got very little information first hand if it’s good. I know there’s many stuff online that we can look at but it wld be nice to hear it from you or someone from this board. Thnx!

  8. Jossy!

    OMG it’s friday!!! woo harrou open thread! well actually its saturday morning here in NZ… around 3am… PINCH AND A PUNCH FOR THE FIRST OF THE MONTH!! now why i have been waiting for open thread since lastnite?? what a whore! lol anywho 2nd week back at uni, it blows, alredy lagging behind my work and my readings… when i woke this morning i was seriously considering of withdrawing from the second semester altogether and have a bum around for the rest of the year, but nah i couldn’t even be bothered booting up me olde lappie to Un-Enrol myself… p.s we get 2 weeks to finalise,drop,change any uni courses before the fees are finalised..freak’n hell…gotta pull some miracles out of the air now to up the olde GPA…ahh it’s the weekend, and I should be living the student life and partying like its 1969, but No i’m living the real student life and writing a stupid paper about economic relations since 1969….or whatever bugger all like that…ooh finished watching Shining Inheritance this week, Good not Great, ahh evil stepmom and step sister deserve a buch of grammy’s for their performance! ahh thats my 2 yen and thats a wrap!! xo p.s what time zone does this site run on? and do hwal/haru end up together on triple? i don’t wanna watch i just wanna know, AND finally! who’s watching Easy fortune happy life?? i’m liking it! 1 more thing Style starting soon! i’m digging the chick with the short hair do but i so want my hair like that… and can’t wait for my fair lady and full house 2! ahhhhhhhh! hwaiting!

  9. pinksoysauce

    @5: “But take note that I don’t usually recommend dramas because i’m afraid that my taste might be totally different with the person i’m giving my recommendation – but with City Hall – I was never afraid to recommend it. ^_^”

    I’m watching it right now and I’ve got to agree. BEST DRAMA EVER. Well, apart from My Name is Kim Sam Soon. 🙂 Gosh, City Hall is funny, it’s witty, it’s clever…It’s just brilliant. Worth a watch. I giggle like a crazy fangirl while I’m watching it.

    For City Hall watchers out there, Jo Gook’s last name is “Jo,” right? That would only make sense, given that his family’s name is that too…But to me, the way people said it in the episodes, it felt like his first name was “Jo Gook.” Am I just crazy or has anyone else felt this? 🙂

  10. 10 shubi

    I am going there and i am kind of excited to meet kdrama fans. I am tired of being the only person that i know that is obsessed with korean drama… The only Korean that i know only watches documentaries.

    I think brilliant legacy is kind of boring. Sure lee sueng gi has great screen presence and the other guy is cute..But it is the same old story dragged out and the women are kind of annoying..But i still got sucked into finishing the whole series.

    I am watching swallow the sun, partner and the man who cant get married. I tried watching Tripe, but its so slow and doesnt have any direction. What is the purpose of this series..It is just so damn boring.

    Swallow the sun is really like ALL IN 2. Sung Yuri is annoying but everyone else is pretty good. It is angst fest done right. The man who cant get married is breezy and cool done right. Listen up TRIPLE. It is cute, funny, smart and adorable. Partner is like comfort food. It not really brilliant but its sweet and fun…
    Who is watching Queen seon duk…Why is it so popular…By the way CITY HALL Rocks big time…

  11. 11 langdon813

    Happy Open Thread Friday!

    @2, Anonymous

    Without any reservation, I highly recommend City Hall! It is the best drama of the year for me, hands down.

    @6, mishane

    I SO wish I could go to the Dramafever launch party but I’d already planned a trip to Denver several months ago, or I would definitely be there. Are you planning to go? I can’t wait to hear about it!


    So…Triple ended last night but I can’t say if I’m happy or sad until I actually watch the last 2 eps with subs! Even without them there were quite a few Kleenex moments for me. I know it isn’t the most popular drama out there, but I really really liked it and I’ll miss it now that it’s gone. It was no City Hall (nothing is) but those characters really grew on me, especially Hwal. I just want to hug him and take care of him forever.

