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Triple: Episode 11
by | July 29, 2009 | 38 Comments

Triple is ending this week, and while I’ve enjoyed watching it, I’m finding that I’m in no rush to finish it. I think it’s because it feels like this series has been treading water for a while now. Yes, I understand that it’s a less-plot-driven, more slice-of-life sort of drama, but slice-of-life dramas still have to go somewhere. This meandering is both Triple‘s charm and its weakness; on one hand, it IS refreshing to watch relationships unfold without necessarily knowing exactly how the ending will turn out. On the downside, however, this is still a television series on a broadcast station that relies on the attention of its audience to stay afloat.


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EPISODE 11: “Skating”

After Hwal bursts in on a sleeping Haru, he leaves, driving home in confusion over his own behavior. He ignores Haru’s call, leaving her to wonder what he meant when he asked, “What are you?”

Hwal remains distracted at home, only half-listening as Su-in presents him with a new shirt and tie. She has decided to make more of an effort being wifely, and this is one of those wifely gestures. He thanks her, but it’s clear his attention is diverted elsewhere.

Sang-hee looks at Hae-yoon’s toothbrush, missing him now that they’ve broken up. When she calls, he answers only after a moment of hesitation. Sang-hee tries to engage him in light conversation, asking if he’s going to come by to brush his teeth, but he’s not having it: “Just use that to clean the toilet.” When Sang-hee calls back, he turns off his phone.

But, of course, it’s not as easy blocking out his feelings as it is blocking her calls. Hae-yoon gets drunk outside Sang-hee’s store and noisily calls her outside. His feelings are all a-jumble with hurt at her rejection, irritation at her call, anger with himself for giving in.

He demands, “Are you playing with me?” and takes her to task for calling about a toothbrush after they’ve gone days without talking — does she really expect him to answer happily? Isn’t she tired of going from friend to lover and back again? He’s sick of it.

Hae-yoon: “How am I different from Jae-wook to you? Because we slept together? That’s easy for you. Don’t you sleep with a person and act like it didn’t happen? That’s what you do.”
Sang-hee: “Do you think I slept with you so easily? Do you think I didn’t think hard about it?”
Hae-yoon: “So why don’t you tell me that?!”
Sang-hee: “Because I dislike doing that. I hate being serious, it’s pathetic!”
Hae-yoon: “What we’re doing now is even more pathetic. That’s why we’ve come to this. If we don’t become more serious, we can’t grow any closer.”

This is a nicely played scene — I’ve liked the light, joking way they’ve carried out their relationship, but Hae-yoon’s right in that they can’t only be light and joking all the time.

In an effort to get over Su-in, Hyun-tae has gone on a solo camping trip, and even goes so far as to delete her messages from his phone.

He has continued to send cheerful notes to Su-in’s mother (unbeknownst to Su-in), which bring a smile to Mom’s face. Mom admits to Su-in that even though she often disliked Hyun-tae’s behavior, she does feel grateful to him for making her feel less lonely.

On his way back, he drops by Su-in’s house, surprising her. As Hyun-tae has backed off, the resulting dynamic has changed between them, softened. Now Su-in isn’t upset to see him, but strikes me as almost wistful. (It’s probably significant to note that this conversation is the first time Hyun-tae drops the formal joendaemal way of speaking and talks to her in the familiar banmal.)

Hyun-tae says that she must have thought he was crazy before, “But it was easier for me to be seen as a crazy person.” She replies, “To be honest, I was afraid that I might get swayed over to you. But I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.”

Hyun-tae says he’s going to put his feelings behind him, and leaves her with a last gift (flowers and a jar of berries from his trip). Su-in is touched at the gesture and watches him go a little… sadly?

Poong-ho comes upon Haru and Hye-jin as they’re running the stairs and tags along like an eager puppy. Hye-jin snarks at Poong-ho and puts down his athletic prowess (saying the only reason he has a gold medal is because he was part of a team), and even though we know she is half-joking, Poong-ho’s face falls. But Haru defends him, and I LOVE how Poong-ho immediately perks up, happiness restored.

