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Triple: Episode 10
by | July 23, 2009 | 60 Comments

There’s an odd quality about Triple for me, because as I’m watching (and writing about) the episodes, I enjoy them and the way certain relationships are being expressed. However, on the whole, I feel like the drama is losing some steam, and I’m not sure why that is.

I wonder if it’s because despite the fact that we viewers SAY we want unconventional and non-cliched relationships, when we get a drama like Triple where all the relationships are a bit fuzzy and not carved out in stone from the beginning, we start complaining that the relationships aren’t defined clearly enough. For instance, although we could see from Episode 1 that Hae-yoon and Sang-hee would be an eventual pairing, the other couples were murkier. You’d think that viewers would enjoy not having all the romantic pairs predetermined for once, but I think it’s actually irritated people who want, and expect, these romances to follow familiar patterns. So much for eschewing clichéd relationships!

(Then again, that can’t be the only issue; I think there are also other problems at work, which I’ll get to in a minute.)


Mongoose (몽구) – “어떡해야 내 마음을 알까” (How Can I Let You Know How I Feel?). This one’s from the Triple OST. [ Download ]

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EPISODE 10: “Ina Bauer”

Haru’s voiceovers are getting a little looser in relevance, and this episode’s title — “Ina Bauer” — is invoked as Haru explains that Bauer was a beautiful skater who never quite attracted the judges’ attentions. Like a 18-year-old girl unable to register with the one she wants most to notice her.

After Haru kisses Hwal, he pushes her away, disturbed (and perhaps only partly for the appropriate reasons?). Spooked, he walks out of the room, and the drive home is tense.

Haru knows she’s made a mistake and regrets causing yet another rift just when they’d made up over the last one. She tries to talk to him, but Hwal is so angry that he pulls over suddenly, opens her door, and pushes her into the backseat.

Credit goes to Min Hyo-rin for showing just how miserable Haru feels as Hwal drives on, seething in silence. When he pulls up to the house, he orders her out and drives off immediately.

Sang-hee deliberates over Hae-yoon’s proposal, and finally takes off her ring. Hae-yoon wonders, “Can’t you just trust me and follow?” Sang-hee answers, “You know me, that marriage doesn’t suit me.”

One thing I appreciate about Triple is the way Lee Seon-kyun portrays Hae-yoon’s conflicting emotions — on the surface, he smiles and jokes, his light tone belying the seriousness of his words. You can see him trying to hold back his temper, trying not to cling or wheedle for attention (Hyun-tae could take note from him). So he smiles and keeps an upbeat tone as he tells Sang-hee, “If we don’t marry, then we’re breaking up. I can’t see you as a friend.” Even as he tells her, “Don’t laugh, I’m serious,” he sounds like he’s joking, though we know he’s not. He asks her to think it over.

Su-in walks in the hospital room as Hwal is taking in Hyun-tae’s drawing of her mother. Hwal asks, “Do you like Hyun-tae?”

Rather than answering directly, she lowers her gaze and says that he can be ridiculous, but he can also do thoughtful things. She’d been meaning to take down all his gifts, but couldn’t bring herself to because her mother looked happy. She tells Hwal, “Do I like him? No. I want to be even happier with you.”

I think Hwal believes Su-in is being genuine, so his irritation is purely with Hyun-tae, whom he runs into on his way outside. Tired of this muddled situation, Hwal asks, “What is it you want?”

Hyun-tae answers simply, “Choi Su-in” and heads inside with an armful of new gifts.

Su-in doesn’t welcome Hyun-tae and tells him firmly to leave. It looks like Hyun-tae feels the seriousness of her words, but as usual, he brushes them aside, saying he only wanted to make her and her mother laugh. He hands over his offerings, but Su-in loses her patience; she drops them on the ground and walks out.

(Are we supposed to be impressed by Hyun-tae’s boldness and honesty? Because I think I hate him. The pathetic sight of him clearing up the discarded gifts doesn’t stir sympathy; rather, it feels deserved.)

Haru slides a note under Hwal’s door, asking, “Can we talk?” She enters tentatively, and Hwal asks incredulously, “Are you crazy? How could you do that to your oppa?” She apologizes; she hadn’t intended to kiss him and doesn’t know why she did it. Hwal’s bad mood is worse than usual, as he is reacting to both Haru’s kiss and his encounter with Hyun-tae, and he’s tired of her adolescent drama.

Haru: “Then is it a joke that I’m hurting? I hurt like this because I like you — is this a joke too?”
Hwal: “How can you guys only care about your own feelings? Do you have absolutely no interest in how the other person feels?”
Haru: “Then tell me what you think of me. Was my feeling wrong? Don’t you like me back just a little?”

Hwal orders her out, and when she doesn’t move fast enough, he pushes her out.

The next day, Hwal is in a much better mood. Su-in is still in apology mode, feeling sorry for upsetting him, but Hwal isn’t concerned with that now. He suggests, “Should we live together? If you say yes, I’d like to.”

Her surprise and the significance of Hwal’s gesture bring her to tears, and Su-in agrees happily.