    Speaking of Lee Jung-jae (and what a great topic of conversation he is), I’m also watching Air City. I’m only 4 episodes in but I’m enjoying it so far. He is just smoking hot, that’s all there is to it; and when he smiles, all is right with the world. Yeah, I’ve got it bad. 🙂

    Dramafever just loaded Strike Love! I watched several episodes when it first starting airing and really enjoyed it, but I gave up on it because I wasn’t really happy with the video quality on the site I was using. I’m definitely going to finish it up at some point. It has some of the best child actors I’ve ever seen playing the leads in flashbacks. Plus, I’ve always been a sucker for good baseball movies.

    My computer woes are ongoing; I can use my laptop but there’s still some weird stuff happening. Any IT people here? I’m curious to know if you really can get a virus from streaming videos, because that’s all I ever do; I don’t download anything as a rule. Except I did, about a week or so ago, now that I think about it. I downloaded and watched a movie on Megaupload. Wonder if that’s where it came from?? EEK…..!

  12. 12 MEIKO**** ^-^


    LOVE the MUSIC!!!!

    made me really jumped out of the bed!!!!! THANKS JAVAB!!!!

    sunny and humid in Boston…am off this pm to check on a museum, how’s that for a birthday…..oh well…,

    ill read this thread tonight…

    have fun guys…..!!!!!!

  13. 13 mishane

    @ 11 langdon813

    I am going although I’m kind of nervous because I won’t know anyone there and I can’t convince any of my friends to go with me. I HATE going to events by myself; I get so awkward meeting new people.

    ARGH. I want to finish Triple so BADLY.

    But I’m currently watching another drama right now which is SO ADDICTIVE AND THE BEST DRAMA I’VE EVER SEEN, SERIOUSLY and it’s so good and I’m so afraid of getting spoiled on the ending, that I don’t even want to mention the name.

  14. 14 mie

    it’s friday and i was happy until i read up on the eugene park situation and it depressed me like hell. it’s a scary, scary world, and if anyone still considers murder to be the worst thing one can do to a fellow human being, you’re so very wrong. there are so many ways to break a person: physically, mentally, spiritually.

    poor, poor eugene park.

  15. 15 langdon813

    @12, Meiko


    Have a wonderful day in Boston, a city I’ve never been to before but would love to visit one day!

    @13, mishane

    You are going to have a great time! I bet there are more DB peeps who will be there, just wait until this thread kicks in. I bet you’ll be surprised!

    Hey, Samsooki…aren’t you in NY? Mishane needs an escort! Grab your lovely wife and go to the party with two gorgeous women on your arm! 😉

  16. 16 Sakura

    Friday once more !! yes – the man that can’t get married is cool, two episodes left, trying to watch Japanese movie Departures which won the oscar for foreign film and awaiting Style (some eye candy) soon and also IRIS.

  17. 17 KT

    @tuswit— I’ve tried BB creams from Misha and Innisfree …. works fine for me. Misha has just opened an online store in the US. They occasionally have promotions for free sample if you sign up with them. They are very generous with their sample.

  18. 18 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @ langdon813

    yeeee!!!! a kindred! let’s wallow with sadness together….. I will surely miss Hwal too….
    regarding Triple…until I see the end, am not really sure how /what my feelings will be….
    yeah, you’re right, it’s not really that good nor popular , but i have liked this series…… aahhhhhh… waiting for the last two eps….

    am gonna peek Air City…just to see what your talking about..hehehe!!!!


    He who cant marry is ending too….this, I am having so much fun….^-^
    I havent seen the end but I can say I will miss this series…
    Ill miss the cast, especially the wonderful OC, dorky architect….

  19. 19 meh

    Happy Friday everyone ^_^ Today is a gorgeous wonderful sunny morning, and I’m stuck inside procrastinating (studying awaits me). I had to wake up extra-early even though today is my sleep-in day, since I needed to get some formed filled up at my uni. I was able to enjoy the sunshine for *some* of today.