Haru continues training, keeping an anxious eye on her watch. Finally, she can’t take it and rushes out early, wanting to get home before Hwal leaves so she can ask what he meant the night before.

She’s in time to find him working in his room, although he ignores her (or tries to). Haru assures him, “I’m not hoping for anything big. I’m happy just having a fun time with you. … What you said yesterday, what does it mean? You touched my head as you said it. Doesn’t that mean you like me?”

Hwal doesn’t want to admit it but says grudgingly, “For a moment, I thought you were pretty and cute.” However, that’s as far as he’s willing to go: “I don’t like you, so don’t mistake things.” Despite that last part, Haru is uplifted by his choice of words, cheered to know he found her pretty.

Hwal apologizes to Su-in for dragging his feet on the marriage registration, acknowledging that he should have taken care of it right away. But Su-in has a different view now — they don’t have to register right away. She feels they got back together because they wanted to return to their happier past. If they both try really hard, they can return to that state, so they can register once they’ve achieved that.

It’s a nice compromise to them both, relieving some of the pressure while keeping both of them happy. Unfortunately, their mood is interrupted by a phone call bearing bad news.

Su-in’s mother has died, and everyone arrives at the funeral to pay their respects, including Hyun-tae, Haru, and Hae-yoon. (Sang-hee has been informed, but she tells Hyun-tae she can’t make it, since she’s come down with an illness. She doesn’t tell him that it’s a late case of the measles, and that she’s shut down her store and sent Jae-wook away until she recovers.)

It’s a little startling to see how hard Hyun-tae takes the news, even though it’s understandable since he spent a lot of time cheering Mom up. I don’t mean he’s NOT entitled to grief, but it’s just jarring given that his reaction is even stronger than the woman’s daughter, or son-in-law.

Upon returning home, Haru confesses to Hae-yoon that it was strange to see Hwal at the funeral with Su-in — she felt left out of the loop while Hwal and Su-in seemed to understand each other silently. Hae-yoon reminds her, “That’s why they’re married.”

Haru asks, “Why didn’t I know that till now? I was a fool.” Hae-yoon says consolingly, “This is how we mature.” But he concedes, “It can be nice being a fool.”

Hae-yoon finds Sang-hee at the bar, where she’s shut herself for the duration of her bout with measles. She asks if he finds her gross with the blotches on her face, recalling all the times Hae-yoon has seen her looking less than her best. She wonders how he could have accepted all that from her.

Dryly, Hae-yoon says, “That stuff isn’t the least bit difficult. What’s difficult is you not accepting me.” He apologizes for speaking harshly to her before, “But I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I can’t hang around waiting for you anymore.”

Sang-hee tries to explain, “I don’t dislike you. I just dislike marriage. You want a Kang Sang-hee to make a family with. All I want is you.” That’s true, but Hae-yoon points out that the reverse is also true: “You’re the same. Don’t you want a Jo Hae-yoon who doesn’t want marriage?”

At an impasse, they sit in frustrated silence.

Hyun-tae finally removes the basketball hoop from Su-in’s yard as a goodbye gesture, then tells Hwal that he’s taken care of his feelings for Su-in. (He doesn’t mean he’s over her yet, but that he’s decided to get over her, if that distinction makes sense.)

Hyun-tae: “I should apologize to you, shouldn’t I? If I were you, what would have happened? If you liked my wife and followed her around, what would I have done? I would have hated you a lot too. But if I were you, I would have asked at least once how you felt, and how much you were agonizing over your thoughts. But you just saw me as a crazy, immature guy.”

Just when Hyun-tae is coming around, I HATE HIM EVEN MORE. Way to make this all about YOU! You’re the freaky stalker, and yet you point the finger at the person hurt by your pushiness?

But Hwal is more mature than I am, because he says, “If I didn’t see you as a crazy, immature guy, wouldn’t it have been difficult for me too?” I take this as a generous response, because it suggests that Hwal made Hyun-tae into the bad guy so he could cope with the situation better.