Of course, this is bad news to both Haru and Hyun-tae, who take Hwal’s announcement with dismay. When he tells of his plans to get back together with Su-in and move into her house, Hyun-tae blurts, “Don’t go.” Hwal reasons with him: “Jang Hyun-tae, we’re married. We fought for a moment, made up and decided to get back together.”

Poong-ho catches up to Haru later that morning, having planned a cute little gesture to get her attention. He’s tied milk and a loaf of bread to a tree branch, and plucks both out as though they’d been growing there, presenting it to Haru as breakfast.

In his usual happy way, he says, “I know you’ve got lots of oppas at home, but I’m your favorite, right?” This morning, though, his words bring her to tears. She says, “Don’t use the word oppa.”

Seeing her reaction, Poong-ho curbs his enthusiasm and comforts her, telling her to let all her emotions out. After handing her the food, he moves aside to give her room to cry alone.

Su-in’s mother is relieved to hear that the marriage is back on track, so when Hyun-tae calls, she advises her daughter to cut him off cleanly and send him away. She also reminds Su-in to register their marriage legally, since she and Hwal were married in Canada (they’d intended to register in Korea as soon as they came back, but their rift prevented that).

Hyun-tae meets Su-in in the parking lot, his face miserable. Worse yet, he can see that Su-in is happy; he admits that if she’d looked the least bit sad, he wanted to kidnap her. However, “Since you look happy, I don’t have anything to say.”

Su-in thanks Hyun-tae for treating her mother kindly and looking after them, which Hyun-tae recognizes as a farewell speech. He tries one last time to ask her not to get back together with Hwal, but she tells him gently, “Later, a day will come when we’ll see each other comfortably. Please take care in getting over your feelings.”

To help deal with the heartbreak, Hyun-tae leaves for a solo trip that evening. Hwal calls him out for being immature, while Hyun-tae asks, “Are you confident you can live with her happily?” That is really not Hyun-tae’s place to ask, and even Hae-yoon is disgusted with it. Hwal asks, annoyed, “Is that a question you can ask me?”

Hyun-tae agrees: “You’re right.” He heads off on his bike.

The Bond Factory guys are having no luck wooing the K Oil president, and now the guys are almost ready to give up. Hwal decides he’ll give it one last try and asks the Bok Man president for advice. What does the oil man like? What are his habits? The Bok Man president recalls that the oil president is a morning person, being a firm believer in the adage “The early bird gets the worm.”

Working off that tip, Hwal prepares one last mock ad, which he presents early in the morning, and this time the president is amused and a little impressed. He seeks out the Bok Man president at lunchtime to ask, “So are those guys decent?” Mr. Bok Man leans in conspiratorially: “Hey, do you think it’s easy making a commercial on that scale with a model like me? I’m telling you, those guys have something.”

At the skating rink, Poong-ho greets Haru with more gifts of bread and milk. He fidgets a little as he tells her, “Actually, these are bribes… wanna go out with me on the weekend? I mean, all my friends were going to go out, but suddenly they’re all bringing girlfriends.” (Haru turns him down, so he pleads. Cute.)

With Hyun-tae gone and Hwal now living with Su-in, Haru and Hae-yoon feel a bit down; the house suddenly feels a lot emptier than usual.

Hae-yoon confides that he was rejected by Sang-hee, so Haru makes him consolation pancakes. He asks how she’s holding up, and she admits, “Actually, I feel like I’d die.” She’s bummed that Hwal moved out so coldly and decisively and asks, “Are all men like that?”

Hae-yoon replies, “Women are worse. Look at Kang Sang-hee.”

Despite his hurry to move in with Su-in, Hwal’s first night is lonely. He lies in bed alone, restless and bored, imagining Haru bursting in energetically to give him something to eat.

So when Haru calls to check in, he’s secretly glad despite his usual gruff way of speaking: “It’s nice here without anyone to annoy me.” She confesses, “It feels weird without you in the room next to mine. Like my room isn’t mine.” Their conversation takes on a teasing note as Hwal says it’s nice to be away from her snoring. Haru retorts that his snores are worse, plus he grinds his teeth. Hwal wonders, “Why do you say, “Fighting!’ in your sleep?”

Without much more to say, they hang up, both feeling a little dissatisfied. So after a moment, Hwal calls back — but without a good excuse, all he says is that she’d better not mess with his room. They hang up again, but this time Haru is happy, because at least he called back.

The next morning, he’s glad to see her as he arrives for work. Yet the prospect of having dinner as a family with both Haru and Su-in makes him uncomfortable, so when Su-in mentions it to Hwal, he hedges, making up the excuse that he’s got to work late.

That evening, Haru and Su-in have dinner together sans Hwal. Su-in offers to drive Haru home just as he arrives, and at that convenient timing, she asks Hwal to drop Haru off.

Hwal had been stalling to avoid Haru, so he’s dismayed but complies. On the drive home, he cautions, “We’re like newlyweds now, so don’t interfere too much.”

That upsets her, and she insists that he pull over, then gets out and starts walking away. Hwal catches up to her, grasping her arm to bring her back to the car. She whirls to face him and says, “Do you know why I’m an interference to you? It’s because you’re married to her, but you like me more!”