    After Brilliant Legacy ended (truly meh-ish but cute), I’m back to wandering around cyberspace aimlessly, waiting for a drama to lash out and grab me. I’m kind of surprised by the lack of Korean dramas I’ve been able to finish this year. I’ve only completely watched City Hall and BL, I think, which is really strange because I’m a K-Drama nut. I wasn’t even able to finish Boys Before Flowers. I’ve been stuck on Ep19 for the last two months

    =.= I’ve been re-visiting old KimuTaku j-dramas (who can resist KimuTaku?) and trying to determine if he looks old-man-trying-to-look-young in Mr. Brain, or if he’s just trying to portray an eccentric character. I re-watched Long Vacation and Love Generation and fell in love with the old j-dramas again. They just don’t make j-dramas like that anymore! The romance, the humour, the kisses, the old 1990s soundtrack…. its lovely!

    I’ve found some old Korean-dramas (if late 1990s can be considered old?) and enjoyed those immensely. The formulaic evil vs. good plots were entertaining, and it’s fun to compare those to the new dramas that are coming out. I’ve been searching like mad for Shooting for the Stars but still no luck *sighs*. It’s only on CB or something (?), and my firewall doesn’t like that, I think. Bah, I’ll find it one of these days! *OR* I will miraculously come across some money, so I can buy it!

  20. 20 mishane

    Departures was. . .slow. I’m not a fan of Oscars movies, to be completely honest. I’m very excited for IRIS. And I think I’ll watch Style.

    I have a movie rec for you guys: Let The Right One In. Go watch it. Before Hollywood ruins it with their remake (I still have SO MUCH ANGER THAT THEY ARE DOING A REMAKE).

    It’s a Swedish movie about a young boy who falls in love with a female vampire. Beautifully shot and the story is just. . . .umph. I love it.


  21. 21 MEIKO**** ^-^



    Hehehe! Boston is at its best in autumn….. we can go and walk around the town if ever youll drop by Boston…. ^-^


    mmm….. i would have liked to go too,….would have gone with you….*grinning*


  22. 22 mishane

    @ 12 Meiko

    I’d always wanted to go to Boston. I don’t think I’ve ever really fully visited it. I think in August my friend and I are going to take the Bolt Bus there (so cheap, if you guys ever need a cheap bus ride to DC, Philly, Baltimore, Boston, ETC, use Bolt Bus or Megabus!) and do a weekend there, maybe catch a baseball game. (I would drive, but I have no idea what parking is like, lol)

    My dad is an AVID Red Sox fan (he grew up in MA) CRAZY RIDICULOUS RED SOX FAN and my mom and I are Yankee’s fans which . . . come playoffs, does not make for a happy household, lol.

    Is there a Chinatown/K-town/Asian area (lol) in Boston?

  23. 23 langdon813

    @14, mie

    What happened to Eugene Park? Or do I even want to know?

    @18, Meiko,

    I also love The Man Who Can’t Get Married! I just think it’s wonderful. I hate to see it end as well, but at the same time, I can’t wait!

    @20, mishane

    I commented in the other thread about this but I absolutely agree with you 100% about Let The Right One In. Absolutely a brilliant movie; and a remake is pointless.

    I really liked Departures though; it was slow, but I was left with such a good feeling after it ended. The kitchen scene was so powerful for me; it literally took my breath away. It still does, just thinking about it.

  24. 24 MEIKO**** ^-^


    go RED SOX!!!! lol!!!

    there is a chinatown here, just a few minutes walk from the bus terminal….

    no koreatown, but there are a lot of koreans here….actually a lot of asians….hehe!