Hwal asks, “It’s over, right?” Hyun-tae nods.

After being without Hae-yoon’s company for a while, Sang-hee wonders to Jae-wook, “Can I live without seeing Jo-kun?” Jae-wook says wisely, “With you worrying like this, I bet you won’t be able to break up with him.”

To her credit, she tries to work out a compromise. She admits that she’s afraid of marriage, because it brings added responsibility and greater pain if they break up.

Sang-hee: “That’s what I’m afraid of. But I must love you a lot. I hate to lose you.”
Hae-yoon: “What do I have to do?”
Sang-hee: “You want to marry, and I don’t. But we like each other.”
Hae-yoon: “What is it you want to say?”
Sang-hee: “Let’s live together. While we live together, you can try to convince me, and I’ll try to persuade you. What do you think?”

Haru comes home with ice cream, which she tentatively gives to Hwal. (Attached to the packaging is a post-it note with a drawing of a heart.) Again, their conversation ends with frustration and uncomfortable feelings on both sides, so she comes back a bit later to try again.

Hwal: “What is it you want? Are you hoping I’ll get a divorce?”
Haru: “No. I just want to talk to you, laugh, and spend time together. That’s all.”
Hwal: “That’s all? So you want to hurt Su-in and break up our marriage?”

She shakes her head no, and Hwal says, “I’m seriously sick of this. Stop harassing me. If you’re going to be like this, it’s better that we live separately.”

But later, when Su-in goes through the laundry, she finds the post-it note with Haru’s heart on it. Su-in thinks the note is cute, but is startled at his response — he takes it and crumples it.

Haru confides in Poong-ho, wondering why she’s feeling the way she is:

Haru: “I can’t do this. Poong-ho, do you know this saying? They say that even if two people like each other, when things get hard, they might still break up. I think he’s having a really difficult time because of me. I should make things easier for him, shouldn’t it?”

Poong-ho guesses that the person in question is one of her oppas, and she says that it’s Hwal — but “I want to stop now.” Poong-ho sympathises, “It’ll be hard for you. Haru, lean on me,” and lends her his shoulder.

Given the tone of their last conversation, Hwal is surprised when Haru approaches him again to ask a favor: She has decided to stop liking him, and requests one last day to spend together.

So Hwal agrees to go along with Haru’s wishes for the day, and they share a comfortable, relaxed vibe even as the activities are all vaguely date-like things, like eating at a restaurant, street browsing, wearing matching T-shirts, and walking through the park together.

They end the day on a rooftop overlooking a scenic view of the city. Haru thanks Hwal for agreeing to the day together, because she wanted to say goodbye to her feelings for him. She says, “It might not happen right away, but I’ll try really hard to be like a real oppa-dongsaeng relationship.”

Hwal’s mood has been easier today than in all their recent encounters, and he admits, “Being with you, I had fun and laughed a lot. I’ll try to be nicer, too.”

Haru’s cheer lasts until they arrive home and she gets out of the car. She says she had a fun time today and adds, “Let’s have fun next time too.” It’s likely those are empty words to keep the tone light as she heads inside the house, because when Hwal calls to her, she keeps her face turned away because she’s already crying.

Hwal gets out of the car and sees her face, wanting to comfort her somehow but unsure what to do. Haru tells him, “Goodbye, oppa” and rushes away, fighting tears.


To be honest, everything about the Su-in and Hyun-tae relationship feels wrong, wrong, wrong — but for the sake of fairness, I’m going to try to be objective for a moment. It’s just that I don’t understand any of the motivations there, particularly with Hyun-tae. The thing is, if Hyun-tae were a selfish bastard, I don’t think I’d have such a hard time understanding him — it would be easy to hate and dismiss him. But he’s being presented as someone we’re supposed to feel sorry for, and that rankles, because what we’re seeing doesn’t support that. I’m not buying it.