Hwal answers that she’s severely mistaken (although I think he’s unnerved that she’s on to something), and Haru asks herself, “Am I really just mistaken? I wish it were true.”

Haru falls to the ground and cries. Hwal pulls her up, then takes her for an ice cream break outside a convenience store. Calm now, Haru admits that she’s immature for being so demanding: “I know that, but my heart forgets my thoughts.”

After the interlude, both are feeling much better as they resume the drive home. When they arrive at the house, Haru doesn’t want to get out of the car and asks him to stay for a while. She wants to hold his hand, and even when he says no, she puts her hand on top of his anyway.

After a prolonged moment, he snatches it back. Again, Haru’s desire for closeness has pushed things too far, and their tentative truce is broken. Again Haru looks miserable for acting on her feelings impulsively.

The next time Hae-yoon sees Sang-hee, it’s to hear her final decision. Sang-hee asks, “If I don’t marry you, will we not be friends anymore? And you won’t come by here either?”

Hae-yoon says yes. Sang-hee tells him, “I feel strange. Should we not have started dating, and just stayed friends?”

Hae-yoon takes a moment to absorb her words and their implied meaning. Understanding that she’s going to reject his proposal, he says, “Hey Kang Sang-hee, my friend of seventeen years.” A long pause as he searches for words, and then gets up: “Have a nice life.”

Su-in shows Hwal their marriage registration form, which only needs Hwal’s signature and seal. He agrees to take care of it, but Su-in sees the form later, still unsigned, and brings up the topic at breakfast. She doesn’t pressure him, but obviously is disappointed at his hesitation.

Hwal asks, “Am I giving you a hard time?” Su-in tries to look at things positively, but wonders, “We’re together, but why does it feel like you’re far away?”

Poong-ho had told Haru to set aside time on the weekend for him, which she had assumed would mean he would be dragging her on a group date with his friends. Therefore, she’s a little surprised when he accompanies her to her hospital therapy session (and I’m sure the parallel to Hwal’s visit in the previous episode is intentional).

Still, Poong-ho always has something up his sleeve, and today he’s enlisted his friends to surprise Haru with a rehearsed presentation. For instance, one presents her with a lollipop, and another a bottle of vitamins bearing Haru’s picture as he announces, “You’re like vitamin’s to Poong-ho’s life.” It’s cheesy but cute.

Last but not least, Poong-ho fastens a bracelet around her wrist. Haru starts to speak up, but he tells her, “I know. Today I’m just telling you how I feel, and I’ll be satisfied with that. So all you have to do is not say anything and accept.”

She’s quiet all throughout their walk home. When he comments on it, Haru tells him, “I have no right to accept this. Give it to someone you really like.”

She starts to take off the bracelet, so he stops her: “That’s why you can keep it. Haru, this is just a substitute for me, a protection bracelet to guard you. Later if you come to like me, then it’ll be the bracelet that says you’re mine, but for now it’s just a bracelet to keep watch over you.”

He gives her a hug and tells her good night, and kisses her on the forehead.

Hwal sees this from inside the house, and his reaction is….?

Well, on the inside he’s not exactly thrilled. On the outside, however, he teases her a little harshly, as though overcompensating by trying to make a joke of it.

Hwal: “You said you were only going to train, but you’re keeping busy dating around. You said you weren’t joking about liking me, but I guess you’re busy liking this guy, that guy. Starting tomorrow, you’ll probably cry and kick up a fuss about liking him.”

I’m pretty sure that by now, Hwal recognizes the source of his frustrations (whereas before he was stuck in denial). On his drive home, he asks himself, “What am I doing?” And when he does arrive at the house (Su-in’s, that is), he pauses at the threshold.

Haru’s voiceover: “They say that 18 years old is young for love. What does that mean? Does it mean we don’t know which person to love, how to express it, or how deeply to fall? If that’s the case, at what age can we start loving?”

Instead of heading inside his new home, Hwal comes back to the old one. He pauses at Haru’s door, looking down as she sleeps, tamping down frustration.

Haru’s voiceover: “Eighteen and thirty-four. What goes on between these two numbers?”

Hwal pats Haru on the forehead, waking her up. While she looks up at him in surprise, he asks her, almost angrily, “What are you?” Then, he rises and leaves.


Once again, I find myself hating Hyun-tae’s behavior toward Su-in, even as instances of similar behavior in other characters don’t make me want to stab anyone in aggravation. For instance, take Poong-ho’s interactions with Haru, and even Hwal (and the Bond Factory) as they pursue the K Oil president with similar zeal. I’m sorry, Yoon Kye-sang, I still love you but if your Hyun-tae character walked offscreen and never returned, I would not complain. Compare how Hyun-tae pushes himself on Su-in to how Poong-ho backs off when he sees Haru crying; he doesn’t know why she’s crying, but he also doesn’t force himself to “fix” everything for her. But Hyun-tae’s need to control his courtship of Su-in is vastly inconsiderate, as Hwal points out.