    *giggling* me too!!! cant wait. Love Cho jae hee….he’s such a dork!!!!! Have you seen the first time they kissed, ep 13? LOL!! OMG!! that was sooo funny!!! I was like, “WTH??!!”

    going to miss it…

  25. 25 mishane

    @ 23 langdon813

    YES. It’s on the list of my Top 3 Movies. I really really really really do not understand the point of a remake. I could understand if they wanted to make a different story out of it (blasphemy) or if it was lacking in any way but it’s not. It’s perfect just the way it is, why mess with it?

    My favorite scene (and the one that brought chills down my spine) was when Eli (sp?) walked in the door and Oskar wouldn’t invite her in. Oh man, that was just beautiful.

    Have you seen Jeux D’Enfants? With Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard? That’s another Top 3 favorite movie.

  26. 26 lovenyc52


    For some reason this week has just draaaaagged by. But now it’s Friday and though I have a ton of work.. I’m happy haha. Looking forward to a fun weekend I guess 🙂

    My goal was to finish City Hall by last night so that I could discuss it today… alas my eyes failed me and I couldn’t handle 4 episodes per night on a laptop after 8 hours of staring at a computer at work. I only just finished ep 14…but loving every minute!! KSA is amazing and looooove CSW as well. Cannot compare him to Binnie cuz..well I haven’t watched MNIKSS (i know i know! I gotta get on that!!) And ok is it just me, or is Jo Gook’s Mini Me, the secretary guy, kinda hot?!?! And as evil as Joo Hwa is, girl is hilarious… and i love the scenes between her and Jung Do.

    @14 mie – yea i read about that on seoulbeats and it is sooooo sad. I actually don’t know who Eugene Park is but the situation itself is just so horrific. It really is scary what people are capable of.

    @12 MEIKO – happy birthday!! enjoy your day off!! 3 day weekends are wonderful :o)

    @19 meh – i have yet to finish BBF as well.. I read all of JB’s recaps (because truly, they are much much better than the actual show) and i have watched bits and pieces including the ending… but i can’t bring myself to actually sit through entire episodes. I don’t even remember which was the last episode I watched in full because I skimmed through so much lol.

    Alright – let’s see how productive THIS friday can be….

  27. 27 mishane

    I actually dislike remakes in general. I feel like most of the time it’s just an insult to the original work. I could see where it could be taken as a compliment, but maybe a compliment with a dig?

    The ONLY thing I could agree with a remake is maybe the Japanese movie 20th Century Boys. AND ONLY because I think if Hollywood were to do it, they would go all out with the special effects. Don’t get me wrong, the J-movie is good on itself, but at some points I wish the special effects were greater and the shooting was more streamlined. But that’s it. Only that.

    Well, now that I think of it, there are some movies that I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake to, if only to see how the other party would do it. I still think it’s a bit of an insult.

  28. 28 MEIKO**** ^-^

    THANKS *GRINNING while chowing down the big piece of fried chicken breast*

  29. 29 Rifae

    wow. I haven’t heard anything about hollywood doing a remake of Let the Right One In!! That’s ridiculous! What, people can’t read subtitles? certainly not a first though, neh? I’m with you, mishane. Definitely one to watch. I have an entire writing workshop group that’s going to be upset about the remake too…

    I’m currently on the fence about going to the DramaFever launch party. I’m close enough for a weekend trip to NYC, but I’m also not a fan of going all by my lonesome.

    So… Queen Seon Duk. I’m loving Mishil and most of the others, but is there anyone else who thinks Deokman just seems like a kind of bland character? Especially considering the drama is supposed to be all about her?

    Swallow the Sun, who’s watching it? Worth a shot?