I see that Su-in is slowly warming up to Hyun-tae, but she’s determined not to act on it, as she explains when she tells him that she doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice. That strikes me as very telling, because one shouldn’t want to cheat on one’s husband regardless of past mistakes, right? I get the sense that Su-in’s determination to make her marriage work is more about her need to absolve her own guilt — she has been given a second chance and she’s going to make sure she can do everything to make it right, so as to mitigate the pain caused by her initial infidelity. Her refusal of Hyun-tae almost doesn’t even have anything to do with Hyun-tae himself; it’s about never repeating her mistake.

But Hwal isn’t making things easy for her, is he? I’m sure he wants his marriage to work, but he made his decision to get back together based on external factors (Hyun-tae’s hovering, Haru’s declarations), which means they reunited for the wrong reasons. As a result, he’s rushed into the situation and now he feels uncomfortable with the actual marriage part of his marriage. This we see in his reluctance to sign the registration form, as well as when he chooses not to wear the clothing Su-in buys him. (On the other hand, he dons the matching T-shirts with Haru on their day out.)

It’s becoming apparent that Hwal and Su-in have been fooling themselves about their true feelings. I’ve said all along that I don’t see Hwal and Haru working out in the long run, and I still stand by that, but that doesn’t mean he can’t feel conflicted about his feelings for her. He and Su-in have stuck to their guns despite persistent people trying to change their minds, which is why they both find themselves a little sad when that attention gets taken away. Both Haru and Hyun-tae make the decision to back off, and I think now that Hwal and Su-in don’t have anyone to fight, they’re left facing their real feelings.

I liked this scene between Poong-ho and Haru, because it shows how far these two have come. I really like how, despite Poong-ho’s romantic feelings for Haru, he doesn’t push her. It’s a lesson that Haru herself has not learned (well), nor has Hyun-tae, because Poong-ho has let Haru have her space and not pressured her. As a result, they’ve arrived at this comfortable friendship, able to be together easily, both of them knowing where they stand with each other. This platonic dynamic is probably not what Poong-ho ultimately wants, but at least he’s able to comfort Haru when she needs it instead of being the cause for her troubles.


38 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Melissa

    I’m okay with wandering aimlessly if I’m invested in the characters (makes for a good boat ride) but I’m not. At the same time I almost feel obliged to finish the drama
    1.) Because I admire the director
    2.) It’s well acted and
    3.) I really don’t know why….
    Your recap is wonderful as always… hopefully it will help push me to finish the drama

  2. Surf City chick

    I really agree with your comments today. i have been watching up to this far and I really don’t know what direction these characters are going. Also this is eps. 11 and the series is ending 16. So where are they going with the story line. I am having a really hard time understanding where the producer is going with the storyline.

    Thank you for your recap for every episode. I watch it and then read your comment. This really help me understand what this drama is going.

  3. sayroo

    Was very surprised when I saw Kang Sang Hee act that way, to think that she’s getting on my nerves already and pretty much very immature, but suddenly she explained why she is like that. Pretty surprising. Since I really thought that the girl was always bubbly, does nothing but laugh, smile.

    And a sad goodbye for Hyun Tae and Su In’s mom sweet sweet relationship! keke.

  4. penny

    I have to agree with you, I’m not in a rush to finish this drama either. For some reason this drama lost some of its “magic” around the 10th episode for me. I really like the characters, not all, and I really like the story line because this happens in real life all the time; but, I just I want some of the “drama.” You know what I mean? Like I want some back stabbing, husband stealing dramas!! hahha Like I have been saying all along this drama is really for people who enjoys watching realistic drama through the tv. Eventually I’ll finish watching this drama. I just hope the next drama LJJ picks will be more exciting and dramatic. He’s having bad luck with dramas hasn’t he?? And YKS too. Both are great actors and they deserve to be watched (more) on tv =).