I can cut Hyun-tae a little slack for feeling bummed that the girl he liked turned out to be unavailable, but now his actions are just nonsensical. How dare he challenge Hwal for Su-in, and ask whether Hwal can make her happy, as though he had a claim on her? I think the reason he is so problematic is because I feel a disconnect between what his character is supposed to be and how his character actually IS. I wonder if Yoon Kye-sang is even on the same wavelength with his character, and found myself thinking (sorry to say) that he might be phoning in this drama performance, because it just makes no sense.

In contrast, Hwal is not a very verbal character (and his actions aren’t necessarily expressive), but we completely get a sense for his character’s feelings (or at least I do). I can tell that Lee Jung-jae understands Hwal, that he’s connecting with his portrayal. Hyun-tae seems… oddly blank. What a disappointment.

After Haru holds Hwal’s hand, both characters react to the touch, which shows us that Hwal is definitely not as impervious to Haru’s feelings as he pretends, or wishes he was. But I also liked that Haru touches her forehead after Poong-ho kisses her, perhaps demonstrating the beginning of some conflict with her feelings.

I don’t think it’s a neat case of symbolism, saying that her affections are going to cleanly shift direction from Hwal to Poong-ho, but rather just another way of demonstrating the jumbled-up emotions inside her inexperienced, 18-year-old heart. Haru really does seem confused and filled with adolescent turmoil, which is a nice touch because I find it much more interesting when emotions are mixed and in conflict, rather than decided entirely from the get-go (e.g., Hyun-tae).


60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jiayue

    I am not bothered with not defined relationships, but I just couldnt watch this episode to the end because i find the drama got really boring

  2. sophia

    i understand how haru’s feeling, all confused and all, but i feel like it’s time for her to really look at her relationships and go after the person she truly loves. i would really like it if she would just make it clear, so that she doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. :.sigh.: it’s just….kind of frustrating. so i guess you’re right. i’m kind of annoyed with the undefined relationships lol

    great recap jb, i love reading these 🙂

  3. MEIKO**** ^-^

    oohhh… Thanks JavaB! I have been waiting for this…been waiting for your point of view and others’ as well….

    As I have said, the main reason that keeps me watching is the Hwal-Haru dilemma…and oh yeah, Poong-Ho is also creeping in too… I have to love this cutie, younger guy…amidst the angst, he’s the only “sunshine” in the whole story! Am starting to pay more attention to him….

    mmmmm……..I have noticed……

    SANG HEE= urg! this woman…. at first i thought, she is one carefree character (does things on a whim, drinks, blah, blah) but for a free spirited character, she has been staying in that bar 24/7, cleaning and serving up….dull, dull, dull,
    dull hair, dull expressions, dull way of serving the customers…*sigh* can she at least do some quirky stuff….do a one-man band in the bar, or catch a fish in a river.., bungee jump perhaps…something to make Mr. Sensible-NiceVoice-mediocre character-HaeYoon worry and act more….

    HYUNGTAE= mmm…. this exasperating guy…. i actually understand him….thanks to my housemate for explaining.., one of his comments were, “man! he is one of those guys who falls really, really hard and gets all jaded(he confirmed there are guys like that…yikes!)…. the good thing is, he isnt hiding his feelings and actions from his buddy, like a jerk…” aahhh….ok….

    SOO-IN= she’s very pretty and nice….and still boring…the actress’ act seems restrained and tired…..*sigh, sigh* i cant even see her as a Pro Figure skater or Coach… And when she and Hwal are together…they seem like two 99 yearold couple, doing the monotonous daily activities of life….*sigh,sigh*
    HyungTae should give her some points on how to be up and about!

    It’s no wonder why am starting to like PoongHo…He’s all energy and smiles, and empathy without too much drama…

  4. ipps

    javabeans, could you help me out? i’m confused about 몽구….he’s a member of 몽구스, right? it’s not the entire band?

  5. MEIKO**** ^-^

    and sometimes… I just wish Haru wont look too much like a 15 year old….^-^
    (I can hear my housemate snickering…on haru-hwal team up….HMP! am still crossing my fingers…fighting Haru-Hwal!)

    Hwal….nah…. no comment *giggle*

  6. dee

    watching ep 10, i stopped in the middle, can’t bear to finish the drama because i find it depressing. i just don’t really feel hwal and haru romantic relationship and hyung tae. after a few days i tried to watch the middle end, good thing the poong ho + haru scenes where there to brighten ep 10.

  7. melica

    Funny, I found this episode riveting especially, Hwal’s actions and beginning self realizations. I even watched it twice!

    And I am really enjoying the way the actress is portraying the Sang Hee character. I think her delivery is wonderful.

  8. Anonymous

    Hyun Tae is so irritating, I just can’t help but to skip all of his parts. About the Poong Ho thing, I don’t think she is starting to develop feelings for the guy, more like she is warming up to him and being sympathetic towards him because what he feels for her is exactly what she feels for Hwal.

    I really like Lee Seon Kyun, Min Hyo Rin and Lee Jung Jae’s acting in this. I really feel for their characters.

