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Song Seung-heon looks for his next role
by | July 18, 2009 | 25 Comments

Good news for fans of Song Seung-heon! Expect him to be back in another acting role before the year is out — although it won’t be on television. The East of Eden actor, who enjoyed a tremendous amount of popularity and support for his television comeback in that series, has announced his plans to take on a film role in the latter half of this year, which he’ll precede with a photo spread.

He explained his plans in a press conference on the 18th in Akasaka, Japan. Song had a lot of good words to say about his role in Eden, describing it as a “180 turnaround from my previous image,” as well as praise for his co-star Jo Min-ki, whom he described as completely opposite of his hateful drama character once the cameras were off. He also said, “For now I’m planning to do non-drama work, and I’m thinking to take on a new drama series sometime early next year.”

The interview with Song will be broadcast in more extended form on July 20 and 21 on OBS TV’s program Special Entertainment News [독특한 연예뉴스].



25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. blah

    Photo spread??!!!!!

    I’m hyperventilating already!! I just started watching EOE (until ep 7) and I’m dying!!! There is not a single bad frame of the man!!!! He is … (words not suitable for public viewing) ….

  2. sari

    Looove Song Seung Heon so much.Hope he chooses better movie.@blah What the words that not suitable for public viewing?(*playing innocent*)

  3. bleh

    Nothing but a pretty face.

  4. pussy

    Boring man, hope he will improve his acting, then only I can admire this guy, his look just okay.

  5. Me

    He better stick with story that he good (crying, fighting scene) at or just go into modeling, that what he do best. Or get married.

  6. rainbow

    SSH Hwaiting!

  7. CrimemasterGogo

    Boring actor, same expressions. When he does something ambitous as an actor I’ll be interested.

  8. ockoala

    SSH, soooo handsome, so lacking in acting ability. His “intense” looks in EOE made me snarf the diet coke I was drinking out my nose, it’s unintentional comedy at it’s best – which is what EOE the entire drama was, even the Lee Da Hae departure and behind the scenes drama was a drama in itself. But I still love me some SSH, even though he really needs to pick his dramas and movies better. Or maybe not, perhaps it is not the scripts which are lacking, it’s just that SSH cannot convincing connect with his co-star. I’ve found that he never has sizzling chemistry with any of his lady leads thus far (not in Autumn Tale, Summer Scent or EOE).

    I guess I should stop asking for too much from him, but really, he is so good looking and easy on the eyes, I just wish he would truly break out in a drama with a great co-star and a well-done script, I can own the drama and watch it over and over again. Sigh, maybe I’ll buy his photo book, SSH not emoting is very yummy.

  9. epicfire

    he is so easy on the eyes. he’s like the male equivalent of Megan Fox or Jessica Alba.

    if only he didn’t look constipated when he cries.

  10. 10 Anonymous

    This man should be banned form any acting opportunities unless he improves his acting skills.

  11. 11 Sada

    So freakin hot, wish I could have his babies!!! Seriously if you don’t like him, stop paying attention to him. Go write about someone else you like, obviously this post was not intended for you.

  12. 12 sari

    @sada Haha i totally agree with you.

  13. 13 jes

    what a hottie.

  14. 14 purple teddy bear

    Comments from both sides I agree, so I choose to be in the middle. SSH got me into Korean tv dramas with his Autumn Tale. I cried bucket. Then I grew up (!) and realized he should improve his acting honestly. I watched all episodes of EOE saved the last 2 when I accidentally found out they’re killing his character. I thought after the roller coaster, perfectly imperfect ride with EOE (what with the drama off cam and the writer(s) wayward thoughts, killing him would be too much, kinda stupid). So, yeah, he should choose better projects, improve his acting but keep the looks. He is really good looking.

  15. 15 raz

    S A R A N G H A E OPPA

  16. 16 arashi

    I watched him in autumn tale and could definitely say his acting skill HAS IMPROVED a lot… but yeah, i think he should choose better projects. I want to watch him again in other series.. LESS DRAMA WILL DO. He is pretty CUTE… He looks good w/ his current hairstyle.

  17. 17 hhhahha

    guys if u dont like him dont say anything bad about him…. do u tink ur perfect to judge another people……if his acting doesnt suit ur taste fine do not watch him but do not judge him…… for me he’s gud wen it comes to acting,singing, and modelling i admire him because he served his country even though he’s an actor…..

  18. 18 Susanti She

    wish Seung Heon successfully year n year.

  19. 19 Vincent

    Song Seung Heon acted so well in East of Eden, in my opinion. Can cry buckets when you watch him. Wish him all the best and will always support you ………

  20. 20 Anna

    Song Seung Heon is a very good actor indeed.What makes me liked him so much is his handsome face.I never see any face in the hollywood actor that i fancy but this guy! is an apple of my eyes!!.Just more emo to ur drama and ur perfect .Take care and God Bless.

  21. 21 maria beata paras

    keep up the good work song and you will be successful. i wish it will have a second part of your my princess with kim tae hee. the two of you had a great chemistry. your eyes really sparkles when you look and stare on kim

    • 21.1 andi

      Yeah! His eyes really really sparkle when he look at Tae Hee 😀 So obvious SSH!!! Haha

  22. 22 maria beata paras

    yes that is really true and he is really cute. did you notice the scene when they kiss for the first time in my princess, kim tae hee’s ear was red, really red???

  23. 23 Tata

    Song Seung Heon is Handsome, He is My Favorite Actor

  24. 24 selma

    nonsense ! yes song seung hun didn’t act well in the last drama jin but in east of eden and also in the movie mujeoka he was good he acted well. All these comments u’d think u people are experts in acting or something ! that’s why sometimes you read people who hvn’t even watched any drama of song seung heon start sayin oh but he cn’t act ! really shame on you, this is plainly pathetic ! it’s not like korean dramas and movie are actually works of art ! it’s just an entertainment INDUSTRY that has all the negatives in it ! most if not all korean shows are lame, low quality ( except the image off course !) cliché shows ! sometimes there are those overhyped, overrated korean dramas that are praised like they are masterpieces and then when you watch them they are just mediocre compared to, for example, what is called a good japanese drama ! so kdrama fans speaking like art critics seriously you should all stop it’s pathetic

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