  5. Peggy

    I have only seen three episodes of this drama. I admit I began because I love Jung Jae to pieces. I can’t believe this pseudo romantic coupling right from the getgo. She is too young and too shallow. There is nothing about her that an older guy would find magnetic. Have no idea what all will happen through this drama but I will stick to it if only for the two older actors,,who should have their heads read for doing this. Must say that Jung Jae has lost some of his lean and hungry look, I long for another ‘AN AFFAIR’ but that will be impossible I think ,just because he won’t find a strong actress like Lee Mi Sook.
    This really is a trifling drama. Romantic is fine but these two guys need a story with some meat on the bones.

  6. Ladymoonstone

    Thanks for the recap Javabeans. I haven’t seen a single episode yet on this but your recaps are so great that I feel like I am watching them already. ..:)

  7. Biscuit

    I didn’t want to say this, but I officially dislike (hate perhaps?) Hyun Tae. Gets on my nerves -_-

    And whats with this on/off relationship with Sang Hee and Hae Yoon? I know this is realistic in relationships, but sometimes I just want to smack them on the heads and say “decide already!” Move on or something, since they keep on going in circles and circles, and it’s like “okay. I accept your flaws!” than “we have too many things that dont match, we can’t be together” but wait! “I miss you~” *dies*

    btw, why is marriage hard? Your just officially bonded together, but you can still do what you did before…. no?

    I cant see Hwal going toward Haru… since… I can’t see them running together in open arms and going “Hwal~~~ <3" and Hwal embracing Haru, saying "Haru~" *twitch*

    But Haru is a little too pushy with her love -.-
    So it's a bit creepy….. this little girl *in Hwal's perspective* who is his "sister" is getting all mushy mushy with him…. from physical touching, to writing hearts… -_-

    Are the characters suppose to come off this way?

  8. cosmopolite

    OMG the character Hyun-tae needs to be beaten over the head a few times. My love for YKS must be incredible to tolerate this guy he’s playing.

  9. nara

    please don’t stop to do the recap sarah….reading your recap is more fun than wacthing the drama it self…

  10. 10 Mei

    I really agree with what you said about the drama treading water. In the first couple episodes of the drama i was really excited and i felt like it was breath of fresh air. I’ve been in drama slump after BOF nightmare. And Triple was just so wonderful. But past.. I would say around 7-8th episode it just lost momentum. Taste of life is great but I didn’t feel like we were going anywhere as well. I found it was hard to root for Su-in to get back with Hwal. I wanted to pity Hyun-tae as well but as cute as he is in rl he was just really annoying. I don’t really like how people keep moving in and out of the house as well… it’s just i felt the charm of the drama at the start with the group of friends and Haru. That wonderful bond they all have together. I guess this was just my beat around the bush way of saying that i’ve been kind of disappointed with the recent episodes.

  11. 11 djes

    sometimes i think Haru takes Poongho for granted – but seems Poongho doesn’t really bother by it, right?
    Maybe that’s why even though I can accept if Haru – Hwal end up together, I still have part of my head that wants her with Poongho being together…because it feels not fair for him, taking care of Haru and doesn’t get anything at the end. Meanwhile , Hwal doesn’t do much for her. And Haru likes him just because he’s mature appearance.

    Am slowing my pace watch this now – I have to prepare myself for the ending..hehe.

    Thanks again for the awesome recap.

  12. 12 kitty

    I basically stopped after Ep 6 or 7 because I just didn’t like how the drama was progressing. As nara said, reading your recaps is much better because other than Hwal and maybe Hae-yoon, I felt zero for the rest of the characters. The storyline just wasn’t working out for me. I hope it picks up in the next few episodes because LJJ really deserves a good drama after all this while…

  13. 13 MAC

    Agreed. This drama borders on being just too mundane. If these characters were my neighbors, I wouldn’t really care to observe their happenings. There’s just no special spark about this series.

    Not to mention that I find Haru as annoying as Hyuntae. Those two characters should have been removed from Triple. I think the quad love angle works best. Because there are three (or more!) couples being focused on, the viewers just care too little about any of them.

  14. 14 alexandra

    Poor Kye Sang. I read in an interview that he had to take a long break after Beastie boys because he didn’t like the end product and now Triple seems to be even more damaging to his popularity…

  15. 15 Lisa

    Clearly my decision to stop watching after ep 9 was a good one. Looks like this episode was a dud too.