  9. synonymous with anonymous

    I think most people are disappointed with this drama because it’s not exactly a light, breezy one. I know it makes me squirm sometimes. However, I actually liked this episode. Mostly I’m relieved that there is going to be change in the Hyun Tae- Su In relationship. I find the character Hyun Tae to be a sarcastic jab at love-triumph-over-all attitude.

    The Haru-Hwal plotline that seems to drive many people away is getting more interesting. I like the way that Hwal is fighting within himself, and Lee Jung Jae is really good at bringing out his character. Like that scene with him saying Haru doesn’t think about the other person’s feelings. As for Haru, I could tolerate the kiss, but the hand touching I wanted to go “No writer…. not Hyun Tae #2.” At least Hwal is not as half hearted a character as Su In.

  10. 10 alexandra

    I think although people want some element of surprise in the plot or some uncliche relationships, they need to know generally what they are getting after investing 2 hours of their time each week to the show. If it doesn’t turn out to be what people generally expect than they will turn off and switch to other shows.

  11. 11 sahar

    definitely feel weird about the undefined-ness but like it too? it gives it a bit of flavor!!! but im excited to see how it pans out. i do feel that its losing a bit of steam so i hope it picks up!!! sigh i REALLY hate hyuntae TT__TT and soo-in and hwal are *sadly* really boring. i wish they could inject something into their marriage b/c i think they COULD be cute. i feel like they WERE cute in canada. but maybe cus hwal’s holding back and soo-in’s so scared of him. hmm…… but i love haru’s reaction to poongho’s kiss tho <3 hehehe

  12. 12 synonymous with anonymous

    It’s kind of funny that Hae-yoon and Haru feels like how real siblings would feel. Having only them two left in the house seemed to emphasize that.

  13. 13 Hannieoon

    I think Poong ho is adorable with how he acts towards Haru (makes me wish I had a cute guy in my life like that :D) I’m past episode 10 and I agree with you about teh drama losing it’s steam. I always skip the part when Su-In comes in because she’s just annoying to me.

  14. 14 Dele

    I like that her feelings are undefined because that is a reflection of how we are in real life. Especially at that age. I really want to see how the PD is going to end this drama with 2 episodes to go I still haven’t figured it out. It could really go so many different ways. I guess the point is that life and love are not set to any particular definitions.

  15. 15 AudreyW

    I was WOW if the final scene, Hwal confused was so sweet in a way.
    I’m Haru/Hwal TEAM, I think Hwal is the type of guy that is just plain, Haru gives him “new” emotions, puts him in a uncomfortable zone that is nice because he shows his true emotions.
    Poong is so sweet, I hope he will have a happy ending.
    Hyuntae doesn’t pisses me off, SuIn dosen’t truly love Hwal, and Hyuntae gives her some action.


  16. 16 Sig

    I’d like to play devil’s advocate on behalf of Hyun-tae
    First of all, I might be biased because I made up my mind not to dislike HT…I just dislike his actions at times. I think he’s sorta like this big kid, he thinks he can do anything if he tries hard enough, where a maturer person would realise it’s a hopeless situation. Maybe if he had left sooner to get over his feelings (when he found Soo in and Hwal were married) he might’ve become a more likable character. Still the way he and all the characters in this drama sometimes make me cringe(in a way that I can continue watching the show, obv.)…not because what they do is stupid and unnecessary, but rather because it’s so lifelike…I know people who’ve tried too hard to be with a person, or someone who can’t control their emotions. You can’t really change them, no matter how much you tell them they’re making fools of themselves…sometimes they have to hurt and get hurt to see the mistakes in their actions.

  17. 17 kay

    the show’s music is great! will you be offering the music at the end of the show like you offered for coffee prince? there are a couple of songs that play in the angsty scenes that i was hoping to get.

  18. 18 T

    I really like this drama and though I agree that it has slowed down a bit; I can’t determine what has caused the inertia. I don’t mind confused feelings and jumbled up emotional outbursts. I like the fact that most of the relationships on the show are still pretty undefined.This is one of the few shows where not only is the journey interesting, but the outcome, because we can only guess not only who is going to be together,but how they’ll come together. Where as in other shows the pairings are all too obvious and the plot is based simply on placing obstacles and speed bumps in front of the main characters relationships. I also like that this drama has a legitimate ensemble cast…other than Hwal I’m still not sure who is suppose to be the female lead…I guess Haru?? It reminds me of this American movie with Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz (can’t remember the title) where an old movie script writer tells Kate Winslet that every drama has a leading lady and the best friend…who exactly is the leading lady in this drama or does it just seem as if everyone is a best friend? Lucky enough, I’m interested enough not to care. -T

  19. 19 Lisa

    I’m not even going to watch past episode 9. I’ll just read your recaps from now on and see if the show improves.

    What a let down, Triple was very enjoyable through episode 6 when it just tanked. It’s gotten so painfully BORING and annoying.