  30. 30 mie

    @23, langdon813

    i don’t know how much background you have on eugene park, but a lot of koreans considered him a musical genius. he graduated from julliard and played the electric violin brilliantly, gaining much popularity in korea in the late 90s. apparently he signed with a korean management company in 1998 or 1999 or so, and from then on has not received a cent. but more so than the money, they apparently locked him up, drugged him, beat him, abused him, etc. and this has just come into public light. netizens in korea are all rallying to save him.

    to see how his genius deteriorated thanks to the despicable men of that company, check out the following links of the same song but two very different performances:

    (performance from 1999-ish)

    (recent performance)

    @29 Rifae

    i so agree that deokman is bland. not only that, but i don’t see her becoming QUEEN. if anything, chunmyung seems more queenlike – not just in manner but in personality as well. deokman to me doesn’t seem very bright. in fact, she’s really rash and loud and kinda incompetent. other than that one scene during the war where she took charge (which i don’t give her much credit for in the first place cuz all she did was remember what yushin told her to do – and i find it highly unlikely that the more trained alchun wouldn’t know to do the same thing), she has done nothing. she’s just shocked all the time and always trembling in fear.

    BUT i did like her for the first time in the recent ep 20 because i felt like her emotions were true and raw. i would be utterly overwhelmed if i find out what she did. she still hasn’t DONE anything yet to impress me and believe she’ll become queen though.

  31. 31 MEIKO**** ^-^


    ohh….really! Omg! management can do that?! that’s horrible…

    and i just watched the links…. yes they are two very different performance…..

    aaawww…….this is sad….i wonder why nobody helped him …..

  32. 32 Snikki

    For light, fun drama, I recommend The Man Who Can’t Get Married.

    I read up on Eugene Park. And wow! How could his agent be so cruel? It’s so inhumane. That agent should meet his due punishment.

    I saw Welcome to Dongmakgol…I really liked it! Are Shin Ha Kyun’s eyes really hazel? I think he sorta resembles Eric Mun.

    I agree, Let The Right One In is a good movie. They never explained how she became vampire though, did they?

    My next drama would be Lady Castle! Can’t wait!

  33. 33 Surf City chick

    I highly recommend City Hall and Partner. Both are excellent drama to watch. I had to watch City Hall twice because of the actors – really good. As for Triple, I am kind of disappointed in the whole storyline – too complicated.

    Have a great weekend – we are having foggy weather here in HB (southern Calif – by the beach).

  34. 34 mishane

    @ 32 Snikki

    Re: Let The Right One In

    I don’t know if they ever did explain it, but did you know it’s based on a book?

    And apparently Eli is a boy? They touch on this briefly in the movie (the scarring crotch shot and the part where Oskar asks Eli what she is). Apparently Eli was castrated early on, after she was ‘made’. The book is supposed to be amazing, I’m going out to buy it this weekend.

  35. 35 alodia

    @9 pinksoysauce
    For City Hall watchers out there, Jo Gook’s last name is “Jo,” right? That would only make sense, given that his family’s name is that too…But to me, the way people said it in the episodes, it felt like his first name was “Jo Gook.” Am I just crazy or has anyone else felt this?
    >>> You are right. Jo is his last name, his first name is Guk. I don’t find it weird. Though it’s not as common as 2-syllable first names, it feels normal to me. They address him Jo Guk just like how people address.Mi Rae as Shin Mi Rae.

  36. 36 asianromance

    hives hives hives! i just keep on getting them this summer! so frustrating!

    @ Meiko and mishane.
    Whoa! Meiko, i never realized you live in Boston! I live in Boston too! And happy birthday! there isn’t a koreatown, but there is a street in Allston where a lot of koreans hang out and where there are a bunch of korean stores. My fave place to hang out there is the PC Cafe. love the bubble tea there! It’s on Harvard Ave. You can just take the green line to it from your Red Sox game!

    I’m feeling japanese-drama lately but can’t decide on what to watch. I’m looking for a rom-com featuring characters in their teens or twenties. any suggestions? had already watched atashinchi no danshi, mei chan no shitsuji, and love shuffle lately…

  37. 37 celestialorigin

    Happy Friday! This week went so fast, can’t believe it…

    @2 Anonymous, I like Partner(story is developing slowly but surely), MWCGM, It’s funny, for me, better than the J-version, I don’t know because casts are cuter??? funnier? Swallow the sun, intriguing and so on. Just in case, for J-dramas, The new one just started called Orthros no inu(subbed already as well) is so far pretty good, I don’t know how they can come up with those unique themes…

    @7 tuswit, Oh, I love those Misha product! they are inexpensive and pretty nice.