  16. 16 j_d_b

    Wow you’re remarkable with your firmness to finish Triple. I’ve got to say I’m one of those who got so disappointed with the story. It has no strong ground. The plot would have been exciting and full of fun coz I was already imagined Hwal-the only rose among the thorns in the house is pretty amusing. Anyway you’ve got great review and analysis on every character it was a better line of attack to understand them truthfully. Frankly Sang-hee and Hae-yoon the only character I got to appreciate without question coz you knew where they coming from, there are challenges in their character and that what makes them more realistically connected to the audience.

  17. 17 1aco

    Thanks for a great recap… I stoped watching the drama after ep6 but I always look at your recap I love reading them…. Like many here it seem the drama lost it magic or that relaxing feeling that I had while watching the first 5 or 6ep… I will come back to this drama and finish it but for know this drama is on hold for me… thanks again…

  18. 18 simi

    While the drama is losing steam, what irks me the most is how the relationships are being handled. Hae-yoon and Sang Mee are direct to the point. All issues are on the table and addressed. Where as Hwal and Haru are the exact opposite. Why is Hwal’s character not allowed to express his feelings? Haru is direct to the point in asking her questions: do you like me? who am I to you? what do you want from me (when it’s obvious you do like me but have lost your ability to speak.) And yet there is no answer from Hwal, and we are lead to another part of the drama. WTF!! Nevertheless, I must say that aside from Haru, what’s truly keeping me from leaving this drama is Jung Jae. That man can speak in paragraphs with his eyes. It makes me wonder: is this why the writers have made him a mute when it comes to his feelings? So that Jung Jae can show his emoting skills? If so that its a very bad idea….it makes the story very one sided (because we are kind of guessing at his true feelings), stagnant and most of all DOES NOT draw the audience in. Maybe the conceit was, let’s do a drama that’s close to real life. It will play like you’re watching your neighbors’ lives next door. I hate to break it to you writers but this is not Peyton Place and people don’t eavesdrop on their neighbors 24/7. And if your audience can relate to your drama but can’t connect to your drama, then you have 5 as your ratings number. End of rant……

  19. 19 MEIKO**** ^-^

    thanks JavaB!

    I have read everybody’s comments….mmm….. i dont feel the love here….*smiling*…..

    anyhow, I really, really, really like this series… and I cried when Haru said goodbye to Hwal (i dont usually cry over petty scenes like this…)… i guess, i really wanted them to be together. I mean, PoongHo is a great guy too, but he is more like a friend…

    oh well, i dont know, cant stop liking Hwal…, *grinning*

    and by the way, I totally cringed when i saw Haru wearing her uniform and standing next to Hwal!!!! Urg! wwaaahhhh…..she looks like a grade schooler!

    HyungTae….I kinda understand his whole personality now….and that was a good conversation between him and Hwal (isnt Hwal sooo nice…*sigh*)I understand now…
    I think HyungTae’s personality will mesh well with Su-In…..

    oh well, fine, if Su-In and Hwal will stay together and PoongHo gets Haru….fine, fine, fine…..they are all nice people anyway…. *errr..??!!*

  20. 20 MEIKO**** ^-^

    ADD. NOTE:

    How can Hwal have such a nice, flawless, girly arms??!!!! They look sooo refined and beautiful…doesnt he go to gym and lift weights?

    * yeah, makes me look at my own skinny arms….gosh, his are far better looking..lol!*

  21. 21 MEIKO**** ^-^

    2nd ADD NOTE:

    seriously, I have to agree that there is “something” that is making this series “flat”, cant quite point out what…???

    But this hasnt stopped me from watchinng *smiling*… like, like this series…..

    after much analysis, i find the story quite endearing really…
    and as what JavaB said, “it IS refreshing to watch relationships unfold without necessarily knowing exactly how the ending will turn out”….