  20. 20 omo

    Yep…..it does feel like this drama is going nowhere. If this were to happen in real life, I’m still ok with it. In dramaland, this is very unsettling. Anyway, we’ll see how this end. *yawns*

  21. 21 kdramafan

    This is a little OT, but does anyone know the background music in the scene in Episode 2 when Haru goes out to apologize to Hwal in his car? I have been trying to find it for over a week now, and can’t seem to find a name for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  22. 22 wasabi29

    Meh, I gave up on this drama after episode 9. I hate Haru, she’s such a brat, she’s forgetting where she came from and I don’t have the heart to see Lee Jung Jae turn into a pedophile, Hyun-Tae is an annoying shameless stalker, I am only content with Sang Hee and Hae Yoon and of course Poong Ho. Others are all just blah. What a bummer since I had high hopes for this drama. So I’ll just read your recaps JB.

  23. 23 Anonymous

    hm maybe i’m the only one, but i like the pacing and the progression of the drama, the character development of hwal, the growing up of haru, etc.. i don’t think triple is lacking at anything at all, except maybe the hyun tae/su-in storyline, maybe i’m biased because i’m really enjoying these two leads together that it overpowers my irritation for hyuntae, who knows….

    i think the reason why people aren’t really interested, is not because we don’t know who will end up with who. most of the time people watch drama to escape reality, well in here, while the story is far fetched and typical k-drama (step siblings liking each other), the story telling, atmosphere, down to the physical appearances and wardrobes of the actors, are all very realistic. it doesn’t help that there is no antagonist, so it’s not really exciting to some people, and while hyun tae is extra irritiating, he’s not really a bad guy. actually, if you take away the hyun tae being a psycho over su-in, he’s actually quite lovable and hilarious, i really enjoyed his scenes with the other characters.

    another thing, the pd didn’t cast your typical commercialized, young idols, i’ve read many criticisms over the casting of hwal, i don’t know why, he’s simply so awesome in the drama. i’d rather watch LJJ than some overly good looking but awkward actor as the main lead.

  24. 24 Molly

    Lisa: “What a let down, Triple was very enjoyable through episode 6 when it just tanked. It’s gotten so painfully BORING and annoying.”

    Unfortunately, I agree. I’ve (temporarily?) replaced Triple with City Hall and to be honest, I haven’t thought about Triple in a few days, which has been a record. I hope it gets better and upbeat!

  25. 25 soon2soon

    i think the relationships are fine in this drama. i just don’t really get a sense of any real storyline, though.

  26. 26 lei

    i’m probably in the minority here but i actually liked this episode.

  27. 27 Biscuit

    I’m slowly getting more and more annoyed by Haru. 2 (T.W.O.) TIMES she had to ruin moments between Hwal and turned into Hyun Tae #2 with the hand touching, kissing, lovey dovey comments….

    I feel uncomfortable watching these people sometimes -_-

    I’m happy this series is only 16 episodes and I pray things will pick up before it ends.

  28. 28 langdon813

    I’ve made it up to Ep 13 now and I’m still loving Triple…enough so that I’ve been stalking Viikii pretty much on an hourly basis, hoping for subs but watching without them because I really have to know what’s going to happen next!

    So many of the characters and actions that people are annoyed by, I’m annoyed by as well but something definitely keeps me glued to this show, and it’s Lee Jung-jae. He is really so charismatic! At first glance I didn’t think that much about him but whoa…he’s definitely got my attention now. The more I watch, the more attractive he becomes, just like Cha Seung Won did to me in City Hall. I LOVE the way LJJ talks, although I can see how it might be hard on the poor subbers, because he sounds like he’s talking around a mouthful of marbles or something. But it’s absolutely working for me. 😉

    I’m officially on the Hwal/Haru Love Train now, but I still love Poong-ho too.


  29. 29 Biscuit

    “i just don’t really get a sense of any real storyline, though.”

    That’s realistic in portraying life. Life is full of unforeseen occurrences.

    I would consider this more as a “Slice of Life” drama, where it centers around a figure skater who lives with her brother and 2 men, where the story portrays the realistic (idk about Hyun Tae) views of life, growing up, and romance (the inexperienced, mature, and stalker romance. Perhaps the “Triple” in the title refers to the 3 different romance/love portrayed? jk).

  30. 30 Carolin

    I am like many who have commented, and I too can not place what I feel is missing in this drama. I feel that I will see the drama to the end, but I think it’s more out of the fact that I’ve invested so much time in the drama. Also I like many of the actors individualy so I hope that they make the drama more memorable for me in the end.

  31. 31 Anonymous

    Thanks for the recap JB.

    I think the reason why ther are those who finds the series now boring is because they do not agree with where the storyline is going. If you are a Haru and Hwal supporter, it would be exciting for you because you just want to know if they are going to end up together,

    But if you don’t like the Hwal and Haru team up. You most likely will say OMG this is no longer interesting!

    I do not see a Hwal and SooIn ending here. Just look at his reaction with the marriage certificate. He just went to her because he wanted to avoid the emotions that Haru stirred up in him. He just made the whole thing more complicated when he realizes that he no longer loves her.

  32. 32 algelic

    I can’t wait to see how this drama is going to end!!