    @20 mishane, I also watched Departure on Dremacrazy, It was slow at first, but once you get into it it get you. A quiet invasion of one’s heart, sort of…
    Oh, and have a great evening at a party!

    Anyway, I’d better get going .

  38. 38 ockoala

    @33 Surf City chick

    Holler, HB is my hometown, and where I still go constantly to perform my filial duty. I’m sure the fog will lift soon and you’ll have a bright sunny day again!

    I see some recreational City Hallers recommending City Hall here today, sigh, contentment on so many levels thinking about new viewers experiencing City Hall.

    I’ve been kinda lethargic all week, despite valiently trying to jog/swim/move my butt off the TV/computer screen. I think it’s the residual traces of City Hall fever finally burning away. Don’t get me wrong, like someone said earlier “I want to marry City Hall and have its City Hall babies,” CH will always occupy a place in my heart at the #1 drama spot, but now I need additional juice to perk me up.

    My BF is coming tomorrow, and we’ll finally take in the Harry Potter 6 movie. Sigh, when you grew up with HP during your twenties, I wish I could be 12 again and experience the whole phenomenon as a teen, seems much more appropriate.

    @8 Jossy!

    “who’s watching Easy fortune happy life??”

    I am, and I am so far completely underwhelemed by the acting (terrible for every person involved – except for the second male lead), and the story (there is no story – I don’t even remember a plot point the second it finishes). For me, this is a disappointment on so many levels, it was totally hyped to me beforehand, and I love Chen Qiao En. I remarked to sis that the male lead is alternatively rather attractive and totally weird looking.

    The t-drama landscape to me is missing the hot, sexy elder statesman male actors that k-dramas have in spades, so all we have are young idols that can barely emote and give a convincing line reading.

    Where is the t-drama equivalent of Lee Jung Jae, Cha Seung Won, Kang Ji Hwan?

  39. 39 celestialorigin

    @36 asianromance

    Just saw your post, I’d say Daddy dandy? Dandy daddy? whichever the name is, sort of like that … Dramacrazy has subbed ones. Himitsuno hanazono(secret garden), also, it’s an older series, you’d love this one for sure. Super cute, funny and romantic, sort of like atashinchno danshi, a little

  40. 40 MEIKO**** ^-^

    urg! it’s cloudy now and drizzling!!! that was fast!!! urg! urg! urg!!!!!!
    have to change my clothes….

    @36 asianromance

    hey!!! I heard about the Korean businesses in Allston. I havent been there though.
    Been to the “88” asian store, a long time ago.
    Am glad to know someone is from Boston! ^-^

    I’ll check that out…
    love a very cold bubble tea..hehehe!!

    thanks for the greetings!

  41. 41 Snikki


    I didn’t know about the book. I’ll look it up. The vampire novel I’m actually interested to read is Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain Trilogy. Has anybody here read it?


    Happy birthday, Meiko! 🙂

  42. 42 lovenyc52

    @37 celestialorigin – thanks for reminding me that Orthos no Inu started! i saw the synopsis for it awhile back and it looked really interesting!

    @33 Surf City chick – ya this weather has been weird lately huh? It was super hot and sunny all last week and weekend and this week has been all gloom and doom weather..but at least it does clear up by early afternoon. (contrary to my name i’m actually Irvine haha)

    @mishane – have fun at the DramaFever launch party!! 🙂

  43. 43 Dele

    Yay it is Friday…3 days till I see my sister in Florida. 3 weeks till I leave for Seoul. My best friend is back from Australia but I don’t get to see her for 2 weeks :(.

    Shining Inheritance ended last week and it was absolutely perfect. I am disappointed in Triple but I want to hear what everyone else thinks.

  44. 44 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @41 snikki
    THANKS!!! ^-^

    *sigh* have to go….gonna miss the thread….