    I know I have ranted about the characters on the previous recap but I have been noting that the characters are “picking up the tempo”, so we will see…

  22. 22 langdon813

    Gosh, I’m in the minority too, because I really love this show; so much so that I’m watching the new new episodes unsubbed! I really don’t want it to be over at all. The funny thing is, as I’ve mentioned in other Triple recap threads, I recognize all of the flaws the show has, but for some reason it has really captured my heart. I am DYING to see how things are finally resolved between Hwal/Haru/Su-in/Hyun-tae.

  23. 23 sue

    oh my, i didn’t realize the drama was ending this week! 16 episodes seems so short now, when everything seems to be 20, 24, episodes, etc. i guess i’m off to watch the finale–! i didn’t realize i was coming to the end of the drama when i watched episode 15 yesterday.

    i think for a good chunk of the series we just went around in circles with all the relationships. haru saying she’ll get over hwal, then failing, then vowing to not like him anymore, then failing again.. and same with hyuntae.

    sanghee & haeyoon have nice “progress” (ie, things HAPPENING) but for some reason they frustrate me even more. and omg sanghee is so boring-_-

  24. 24 omo

    If I am your neighbor I can’t imagine myself going through these relationships. And if all of you were my neighbors, I can’t imagine any of you behaving the way these characters behave in Triple. It is a realistic portrayal no doubt, but I can’t see any of these relationships happen in real life.

    Thanks JB. YOU are SO determined. To think that it takes only 5 minutes for me to read each recap while YOU spend hours and hours doing each recap, it’s mind boggling….especially when each new episode keeps going round in circles.

    @ 22 langdon813
    Yes, just give me the last 5 minutes of Ep 16. I’m beginning to think that nothing new will happen from here onwards.

  25. 25 thua

    Triple has got to be the biggest disappointment of 2009 so far (or since many years), for me at least.
    It’s very unique, and it isn’t a run of the mill drama series, and it definitely IS refreshing, but that alone cannot carry a drama. Maybe it tried a little too hard to be different and unique? So much so that it just ran off track?
    The characters that made the most sense were Haeyoon and Sanghee, but there’s only so much back-and-forth I can take.
    The only motivation for me to finish this is for the sake of finishing it, atm.

  26. 26 Z

    I completely understand about not being in a hurry to finish. At first, I was just going slow because the subs were taking forever to be released. But, then I realized that I was in no hurry. I mean, I do want to know what happens but it’s like, whenever I get to it. Isn’t it ironic? When we already know how the Drama is going to end, we can’t wait to watch the next ep because we want to know how it’s going to get there. At least that’s the case for me. The whole reason I turned to K-Dramas is because I like the predictability. The long, meandering, multi-season Western shows bore the stuffing out of me (I think I was disillusioned when I missed and episode of Lost in halfway through the second season and never again was able to figure out what was going on).

    On a completely unrelated note, was anyone else ECSTATIC to see Haru in a school uniform this episode? For a while there, I was very worried that she’d dropped out, considering how much free time she seems to have to wash windows, and stalk her brother, and pout in her room.

  27. 27 Biscuit

    ^You just reminded me that Haru was in high school since I completely forgot! Now it just seems weird to have a high school girl trying romantic pursuits with her married older brother (even though they aren’t related really) and years ahead :/
    This could get into a very adulterous case -.-

  28. 28 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @26 Z


    LMAO!!! you know what, I was wondering about her not going to school too.

    I was thinking, ” probably it’s the summer vacation?”

    then, there was a scene where she said she’s going to school, so i mumbled,
    ” oh! is she going to college now? she’s not wearing a uniform” ….

    then she wore the uniform, and stood next to Hwal and I CRINGED!!!!! and cried, ” OMG! She looks totally like a minor!!!!”

    then i ranted, ” cant the director see that??!!!! Why cant they make her look itsy bitsy older….so that i dont have to worry about Hwal looking like a …sugar daddy or something like that…ggrrr!!!!”

    ok….*calmer now*….next ep please…. ^-^

  29. 29 MEIKO**** ^-^

    one more thing…hehe….

    this series reminds me of Hello Schoolgirl….. great great movie, by the way, loved it!…. and unlike Haru, the girl in that movie really looks 18 y.o. ….great acting… and funny too…

    for those of you who like this series, try watching Hello Schoolgirl….