    I agree that it has been losing steam. I miss the old scenes with all the tension regarding ice skating… where Haru was working really hard on her performances. I still think that scene where she falls down during the contest is one of the most dramatic ones.
    Now all we have is drama drama drama… it’s all focused on the personal relationships and angst. They should take a break and focus again on ice skating.

    I really liked that last scene where Hwal visited Haru’s room and feels all conflicted. So sweet!

  33. 33 pencils

    I didn’t know what to make of triple in its first 9 episodes but i think episode 10 makes it pretty much clear about what this show its all about.

    It’s a show with a storyline about how you can make a show about not having any story. No girl pretends to be a boy, works at a coffee shop, the boss thought he was gay, turns out the guy he likes was a girl and they got together. end.

    This show is more about “how to survive life’s very sticky situations.although rare but it happens” sort of story and how you see a bunch of human beings, simple average bleh human beings who go about their work & passion (be it sports or advertising) trying to figure out the best way to come out of the situation in one piece. How some of the most rational people (hwal) put in an unbelievable situation is unable to work his realistic braincells to come out with a solution. Or that the once irrational (hyun-tae) though still very much irrational, thorn in the side persistent kinda human being is able to still come out likable somewhat, though in such a situation does not work to one advantage. Liking a girl isn’t like telling your dad you got admitted (to your delight) into art school. The girl has got to like you back before your plan can move forward. (which i think is a whole lot better than hwal whom i think is slowly but surely collapsing inwards due to circumstance. the living together seems forced. if hyun tae were not that persistent in this messed up situation)

    it’s like the dummies guide for decision making and surviving life’s obstacle course only played out in real- time in a TV set that people tune in to watch.

    Not very appealing, but still makes for good alternative TV watching if guided (by dramabeans and the peeps who leave comments :P)

    TV shows other than documentaries that make me work my braincells the way i want to….I LIKE 🙂

  34. 34 huongthusan

    I used to love MBC’s dramas but I found that recent series are not very satisfying.
    And I can’t keep watching Triple, I feel it is a bit boring!

  35. 35 Lucillie

    Is this drama called Triple because everyone is in a love triangle?
    Hwal – Sun In – Haru
    Haru – Hwal – Poong Ho
    Hyun Tae – Sun In – Hwal
    Hae Yoon – Sang Hee – her Freedom

    Did I forget any?

  36. 36 syl

    i think the drama is getting more and more boring..but i still want to watch the drama to see how it will end.

  37. 37 dalisay

    i really love the haru-hwal pairing in this drama… i’m usually not a big fan of a couple trying to get together in dramas where the age gap is more than 10 years… i find it a bit creepy… but… with haru and hwal, i don’t know why but i find their pairing endearing and sweet… i really liked this episode actually and i am really looking forward to the next few episodes…

    i can see why other people were put off by this drama… and i really don’t blame them fort that, to each his own, right? i find that triple and city hall both have a certain charm that i actually can’t describe but i very much appreciate… i think that most people (even though they would deny it at times) really prefer dramas that are more predictable and filled with cliche characters and plotlines… if your a fan of asian dramas then you know what i’m talking about…

    don’t get me wrong though, there are parts to this drama that i absolutely cannot stand… i really cannot force myself to understand hyun-tae’s character… i thought he was really cute and bubbly at first but now, i find myself muting my computer whenever he comes on screen… same goes for su-in… i agree with you, if hyun-tae’s (and su-in’s) character were to disappear somehow, i would like this drama even more…

  38. 38 MEIKO**** ^-^

    oohhh…..am glad to know the Hwal-Haru train is longer than i thought! lol!!!

    phew….am not alone (my housemate is definitely on the other side… *me making faces at him*)…..!!!!

    mmm…..many have commented that there’s something missing in the storyline….
    i kinda agree…
    i dont know….
    I think the storyline is simple and realistic… it’s not bad…but the thing is, majority of the actors do not par up with the characters, the actors lack the personality needed for the characters to really come out…so i guess that’s why the scenes get uninteresting and boring……

    *grinning* Somebody mentioned Pedophile….LMAO!! I guess that’s one of the reasons Hwal gets all confused and torn……he is probably thinking Haru is soooo young….
    *sigh, sigh* sometimes i wish Haru doesnt look like a 15year old girl…….

  39. 39 MEIKO**** ^-^

    Has anybody seen how cute Hwal is when he laughs and acts all hesitant?!

    *giggle, giggle*

  40. 40 more

    Lee Jung-jae how can you say his portrayal of Hwal in ep 10 is blank he actually uses his face mussels more then most K drama actor’s. I could clearly see his emotional conflict in his car his frustration while he was standing in Haru doorway. I myself like you have good eye for acting but this time we dont seem to see eye to eye Lee Jung-jae has so many facial expression on Triple i CANT UNDERSTAND why anyone would think he was BLANK ????????????????????

  41. 41 Sammie

    Pedophile? Hwal? You gotta be kidding! Brad Pitt’s on his mid-40’s already but teenagers screamed and shrieked when they see him. People wake up. When it comes to love age does not matter.