    OMG! am officially addicted to this site….!!!!!

    have fun everybody! and thanks again!! *grinning* ^-^

  45. 45 asianromance

    Thanks for the Daddy dandy suggestion! I had already watched Himitsuno hanazono! I fell in love with Kaname Jun because of it!

    I’m also watching Easy Fortune Happy Life (except I didn’t watch ep 8 yet). The series had a lot of promise in the beginning (the first two epsodes tore my fricking heart out)…now most of it feels like filler….actually now it feels like your average tw. drama instead of being something good and out of the ordinary (which is what I was expecting from Chen Qiao En and Blue Long). I think the taiwanese drama industry is too young to have great actors. I mean tw dramas didn’t really appear on the radar until meteor garden in 2001. And then years passed before another youth drama, Devil Beside You, which brought in a new wave of tw drama watchers. I think the closest to a seasoned manly actor in taiwanese dramas is Vic Zhou…

  46. 46 Jossy!

    @38 ockoala

    i totally see your point about EFHL and yes in my opinion Kdrama totally trumps the asian drama dynamic field – hands down, actors et al. but when i see good looking people, giggle because of my immature humour tolerance, especially when i see grampaa pringles man and ahh im shopping around for a new drama to tug at my anticipation

  47. 47 La Fea

    Hello Javebean readers I want to ask something about copright issue Korean dramas in abroad as you already know Jewel in The Palace was-is very popular in Turkey last year. Gowerment (also natinol) TV TRT was airing it on 13:30 on day time. Everyday except weekend. They were also airing it around 5 am. But these hours were difficulut for most of people so during brodcasting time we sent thousands e mail about to able to re-watch after it finished. At first e mail they said they have only right air it twice and they are using it. But afer it finished they re aired it around 18:30 (which is good time) So these year 3 different TV channels airing Dea Jean Geum over and over again. Two of them on cable and not very popular channels so How it that possible 3 different channels can air same show and also they are all using same dubbed. MY QUESTİON is IS it up to Korean company or Turkish network which air it first? How many times they can show it? I must say I am not complainin it is stiill got it’s viewers. This is my third time too. But just corious about legal issiues. Any information will be apprecaited.

  48. 48 ockoala

    @45 asianromance

    When you talk about t-dramas not appearing on the radar until 2001 with Meteor Garden, you are referring to trendy idol dramas, right? I’ve been watching t-dramas since the early eighties, and Taiwan has a long and storied tradition of drama producing and watching, though MG launched the trend of having idol dramas that are watcheable by non-local Taiwanese viewers.

    However, I think the glitzy, well-packaged, suitable for worldwide public consumption k-drama trend started in the late late 90s and early 2000s as well (with Autumn in my Heart and Winter Sonata), so t-dramas are not that far behind.

    I just think the talent pool is not as deep, for whatever reason, and that can really sink a drama that has a middling plot. Many k-dramas have iffy plots but are saved by the charisma of the leads and even secondary characters. T-dramas don’t have that luxury, so a (up until now) weak story line like EFHP makes watching that drama not worthwhile for me.

    I missed (almost) the entire roster of Summer movies in the US (only watched Star Trek, and OMG was it awesomely good). However, I am strangely looking forward to GI Joe and checking out Lee Byun Hyun. Plus, the Joe movie has actually been getting good early reviews. I am a total action movie/sci-fi junkie.

    I am praying someday someone will make a Robotech live-action movie, and I can throw tomatoes at a real life Lin Minmei.

  49. 49 xbka

    there’s rumors flying all over the net that the korean boy band DBSK will be disbanded? what’s all the fuss about?

  50. 50 CrimemasterGogo

    I think overall the best dramas have come out in the last 8 years or so, the old Taiwanese/K dramas do nothing for me other than curse them. EFHL is getting better but yeah it suffers from a seriously unimaginative writer/director, its very mediocre.

    Oh and I just discovered Kim Sa Ran, man this guy is so talented, anyone have any info on this great artist?