    Hope it’s ok JavaB… am advertising…. ^-^

  30. 30 emeldy

    i really don’t have patience for this drama.

  31. 31 Ila

    I think Haru and Hyun Tae are selfish carachters. I cannot sympathize with them since they actively pursue people they know are married. They only care about their own feelings. It pisses me off that there is a drama about them.

    Hyun Tae is the worst. He has no basis to like Su In except for the fact that he found her pretty. He is a bad friend. If they end up together, the PD just promoted stalking as a way to get the girl.

  32. 32 PianoWires

    D: i’m getting sick of this…
    I’m already on ep. 13 and the storyline is getting so pointless now.
    The relationships seem to NEVER get anywhere -__-; they revolve around each other endlessly and the worst part is Haru keeps clinging onto her love for her brother. She said she would give up but shes still as stubborn as ever. And i feel my most deepest hate for Hwal who lives in LaLa Land for not just understanding his true feelings. He is always stuck on this marriage thing when its clear he is just being pitiful because his wife’s mother passed away.

    *i agree with lla ^^^^ *
    -sigh- I really really hope PoongHo and Haru end up together, thats the only main and real relationship i see working here T__T . Not only are they cute together but PoongHo has always been there for Haru! i don’t know why Haru doesn’t just give up on Hwal (who obviously is confused on what to do. So just leave him be, with his WIFE ). Also I don’t pity Hyun Tae because he knows Su-In is married 😐 can anybody pls smack some sense into these characters?

    srry bout the rant, i just hoped the storyline would be more focused on Haru’s skating rather than these pointless relationships that keep dragging the drama like a HUGE filler. >:

  33. 33 mcjayjay

    omg you guys, i totally LOVEEEEE this drama!
    it is kind of weird that so many people hate it
    i love the pace of it, i love that it is unpredictable and you don’t know where the story is leading, i love the everyday routine and life they are leading. It portrays the everyday lives of people, realistic being one of the themes (in most parts).
    I am really enjoying this drama to the fullest, havent watched a drama in a long time that made me laugh and smile and watch comfortably without having to stop myself from breaking my laptop cuz of some evil stepmom, or a too bland storyline, or a can’t-stand-him/her main lead.

    as for who i want haru to end up with, i seriously can’t decide, one minute im cheering for hwal (i really don’t care about the age difference), and another minute im cheering for the bubbly and cheerful poongho. so confusing…….

  34. 34 din

    long live poong ho! XD

  35. 35 bd

    Major disappointment – ridiculous, cliche-ridden plotline; annoying characters (who change on the dime w/o any proper build-up); uninteresting dialogue; etc.

    Even Lee Sun Gyun’s character was annoying, esp. early on.

    The best part of this sad lot was the storyline of the 3 male leads building their start-up (w/ all the business backstabbing) ad company and Lee Ha Na’s sad smile.

  36. 36 goldlilys

    Haha, very glad that I dropped this drama on ep5. Didn’t get any better as far as I could tell from your comments. Sucks that the beginning atmosphere was spot on Coffee Prince-like, but storyline and character development irked me.

  37. 37 chikalin

    I really dislike Haru. Her relationship with her brother does not make sense to me. Su-In is… I don’t know…pathetic? …confusing? And Hyun-Tae, if you ignore the pretty face, he’s actually very creepy. Hwal is very frustrating to watch too. I think I’m only enjoying the show because of Hae-yoon, even though sometimes Sang-hee drives me crazy, but I want to see the outcome of their relationship, which should have been the main story I think cause it really doesn’t feel that Haru is the main character anymore. Her story as a skater is getting boring and unbelievable. Even her school life is non-existent. Its starting to get painful getting through these episodes :/

  38. 38 jj

    I want my own PoongHo hahaha

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