    I like Triple a lot. It is unique in the sense that it somehow in it’s own way avoid falling on the usual drama cliches traphole. However, you can’t avoid them fully but it is interesting to note that they are trying to be different from the others dramas you usually see on TV.

    LJJ blank expression? i beg to disagree! One of the things that made this series exciting was LJJ’s performance. He is as usual very effective.

    Thanks JB for the recap.

  42. 42 javabeans

    @40 Did you misunderstand my recap? I said Hyun-tae is blank. Lee Jung-jae, as always, is wonderful.

  43. 43 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @ JavaB
    am sure JavaB, she/he misread it…. LJJ is one great, hot actor (oozing with appeal)….*grinning* he sure does uses all the “mussels” he can get….!!! heard it’s aphrodisiac!

  44. 44 Devi

    I’m totally loving this drama. I agree with how you feel about people saying they don’t want cliched relationships, but most of what I’m hearing people complain about this drama is that Su-in and Hwal aren’t together, or why doesn’t Haru just get over Hwal and choose Poong-ho, or how the relationship between Haru and Hwal is icky. I’m loving this drama because it’s more real to life. You don’t just have one person you fall in love with, and that one person is like your absolute “love destiny.” Plus Haru is young and confused. She has actual feelings, and feelings aren’t really black and white. The same goes for the Sang-hee/Hae-yoon relationship. They both have things they want in life, but at the moment it seems like what they both want don’t mesh. And just because they love each other, that doesn’t solve all their problems.
    And Lee Jung-jae, please wake up or something. Watching in him the drama, it feels like he’s just reacting how he’s being told to react. It doesn’t feel natural. It feels like how he wants to act is totally opposite of his character, and so his character does feel so *blah* I wish he would get over this weird Su-in obssession and be the sweet Hyun-tae that we see sometimes when he’s interacting with Haru.

  45. 45 le

    did LJJ lie to us in that interview? cause i’m not feeling the Hwal/Haru relationship at all. i do like HyunTae/SuIn, but that is when he is not in creepy stalker mode and she is not in irritated mode. the 3rd couple annoys me too. this drama is definitely losing its charm, but i still have hope for HyunTae/SuIn in the end of the drama.

  46. 46 ockoala

    I like the Haru-Hwal relationship, wherever it is going. In the beginning, they didn’t even HAVE any relationship, and look where we are. No matter what happens, each will have profoundly affected the other. And that is what I take away from Triple.

    Not the relationships, but how meeting someone can profoundly change ourselves and our lives. Su In has profoundly affected Hyun Tae, Hae Yoon will probably have a lasting effect/change on Sang Hee, and we all know how Haru and Hwal have touched each other emotionally.

    Age difference and step-sibling issues are moot – in many ways, Hwal is also emotionally stunted so that he is not as mature as his age warrants, and Haru’s aggressiveness in showing her emotions is wayyy more emotionally daring than a normal 18 year old girl would do.

    Triple is nice, but unfortunately, I don’t see the drama as being that memorable or meaningful, but still, love LJJ in this drama!

  47. 47 more

    Im SORRY JAVA i misread what you wrote

    Im soooooo happy that Lee Jung Jae is getting the credit he deserves as an actor in korea. In my opinion it so rare to see someone who can actually act and is not just a talent less pretty boy. Even if TRIPLE is not doing so great in the ratings department im hopping Lee Jung Jae and the rest of the cast continue to push the envelope in future dramas which the Korean entertainment world is in desperate need of.

  48. 48 Anonymous

    I agree with the previous poster, can’t remember the name.. But he/she said that the reason people don’t like it is that they don’t like the haru/hwal relationship. Drama’s fine.it’s getting more interesting as the episodes roll by.

  49. 49 Nea

    I absolutely love Jungjae’s portrayal of Hwal! He’s the character I watch this show to see. Hyun Tae as you pointed out is oddly (being that I love YKS), extremely hateable. Though I don’t outright hate him(entirely), I hate almost everything he does as a character. Some gestures may be sweet but they are all inappropriate and inconsiderate. If not to his friend, then most definitely to his infatuation subject.

    I agree that its very possible that the way he should be(or supposed to be) isn’t what we are getting. I’m not sure who is at fault but I hope that its cleared up.
    The only thing I know is that he better not get the girl. My irritation at his actions has reached its peak!

    With that said, I don’t want Hwal with his wife either. In truth, she needs to alone for awhile and sadly I believe their relationship has ran its course. For someone like my self who believes that marriage is forever, its rather hard to have this stance for this couple but I do. Its over. Its horrible but it was over before the show began.

  50. 50 etsy

    I definitely see an improvement in Haru’s character. She’s stopped throwing her tantrums. Like many people mentioned, I wish she didn’t look so young. Though she plays an eighteen year old, which would be a legal adult in the States, I can’t help but feel that it’s a very twisted and pedaphilic relationship when Hwal and Haru express their emotions for each other. I also disagree with some people’s opinions that because Haru is eighteen, her feelings are all jumbled and confused. Eighteen years old isn’t THAT young. Would I expect that from a fourteen year old? Sure, but I feel that most people begin to become familiar with their emotions after age sixteen.

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